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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2011 5:01am-5:31am EDT

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continued fighting in libya seem to have surprised some in the markets up to yesterday's drop oil prices are on the rise again more in the business program in about twenty minutes. it is one pm of the russian capital you're watching r t i'm marina joshie welcome to the program and information blackout appears to have descended on the b.s. for hours there has been no significant updates coming from tripoli the hotel where the international journalists have been staying is left without electricity and communication well earlier the story took a major twist when colonel qadhafi son made an appearance in central tripoli refuting rebels claims that he had been arrested during a brief window when power was restored we managed to speak on the phone with independent journalist lazy found the saw saif gadhafi herself. so there has been some extraordinary event tonight of course we've been hearing over the past few
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days that the libyan government is crumbling the opposition have claimed the rebels have claimed that they are in the control of tripoli but it was not by surprise the surprise of all the foreign. by far is i'm sorry at the hotel. with. convoy i gave an interview he did and he also took some of that done with him for a drive to fifty where they were taken to the area some of them say they saw thousands of people in this area and suppose that the libyan government. but it is a people from tribes across the country have come into the capital to support the struggle here against the rebel side and is very much relaxed in high spirits he says that the libyan government and by that he is winning against the rebels and then we also have the news that mohammed gadhafi has brought on the gadhafi that the son who was reported to have been captured has been released by he's got
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a brother thomas gadhafi and he apparently gave a speech to be in television so of course these events just completely plan that that's a section of the wild about what's happening here in the capital on its head. a log on to our t.v. dot com for more eyewitness accounts from tripoli. the big story they went through all the. journalists saying in a central tripoli hotel say they have been targeted by rebels to get more information from inside the leading capital at r t dot com. all the fight is not over in tripoli thoughts carvalho libya's vast oil riches the biggest in africa is already beginning the italian foreign minister fired the starting gun saying italy's any oil company will play the number one role in the region as archie's loran is reports the service won't come cheap for a jellybean people. delivered as
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a promise but seen by many as more of a threat david cameron says nato will stay while libya makes the transition to democracy as allied forces lend support to the rebels to take tripoli to stop the war coalition warns libyans not to expect they're getting something for nothing but western powers don't do this without asking for a paper why is it that the head of the t.n.c. is running off to paris to meet with the french president while of course he is one very very important issue which is why the western powers tony blair and others struck a deal with gadhafi in the first place it will be exactly what they're seeking to continue with with the t.n.c. to further explore those oil riches the british government makes no secret of the fact that it's motives in supporting the rebels aren't entirely altruistic last year alone the u.k. exported around forty billion dollars of goods and services to north africa and the
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middle east but it's black gold that's the key libya has the largest oil reserves in africa western powers look at the region and they talk about humanitarianism all democracy but they think about oil greg mata it says it's impossible not to draw a comparison with iraq he's written a book about the aftermath of the iraq invasion in which he maintains western powers imposed a democracy which played on sectarian divisions that ensured years of tribal struggle but also meant the allies retained control of the oil supply while the u.k. government insists lessons have been learned from iraq western oil firms move into libya even before the fate of tripoli is sealed the great oil grab is already beginning b.p. has a contentious oil and gas exploration contract in libya which the u.k. government will be anxious for it to resume italian oil giant e n i. is the first
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to send back to libya and it says rose on the knees french towel and. the well as investors hopes they'd soon be able to resume production in libya but it was price to the libyan people the great fear is that just as they did in iraq that creates a democracy in which the spanish interests or the west's interests or oil companies interests and does nothing for the people of libya nor emmett's. asia times correspondent pepe escobar believes as soon as western countries get libyan oil contracts they'll want boots on the ground to secure them. this is the cover story in this story from the beginning was r two p. responsibility to protect that was the basis for u.n. resolution one nine seventy three there was a bather of the agreement between the u.s. and saudi arabia we get a resolution based on your fake arab league gold nine countries out of twenty two and you can do any you want with bahrain or in saudi arabia itself but this was the
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cover story sold to american and european public opinion especially the chinese the russians many being brazil for that matter they're not buying it they know it so us need to coordinate our operation without them there will be no victor just would be a still nato go for ever and we have the international community sort of basically that lantus is ours taking sides in a civil war so when they knew that they could go on for months or years on that it's ok let's try to take tripoli in one date and they did it because they belong basically going the whole city and the way towards you know what this reminds me of i was there at a time because mission provisional authority in iraq in two thousand and three this is the same saying we're going to have a western goods on the ground and we're going to open up. libya for a hired core no holds bar to rebel capitalism with no regrets ration of profit so you know what let's get their oil as soon as we can the best contracts possible are
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not that this is completely crazy if this is the way we don't know yet that u.s. and nato goals we're going to have really rock two points here. of course while we gauge expert opinion on the story we value your input to the fact you can have your say on our website r.t. dot com where we're asking for opinion on what lies ahead for the country assuming rebel victory some take a look at the pie chart their world seems not many have faced that will be left with a little more than an oil chest for a nato members iran of the year the country will be torn apart in a power struggle nothing will change at all. sixteen percent despite it having been so polled fight for democracy only a minority feel that what she can have your say on our website so go to our t.v. dot com let us know what you think on the issue. cheering crowds in tripoli's green
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square now nehru named martyr square left many around the world with a feeling of deja vu back in february egyptians were united in joy and hope for a brighter future when they celebrate of the toppling of hosni mubarak now it's a feeling of disappointment that unites them are just going edged account looks at what's ahead for libya and if the change finally comes. the cadets the regime is crumbling. the rebels are cheering. the. same cheers and tears could be seen in egypt in february as the nation ousted their longtime leader hosni mubarak but six months on many egyptians say their hopes have been crushed by reality. you know i loved the revolution when it happened i welcomed it that looked at the time like a light at the end of the tunnel we see it's not getting better we have nothing to eat just don't tell me about democracy for hungry people it just doesn't matter the
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egyptians now are not governed by who they chose as their leaders instead it's their army that's in control the army that has strong ties with the u.s. and is sponsored by washington the military regime the edifice the institutions that where the essence the fundamental essence of the mubarak regime those remain and we can see the thousands of people have been brought to military trial since the end of the popular revolution that ousted mubarak in tripoli the body taking over is the national transitional council also not chosen by the leaving people yet the council has been recognized as the legitimate government of libya by all allies who've been helping oust gadhafi many leave ians are outraged by the fact that foreign powers are effectively making vital choices for them there is too much wealth and geo political strategic value to libya to let it only become reformed in democratic gripes and universal participation by the citizenry. western powers need
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to implement a western economic and military agenda and therefore the people who will eventually command the political situation in libya and the military situation in libya will indeed be supported and buttress by western powers western power. thrown all their support behind the national transitional council giving them billions of dollars and weapons to gain control but the rebels are far from being a united group what is going to face after that is a period of prolonged chaos nobody knows the outcome this is as i said at the beginning this is tribe against tribe this is not democracy against mccullough terry the revolutions in egypt and libya have developed in the different scenarios in egypt it was an unarmed uprising of millions in libya it's been an insurgency flooded with weapons by the west and those weapons are still in their arms and
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they're not going anywhere and many analysts are saying that we could find themselves in a much worse situation than the egyptians because on top of power crisis similar to the one egyptians are having. could be facing a fresh outbreak of violence at the hands of the armed mom i'm going to shut down reporting from washington our team. we'll be bringing you more expert opinion on developments in libya and also this hour for you on r t france here five four border where people fear the internal conflict is already spilling into tunisia plus this is what's left from the offices while in the center of the city all hamas official says it was attacked by extremist groups operating here shortly before. the six parties who are the country which many believe is following in footsteps our special report of the aftermath of the military operation in the syrian city of hama is coming up later this hour. british intelligence
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has reportedly flayed a key role in the latest push on tripoli by rebels according to a report in the u.k. daily the telegraph and my six officers advise the rebels on the strategy behind the operation and a plan drawn up weeks ago for more on that let's cross over is. so either we know the rebels had nato air support for their push into tripoli but now it seems they were being guided on the ground as well if these reports are true. yes it seems like the british had a big hand in all of this and they originally let on the british press today reporting that a team of intelligence officials have been operating in the country for some months now people like spies spooks x. s.a.'s offices giving advice to the rebels after it emerged that the rebels were this haphazard bunch untrained and that their need some help if they were actually going to topple gadhafi now is mandate that nato that have been operating under in
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the country did not have ground troops of course so this has been quite a clandestine off the grid operation and william hague the u.k. foreign secretary was keen to stress the vice and kit that they've been supplying to the rebels has been non-lethal things like night vision goggles body armor and telecommunications equipment and but it did emerge last night that they did also have a big hand in coordinating this assault on tripoli it's been in the pipeline for some months now apparently with weapons fighters and communications equipment being smuggled to secret weapons dumps around tripoli then when the air force pave the way over the weekend bombing strategic communications. belonging to gadhafi that paved the way the signal was given and then the assault on tripoli began to surprise gadhafi forces and once the british government knew it was going to happen they too it seems was surprised at all the events happened so quickly. and i read
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what about elsewhere in the e.u. to what extent are other countries involved in what's going on in libya at the moment. well the reaction across europe has been the same and that is that what happens next has to be in the hands of the libyan people so they're in charge of their own future under a democratic leadership that's the main message coming from states really but there is some contradiction to all of that under the question of when does it start with some reluctance as the from from european leaders in to bring out the and withdrawing the nato troops yesterday we heard cameron saying that they will stay there for as long as it takes clearly they think it will take longer than is desired and also downing street last night anxiously refused to rule out bringing in u.k. troops as peacekeepers should be the transition that they're all talking not to send him to and the queen they've even got two hundred u.k.
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troops stationed in cyprus ready to get be deployed to libya at the drop of a hand should they need it so clearly despite all this talk of transition and handing over power there is some confusion and ambiguity as to when they're like we've started finish. all right our thanks very much indeed for bringing us the date of reporting from london for us and it's power has reportedly been restored in the levy and capital reports on the situation are emerging after a five hour a blackout heavy clashes between the rebels and government forces are reported to be taking place in central parts of the city including around hospital casualties are said to be arriving in the facility following the intense fighting overnight the sound of nato planes are reportedly being heard over to you well at the moment we're showing you live pictures coming out of tripoli libya. now russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says there could have been no less bloody resolution
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to the libyan crisis but both nato and get off didn't allow it to happen. we have always wanted a quicker outcome and it could have been faster but a number of factors prevented this from happening including could dive his position told allies they could duffy insisted that negotiations were only possible to him nader's actions were also an obstacle they far exceeded the mandate issued by the un security council. fighting in libya is reported to have reached the country's border with tunisia were heavy gunfire has been heard to nisa has beefed up its army presence in the frontier areas maybe an infant traders have allegedly crossed the border i think responded to the spot for us. well violent clashes have been reported along with unusually been border over the weekend it all started on friday when local resident has reported that near the town do reportedly several
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vehicles with libyan license plate carrying arms men have been spotted afterwards clashes have been erupting throughout the weekend between the tunisian border patrol and the even men we can talk with certainty about their density now you have to remember that it was in tunisia where the events of the so-called arab spring have started transpired transpired this year with the ousting off the tunisian president and the unrest which started in tunisia has essentially been caught like a fever throughout the middle east and the northern africa and the result is that what we are seeing in the capital right now now back then in the spring of this year thousands were fleeing from tunisia to europe in order to escape the mayhem which was going on here and now a similar situation is happening to libya but now libyans are fleeing over the border with tunisia into tunisia and of course what we could be witnessing is yet
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another human catastrophe in the region with thousands of refugees trying to escape from me how of course we do not know whether or not those refugees will try and make their way into europe which dealt with that crisis and now may be facing another one with the ongoing clashes in libya. for english to reporting there it will just remind you of guard extensive coverage of the situation in tripoli on our website so you can have turkey dot com for the latest video analysis and opinion you can also get up to the news from the region on our twitter page so for us at r.t. underscore com. now fighting between protesters and government forces continues in syria as well the city of hama has witnessed some of the most severe clashes but a few days ago the army withdrew an hour to. travel to the city to assess the aftermath of the violence. the city of hama around two hundred kilometers north of the capital damascus religiously conservative sunni dominated city it's been one of
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the centers opelousas tensions here in syria for many years in one thousand nine hundred eighty two during the current president bashar assad's father rulon the city saw a bloody massacre according to amnesty international over ten thousand people were killed there in the regimes crackdown on the city's sunni population but during this conflict this city has been among the last to join the national opera's in the army were moved into in july and withdrew ten days later i t. is now going to see how things are on the ground after the army left the city and to try to find out exactly what happened there during a ten day military operation. the way to hama goes through homs the city where activists have been reporting dozens of civilians over the last few months of violence. the closer we get to the more dramatic the student it becomes checkpoints appear on the highway. at the entrance to hama all the cars are checked
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but that's not the only reminder of the recent unrest. rishon the city of hama became infamous after it appeared in an amateur video posted on you tube showing dead bodies thrown to the r.c. river comment accompanying this video sad these were residents of hama killed by security forces while syrian t.v. reported they were policeman. despite the president's photo and all military operations against anti-government protesters they've recently been reports about the army still being deployed in several cities across syria including hama. this is was left from the offices in the center of the city of hama officials say it was attacked by three missed the roads operating here shortly before and the city they say that. the armed groups at the building on fire and killed at least twenty soldiers who were inside the building at the time
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of the attack. he only came to remove barricades behind these barricades there were people not peaceful demonstrations and there were clashes between them and the troops. while the governor's sharing his views on what's happened a crowd gathers outside his residence their slogan sound neutral first. but the changes in seconds. what people start saying gives a completely different picture we lived about for months in the heart of her own murder destroyed the most pleasure right after the army entered the city we see oh is it about is it fair for the group of move for the government for the rest of the thread giving officials though put all responsibility on the people themselves they have the right spot these people just don't want to give the government time
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to do reforms the reforms cannot go through in such an atmosphere. i would journey to hama has been part of a so called syria is fine tour but no matter what his initial goal was it turned out to be very different from its name or if notional r.t. how much syria. as power has reportedly been restored in the libyan capital reports on the situation are emerging after a five hour blackout have a clashes between the rebels and government forces are reported to be taking place in central parts of the city including around hospital casualties are said to be arriving in the facility following the intense fighting overnight the sound of nato planes are reported leaving heard overhead too. time now for a business update with you you don't go away. very
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well welcome to the program great to have your company and continued fighting in libya has surprised some in the market oil prices that edging up again that's after the drop sharply the day before and hopes that a swift end to leave a civil war would bring the country's oil exports back to the market with a christian says corrado from standard and poor's says it will take the country at least two years to get back on top i think it would take about a full year before production he said its peak is currently producing around less than one hundred thousand barrels which is about nine percent of the previous capacity now we understand from any which is the largest producer in the country that so far as they know installations have been hurt but still you cannot just turn it on you have to build up the pressure and you have to start gradually so it will probably take a four twelve months before they reach peak. and russian energy companies may face a tough time restarting operations in libyan rebels hailing the end of the gadhafi
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regime warning russian firms may lose lucrative oil contracts russia's gas from there have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in oil and gas exploration in libya but they had to suspend operations after the uprising broke out earlier this year so have a look at those figures all prices that climbing up fighting and leaving as we know continues and in to supply nation of the fall in the u.s. crude stockpiles w.t.r. is hovering at eighty five dollars a barrel brand blant is flat at one hundred eight dollars. and a quick look at precious metals off to hitting another all time high of one thousand nine hundred dollars this morning gold is losing ground on some of those also lower it's trading at forty three dollars for. stocks in europe are extending monday's rally tracking overnight gains on wall street and in asia both the footsie on the decks are gaining more than one percent of those special catalyst for buying
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some traders up to fifteen may be short lived. finally here in russia the markets are higher supported by a stronger current time to check up on some of the individual moves on the my success has a raised. a quarter of the sun down the solid companies considering a. major banks in poland meanwhile stocks are among the best performers. gaining over half a percent and much of my nepali metal is also supported by record high gold prices well the latest plunge in the markets could force russia to revise its privatization program one of the most and dissipated deals with all of the sale of the seven point six percent stake in spirit is under threat the country's biggest lender has lost over twenty percent of the market cap since late july and the say the current market situation is not fav. well before selling any s.s. to good price earlier the state boosted its privatization program to gain over two hundred billion dollars by twenty seventeen. and staying with the banks china
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second largest lender plans to open a subsidiary in russia china construction bank will invest one hundred fifty million dollars into the project that's what allow the firm to get a retail license straight away in its home market the company mainly focuses on mortgage operations is decision is contrary to a number of western banks that recently cut retail businesses in russia. that brings you up to date for stories you can head to our website our two dot com slash business. if. you.
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back you're watching r t live from moscow these are the top stories heavy clashes between rebels and government forces have reportedly resumed in tripoli with the sound of nato planes and explosions heard around the city all these are the very latest pictures from there it follows a night of confusion when one of the sons claim to have been arrested by the rebels it a surprise appearance in the crowd of supporters this has added to questions over just who is in control of the capital as both government and insurgent forces insist they have the upper hand. also downs are cast over whether a rebel victory would actually leave the libyan people in control their destiny as experts point to were those who fought for the revolution added up with a government they didn't choose. and.


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