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i don't. really believe the science and certainly some rooms. we've done in the future. welcome back here with r t here is a reminder of the top stories the un calls for restraint in libya amid reports of abuses and alleged summary killings by both rebels and gadhafi forces there's also concern the country's chemical weapons could fall into the wrong hands in a bloody civil war. france struggles to balance the books stagnating growth and surging dad bring about government cuts there are fears public outrage could soon spill out into the streets. and the caucuses republican because years electing a new leader and a vote triggered by the death of its president a lot is at stake for the new head of state as
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a country still recovering from its long and violent struggle for independence from georgia. the next hour moscow team explores ameri impressive fountains and water features you can enjoy in the russian capital during the warm summer months. montero. he's telling. friendly. dynamic. to friends but he. must go.
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oh the barack obama speaks out we're going to pull down things from drinking water safe for political or called for a lot of blogs where they used a simple meeting places all viewed as an artistic one this must do is hope it doesn't exist in france singles he says will start up the app just thanks to the kremlin of the well known world club found. as the main gem of the underground shopping mahogany react to glass structure of the fountain slowly rotates and every twenty four hours makes a full revolution open in much energy seven if you look you can determine the time of the five minutes in the mideast cities the world's. first towns in moscow was located on through the night square dispense the ministry several of the fountains to them built along the lake lanier a river up the street because that's the most the fountains in moscow once provided
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drinking water to most of mites and now diminishing decorate many of the city squares and plucks the christie fountain here is the only one remaining of those built before the revolution a machine built in eight hundred fifty five it's still a list original location in seriousness where lost lost me in the three yo. i think some of this is just interesting how the function of found sense has changed over the centuries before the revolution downton mosco were generally in love music but they were necessity something like today's petrol stations at the time because. if just down the reconstruction plan to rebuild the city and make it an impressive many new foundations along the way to streets and alleys were constructed if you want to forget. the eight hundred and fifty one of the tree of moscow a number of old foundations were rebuilt and are still notably
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a push to school. because of the cold climates how to fountains only operate in moscow during the boom season usually to make a long hard look. at the beginning of spring they really long back into the city and are a welcome addition to several cold winter months. the main found to have a whole theory ask is the beautiful says you can see here the full seasons. to create a stars tally the ground cutting a field to provide hours of house went to tame and just the way she will come back . on cold windy days it's best to stay away. in the among these young people love this town to many of us who come away soaking what. little time seen is very beautiful and also those closer to red square amy's things
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to create an atmosphere osama enjoy it's just fantastic i like alex and that. being absolutely i think around him. and i think most of the complex. found. you seem in the neighborhood. and indeed it is important in north africa to fountains come some nice garden or i'm beyond. excellent designers they are genius i think. that's a sign they are fascinating the kids to their history you feel that they became the traditions and did the history of the us. on this occasion is that the department store that was built next to red square in nine hundred ninety three not only fountains or outside. one nine hundred seventeen
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this entire space contain more than one thousand two hundred shops and the centerpiece of the most impressive shopping mall in the city in which this next feature. this famous founder is also a popular meeting place for cain is right in the heart of a good marriage in mexico six unless it has a bat on its opening day it was filled with sparkling wine and brilliance of the past one hundred years in the gulf spill reconstruction is not a fifty six it's a business cycle because i was replacing the current adult base i'm ok with merely having skeleton programming system for the water that was added to the promise or lost it is one of the most glamorous and expensive in russia and the exclusivity of its main fountain can only match now if only the spoken line bridges for tree would be a popular fountain. so what the move to display stands out is hope to us a song people strange council also known as the friendship of nations down to is
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one of them as might be broken are symbols of city's most stunning proud in the heart of the russian exhibition center stage of its intrinsic gilded structure was created in like the fifty's if he she's sixteen different statues of maisie's each representing a republic of the soviet union. if one hundred fifty six. were enjoying the views of central moscow you will definitely not miss a non-structured in the midst of a river not far from the kremlin the bronze monument this is almost one hundred meters high to keating and from key to the great on a ship the monument was erected to celebrate the three hundred thousand first rate of the russian fleet the fountain and landmark is surrounded in controversy many most might still like to stretch out but love or hate it it definitely makes the area stands out joins. thousands on not only the perfect place to relax me in the warm summer sun but also at night many of them become illuminated landmarks various shows featuring musical performances in light
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installations are often organized at the city's most prominent fountains consistency and singing attractions are popular with muscovites expressed on just his ideal and cooling outdoor entertainment show. lisa was a riot at the city's new museum and reserve this state has been known since the late sixteenth century when it belonged to any other sister of stop or a school off in seven hundred seventy five when the state was bought by and chris caton the great it's received its present name which means silliness will increase in english. is located approximately fifteen kilometers from the center of moscow. it takes around half an hour to get there by car depending on traffic. and you can also take an underground train from the city center to the city from the metro stop .
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impressive fountain is likely to have a very thin a rope and a date and it's the largest miss the fountain today in the russian capital fifty five meters wide with nine hundred and fifteen. the jet was completely renovated only a few years ago so that's now a make its first attraction in moscow. possibly isolated on an island in the middle of a pond to bridges link it with the mainland. each punks how to make the jets reach up to fifteen meters in the music can be heard from every point of the phones banks even the music at times is something to be desired . it is easy enough that
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a new view of the stars of innate catherine the great was not a fan of fountains she didn't like what she called there to officially streaming water but it was being this every state should have an attraction such as a fountain because our guests when coming here as the should include someone there should have a chance to enjoy the uplifting was referring to and they fly without fountain use it is also involved it creates a special festive mood and makes people feel. many suggest the grand fountains here and that it's a symbolic of that strength and power. i think the sound of rushing water and strange exploits in creates a sense of inability history and peacefulness. is just something of a fountain confused killers for the soul. today there are now a five hundred dances in the capital they do in the front of museums squares and parks and send products to shopping centers and theaters they used on and to the jews or events recreation and for entertainment many alignments in their own right
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and indeed just at the fountains at night here when it became full sponsons acts not just as tourist spots but the symbols of new moscow knowledge crowd and resilience erected to make of writing. of social political and cultural statements unfortunately that's all it's how we have on this week's program about the various crown since here in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week for more adventures around moscow and so then for me the rest of the team from victory park here by. oh. great. come to. you need.
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some. of the illegal. moscow. it's.
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coming. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not inside the song so or should not be punished for his crimes song is being punished no rational person and i doubt has been punished is being honest and will be honest . as ours must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is not. to mention. bands. because you've been immersed no matter what so ever. no i didn't come here just. in her day for mercy. stomper this man. martin.
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and my that is now. well see british science. is not on. the. market so why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is because reports on r.g.p. . in russia would be soo much brighter if you knew the sun from phones to pressure.
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from start on t.v. don't succumb. to the un calls for restraint in libya amid reports of abuses and alleged summary killings by both rebels and gadhafi forces there is also concern the country's chemical weapons could fall into the wrong hands in a bloody civil war. france struggles to balance the books as stagnating growth and surging dad bring about government cuts their fear of public outrage could soon spill out into the streets. and the caucuses republican because he is electing a new leader in a vote triggered by the death of its president a lot of the stake for the new head of state as a country still recovering from its long and violent struggle for independence from georgia. well that's where god the latest from the world of sports hero of the
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union and russia's champions league teams have managed to miss out on the big guns this year to ask for exactly right spar still no real madrid like so much just tonight if it would be in time to tell you who will be interred there maybe not one of the favorites but serious states will get to play one of those we'll let you know who that is in just a moment. great to have you with us this is sports today we've got plenty ahead this friday morning including. happy to be here at that is the message from some you'll have to us the four time african clear of the euro speaks for the first time since his new from interim to and. the big leagues russian sides need on c.s. cowboy the likes of course alona real madrid manchester united and chelsea in the draw for the champions league group stage. new york state of mind the yankees
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become the first team in m l b history to head three grand slams in a single. but we begin with. said he's happy to be in russia cameroon struggle holding his first media conference since his thirty million dollar move from a trip to kolob this week the thirty year old signing off for three years with a dagestan side that's all earn fifteen million dollars per season a salary very much in contrast with the relative poverty of the southern russian region the four time african player of the year is widely regarded as the best foreign support to appear in the russian premier league he's also the third big name to be sunday on g this season along with brazil legend roberta karlsson russian winger agree sure cough to make his league debut out rust off on saturday olympic stadium certainly not the sun ciro but neither that's nor criticism over the forwards pace seems to be dampening the form of parser. some of it. and you
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know that money's not that important for me so i never talk about it money is just part of the game i'm through cameroon to play football and my main goal is to be happy and to make others around me happy to what is important for me is the project which isn't she and i want to help the people behind it. verdict seems to be could have been much worse for russia's representatives in thursday's champions league draw domestic title holders in need some petersburg current league leaders both possible goals for the upcoming group stages seats will live find themselves in group g. alongside portuguese champions pour to shock the nets from ukraine on cypriots are all well need should be confident of taking one of the two qualification spots on. c.s.k. are joined three time going to inter french jump is legal on turkish for michel trucks on sport to replace. the army man's previous best result in the champions
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league wasn't twenty ten when they reached the quarters. let's take a look at the rest of the group in order proof a it's a tough one to call with champions league dead returns mount chester city drawn against german giants by and you know can feel reality on not only. last season's finalist manchester united on group c. but really they could not ask for much more of a favorable draw deal sluggard arts with benfica remaining newcomers to lul galaxy . real madrid who won the tournament a record nine times fierce competition from french side li on dutch champions i.x. on clots gripping with. chelsea were signs of group the worst of places to find themselves either as they see their first ever european cup palencia spire leverkusen on belgian side getting their immediate of poland's arsenal who qualified by their playoff victory over in a.z. will face more say we've got phil in p.r. german champions the women in group. and finally current holders barcelona are in
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group h. alongside seven time european champions milan the russian side. making their second appearance in the competition group stage debutantes pleasant from the czech republic the club seeming to call is not set. but after the draw was concluded you wait for. name line a messi is europe's best hope for the softer our school team itself the real madrid christiana rinaldo the twenty four year old argentina striker also been crying fifa world player of the year trip. to europe secondary club competition or an injury time goal source sports like moscow crush out of the europa league playoffs the red and lights going down to leg a warsaw five four on our go to get the four of twins of support for tuck into the two to lead at the luzhniki arena but pulled the march back level in the first half for young call headed home the winner in stoppage time for the only russian side to
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make it through in the night real men sing off school but for now but one an aggregate kick off was delayed for a second tier lunny is classroom pushing after drenching rain had flooded but no result was to be the outcome when played did get on the way leaving the church the blue eyed through three nil for all. you know their football news the players' strike has finally been result in spain's primmer league the new season now due to kick off on saturday after a week's delay players league officials finally reaching an agreement this week the scent destructing the start of the season top two divisions the league has now agreed to cover the on paid wages of more than two hundred players reportedly in excess of fifty million euro and he also lost players to end their contracts if they don't receive their salaries in time. let's talk goal for a horse and fraser is plenty to look forward to despite gloomy weather forecasts the barclays the first event of golf's fed ex cup playoffs interrupted by rain but
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the american benefited from an early start to finish a clubhouse leader after the opening run just over half of this been spending the day fraser among them the forty year old thinking of birdie on the sixteenth before ending on seven under for the lead. charge march that score but we've yet to wrap up the runs pretty time for jonathan byrd on the fifteenth he did make it through a teen and it's now time for second place for g. and b. just singles to finish the round of six on or he would set himself up for birdie on the seventeenth with this effort. to the diamond we go where the yankees of yet another addition to their history books new york becoming the first team in major league baseball history to hit three grand slams in one game us they blew out the visiting oakland athletics the home team who were actually booed but the local tribe is this are cool to the seven least robinson came out first round some of the
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day in a second of the season got the yankees back on track however another of those who are run home worse was hit by russell martin in the next inning and your ten seven on the stage the bronx bombers fans could then put their feet up on the hotdog and enjoy the historic i think which would on for all. making it twenty one eights with a record third round in the year twenty two finals. things are getting serious on the four to one truck with just eight races left to go this year reaming champion sebastian vettel is still on the couch some eighty five points clear of second place team and mark webber with the maclaurin pair of lewis hamilton and jenson button third and fifth respectively the jew aiming to drive on from the recent great run of four. two and three are. really the show of strength and the guys leading the championship has only won one race one of those for which is which is great and i think we're going to continue keep fighting the
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pressure. because we're performing very well you know victory and i've had two victories in the last five going to make it more and more of the next few races the circuits that should suit our car i think you look at the car and want to take off you want to win at least every city want to win every circuit and some place some circuit city a week or circuits and some so you say yes from the circuits and stars what i've been actually quite competitive for the past couple years i mean while driving sensation tanika patrick is said to increase her exposure in the racing world the twenty nine year old moving full time from the indy car series to not star patrick has been receiving part time in a lower tier nascar series since twenty ten becoming the first female to finish in the top five of an event in march at the psalms time three hundred now the american is aiming for a full season schedule next year patrick's long term plan is to race in the top level sprint cup by twenty eight thirteen the wisconsin native already in the indy
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car history books her win of the indy japan three hundred in two thousand and eight was the first ever by women. i believe is the n.f.l. preseason action i should say where the ravens herald the defense give up over thirty points but the squad still managed to see off neighbors washington baltimore benefiting from solid quarterback play while the redskins well they continue to remain on the side and on their starting signal caller ravens chibi jew flock will look beating you stunningly evans here to make it fourteen apiece before a buffalo bills store doing what he's best known for running straight ahead of me along catch rex grossman and john becker puffing it out for the starting quarterback job for the redskins back stating his plane with a pass to turns and giving washington at twenty eight twenty one lead. rupie tyrone taylor and connect with from the jews with twenty three seconds to go in the fourth the preserve the officials reinstate it thirty four thirty we're.
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going to keep you out is meanwhile went from the starting grid to the gridiron ahead of sun is indianapolis grand prix after a few spins run to try to contest and visited the home of the two thousand and six super bowl winners the indianapolis colts for some brew in all its kentucky kade nicky hayden looking somewhat more fluid than the others at the lucas oil stadium back on the circuit overall leader casey stoner has a thirty two point question with. v.c.u. so is the wrist right it's. a sport this friday morning we're coming up in two hours time but now it's the weather here in twenty four hour party.
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