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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2011 10:31am-11:01am EDT

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the balance. to stay with us next here on our our moscow our team explores the many impressive fountains and water features you can use to cool off during the dog days of summer here in the russian capital. great. comfortable. unique. so different but the only one. moscow.
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oh the fire going to miss the south where we're going to pull down scenes from drinking water the state the political calls for a lot of blogs where they used as simple missing faces all viewed as the sick ones . that doesn't exist that's interesting wolfie says and we thought up the ad just thanks to the kremlin at the well known blog found. as the main gem of the underground shopping mall on how to react to glass structure of the fountain slowly rotates and every twenty four hours makes a full resolution opening night you know she said but if you look you can determine the time up to five minutes in the mideast cities the world's. first fountain in moscow was located on troop night square dispense the ministry several of the fountains with them built along the lake lanier river up the street because that's the most the fountains in moscow once provided drinking water to muscovites and now timothy decorate many of the city squares to punks the trusty
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fountain here is the only one remaining of those built before the revolution a machine built in eighteen thirty five it still puts the original location in seriousness. interesting functional found sense has changed over the centuries. down to. something like today's petrol station. construction of. the streets and. you want to forget. the eight hundred and fifty. number of old fountains were rebuilt and are still. at pushkin square. because of the cold climates outdoor fountains only operate during
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the warm season usually. at the beginning of spring they really long back into the city and are a welcome addition to several cold winter months. the main fountain as a whole theory as is the beautiful says you can see here the full seasons. the creator throughout. the ground because you know people to provide hours of how to entertainment just the way i sure will can but. one cold windy days it's best to stay away. in the among these young people love to sponsor many often come away soaking wet. little to. eat and also those closer to red square. to create an atmosphere.
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it's just fantastic it's. like i think down to. the last of the complex. the fountain. we've seen in the neighborhood. and indeed it is important to know the fountains come to my god before i'm beyond this exit are the designers they are. the signs they are fascinating they kept to their history you feel that they became the traditions and the history of the us. on this occasion is that the department store that was built next to red square in one thousand nine hundred three not all fountains are outside. one hundred seventeen this indoor space contain more than one thousand two hundred shops and the centerpiece of the most impressive shopping mall in the city in which this next
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feature. this famous founder is also a popular meeting place or came right in the heart of good american in one thousand and six i am legend has it that on its opening day it was filled with sparkling wine and brilliance of the one hundred years of. reconstruction is not in fifty six its original circular design was replacing current agonal based most recently i mean skeleton programming system for the water without it. is one of the most glamorous and expensive in russia and the exclusivity of its main fountain match now is only the spoken tree that would be a popular fountain. so what ultimately displays standout condition capital to us is soft people's friendship fountain also known as the french nation's fountain is one of the most widely recognized symbols of moscow
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sterling proud in the heart of the russian exhibition center of its impressive gilded structure was created in the ninety's fifty's if each is sixteen different statues of maidens each for presenting a republic of the soviet union. if all nine hundred fifty six. were enjoying the views of central moscow you'll definitely not miss a large structure on the mosque of a river not far from the kremlin the bronze monument this is almost one hundred meters high depicting emperor peter the great of a ship the monument was erected to celebrate the three hundred thousand first rate of the russian fleet the fountain and landmark is surrounded in controversy many muscovites don't like the structure but love or hate it it definitely makes the area stand out join senator. fountains are not only the perfect place to relax in the in the warm summer sun but also at night many of them become illuminated landmarks various shows featuring musical performances and light installations are often organized at the city's most prominent fountains stance and
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singing attractions are popular with muscovites ex-pats and visit his ideal and cooling outdoor entertainment show. let's start with the rides at the cities in the museum and reserve distaste has been known since the late sixties century belong to either sister of stop or a squadron off in seven hundred seventy five when the state was bought by empress catherine the great received its present name which means thirteen is in english. park is located approximately fifteen kilometers from the center of moscow. it takes around half an hour to get there by car depending on traffic. and you can also take an underground train from the city center to the city metro stop.
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this impressive fountain is like a fifth of the fifth in a row and if they let the largest miss the fountain today in the russian capital fifty five meters wide with nine hundred and fifteen. the jet was completely renovated only a few years ago. made its first attraction in moscow. comfortably isolated on an island in the middle of a pond to bridges link it with the mainland. each pumps how to make the jets reach up to fifteen metres in the music can be heard from every point of the plans by music at times is something to be desired. it is easy enough that a you can be a virgin a guest trying to bridge was not a fan of fountains she didn't like what she called death officially streaming water
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but will think that every state should have an attraction such as a fountain because our guests when coming here as special and what someone there should have a chance to enjoy the uplifting was rough the fountains and the flight without fountain use it is also involved it creates a special festive mood and makes people happy. many suggest that the grand fountains here at the center was symbolic of strength and power. i think the sound of rushing and spraying jets often creates a sense of nobility history and peacefulness. is just something about a fountain feels good for the soul. today there are now over five hundred fountains in the capital they do in the front of museums squares and parks and send products to shopping centers and features they used on individuals or events recreation and for entertainment many alignments in their own right and indeed just like the
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fountains at night here many of the capital's fountains act not just as tourist spots but as symbols of new. proud and resilient erected to make a variety. of social political and cultural statements unfortunately that's a little we have on this week's program about the various found since here in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week for more adventures around moscow and sell them for me the rest of the team from victory park here by. monitoring. the story cold. friendly.
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dynamic. to do for a. month ago. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporation to rule the day.
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it's. an. odd. her. last time the close up team was in amona region where the gold rush still gets people like stop. this time far she goes to cure old region. where the local government is giving power back to the people. where every orphans will be adopted. the locals turn their land into a tourist paradox welcome to come or asian culture close up on r t.
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the start on t.v. dot com. the headlines on r.t. nato bombs target. in his hometown in libya despite claims that the coalition is not involved in helping rebels hunt the colonel down concerns grow over who will get their hands on the country's weapons of mass destruction. gloomy forecasts for economic growth in france despite the country announcing a new austerity measures of twelve billion euro cuts and tax hikes for the rich but fears about it could lead to public outrage across the country. and as the republican votes for a new president with much of the country lying in ruin after years of struggling to maintain independence from georgia over half of all voters have already cast their ballots. the right time for the sports now with.
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hello welcome and thanks for joining us this hour and here is what's coming up in sports are being goes on and look much to scroll down to mexico and same to europa league group stages and on friday. more highlights from monaco where balls on the go in for their second trophy of the season as they take on course knowing that you're a far simpler to come tonight. and also the new york yankees become the fasting when i am i'll be history to have three grand slams in the single. cell with a ball to draw for europe secondary club competition the europa league was made in monaco on friday following spartak moscow as crush out of the playoffs just two russian clubs are left in the main campaign with forty eight teams in the old divided into twelve groups and former russian champions are now being drawn in group along with top ham joining them there will be a great side and irishman shamrock rovers. in the meantime like much of moscow will
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face a belgian team on the lead greeks i and also an outfit stormed in group the group stage takes on the fifteenth of september. on staying in monaco where. you're all the league title holders porto are going head to head in the super cup clash tonight both already looking for their second trophies this season after winning their respective domestic super cups recently barsa same here beating real madrid to the title last week twice european cup winners in the past three seasons the capitals kick off as favorite song of the porto making their fourth appearance here and look forward to repeating their previous success which dates back to nineteen eighty seven. but we're not here to count the true things we're winning this will happen at the end of this era we'll sit down and say look at this as we did that doesn't matter and i don't consider myself as somebody who wins points rather we win one a lot over the years things to look for and lots of work there are many many people
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and this is what really amounts to. in the football news the players' strike has finally been resolved in spain's but amid a league that uses analogy to kick off on saturday after weeks delay players and league officials finally reaching an agreement this week they descend disrupting the start of the season two divisions the league has now agreed to cover the unpaid wages of more than two hundred players reportedly in excess of fifty million euro the deal also allows players to end their contracts if they don't receive their salaries in time. now the championship start tomorrow in south korea featuring a first ever amputee participants in the neighborhood event all score pistorius qualified to race in the four hundred meters and the four by four hundred meter relay olympic boss jacques rogge a main walls as the blade runner his participation in that's why it's while the london games is up to his local governing bodies. for we should.
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be. in the world. that we are so it is very interesting to be. relieved to. see this world. into the center of the earth and that is. the stuff to go over that's all that you can be. meanwhile one of the main attractions of the upcoming championships of a sprinter usain bolt's as he hasn't gained perfect fitness for the tournaments that twenty five year old has been hampered by health problems since his incredible nine point five to eight second world record run two years ago in berlin however the fossils mad enough is still focused on defending his one and two hundred meter titles diago south africa and south korea and it will be in these it ask for bold in both those events as to the stuff as travels tyson gay in the south of power missing the disciplines due to injuries it won't be an easy outing anyway those as
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bald. there's a lot of competitors a lot of guys running fast i'm not in the top shape which i was when i was in berlin but i didn't come focus and i've already i've been working hard i've never possible under training together have to go right for just one moment so i think i'm ready and i'm going to order to do my best as always so i'm focused and i won't take everybody seriously. and with another big sporting event the us open just around the corner tennis players are busy woman up on the hard courts including in new haven where three time defending champion carney was not keen made it to the semi's well and as the simple has been knocked out the eight seeded russian had the right all time so we. had to concede in three cents going down in the first six for the twenty year old and now the second six three after a couple of hours in the rain break now with them dictate the game and they decided taking it by six games to two pair of course awaits the chinese player in the last
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four. to sixty six. and a world number one carling was not he faced american christine mark hale who was playing only her second quarter final on the w t two or a seven five and six three the score meaning the damaged top seed now meets francesca schiavone the same is aiming for a fourth title in a row in connect could. say with tennis rough on the dollars in new york already the spaniard helping the organizers way of the draws on thursday and ali is the defending champion at flushing meadows and sounds he hasn't lost his grip on hard courts despite some on the performances in cincinnati and toronto recently you cannot play every week at your best you're going to be in the finals. it was almost. seven years so it's not possible in all the moment that you have the person did well. i didn't
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play very well last a good amount for the rest of the world so i got in that situation with here. more preparation is ahead of the rugby world cup kick off on september the ninth where the reigning champ and south africa trainee hauled off to n.l. saying their say it's a man scored springbok surprised the odds four years ago by winning it all in that sentiment hosted by france captain john smith saying the score then received huge support from the local crowd following the french men's exit in the semifinals smith also admitting it will be a totally different experience in new zealand they sold some. i think will be very different different in the new zealand and we're playing a number of violent teams and you're right you know we've got to you know we've got a team that's love because of the kind of threat that we normally bring to new zealand so i really. expect the crowds to obviously not be shouting for. going stateside into the diamond now where the yankees about it yet another
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achievement to the history books becoming the first team in major league baseball to hit three grand slams in one game as they blew out the visiting oakland athletics on thursday night the home team there were booed by a local crowd as that is there's rolled to a seven. robinson came those grand slam of the day and his second season got the young he's back on track go another of those four on homers was hit by russell lawson here in the next inning new york sound seven at this stage the bronx bombers fans because down with their feet up and enjoying historic outing which with curtis granderson making it twenty one eight with a grand slam in the twenty two there tonight in the final score there. finally the n.f.l. preseason action saw the ravens herald the defense gave up over thirty points but both of us still managed to see all of their neighbors washington hosts a benefit seen from solid quarterback play while the redskins continued to remain undecided on their starting signal caller raven schoolbag joe flock will likely
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sing new signing the events here to make it fourteen. buffalo bills star doing what he's best known for running straight had and making the catch. and john back up battling it out for the redskins starting quarterback job back stating his claim with a pass to terrence alston and in washington a twenty eight twenty one lead there la cruz ruki backup tyra taylor of them connected with brown than jones with twenty two seconds left in the pool player by the officials in that single or even a very tight place you poor to see one. and now in goals harrison fraser has planted to look forward to despite gloomy weather forecast said the first event of the fat explain the barclays by the american benefited from an early start to finish as clubhouse leader despite a drain interruptions on the opening day just over half of the participants finished the round on thursday for a same on them. had a birdie on the sixteenth before ending on so. to fall for their leads. that
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score bot they have to wrap up their opening rounds pretty time for johnson bird meanwhile on the fifteenth he did make it through eighteen holes and is now tied for second place. and big victory saying also finished the round on six on the ball he would set himself up for a birdie on the seventeenth here with that africa. and it's all the school for now the news headlines are coming up shortly but first is the weather stay with us.
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bunker in his hometown in libya despite claims the coalition is not involved in helping rebels hunt the khan all down concerns grow over who will get their hands on the countries that weapons of mass destruction and he in the event capital rebel send in special units to hunt down while they try to establish full control over the city and over the country for more joy and even if notion of from tripoli in just a few moments. gloomy forecasts for economic growth in france despite the country analysing new austerity measures of twelve billion euros in cuts tax hikes for the rich. the republican votes for a new president and much of the country lying in ruins after eight years of struggling to maintain independence from george.


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