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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2011 10:01pm-10:31pm EDT

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for lucrative oil contracts. you are watching thomas it is six o'clock here in the russian capital it is four o'clock in the morning if you are in libya which is where we go to for our breaking news now this hour the rebel council claims that they are in control of most of the libyan capital tripoli after the alliance backed advance one of colonel gadhafi sons safe. only are reported to have been arrested has made a surprise appearance in the capital he claims pro can offer troops have broken the backbone of the rebel forces nato confirms that three surface to air missiles have been launched on the coastal city of misrata by a loyalist meanwhile the whereabouts of the libyan leader is still unknown but a spokesman. says that he is doing quite well nato insists it will continue combat missions until all government forces. there are reports of gunfire near the libya
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tunisia border as well thousands of libyans are heading in that direction to flee the fierce fighting between pro and anti kadafi forces correspondent is at the border. well violent clashes have been reported along its unusually been border over the weekend it all started on friday when local resident has reported that near the town of. reportedly several vehicles with the license plate carrying arms men have been spotted afterwards clashes have been erupting throughout the weekend between the tunisian border patrol and believe in men we can talk with certainty about their identity of those men there have been some casualties but again there's still no information whether or not there have been any any deaths among the among the libyan attackers we do know that none of the tunisian border guards have suffered now you have to remember that it was in tunisia where the events of the
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so-called arab spring have started transfer to transpire this year with the i'll sing off the tunisian president and the rest which started in tunisia has essentially been caught like a fever throughout the middle east and the north africa and the result is that what we are seeing in capital right now now back then in the spring of this year thousands were fleeing from tunisia to europe in order to escape the mayhem which was going on here and now a similar situation is happening to libya but now libyans are fleeing over the border with tunisia into tunisia and of course what we could be witnessing is yet another human catastrophe in the region with thousands of refugees trying to escape from me which is ruling today and libya pouring into tunisia and we probably may be facing another humanitarian catastrophe as those refugees are being dispersed
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throughout. tunisia at the same time of course we do not know whether or not those refugees will try and make their way into europe which found itself incredibly interesting position with the thousands with hundreds of thousands of tunisia and. if you're just pouring into it earlier this year they have barely dealt with that crisis and now europe may be facing another one with the ongoing clashes in libya of course we'll continue to bring you the latest from the border was in libya in tunisia as the violence in libya continues to unfold. reporting from the border of tunisia and libya there and across the atlantic president obama said despite the rebel advance into tripoli the outcome of the main a battle remains fluid and he's going to church again has more commentary from washington d.c. . washington a key player in the fight for tripoli says they are in close contact with the rebels leadership and that the u.s. will support
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a peaceful transition to democracy president obama while on vacation has made this statement this monday in the wake of dramatic developments in tripoli over the weekend that were really far from peaceful again he was talking about what a terrible dictator it could be was what a great job nato has done he called the levy is to support the transitional national council that's a body that's heavily backed by western allies as we know he once again said that billions of dollars in frozen levy in assets will go to the council to help them restore order in the country that's been torn apart by the civil war but before the rebels made made it to the central square in tripoli to celebrate the city's expensive nato bombing it's obvious to everyone that the regime is falling apart with enormous help and their air strikes we've seen the rebels cheering all night very much reminded of what we saw in cairo when hosni mubarak was ousted but let's not forget that up until now the people in egypt are not governed by those they
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chose as their leaders just one example of a revolution that ended up with people not getting what they were fighting for and believe you know those who took over and that is the transitional national council of not being chosen by the league of people get the council is being recognized as legitimate power in the view by all allies that has been helping. many libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers of the century made those very important choices for them nato has been in a hurry to ramp up with the mission over the last six months the strike strikes a lot of criticism they killed many innocent civilians while the goal of the mission was to protect civilians nato was facing a deadline in september when a resolution full strikes had to be renewed and given all the violations that have taken place it would be very hard to get everyone on board for extending the campaign. to can from washington d.c. there now former bush administration official michael o'brien says that can offer
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his fate will be decided by a hague tribunal. be careful what you ask for you might get it then again you may not the example of egypt and they're not a they didn't get what they were fighting for that may happen in libya as well. it seems that. the west is very there's a there's a bond between the libyan rebels and the western countries there's a lot of input now what we'll have to do are a lot of you know a lot of interplay i should say but now we'll have to wait and see. the rebels who are still sort of you know exactly who are what are they and how will they did they are they just using the west to get to take over tripoli in the country and get rid of gadhafi and then once that's done by they're going to do their own thing and they don't need the west anymore i was there when when saddam was was tried in hong . kong my personal feeling is that that it wasn't so much the people of iraq
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that tried in hong them it was. i think he deserved what he got don't get me wrong he was a bad actor. but i do think the west was very very much behind that in libya. i think you know the hague the international court is very much involved in what's going to happen when when they capture khadafi which i have no doubt they will they will be very much involved they've already said that they want his sons in their custody which is kind of an arresting i find but going off he is captured in detained the international court out of the hague is sounds like it's going to step in so does that mean the people of libya are going to. decide his fate i don't really think so i think the international court's going to decide his fate and i know i sound a little cynical when i say this i think maybe his trial and maybe punishment
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execution life in prison may be in libya to make it look like the libyan people or are deciding his fate. and a former u.s. diplomat in libya john graham points out the difficulties of creating a new democratic state from the war torn country there is so little civil society in libya there are so few and so democratic institutions and they are so weak they have nothing to build on egypt in tunisia there was at least something to build on once the top filler was was was gotten away with in libya that's not the case these people have to start from scratch and there are all kinds of reasons why it could fail what it is is that the whole nature of the transitional council is. it's it's a mess it's these people are some of them are exiles some of their are have fled from the khadafi regime a few of them are islamicists summary intellectuals and college professors some are business people so just hanging together is going to be an enormously difficult
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task for them the other thing is that they've got these worried reprisals they've got they can't they can't they can't have a prize also against their enemies that will just create the kind of civil strife that everyone wants to avoid and finally there's the question of tribal warfare or cultural warfare between the berbers and the arabs. and they've got to be very careful that that doesn't happen as well one of the positive things in the last couple of weeks is that a lot of the heavy fighting in the tunisian border and in tripoli has been led by the western tribes so this is not just a question of disgruntled eastern tribes taking over the country and so that's a positive step that the traditional east west tribal splits in in libya may not be. entirely negative factor protecting the civilian population
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was nato stated aim when they intervened in the libyan conflict but asia times correspondent pepe escobar says the alliance always had a different agenda. this is the cover story in this story from the beginning was our to be responsibility to protect that was the basis for a un resolution one nine seventy three there is that bathes of the agreement between the u.s. and saudi arabia we get a resolution based on your fake arab league vault nine countries out of twenty two and you can do it you want with bahrain saudi arabia itself but this was the cover story sold to american and european public opinion especially the chinese the russians many people in brazil for that matter they're not buying it they know it's a u.s. nato coordinator operation without them there will be no victor just will be a still middle go for ever and we have the international community sort of basically deaf lantus ist powers taking sides in a civil war so when they knew that they could go on for months or years on end it's
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ok let's try to take tripoli in one day and they did it because they blow basically going the whole city and the way towards you know what this reminds me of i was there at a time you could listen provisional authority in iraq in two thousand and three this is the same seeing we're going to have in western goods on the ground and we're going to open up. libya for a hired horse no holds bar of durable capitalism with a ribeye to ration of profit so you know well let's get their oil was soon as we can the best contracts possible know that this is completely crazy if this is the way we don't know yet that the u.s. and nato goals we're going to have reracked two point zero now leaders of nato member countries have been saying that the future of libya is now in the hands of its people but russia's envoy to the alliance says that it will find a way to continue its presence in that country. no one gave nato the un mandate
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we took it upon themselves to the un security council resolution one thousand seven three quite broad possibilities to international organizations and countries up to code to execute the resolution but it wasn't given to any one organization nato for all intents and purposes you search this right so if there is a mandate that will execute it as they see fit if there isn't one they'll grant it to themselves on the request of libya's democratic government will ensure their military presence in this country to quite shoot and experienced people and they'll always find a way to ensure at least a fig leaf of legitimacy for their presence in libya. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says his. crucial stage of the libyan conflict could have been reached much much earlier. we have always wanted a quicker outcome and it could have been faster but a number of factors prevented this from happening including could if you. told allies they could actually assist the negotiations were only possible to him later
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his actions were also an obstacle they far exceeded the mandate issued by the un security council. the leaders of france italy and the u.k. have all announced that they will be holding individual talks with the leaders of the libyan transitional government next week daniel bushell brings us the latest details from paris the french president has spoken to the rebel leader. by telephone on monday and announced that he's invited him for talks on wednesday said that libya is a potentially rich country but it needs support and aid to rebuild in fact paris is behaving as if it's all over now. the war is finished and as a fact in fact officially announced its military mission in libya is complete but experts here do express fears that the regime is between the rebels themselves that they like a common enemy and get their feet if gadhafi has indeed now gone maybe there is
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further violence as those splits between the rebels are exposed in brussels diplomats and analysts saying that the united states has really taken a backseat here see an opportunity to take a leading role french defense minister says that the talks will find a road map the future of libya that's necessary to avoid the country slipping back into civil war to find common ground and to force democracy be officially to improve ties between european nations and the new government now it's in these leaders silvio berlusconi has also announced that he will be meeting the rebel needers now analysts here are saying that this may be to also lobby for western all operation for its oil corporations for example we know that any had large contracts with gadhafi before the civil war and was accused of corruption in order to gain massive contracts in that country. daniel bushell reporting there from paris now
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pierre land a professor of political science from paris university nanterre says that no matter who will end up running the country the west will end up getting the oil it looks as if all the conflicts. are going to take a long time to result they are tribal conflicts all conflicts and breakdown there is a kind of political vacuum that rebels big kill their own command not so long ago there are a group of very different people there were also people who attacked african leaders and so on so. you know tell what's going to happen you should board a group and then comes to our all those big. contracts to our government because basically the rebels. went to nato and nato in this
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particular case was trans in the u.k. so it's very likely then friends of the are going to benefit from it can you. news of the rebel advance into tripoli was greeted warmly by investors around the world sporting drop in oil prices analysts say now the most important question is just how much stability the new government will bring artie's surfers has the latest what we see really is a kneejerk reaction in the oil markets to the events in tripoli we see in the oil prices he said talking almost three dollars in festus thinking that there are some hopes the oil production could resume shortly now it's least foreign minister has confirmed that the italian oil company any has sent workers back into libya they've led the way really in sending their workers back there now what we've seen is the other big oil companies such is the b.p. have actually passed on the fence at the moment they're waiting see exactly how this plays out what's going to happen over the coming days and weeks what we've
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heard from the information manager of the libyan rebel oil is that they said they don't have any problems with western countries western companies italy france the u.k. very k. but they could have political issues with countries like brazil china and russia now if that's to be the case then that could certainly be a major setback for those countries you could see the loss of billions of dollars worth of oil contracts i was speaking to one of the editors today a very large newspaper here and it's the and he's been following the situation very closely and how he described this was like a chess game now between the oil companies between the front countries on the ground there is still an extremely confusing time in libya what's happening in tripoli now there is still a lot left. and so certainly by no means is this day may for the moment but that does spell the potential problems for those countries that the libyan
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revolution had pointed out that amongst the market that there will be output in oil production restored some point in the near future in libya. author and analyst f. william engdahl thinks that the struggle for libyan oil is the real bottom line for the whole nato operation. it's simply an insurgency being supported covertly by u.s. financed arm shipments into the rebels and in order to simply carve up the oil fields and get it into western hands rather than into libyan state hands which khadafi held firmly to that i think the real underlying issue in this whole nato bombing of libya i think it suits some of the western oil interests especially the british and the french who are fighting like and like piron is over grabbing the most you see oil fields for them for their own companies that it suits them to have chaos because then they can control the terms of oil exploitation much better and ever
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since and it's been the most brazen violation of international law that we've seen it's incredible to me that. the international media doesn't debate some of the some of the legal aspects of this and i think what what libya's going to face after that is a period of prolonged chaos nobody knows the outcome this is as i said at the beginning this is tribe against tribe this is not democracy against a tallit area as. members of the european union have once again called on khadafi to relinquish power but euphoria over the ongoing assault on tripoli is fading replaced by concern that the new government may not have the authority needed to bring and maintain peace artie's ivory bennett is following the reaction from london. the prime minister david cameron is very confident that this is the beginning of the end he said he is on his way out he's recently just been on the phone to the leader of the national transitional council mustapha. stressing the need for a smooth peaceful and as quick as possible transition to this new democratic
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leadership at the same time as all of that he did say that nato forces mandate for being in the country expires in just one month it will stay there for as long as it takes so quite an open ended response to that question if there is some uncertainty tempering the jubilation around the rebels presence in tripoli the other uncertainty is over the question of the frozen assets britain has said it's prepared to release them for the building a new infrastructure in the country and stabilize the there is some uncertainty is who those will go to and how they'll be used also uncertainty around the e.u. sanctions a spokesperson for the e.u. foreign affairs committee has said for the time being will remain in place over libya and will be lifted when the time is right and finally get down to where. balance is still unknown and britain stance has changed once again about on that issue prime minister saying this morning that his future will be in the hands of the rebels themselves to begin with when the campaign started six months ago he was
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saying that gadhafi must go then they changed tack about a month ago saying that he can stay in the country so long as he stands down but living in exile now there seems to be washing their hands of it once again saying that it will be in the hands of the rebels in libya potentially precarious state this is a post dictatorship limbo and we've been here of course before with iraq when mistakes were made and like iran libya sits on a great deal of oil wealth so that really complicates the issue considerably unlike iraq however there is this foundation for a new government already in place that is recognized around you they already have a diplomatic mission here in london but already the british press is quite skeptical of their ability to govern democratically saying that there are there is potential for infighting with a lot of interest there. ivor bennett reporting there from london and keeping up with the response from britain they have sworn to stand by the fragmented
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transitional government in the days and weeks ahead but self interest may be the driving force behind the london's promises that's according to john reese the stop the war coalition got rid of gadhafi and nobody going to shed any tears for that brutal dictatorship but i imagine that what most people in libya don't want is to swap the rule of gadhafi for that of the western powers and part of the problem here is of course the way in which he has fallen today has been the single biggest day of nato air operations in the entire history of this intervention so it's quite clear. he will come to power as the proxy use of the western powers and the western powers don't do this without asking for a payback and they will be asking for a payback if i were a libyan and i were listening to david cameron's speech or if i had listened to what nato said earlier that they want to assist the transition i mean heaven knows
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what a military alliance supposedly assisting a transition to democracy is all about i would take those remarks as more of a threat than a promise that is a direct threat by david cameron that they will use their military and economic weight to gain what they want out of any new government in libya the only chance of unity for the t.n.c. is that they do what most libyans i believe want them to do and that is to say that the future of libya is to be decided by libyans and by nobody else but they do not require the assistance of nato they do not require the assistance of the major powers that they do not want their resources exploited by western oil companies that could be a point of unification but if they continue down the line of competing amongst themselves for who has the ear who has the greatest the greatest sway with the major powers then i would i really believe that that will further divide them. and
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of course we will keep you updated on all the latest developments in libya i'll be back with the recap of our top stories in just a few moments thanks for staying with us.
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broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is r.j. glad to have you with us your top stories now breaking news at this hour libyan rebels say nato is now pounding his compound in tripoli from the air one of gadhafi his sons saif al islam who was earlier reported to have been arrested has made a surprise appearance in tripoli claiming of the rebel forces a backbone has been broken the insurgents are saying they are in control of most of the libyan capital while loyalists say they hold only a small parts of an. independent journalists at the rixos hotel in tripoli they feel under siege and danger from what's happening outside. meanwhile opposition supporters are rejoice holding the forty one year old regime is nearing a dead end but skeptics point to.


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