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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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no. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think iraq is evil and wanted well. whenever the government says they're there keep you safe get ready because of your freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and hear see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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see. if you just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old and just tell the truth. i confess and i am a little get a sense that i love bradman hip hop is second line for. he was kind of the guest today. i'm very proud of the role that algis you as he played.
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all right it's time for you said it i read it or take time to respond to my brilliance engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you too because when you have something to say i do listen now first i'd like to respond to an e-mail that was sent to the r.t. website it said now all of this is in perfect english look americans never trusted russia and now you have this alone the bad knees monster feminist bitch parroting the jewish one nine hundred thirty three marxist usa agenda to get a great our nation you place is not marxist elements within the usa media viewership to denigrate our nation you are doing more to create anger against russia and your broadcast format now that continued on for several more paragraphs that we just don't have time to read it all but he also called me again and he also said our t.v. license should be pulled here in america so where do i even start first off i don't even have
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a clue what the jewish one nine hundred thirty three marxist usa agenda is so i would have a hard time understanding how i could be parroting it so i get i don't need to denigrate america i report on the truth that the mainstream media refuses to and as an american i think nothing more could be as important if you don't report the truth people are not going to wake up but you apparently want to stay in the garden how it's pulled from the air because you don't like me or what i have to say sorry that's not what you do in this country that's not what it stands for and finally i'm just going to let that whole bad knees bitch thing real at that but i want to respond to a viewer who commented on my interview with radley balko last night about the criminalization of childhood here in the us air and political set on you too much of this is related to the fact that there are so many private for profit prisons in this country i'm disappointed that neither of you discussed this and many cases this is an extension of the problems with corporate america now we didn't while we didn't address this particular piece of the puzzle last night we've covered prison the. just real complex in the proliferation of private prisons and many many times
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on this show in fact we've spoken rather himself about it so i can assure you that we will continue to cover a very important topic there's just not room for it every single day now finally i would respond to our monday happy hour segment chris gill said on facebook peta combining corn with images of animal torture is not such a great idea and attracting some true sickos i predict the website will end up being monitored by the f.b.i. in order to keep tabs on possible serial killers now i'm not going to go live to the whole serial killer conclusion but i will say that i find the combination of porn and animal torture on the same website to be a little bit unsettling as well that's if my rantings and i and i will be back with more next week. well perhaps the wiki leaks has gotten caught up with all the fall out from former colleague daniel dominate berg it seems that the whistle blowing organization switching up the way that it operates just yesterday signed his organization dumped fifty five thousand more cables from the us the tale of america's relationships with other countries around the world are the leaks are
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posted in matts and the group called on the public to search through all that information and so that if they find anything important to tweet it with the hash tag. now as of now it's still pretty early but they're already a handful of interesting tidbits that are being revealed in this pile of info some of the cables detail activities like a meeting between u.s. ambassador and saddam hussein in one thousand nine hundred centerville information like turkey hating americans bikini's and gays and of course we already told you about the cable detailing john mccain's meeting with gadhafi back in two thousand and nine and sure this is not the first time that we can because shared a huge amount of doubt it wants we have noticed a change in how their operate if you remember back to their first memorable week in early two thousand and ten doesn't explain to me why was important to share this video that we've now come to known as collateral murder. that's right we believe in releasing source documents to the world together with analysis to put them in context. because the truth is we're helps keep to it was an
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honest truth independently verify independently checkable assertions it trickled in the same way as a scientific poll it's a full source material was released. now i did express the full material needed to be released to the public saw and also gave as i would input not necessarily with words but in the edited manner in which he released the information the video and certainly in the title of that video over a week of a closet full of that structure when releasing these latest cables for a free for all every reader for themselves and then they report on what they find hidden within the thousands of times of information i think you can look at that new approach in both positive and negative light on the one hand you don't have any structure to the huge document dump but on the other you could argue it's better that this information is openly available without anybody editorializing it allowing people to form their own opinions about its value so we're going to keep digging and checking reports to see what else comes out of this latest top. now
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couple of months ago we reported to you that the florida state legislator had passed a law requiring that welfare applicants to take the tests that law went into effect on july first and require as well for applicants to pay for the drug test and then if they test negative the state reimburses than accept them for welfare of the passages law through the art of civil liberties advocates but florida governor rick scott and the money made about fairness to the taxpayers since they're the ones paying the bill so how is that new law working out for the state of florida well it turns out that just six weeks into the program it's already costing taxpayers more than it's saving here to discuss this with me is mike riggs associate editor at reason magazine and reason dot com mike thanks so much for being here tonight yeah . for starters give us a few the details in terms of exactly how much is this costing rather than saving the taxpayers so far at least from the cases that have been documented ok so there are roughly at any given time in florida between fifty thousand one hundred thousand people applying for t.n.f.
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which is an assistance for needy families program and as of right now our local news stations with or documented that out of forty families who have had to go through the urine test since this program sir july first only to have drugs right so. and one of them is on appeal which means they could be on prescription drugs or something like that so that's a very small portion of the fifty to one hundred thousand people but if you think about this happening at a larger scale if you think of roughly between five and ten percent of people failing and the other ninety five to ninety percent passing and then having to get reimbursed you're looking at an extra two million to four million dollars that the state will have to pay for reimbursing urine tests that's and that's just the money for the test there's also the checks to say now there's also the workers in the program families and job is going to screen fifty thousand and ninety thousand urine tests i mean that sounds like a lot of money i just don't understand because hasn't this been tried in other states in idaho try the same thing and they found that it saves them money you have
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to wonder why these things become law if there are other examples on the books that prove why it doesn't work the way that you think it's going to work out oh i'm it sounds good for one i mean you know shall i write a great emotional aspect sounds good i think florida is in a slightly unique position in that governor rick scott is looking for any way you can to combat the problem with prescription drugs i don't think this is the way to do it because i mean if you take a family of four and you have two kids in that family or three kids and you take away temporary assistance for needy families because the father has a pill problem or problem you're definitely punishing those kids i'm not sure how you're helping the parent because again if you get caught with drugs in your system when you go through a test you're banned from the program for a year and on top of that there's no rehabilitation services offered whatsoever so they're they really are out in the cold or the fact that there aren't any rehabilitation services to me is what is kind of odd right because he sells it or
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at least the way he did sell this legislation is that it's going to help us keep people off drugs but it doesn't seem like an from the way to here you know explain you know if florida taxpayers were told that we can take the money that you are now losing because of all the drug test that we're taking or that are being done and somehow put it towards rehabilitation you think people will really be against that . probably i mean there are there is. a special reason i think it is actually in a state like florida which has so many snowbirds are or americans from the north who have seasonal homes in florida the school taxes that kind of stuff so i understand florida school suck even when they have a ton of tax money but you know i think the bigger problem here is that rick scott sees this is a term that will work when jail doesn't and so you know when you really think about it ok so somebody starting to throw me in jail for five years if they catch me prescription drugs or they're threatening take away temporary assistance for my kids i mean if you really are a drug addict and again you could be a recreational drug user and still be kicked out of this program you could smoke
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marijuana once a month you know whatever suppose somebody who maybe drinks beer of the day will still get their assistance but you know i'm not sure that this is actually going to help anyone i do think it's a good idea to funnel that two to four million dollars and again that's just the cost reimbursement you could have a lot more going into processing those those urine tests and to rehabilitation services there's still this is a sense of to show up for that if you're a drug user because all these drugs are still legal. you know this is interesting for me to have this conversation with you because obviously you're on the civil liberties side of it but i'm assuming you're probably not a huge fan of welfare but that as long as you're giving out welfare to somebody do you think that there should be certain restrictions right i mean the drug test seems a little invasive ask me but should there be restrictions like they had in california where sorry you can't get it because the know you can't gamble away or you know right lottery tickets because money i'm not sure my position on this may be sort of unique i think direct cash works better than food stamps if you live in a hotel is a lot of floridians do poor floridians after the mortgage crisis not being able to
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buy prepared food for instance really hurts you you can't prepare raw chicken breasts on a hot plate in a hotel. but i might also think the social safety net is good i mean but it should be a safety net florida is a state that gives out corporate welfare like it's nobody's business and nobody bats an eye when you look at farm subsidies for sugar cane you look. occupational license which most people assume is a form of welfare but if you think about the fact that the state requires you to have five hundred hours of training which you'll probably have to get an expensive for profit college to cut hair or design somebody's living room i mean that's a formal role for the protection people who already have those licenses if you look at the treatment the theme parks are given where they get all kinds of tax breaks for preserving a certain amount of forest land on the ground that's all welfare that's all things they pay less money than everybody else for whatever reason nobody wants to call it that right because we all know that when things are all about federally nationally and say there's a lot of corporate welfare going around but nobody wants to try to eliminate those loopholes right now or any of the subsidies or least you know not from the
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republican standpoint but i think it's you know it's a great example of the different ways in which people choose to see things is that when it comes to a corporation that's not welfare but a needy family that means you're completely living off everyone else's dime i don't think so much for joining us certainly. now still to come tonight he's using donkeys in a t.v. hand to make fun of democrats for why not when are told time and happy hour glenn beck is a blast in israel and new guidelines for faith in just enough. to go to bring justice to what. i have the right to go with my government truly if you want to know why i pay taxes. i would characterize obama as a charismatic. of american exceptionalism. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's the part of it and realize that everything is just. part of the. let's not forget that we had a hard time right here and. i think. either one well. we never got the shows they're very safe get ready for the freedom.
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all right it's time for sides told on war and tonight it goes to former talk the secretary of state roger williams who is now running for congress now doesn't take
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a genius as the roger williams is going to run against that's president obama and that's democrats in general but how do we know does well he's new campaign ad is called the donkey whisperer so i want to play that in several parts and i'll break down what a good old boy from fact this is really trying to say so here's the first quote. you're not a victim you're a patriot you're an opportunist who take advantage of ok they don't listen you know i've been talking these guys forever and they still do not listen. to believe. ok so according to roger is saying that all doggies are lazy the dems are even sells the search now just in case you're not clear the donkey is a metaphor for the democrats that's a very broad statement to make about a really large group of people but that's his opinion i will let him continue making his claims in the next part of the donkey whisper all these guys want to be they want more shelter they want more for. your government making it harder on me
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or tax me the best i can afford to build them when i don't build it they think oh it's all you guys want you want to hand out i don't have some minute now you get manny ok. ok so now i guess that means that a rogers mind all democrats are just speaking handouts but of course is up to republicans to provide those services and only republicans alone make the claim of the government is taxing him to death think progress pointed out today roger calls himself a self-proclaimed successful businessman but he just happened to inherit it's carter's car dealership isn't that a little bit of a hand out to you now for the record taxes here in the u.s. are their lowest levels in sixty years for individuals and corporations that's part of the reason for our current record deficits but i get it because the campaign ads are supposed to be a little sensational so i'll let roger williams continue to make his case these darkies no leave the united states of france they live in the united states of america they're going to get with you all heard me talk about the constitution get
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rid of the constitution it's a great document they keep thinking that obama's going to take care of no bombs going to freedom obama is going to build their barn if i can get obama at a health care if i get a fix ok i get it fixed all right he's got to get away he's got a litany do the things i need to do. pretty sure democrats know they live in the united states but as for health care about it all goes thought it was actually lost by the g.o.p. but i'm pretty sure that the successful businessman were never a problem enjoying his government health care if he's elected to congress he'd like to take your health care away but if you select i'm betting that he'll take that taxpayer funded health care and i'm not sure why republicans love to criticize anybody who needs government help so much seems to be a theme in recent months just last week oklahoma senator tom coburn was asked if obama was trying to destroy the country and he said no but he claimed that obama was just trying to create dependency on the government because it worked so well for him when he was growing up coburn is thinking is that because obama is black he
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got a lot of extra help from the government growing up or at least some kind of preferential treatment and of which there is really any evidence but let's get back to roger williams and his campaign at this hour wraps everything up i'm going to show you some of the honest with you it's a lot easier to feed elephants. ok and if i have to trade for elephants i'll do it . i'm not expecting an ad or roger is feeding elephants without long to prove how much easier it is but will be kind of fun but go ahead roger williams not democrats approves you're out of touch with everyday americans people are hurting in the country you want to compare them to jackasses just to win an election personally i think that makes you kind of a jackass and also tonight's bull's-eye winner. i got a plan for happy hour tonight and joining me this evening is archie producer jenny churchill and mike ritz associate editor he's not been seen and reason dot com.
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hello mike long time no see and ok so glenn beck is in israel right now you remember his restoring honor rally that i had here on the national mall and that's the one in jerusalem called again restoring or soaring i really i'm blanking on on what it was but back goes to homeland. today's events compared to the event that he had here which was kind of through the roof in a little scary if you ask me how many people came out only attracted over one thousand back supporters and it was reported that most of them were evangelical christians from the u.s. . i don't really they go there for this or did they happen to be that really lose their we've got a lot of you know israelis are looking at because they're not looking at it so kindly because they think that he just wants to come over and preaches evangelical christian message and that's it and you know he had a big line of it first senator lieberman was supposed to go there
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a number of other high ranking people and they ended up canceling at the end and so it seems like aside from a little bit of preaching back then just went into predictions. if you know me and you've listened to me over the years you can testify that i am a head of the curve i don't know why i can see over the horizon i can't tell you what time or what order or how it's going to happen exactly but i can tell you the direction of the starfield if somebody said to you when you are paying eight nine or ten dollars a gallon imagine what that will do to you and mark my words we will be paying ten dollars a gallon for gasoline. just wait for most of his predictions to come true it's like he breaks the radio show that he was doing in israel and we could actually find a video that we wanted from the from the rally but i was watching people live tweeting reporters they were there on the ground he was just making friends
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predicting the next and saying how he had been right on this not that i think is not predominate i wish i felt confident about anything in my life anything but again you can see like a stuck clock is right twice a day right i mean if we exist and you know eventually we can pay that much as fossil fuels right now in a hundred years or however long it's going to take i mean i'm sure it's some point that process we will get through but i mean now they're going back is clearly a profit i'm really excited for him to go on mount sinai and you know have god tell him you know whatever rules it is we need to live by today so you can come home and peddle these answers to our lives to his theories and see for the small price of one thousand nine hundred nine i can tell you the meaning of life and there is a mystery here is a vial of sweat but i sweated was i sweated this light in jerusalem you take it and i bet you there's people out there that would buy a big glass back with a profit because they would just try to capitalize on it anyway go on to another
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story that's not cause it's having a little bit of an issue because some people want them to change their policy and take a look at this it's. carole markin and her attorney for back in court today to make sure match dot com is living up to its promise to screen potential members against a national sex offender registry we want them to do such checking so that no one was a registered sex offender there is the federal. level can be. all right so i mean this is kind of i think a good debate to have right because this woman who is suing apparently went out with somebody that she was met through match dot com turns out that he had been a sex offender and had a number of cases behind him and so then with a duty assault her or something or other sexual assault i believe he was convicted and that was also what he was convicted of prior to six times but that was the same time you have people right. umbrella of what can be considered a sexual offender these days is so why do you have somebody that can just like
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street in public or you know i don't know if he had public and if you're on that list and then why you can never date again why don't they how do you where is a really good i'm sorry but if you can't get on match dot com not me you can every day to the point i think i could meet someone anywhere else in the world wars and public parks i want cars actually you likely to start fighting i don't want to go in a bar that doesn't have you know background checks because if i meet someone who's a sexual offender at your bar you can be responsible well matched pay for the service too right and it was that was the very crazy idea of sites where you don't pay i'm not arguing you know for or against i think it's really i think you would hope that you're going out with somebody who isn't going to be a. repeat offender when it comes to sexual assault i also don't think that and i bet you have something on their record but with a day when they were i think this is nuclear evidence that there needs to be a better way of classifying these people and that someone who got drunk compete on
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a playground at night should not be in the same category as someone. who you know abusers on women violently. i would hope not but i think you too but you know actually in this is also a great opportunity for a third party to come in i mean i think you know the dating website world is kind of crowded right now there are common all that stuff but imagine you could go there is. like the standard i would not call a site and that's not saying a site for sex offenders like really they're sort of on the wall of this sort of that sex offenders yes sex offender. ok let's move on to you and speaking of creepy things being on my facebook at least trying to decrease find themselves a little bit of a new policy. there actually making it so that when you share a photo you have to choose to you're sharing it with so it's just like google plus a circle so it's like do you want to share this with your friends your coworkers or
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your poker night because. all right so that's a little bit better at least right now you don't have to always after the fact like you two days after a party you sign on to facebook if he's posted like fifty pictures of you without your permission but everybody's already seen them here for you got to go yeah bosses you know you said you're fired your friend i said you know the will but i know everything stuff i mean really bummed about this because i'm definitely the type of person who's like it's really interesting photograph i wonder how long it takes for them to tag this kind of like a game i play and if they make it through like three days i'm like oh so for assassinations again it's yes my favorite want to actually i'd like this anyway to be in character and i think you are running out of time but we just have to play this just for fun marines in afghanistan i've been told not to fart audibly in front of afghans they can be sensitive and that kind of made us wonder maybe better to be really tough for politicians to. we have to figure out what you like is going
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to get some jobs and we have to deal with it one way to do it. again i don't know i feel it's not so little cheap shot but like i said earlier we are not above that here at these. places that i decided i didn't know why this is coming up now i mean honestly how long we've been in afghanistan are the soldiers there now super farty i'm confused it's like winning hearts and minds right when you sign a new people to go you are doing all fast results yeah i don't know i think this is maybe like ten years too late but also a good thing and same time you know so i describe it but it is obviously a lot of arms around really intense i have to wrap it up and thanks for joining me tonight show thanks for trying to get it making you back tomorrow that's the i have a master of that work of spy are there prevent the next terrorist attack but are they stopping are they helping with the baby terrorists that's your reporter trevor aaronson joins us to talk about a place to eat in the meantime go get some fan of a lot of time facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed anything to you last
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a lot of still coming up next he's. a charmer over here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. ulla mission and free credit a should be free. for charges free. range mentions free. brief stereotype free.
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