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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy was much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cars reports on r.g.p. . here at r t a live from moscow our top stories this saturday libya's rebels and nato are closing in on colonel gadhafi his hometown where it's believed he might be hiding meanwhile western governments wasted no time it's appearing big business in the war torn country. russia puts forward a un resolution calling for dialogue to broker peace in syria the document is to counter what is proposed by the u.s. and european states which moscow says the siding with anti-government protesters. and a british court is accused of trying to gather world war two veteran the eighty five
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year old has been jailed for reporting a court hearing by activists claims the real reason was speaking out against corruption in the judiciary. next as promised moscow team shows you some of the best places to relax and enjoy the summer while it lasts and the russian capital. great. soldiers of the. moscow.
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oh the fire going to miss the south where we're going to pull down things from drinking water the safe for political or calls for a lot of blogs where they use that simple meeting places all viewed as the sick ones it. doesn't exist in for singles cases and we saw that they are just thanks to the kremlin at the well they are well founded. as the main gem of the underground shopping mall hard to react to glass structure of the fountain slowly rotates and every twenty four hours makes a full revolution opening night or seven if you look into ten minutes time up to five minutes in the mideast cities the world's. first towns in moscow was located on troop night square dispense the ministry several other fountains with them built along the lake lanier a river up the street because that's the most the fountains in mr wells provided
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drinking it's mostly whites and now they mostly decorate many of the city squares and plucks the christie fountain here is the only one remaining of those built before the revolution or michel built in eighteen thirty five it still puts the original location in seriousness. and some of the fifteen compass is just interesting our functional found sense has changed over the centuries before the revolution sounds in most school were generally not beautiful but they were necessity something like today's petrol stations at the time to justify joined in thirty five mm according to stalinism isco reconstruction plan to build a shame to rebuild the city to make. grand and impressive many new found along the streets and alleys were constructed if you want to forget. the eight hundred and fifty one of the most are a number of old fountains were rebuilt and are still. a push to school. because of
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the cold climates outdoor fountains only operating muster during the one season usually from may to last started but. at the beginning of spring they really launched back into the city and are a welcome addition to several cold winter months. the main fountain of the whole theory as is the beautiful says you can see here closed the full seasons. to create a solid tally the ground cuts in a field to provide housing pouts way to tame and just be wet as she will come back . on cold windy days it's best to stay away. in the among these young people love the sounds and many of them come away soaking wet.
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multiple times jean is very beautiful and also those closer to red square in meetings you create an atmosphere ossama enjoy it's just fantastic i like it a lot more to. being absolutely nothing found in it and that is. and i think most of the complex. found in the movie and in the neighborhood having great eyes and indeed it is important nor the big things come from lies god mood and the horror film beyond his exit are the designers they are genius i think. it sets designs they are fascinating decamped to their history you feel that. they became the traditions and did the history of the us. on this occasion is a good department store that was built next to red square in a.z. ninety three not all fountains are outside. one hundred seventy mm this indoor
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space contain more than one thousand two hundred shops and the centerpiece of the most impressive shopping mall in the soviet union was this next feature. the same astounded is also a popular meeting place i came in right in the heart of a good american in mexico six unless it has a bat on its opening day it was still responding why in brilliance of the one hundred years it can become reconstruct cincinatti fifty six it's a business cycle exile was replaced with a very adult based a more recently i mean scholarship program a system for the water that was added to the promise or lost it is one of the most glamorous and expensive in russia and the exclusivity of its main fountain can only match now if only the spoken mindless we create not to drink coffee the fancy. so what other movie display stands out in capital to us saw people sprint you can
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see also known as the french nation's fountain is one of the most widely become our symbols of soviet moscow sterling proud in the heart of the russian exhibition center stage of its impressive gilded structure is trying to convince the fifties if he she is sixteen different statues of macy's each representing a republic of the soviet union one nine hundred fifty six. but enjoying the views of central moscow you'll definitely not miss a long structure on the muscular river not far from the kremlin the bronze monument this is almost one hundred meters high the casing and concrete of the great on a ship the monument was erected to celebrate the three hundred thousand first rate of the russian fleet the fountain and man march is surrounded in controversy many mosque might still like the structure but not all hate it exactly makes the area stands out joins the. fountains on not only the tragic case to relax me in the warm summer sun but also at night many of them become illuminated
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landmarks various shows featuring musical performances and light insulations are often organized at the city's most prominent fountains consistency and singing attractions are popular with muscovites ex-pats and visit his ideal and cooling outdoor entertainment show. lisa was a riot at the city's new museum and reserve this state has been known since the late sixteenth century when it belonged to a leader sister of stop a school of in seven hundred seventy five when the state was bought by empress catherine the great it received its present name which means thirteen this increase in english. is located approximately fifteen kilometers from the center of moscow. it takes around half an hour to get there by car depending on traffic. and you can also take an underground train from the city center to the city metro stop.
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impress the crowd from is like a few of the three in a row park and they let the largest miss the fountain today in the russian capital fifty five meters wide with nine hundred and fifteen water jets it was completely renovated own. a few years ago now i made its first attraction in moscow. comfortably isolated on an island in the middle of a pond two bridges link it with the mainland. each pumps ultimately jets reach up to fifteen meters in the music can be heard from every point of the phones banks even a music at times is something to be desired. it
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is enough that a new view of the stars when a catherine the great was not a fan of fountains she didn't like what she called there to officially streaming water but who i think that every state should have an attraction such as a fountain because our guests when coming here as they should include someone there should have a chance to enjoy the uplifting was referring to means and if like without fountain use it is also involved it creates a special festive mood and makes people happy. many suggest the grand fountains here but it's a symbolic of that strength and power. i think the sound of russian moves to a strange yet often creates a sense of nobility history and peacefulness. this is just something of a fountain coffee is good for the soul. today there are now in the five hundred counties in the capital they do in the front of museums squares and parks and send products to shopping centers and features they used on and to the jews or events
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recreation and for entertainment many alignments and right indeed just at the fountains it might hear many of the cattle sponsons acts not just as tourist spots but the symbols of new mosque are large proud and resilient erected to make a variety of social political and cultural. statements unfortunately that's all it's how we have on this week's program about the various crown since here in the russian capital but also you get other strains i may speak for more adventures around that moscow and so that for me i receive from a trip out here by about. monetary
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. history cold. friendly. dynamic. to friends but he. must go. because you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these morons that's not inside the song so it should not be punished for his crimes sean is. no rational person can deny that john has been punished is been honest and will be honest. the souers must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is my hunch and this is not to. mention. bandstand. constant. any mercy on me whatsoever.
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and i didn't come here just for his. candor good formers. the star of the small. pond wife. and mother. twenty years ago the largest country in the us to certain places. if. one had been shown. to be janitor. where did it take to. get out of the military and ninety sixty six i got over
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because the things i saw the things i was doing and this is the reason he said we were given for doing and it was a personal protest. during the vietnam war an antiwar movement emerged that alter the course of history this movement didn't take place on college campuses but in berets and on ships penetrated elite military colleges like west point and it spread throughout the battlefields of vietnam gets a day few people know about the g.i. movement against the war in vietnam and. after the army we always said free the army or fun travel and adventure but it really meant the army. wealthy british style sun rose has moved on to. target.
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markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look of the global financial headline used to mean to cause a report on r g. parties top stories libya's rebels and nato are closing in on colonel got his hometown. it's believed he might be hiding meanwhile western governments waste no time in securing big business in the war torn country. russia puts forward a un resolution calling for dialogues with broker peace in syria the document is to counter what is proposed by the u.s. and european states which moscow says is siding with anti-government protesters. and a british court is accused of trying to get back to world war two veteran the eighty five year old has been jailed for recording reported hearing by activists claim the real reason was his speaking out against corruption in the judiciary. next until
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the latest from the world of sports you know you stay with us. if your company this is sports today i mean you know these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. continental clashes rubin kazan unlocking the t.v. moscow discover who bill be facing in the europa league group stages. obstacle course katie story maneuvers around potential pitfalls to chop the free practice time sheets ahead of sunday's indianapolis motor g.p. event. teatime the stars of tomorrow our junior golf championships receive a few tips from joe ball grand slam tennis champion you give me a felony call flicking a sit down with club as he did with rock. it looks like tough times ahead for his
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representatives in the europa league group stage draw for european football second greek club competition made on friday the rupee were among the first of the forty eight teams picked up the side finding themselves in group eight bodies along with tournament fever spurs great power on the first irish team to ever reach our major european competition shamrock rovers. versus other hopefuls are plenty of moscow face a challenge to progress after being purged with belgian i fit under lect a ek on things on austrian sides improved health groups they just kick off on the fifteenth of september. for the draw was made in monaco with the prince apology also witnessing barcelona secure their second trophy of the season on the night but champions league winners sing off europa league title holders porto in the super cup following victory over all tribals real madrid in the spanish supercut that
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couple on giants were eager to silverware a piece number to before. campaign kicks off on monday just thanks to strikes from little messy incest fiberglass but laughter letting his first ball for that bloke around or so on the title in the biker pep guardiola that barcelona monitor now with a dose of listening. we're very very happy not just with the twelve time zones but with this one because we know it's a difficult one to attain twelve comes from fifteen was unthinkable but it just shows who displays or i see it over and over again i'm never tired of praising them . ok let's talk russian football no or some you'll make his de of you in the russian premier league leader on saturday cameroonian moved on a three year thirty million dollar deal from inter to angie this week taking to the pitch in the rough start the four time african player be your evening to help his new club rise to third in the table in the days of final game at the bottom of your
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screen. proceedings with a clash in siberia well vulgar and f.c. chirk will be aiming to move closer to the top half of the table as well when they meet in nizhny novgorod. brings us to be english game liverpool and chelsea are both in action on saturday with both also seeking their second victories in the premier league half a dozen games in all out for consideration chelsea new boys your age suffered bridge the londoners knew something one matter he will start on the bench for them he will liverpool who bolton hoping for a similar result to last weekend's two nil when arsenal on beaten aston villa who is perfect wolves six points from six for mr mccarthy's men so far queens park rangers travel to wigan blackburn and everton will do battle for their first points while swanzy entertain something. in tennis a local favorite john isner julian bennett so will butler large for the inaugural
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winston salem open title the event the last warm up before next week's u.s. open the final grand slam of the season north carolina man is now reaching the decider and pocket andy roddick long rallies were the order of the day or lee on but it was his near who finished off the opening set seven six with an ace another spirited effort by topsy roddick in the second but is there again ended things off swiftly when it mattered the most for a straight sets victory seven six six with the final score. is there no take on beneteau who had a tougher passage to the ultimate round the frenchman up against ducks. number one robin haase our first set last seen two o'clock beneteau with tireless running all over the court paying north securing a second on the tide seventy six then are to continue his strong play in the final set taking it by the same scoreline their twenty nine year old is the first qualifier this season to reach the final of an a.t.p.
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event he'll be aiming for his first ever tour title after four efforts in the past three seasons. caroline wozniacki is one step away from winning her fourth in new haven open title in a row check qualifier petra chip the player standing in the greens way world number one wozniacki faced third seed francesca schiavone in the semifinals former french open champion stephen we started off well taking a four to lead in the opener but poise a large her to secure it on a tie break the twenty one year old had an easier time of things in the second giving up only two games sunday's final yield university will be her last preparation ahead of the fast approaching us open. checked surprise package chits called scalp next for wozniacki after she came second seeded leno on the chinese player a big favorite for the march it must be said going down to check in the first set
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six two but managed to fight back in the second taken at seven five however her qualifier opponents have the edge and the decisive set a long starborn tie break needed for this one of the eleven nine finish meaning it's chekhov who's into our first w.t.f. i'm. not a sport or casey stoner continues to put himself in position to increase his thirty two point gap atop the motor g.p. standings the australian fastest around the indianapolis grand prix circuits during practice ahead of sunday's main event their newly paved track providing an increasingly smoother ride for the twenty five year old to improve his time by two point. eight seconds from the morning to the afternoon session stoner literally dodging every obstacle on preserving why life in his power to top the time sheets american been spies actually lead for most of the afternoon but finished we'll in the leaders on last year's indianapolis grand prix winner tally pedrosa meanwhile
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was quickest. it's the third week of american football's preseason super bowl champions green bay edging indianapolis in the pick of the action to date for time and peyton manning he is nursing a neck injury but the courts found soldier quarterback concerns eased somewhat curtis painter putting his past troubles behind him by finding a wide open reggie wayne the colts would rally up a lot slower moving to a twenty one thirty leads papi back up signal color green hora would then find ryan tiller the tide became a twenty one green bay converting for two points after the touchstone green bay promptly recovered kid leaving mason crosby to hit the game winning field goal twenty four twenty one day ticket. that brings us to p.g.a. golf where we reached the halfway stage of the barclays the first playoff event of the big money fed ex cup reigning champion mark char the man to catch on the new
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jersey queens shot all of the day though it belonged to webb simpson the winner of last week's wyndham championship chipping in for a birdie on the seventh he sits nine strokes off the chart of the three men up the top of the leaderboard at the end of her reign affected run chorus and freeze or was all of them pretty fell apart after sixty nine on friday he just single i second along with this month justin johnson big for jean seeing with just a single card unimpressive seven under run but it's been char who held onto his lead after playing field country club a six on a round of sixty five meaning the flora. in need of both a one stroke advantage heading into the penultimate stage. of. sticking with golf which is a sport getting more and more attention here in russia since becoming an olympic discipline the national youth championships held just outside moscow this week proving not to be true constantine to top off scot free. former world number one
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tennis player you can you can think of may now become a good role model for young golfers the double grand slam winner was recently crowned russia's golf champion the thirty seven year old seems to have analysed gold enthusiasm as but his events of the russian gold junior championship could see him honing skills at the greens but i'm a little bit flattered by the need his attention after i won the title now i understand that golf has become a big part of my life and i devote all my spare time to it and want to progress and take part in different competitions the russian gold junior championship has been held since two thousand and three the number of participants has increased dramatically over the past few years golf will tee up as an olympic discipline real in twenty sixteen and has become a huge boost for the sports development in the country and these here over one hundred youngsters due to russia's best golf club to live in the moscow region was
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a hit or it's a significant event in the russian go around as here we see prospects for the near future go for so well known around the world and of course we hope our players will be able to compete at the biggest one month as soon as possible russia's biggest international goals tournament the russian challenge cup starts in three weeks but before that young goal for us had a chance to show their swings at the j.p. cause signature course that is supposed to be one of the best in europe with such a program provider working hard to prepare the course first stage of the challenge talk however we managed to find time in our tight shuttle to host the junior championship youth golf is a cornerstone in developing the sport in the country it's important to make steps forward every year and i'm really glad to win here as the course is very demanding i'm satisfied with my performance i don't think i could perform better i'm aiming to play here at the russian challenge cup if i make the cut it would be great russia doesn't have long term goals traditions however would there for it's the
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goal for see these devoting to make this sport but you are a new rory mcilroy maybe from somewhere on home soil sooner rather than later complain about out of our team. hey man through the bodies all the sports know i'll see you soon. mine. would be so much brighter if you move the sun from funds to impressions. from the stones on t.v. don't come.
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