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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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libya's rebels and nato are closing in on colonel gadhafi hometown where it's believed he might be hiding that's as western governments make their moves to win big business in the war torn country. a battle at the u.n. russia calls for dialogue to broker peace in syria while criticizing the u.s. and european states showing bias and siding with antigovernment protesters. also a british corps accuse of gagging a world war two veteran by jamling him for speaking out against corruption in the judiciary.
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it's three pm in moscow this is our duty coming to you live from nice now with our top story the u.n. is calling for a halt to violence in libya as the rebels are advancing on colonel gadhafi is hometown of searching but aerial support from nato british tornado jets have fired cruise missiles at his command and control bunker in the town regarded as gadhafi last stronghold the nato bombings come despite previous statements from the alliance that it wasn't assisting rebels in their hunt for gadhafi there's also been intense fighting near tripoli's international airport are the notion of who is in the capital says many there are now living in fear of anarchy. his head to the middle of the phone he can see in libya nobody's seen these people nobody cares about this belief or to. keep this in simply as east anglia
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i think you may not know. who she. was that i was seeing was. everything that might seem likely that all the pages extinction is the setting the us was this is only for dirty things carlos only for getting specific please fine has continued since the rebel forces and to tripoli during the week and much of the city baz this cause a war on top of months of the ninety's bombing by nato and you have a sense of the bloodshed emerged when hundreds of bodies of a fallen hospital abandoned by softly in the arrival of rebel forces he no one came until many residents now living in any case and on the land from beijing and. up in the morning i say right out of the show what it was they were not there in
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the article are you guys here that instead of admitting when you enter a so many weapons and daiichi there is no good time for you any more. than salah didn't know. this was it was crazy stuff just like doesn't this show this substance that we their leader is the model seven and six people minus what he has such as oh another kinds that's. still at large this battle is not yet over results not see it safely. well meanwhile the race for libya's vast oil wealth is gathering momentum states who work together during massive nato airstrikes are now working against each other in the battle it secure a lucrative energy contracts to sara furth reports of selective fears that a new regime in libya could easily slide into corruption. half
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a billion dollars from italy now a walk in one point five billion from the u.n. gas on to pursue three hundred million dollars from turkey it's questions abound about the future of the case here is the money that's been talking the loudest governments have a strong interest in. opening up business and. everybody is raising its lead foreign minister has denied there's a race on with france to be the first on the ground to restart business in libya but italians have me clear their eagerness to maintain the extremely close trade ties they enjoyed and they deduct the regime it is the money begins to flow to help the national transitional council if it takes power but a question mark a mainstay for exactly who these fast funds belong to in the states which is
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coming to an end the borderline between. the problem well it's family and the wealth of the state were not very clear so it's hard to see how much of this money was direct in the nation of gadhafi as well of wealth and how much of it was actually. could be categorized as libyan assets exactly family were often accused of using libya's riches as their own personal pocket money now there are concerns that the unfreezing of libyan assets without effective monitoring key to aid in the floodgates to new corruption is now a lot of opportunities and everybody's trying to i think you know it's sort of. trying to exploit this war as best. blue could have oil gas and infrastructure projects to follow as the water on country rebuilds.
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everyone it seems wants a slice of the action awarded to nowadays indispensable for western economies we're starting to lose trust you destroyed your ability to read your review it's like a vicious circle it's not just italy that have been trying to keep the national transitional council. like it or not and many western countries a place for libya will mean big business there for. now while there are hopes of democracy in the new libya many analysts say the reality is likely to be very different as the rebels have been infiltrated by islamic extremists journalist pepe escobar is already a front to flee in power in tripoli guess who is the de facto military commander of tripoli as we speak so give you and me do had keenly well had any he. asked that he was trained in afghanistan he was struck by the cia after nine eleven
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he was friends with sarkar when he was captured in malaysia in two thousand and three he was tortured in bangkok you know one of the also extremely rendition cia prisons in bangkok he was sent back to the libyans he made a deal with saif al islam in two thousand and nine he was released and now he's the military commander of three from the beginning when the whole february seventeenth movement was hijacked by tomato powers by the u.s. military defectors from tripoli everybody was working together including to so after jihad this that's why we don't know what's going to happen next. well journalist pepe escobar there commenting on the current situation in libya. pressure diplomatic efforts to end ongoing violence in syria have been made by russia as it introduced its own draft u.n. resolution calling on both sides in the country to engage in dialogue and for
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president assad to speed up promised reforms can is across the latest. it looks like we're going to see a barrel of two different versions of resolutions on syria the u.n. security council russia is putting forward its draft resolution which will be an alternative to the resolution that the u.s. and european representatives are putting together the letter has already been dubbed as thank france resolution the u.s. and european leaders trying to put more pressure on the syrian government as the russian version of the resolution makes very important points first of all because of the syrian government to expedite the implementation of the reforms that president assad has announced in order to effectively address the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the syrian people and second it urges the syrian opposition to engage in political dialogue with the syrian authorities about what reforms to carry out in the country the syrian opposition definitely could be more forthcoming in that direction so a very important difference there the russian draft resolution does not put
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pressure on just one side it calls for dialogue it calls for restraint on both sides and here is more on that from russia's ambassador to the united nations who spoke with us earlier if there are some constructive ideas from our colleagues were . of course simply you know marrying the two would go i cook two different species from two different planets so what we're seeing from. colleagues u.k. and others it's completely biased on the leading exclusively on the syrian government to those who haven't seen. the need for dialogue doesn't the god is your position for dialogue in fact our concern is that it's going to push the the more extreme the more destructive elements of the syrian opposition towards. even stronger efforts in order to topple the syrian government so that's why we don't like at all what colleagues are trying to achieve by that resolution and i propose
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an alternative to that to keep the security council involved but rather to devolve into. for months russia has been pointing at the problem with the west of the west towards the dramatic developments in syria also says that attitude has been exclusively about exerting pressure on one of the parties namely the syrian government and pres then i'll start with you for a complete sends the wrong message to the syrian opposition prompting them to believe that if they remain insistent in the situation keeps getting critical. it will come to help them you know the way it happened to leave the russian resolution calls on the syrian authorities to allow unhindered access to international humanitarian agencies and to fully cooperate with the un commissioner for human rights now as for how the resolution how far the resolution can go both russia and the u.s. have veto power as we know along with china the u.k. and france and that means whatever resolution comes out at the end of the day it
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has to be acceptable for at least all of the five permanent members of the u.n. security council if they don't agree there is going to be no resolution. so our gathering storm new york braces itself for the story of hurricane irene with evacuations from the city as well as airports and public transport shut down. and a pentagon report says china will be leaving world military power within the next decade find out why washington is so concerned. the people of the caucus republic are causing i have elected a new leader it's because firm of the country's vice president alexander. has seen off the challenge i should say of two rivals in the presidential election there is much at stake for the country which needs to rebuild our troops fight for independence from georgia. is in the capitals and. form of the president.
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is now the president of the caucasus republic because the central election. commission announced that he took fifty five percent of the one hundred two votes cast and they put voted turnout at a high seventy two percent all of this was made necessary by the death of the previous president surrogate bugout on the twenty ninth of may he died suddenly leaving power vacuum in his place there because you people are going to expect a lot from mr primarily building up cars use ruined infrastructure after a long struggle for independence from georgia three years ago russia recognized the independence of our cars year after a war away to the east in south of setia and fears that the georgia may attack cars here as well but that was just the end of a long struggle for independence which started after the collapse of the soviet union and left a lot of the young republics infrastructure in ruins and merrily the famous ones
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famous soviet holiday resorts along the coast here that will need to be built up and also the agriculture and growing industries also very famous here but now very weak and if mr and can build up both of those things he'll help this young republic to stand on its own two feet again. well the fallout from the mass riots across england has pressed prison populations there to a record high even so they've still found space to jail or world war two veteran incarcerated simply for recording across europe for starters or and the reports there could be other motives behind his imprisonment. british prisons are full to bursting the courts are working overtime sending young people to jail for their role in the recent riots in england and if they're sent to leeds prison they'll be languishing alongside eighty five year old norman scar he plied the arctic sea
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cheering the second world war serving his country taking essential supplies to the soviet union on the most dangerous journey in the world and now he's serving six months in prison on the whim of a british judge his crime causing a court hearing he said he did it because he's hard of hearing but the judge didn't except that it was a very harsh sentence and i believe he was because he isn't pulling the group should the judiciary she doesn't frown upon it scott is no stranger to the legal system he won a case in the european court of human rights bombings secret hearings yet still some cases in england are heard behind closed doors and recording and taking photographs is forbidden unlike in other e.u. countries scott attends demonstrations where he shouts about corruption in the police and judiciary saying lawyers police and the courts are in cahoots and regularly persecution of those who disagree with them that's why m.p.
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john hemming suspects the church was trying to shut him up we have in theory in this country something called freedom of expression much as people's right to speak out about what they see as wrong as long as little in the truth and i'm very worried and attempt to gag an elderly gentleman who may not always be right but he has a right. luckily for sky. he has friends with knowledge of the deal and they're too big for him norman got the portico for his case here to the boil court of justice but they don't feel justice is being served to have meanwhile claimed he's being denied it and chilled medication in prison according to reports conditions in leeds prison. the war veteran can't get any exercise because he's unable to walk for the entire hour allocated scott also says he's being denied access to a lawyer by his jail as religion royal every day medical history.
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norman scarth has vowed to keep fighting to expose corruption just as he fought all those years ago to keep fascism out of his country the irony is the country he fought for is now the one he's fighting against laura and it london. new york is bracing itself for the approaching hurricane irene which has already hit the coast of north carolina the threat has forced the new york mayor to order evacuations or public transport will be shut down for the first time ever spited we get into a category one storm forecasters say are remains extremely dangerous and president obama had warned a hurricane could be historic artist report maya gauges the mood in the metropolis . more than eight million new yorkers are preparing for what's expected to be i.d.d. interests and possibly disastrous hurricane on its way to new york city this hurricane is expected to hit new york by nine pm on
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a saturday evening in parts of the city was was filled with crowds of people as you saw officials evacuating new yorkers from parts of areas that were deemed extremely dangerous for the first time in history the new york city mayor ordered mandatory evacuation of what he called lone rise areas these are areas all throughout new york there are very close to the water as of twelve pm all public transportation will come to walk home it's also been recommended to anyone that lives above the tenth floor to a vacuum wait from their building now up until this point new yorkers were really taking these warnings in these forecasts seriously because the last time this city experienced our hurricane a very heavy and dangerous hurricane was in one nine hundred thirty eight but as we saw saturday we saw the winds picking up we saw many people rushing to the
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supermarkets rushing to the stores to stop good stock up on food stock up on water some engineers believe that the infrastructure of new york city because it is so old may not be able to withstand the powers of the wind that there may be flooding in tunnels of new york city some airports may be flooded homes possibly even flooded and or destroyed so at this point everybody is preparing for the worst bracing themselves hoping it's not going to be as bad as forecasted but if it is it is not clear what will be of new york come monday. there's still plenty ahead for you on r t including family matters as a team reports on how an orphanage in the care of region helps children with physical mental and psychological disabilities find new homes. the pentagon has released a report warning that china is on track to become
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a leading world military power in less than eight years the u.s. documents as that by building aircraft carriers missiles and developing cyber warfare raising could potentially destabilize asia but khan hallinan asian military affairs but leaves america has its own interests in creating a fuss around china. there's a lot of hype going on right now in the united states and and some of that is because they want to raise the chinese up so there were big danger that way we can keep a large military footprint in asia but it also has to do with internal matters to push to cut the military budget the arms companies and you know it curious are digging in their heels and shoulders trowing up this kind of chinese bugaboo aircraft carriers this missile which can sink your craft here it's not even tested keep in mind they have one aircraft carrier which is one half the size of
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american aircraft carriers american. and nimitz class aircraft carrier so even if they built one or two or even three more aircraft carriers they're nowhere near the level they would need to challenge the united states defense. helen in an expert on military affairs russia's far east has seen its third shark attack in the space of ten days after a man was savaged while swimming in pacific waters the victim was taken to hospital with his forearm badly injured and suffering wounds to his body a man had to fight a swimming ban on parts of russia the east coast brought in after the chew other recent incidents the first recorded shark attacks in the country's history last week saw one man lose both his forearms trying to protect his wife all in another case a sixteen year old guy whose leg was severely lacerated hunt for the shark or sharks is underway. but looking at some other news from around the world this hour
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hundreds of afghan militants have crossed the border into pakistan and it's hacks a number of security checkpoints killing twenty six they then seized other areas triggering further clashes with security forces there were casualties on the militant side but it's not known how many meanwhile in southern afghanistan four civilians were killed and twenty injured after a suicide car bomb exploded outside a bank. and islamist militant group has admitted responsibility for the deadly attack on the un's headquarters in the nigerian capital. it happened on friday when a car rammed through security gates despite guards opening fire at least eighteen people were killed in the suicide bombing while dozens were injured some of them critically the most powerful blasts destroyed the lower floors of the building. mexico's government says offering a two point four million dollars reward for information about a deadly raid on a casino attack in the city of not
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a ray left over fifty people dead and many more injured dozens were trapped inside and chokes when gunmen burst into the venue sprayed it with fuel and set it on fire authorities suspect is connected to organized crime. now we continue to explore russia in the latest of our close up series look at life in all corners of the country. the bad news. and this week we're taking you at bows and kilometers from moscow to the city of heroes it's a place full of community spirit where for many people family khan's first. road is now reports the city is leading the way in a pioneering project to find homes for orphans. a part to be a personal tragedy added difficulty to overcome being an orphan is also
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a social problem in russia there are thousands of thousands of orphans but in fact most of them have either parents all relatives outside of the orphanage but these people simply do not want to look after them or come and be trusted to do so so this is something that needs to be solved on a social level for the general social problems of course these children taken away how can they be tackled so it's not necessarily something that either an individual orphanage or there's a vigil part of russia can provide but then the same became a region that freud there saying ok we are being dealt with all these orphans are receiving all these people but at least all we can do is provide all of them a new home and that's what they're trying to do as you can see more appalled. in russia it's hard enough to find a new family for healthy orphans it's even harder for children like these all of them diagnosed with serious physical and mental all psychological disabilities.
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but here at the care of the finnish number one they manage it while in russia there are currently hundred and fifty thousand children who haven't been adopted here ninety eight percent of all infants find a new family before the six. or so many orphanages exist by themselves in isolation we are reaching out to the potential parents and the authorities and working with them the first course of action is to try and place the children back with parents who often give them up scared off the diagnoses often and show that with the right care these children can lead normal lives. the parents have to prove their attitude has changed for other potential adopters their educational courses and ongoing medical support all basics in the west but hardly universal in russia yet staff say these oh and good main reasons for their success. but it doesn't matter how good the facilities are here or what care the children receive we are all of the staff here still know them an orphanage is no substitute for a family
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a quick straw poll shows as much moved here. there are three of us here me and my two sisters we really want to be adopted by the same family but not everyone wants three kids to orphanages track record as anything to go by bills soon find a family. of five new families but these children are commendable but others only so much of an orphanage can do to solve the problem of adoption here and it cost them not only adopted four children from often a gentle one but also sits on an adoptive parents committee yes. i think the problem is the social attitude towards the children it's not a case of money where now marriage family all the state support is really there you just have to love the children themselves. i learned fourteen says she was betrayed by her parents and they said and never did then she finally found a sugar group in the home you're always just
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a part of the group but here in the family you're needed by someone there is no tenderness no love i'm happy. so often it does make an effort to connect with the world outside and adoption becomes more widespread and society will be more happy endings like this one. i'm standing here with you know like effect on the one who's a citizen of hero and hopefully should provide us with a mobile person's perspective on the option all these officials are telling us that the situation with adoption is improving more and more children are finding new parents now for your own observations is this the case is becoming more popular yeah i think that this edition of the doctrine has changed recently in developing countries you hear regions and there are more and more parents and people who want to take babies from children's films because either they have health problems old
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the wrong to come or the peer bolts maybe some of them want a little payments from the government just to prove if you know that people who are wrong all hinges they're very respected people and they. have a good future they have good jobs and professions so they did their best to achieve big names in their life but do you think those are still some discrimination they think when people say this person is an orphan you know it changes their opinion about this person i think it happens in our world but i can feel this is teaching is changing with these points too because the people are quite all around to live in our region i'm on. my own. polizzi they acquired we have the children from old movies thank you very much you know that they can do you have a good record of a few lives there but you'll be talking to us about the. party dot com have wants
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more stories and analysis for you here's a taste of what we've got lined up right now france is finding it hard to crunch the numbers and grow plummets and that surges find out why it's here i'm government cox could soon sign rioters to vent their anger on the streets. and it was an engine trouble or armed hijackers that forced the plane to turn back to a moscow airport by a passenger breaking into a mile high strip tease find out more about the unexpected in-flight entertainment that are. sorely be here from the her heroic russian pilots who managed to land a flying after its engine suddenly failed at thirty thousand feet that's after the headlines in just a moment. wealthy
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british scientists are. not on this money. market financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines including two kinds of reports on our. mission in three cretaceous three. four charges three coming months three. three stooges.


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