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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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welcome back you're watching art you live from moscow here's a look at the top stories lidia's rebel forces have stormed colonel gadhafi compound in tripoli once again claim to have controlled the city but cut off the loyalists continue their armed resistance with their leader vowing to fight to the death. news just in russian investigators say they have information about who ordered the murder of a prominent russian journalist anna politkovskaya five years ago and this follows through days arrest warrant you witness in the case retired senior police official suspected of organizing the killing. of him ya know and we tried to get
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a hold talks as part of the north korean leader's first visit to russia and over a decade he's been touring siberia in the far east is a farmer trained with tight security involving dozens of guards. as a civil war in libya rages many say the country could go the way of egypt and and up with a dissolution society impatient for reform but some believe it can be much worse argues or emma talks a newspaper editor abdel bari atwan for his views on recent events. i'm talking to abdel bari atwan who's the editor of the london based upon arabic newspaper al could be he is obviously going to talk to me about libya and he says that there's a huge potential for libya to turn into another afghanistan i missed out on thank you for talking to r.t. today now explain to me what the factors are at play all comparable between libya
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and afghanistan. there are a lot of similarities here between. afghanistan and the we have been nato intervention military intervention it is through this intervention is not actually sending troops on the ground but the same as in there in a way or another and the right to say could and the like of them and the other you know leave their. profits that have happened in afghanistan and nobody can predict what will happen after combat and we know that from would be removed from power because he cannot actually need them simply hasn't got backup abilities but the big question is in the back impose additional council which is that are presenting that liberal will be able first and main. differences in their visions and it's their second whether it is capable to run the country.
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and leave the united states that seems like an excellent. the issues let's talk about the most significantly first of all where do you think it's. going to do you think you'll fight to the bitter end but i think is a very kind of mountain despite many people and their words you know describe him as crazy mad i met him. in my life he is you know i shoot a lot of the show whether we like it or not he relates very well we don't know where he is actually hiding it took the need to under american fifteen years to find their osama bin laden and kill him i don't know how many months how many weeks how many years you know that it will take him to come back and nobody can till we're about he's hiding that he could be in our lives is that some of it but i've seen people who could be in sirte where his hometown would be. in the south where.
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it is there you know his tribes are actually situated so we don't know but they're from italy he used to live and if they used to libya for his son or his sons actually to be in libya to be in tripoli itself i think this is a clear indications that would be there would be incredibly itself and as far as the mood on the ground goes what do you think will happen when and if the rebels catch him will they kill him or they they talk big about international criminal court don't know what you think will happen it is a huge question is we don't know what will happen if come back is captured we have a very bad experience when the better able i'm required to capture. is the chief of staff of bradley will army you know. compared to. his bodyguards probably sources so maybe the same thing could happen to their feet we know that there is a you know a sense of revenge spreading on the rebels and libya so it depends who is going to
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capture him if he is captured by fanatic. groups whether there are secret or almost no one could be sure that you mentioned gadhafi. is really his favorite son and was the heir apparent how much power do you think he will to the moment he still actually popular among the loyalists of his father dream around his father supporter and so he is an important figure he knows how to communicate to meet with the media itself he's still a very prominent player character among her bare feet in iraq but that's the region so whether he has military power i don't believe so he has some political part but you know i don't believe her back will survive and i think the most he can actually
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try to negotiate for a safe exit for his family a good death is. presence or not it's libya is obviously key particularly because out till now the rebels have really been united by a common hatred of gadhafi how likely now do you think. the transitional council is i think the problem after the draft. could be more actually problematic properly before carefully or before they remove all of them very far reaching because there is huge split split among the rebels on sort of both factions who are participating in this for a fact. there are united by the hate toward carefree well if. he's killed i think you know now we will turn against each other and we know there are some brigades you know or are fighting with variables. where the external is muslim and there be we wouldn't fight with the secular and the same time even to talk to
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those who are secular as for those who actually liberals and because. they're part of the wisdom conspiracy so maybe those people will. also we knew that you know the majority of the people who are fighting corrupt are muslim extremists or actually you know people who believe that they should slow mixtape so how do you do if we could deal with those people are about to move out of kind of combat are they going to legitimize them consider them eligible illegitimate but apart from the future lead so there are huge question marks here and i personally i believe that their fear will be more problematic that. david cameron's been talking about sending british troops to libya as a peacekeeping force but will that be enough to keep a lid on what is potentially
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a nation at war if david cameron sent era. it's. army or rich personal on the banner of keeping peace in post but i fear this will be seen in libya and also in the arab world it's an intervention exactly like having an afghanistan and iraq and this would complicate the whole situation it could actually make some of those muslim extremists among the rebels to turn against the current social class and also to have used nato so now we are fighting for your troops after being finished up to the mike. but it is or french troops who will be sent to keep law and order in and post their backyards so that it would be a huge mistake from from governments and from sarkozy to try to actually send troops to really the stakes are massive out there now nato and the u.k.
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specifically is talking about democracy that by the libyan people how realistic do you think that is talking about democracy it's very easy their options are actually practicing democracy. it is a very complicated process democracy cannot actually be people in the area or in iraq or are not going to democracy is a clincher it is a process first you have to start this process and i promptly likely you know for the last fourteen days never heard of you know not the party system the parliament they never had a commission has been quoted in something or any institution so to start democratic process and it will take a long time but it is very sweet talks about about democracy and we know that under the banner of democracy in the west and have been against. iraq look what happened for example and i'll be honest we are going to we're sort of very great tenth
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anniversary of the invasion and occupation of afghanistan the worst now is our top . two to play in state taliban and. ten years ago we went there to remove taliban from power. to destroy you there and for us to actually know what these you know there are throwing the cole they are talking to tell about it and they want to have an honorable exit from afghanistan they lost or they are losing seven billion dollars a month the same thing in iraq you know now iraq is a completely different story you know the democracy in iraq is very valuable democracy do you think the rebels basically sold off oil greg they accepted rest and military support their finitely the need to bombardment played a major role in the success of the variable to a cop shop most of the cities of leap to advance toward playfully so. presumably there was
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a deal struck between that and lead be unbearable that we need tools and britain and france in particular we know that nato is not by charitable organization we know britain and france there are looking contracts for oil we are looking for business in libya is destroyed completely undercut their feeling there is no infrastructure at all so i believe that libyan plate is very lucrative there you know they want to share how much of the business actually was agreed by they are going to transition accounts and even to this you know cancel the nipple companies especially with france we don't know yet but they're frantically that need is looking for a price and believe me in the future government should be paying a very heavy price for it is not. a free service you know definitely there
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is something behind that. but i suspect that need to would like to have military bases in libya i suspect that you know british and french company is looking for exploration contracts capital by atlanta thank you very much. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not inside the song so are should not be punished for his crimes so on is being punished no rational person from the guy that saw him has been honest is being honest and will be honest. i sours must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is not to. mention.
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that since they. cause. any mercy on me whatsoever. how i didn't come here just justice. and heard they first. started a small. trial martin. and i understand. emissions free the cretaceous free transport charges free. maintenance the free risk free. to chide free.
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clearing the collection ramona close of the month maidens hotel. doesn't move into medicine shift he was honest to say for cash promised. his rebel forces have stormed colonel gadhafi compound in tripoli and once again claim to have controlled to see what gadhafi loyalists continue their armed resistance was their leader following his fights to the death. russian investigators say they have information about who ordered the murder of the prominent russian journalist anna politkovskaya five years ago this follows tuesday's arrest of a former seal witness indicates a retired senior police official suspected of organizing the killing. and can ya nayland me trying to get hold. part of the north korean leader's first visit to russia in over a decade he's been torn siberia and the far east time his armored train with tight security thousands of guards and so headlines here in our sports news next with.
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hello there thanks for watching the sports and these are the headlines almost a done deal angie greed turns it into milan for the signing of cameron strike in samuel eto. while still sells some imaginary to munge the city on the eve of a crucial champions league qualifier against whose naisi. russian cycling team get to share celebrate success is a tour of his january no win stage in the mountain. but first time military will undergo a medical to days he prepares to join russian premier league side and g. they've agreed to buy the cameroon striker from into my lamp a thirty six million dollars if past the thirty year old is set to sign
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a three year contract and is due to arrive in russia on thursday and could even play against rostov on saturday the african star had been offered half a million dollars a week after tax that's a salary of nearly thirty million dollars a year or around a premium reduced. by billionaire silly man carry him of in january then he said he was prepared to do whatever is necessary to make him a force in football and he's already brought in brazil legend roberto carlos a russian play make a good ratio of angie are currently fourth in the russian premier league. but it's also important day for another russian club rubina trying to qualify for the group stages of the champions league but they have it all to do in the second leg of their play off against the on in case than needing to overturn a three one deficit from the first game i know have to do without defender alec with me he's injured there's also a diet over the fitness of midfielder allan. and the pressure is awful on aston boss austin banga is depleted side trying to eat in a.z.
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after a narrow one nil win at the emirates in the first leg again is over that midfielder some imaginary after. going to sell him to manage the city for forty one million dollars that's on the back of the race and the parts recessed gas to barcelona one bit of good news though is that bengal will be able to sit in the dugout tonight after all after breaching a touchline ban last week the way to have suspended a further ban. of an appeal is. days for the club at bangor says arsenal are strong enough to make the group stage for a fourth season in a rock. i never force to. quit have been injured which today of calm she. had asked me about question was also. the same question do you feel under pressure to qualify you of course we want to qualify and could not depend on no one can depend on how we repay our food. a big game. but. one playing the team. well in
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contrast to denies they have only reached the champions league group stage once that was applied years ago and although they finished fourth in syria last season they too have lost the pace notably alexis sanchez to barcelona but they'll be fancying their chances against arsenal you have failed to win the two games and the british prime a leak of a game to saving benfica host f.c. twente say after the sides drew the first leg to see while f.c. copenhagen will have an uphill task despite making the last sixteen last season they need to overturn the free ones that proceed against czech side the tory of pills and bought it out of soft goals austria to place to put ours in the final. and last night cypriot side up a well made to group stage between crack of three one to go through three two one i could get by munich also progress they're beaten juric three meals on aggregate an army to grab the group stage to destroy it losing to the swedish campaign has now made a scrape through four three zero to two legs of belgian champions gained anything
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can be high for their penalties progress last funny side to the reality are safely three part of balancing back in their first leg takes a dangerous start at ten. so chelsea already reached the group stage and have unveiled their teeny teenage signings at their training ground at cobham belgian strike over a million new kakul satan has arrived from and a leg and he was joined by nineteen year old spanish we feel the audio room will from barcelona it was arguably that you now know if he can add rub shoulders with his boyhood heroes. i'm playing what he calls the biggest league in the world. from books from simple neutral. from. from the last of the soldiers from the coach for. me. first of all to train him to be fit for smaller schools. in other news russian cycling team get
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to you have got their first win at this year's tour of spain necessarily should write it down young already know winning a grueling mountain stage in fact it was tough for some riders tour de france green jersey winner mark cavendish was unable to keep up with the pallet and as it crossed the mountains between. sierra nevada and he abandoned the race with forty kilometers left of stage for no such problems over marino he caught up with the leaders over the last few kilometers and in the end it was a fight for the line between himself and chris saunders in the saxo bank but the two sure man did enough to win by three seconds to one share of n.l. took the overall lead as red jersey. defending champion south africa have announced a tried and trusted squad for the upcoming rugby world cup captain john smit will again be skipper after leading the side to victory in two thousand and seven in fact eighteen members about winning side have been included in the squad when danny was the only real shock inclusion in saturday's game will be against wales on
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september eleventh before facing maybe a fiji and some moa and new zealand in group d. which is a tough pull according to smit. for. you with good will so. it's probably going to. go get some rest and not true too much about. that are going to be going to pose for a move. and also his history you can see that the book one of the molecule and you don't want to proofread it so i'll end with a sport that has been played for thousands of years but over the last century it has all but faded out in russia although now it is being revived with the help from the sport's historic powerhouse argentina are with daniel as the story. horses count among the most trusted friends of mankind in wildlife this is why polo is one
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of the most ancient popular sports this game was first played in persia more than two thousand years ago and has only slightly changed since then. it still takes the same skills to score goals with a long handled mod on the field that's twice as big as a full peach. the most important thing in polo is probably the so-called chemistry between the man and the horse they should be sympathetic to each other also it's crucial to learn the equitation in childhood although even adult persons who come to the sport late can reach pretty good results in terms of training hard every day back at the turn of the twentieth century polo was quite a popular sport in russia but after the revolution the tradition was broken it was only brought back to life several years ago and the most cuckold club which was established in two thousand and six while exterior dunga is now one of the major
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centers for the sport it also hosted the russian open championship which was being held for the sixth time you need a lot of players you need a lot of horses you need a lot of competition as in any sport you need to practice practice practice you need to invest invest invest and so for we're doing what we can but it's all private and it's all based. on the of the players themselves and their money. in terms of price horses are like cars it's not only about how expensive it is it's very important to choose the one that will suit you in this respect you should always take an expert's advice as with the price it will be from eight to ten thousand dollars sale argentina and up to five hundred thousand dollars it's emotions and human resources are always a crucial factor in this respect call in russia as a competitive advantage to traverse a brother. first to ground most tourists from the sports powerhouse argentina these
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time around glamorous russian fans of this elite sport have good opportunity to get up close with their known for a short masterclass on the secrets of pool and witness the russian open finals where the tournaments top player i handwrote led his team beluga to victory. however there is still a lot to do to make question pull competitive on the international arena these we all know because it's new it's a new sport here here and we need a lot of work. and we need. to know what this border because. doesn't know what he's. but i think he's improving. with a publishing deal with this he's possibly to come more prepared to play polo has never been only about winning and losing with another member of the winning team russia's school full of book the shinner me how you write down being the best proof
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of it is the first the better you treat your horses the better they perform i don't care if i lose or win i just enjoy it it's a team sport and first of all it team here means the horse and the writer and that's the best thing about it. and that idiot which often leaves the fastest way to success. robert but in your own r.c. school region. and that's all the sport we've got time for for the moment so i'm back again in the us talk about. hungry for the full story and we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. wealthy british science old son at the time it was.
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