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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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a little angel an arch. here with our t.v. live from moscow our top stories members of moammar gadhafi family flee to algeria which accepts them despite protests from the libyan opposition the rebels say they'll seek the return of the colonel's wife and children and bring them to justice. violence in syria claims of more victims with activists reporting at least seven people were killed and dozens wounded by security forces during raids against protesters as fears grow political unrest could lead to religious clashes and are traditionally multi-faith society. and euro zone recovery is still off track
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is the use part of them and economic committee admits the pace of growth is weak through to the global market turbulence concerns over the greek bailout continue with some countries doubting athens can pay back some multi-billion your own sat. next to head of the release of a un report on israel's deadly raid on a gaza fought till last year we look at the ramifications the event has had on television for lay shuns with its neighbors. but we don't have the time only l. the former director general of the israeli ministry of foreign affairs and also a former israeli head of mission to ankara turkey dr thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. how unexpected is it that athens has come to israel's aid in stopping this year's gaza bound for tella greece was never so close to israel in this change is
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a recent change especially on the military dimension there greece saved israel from another public relations disaster at the hands the finitely politically saved israel a place that it was the side the poor the biggest in the world the important ship of the flotilla mavi marmara in not to participate in this year's would you say that the period in relationship between israel and turkey is the main reason why israel and greece have grown closer together definitely or was the only reason . when the relations between israel and turkey were very close and our misrule so close training to the israel supply. it was almost unthinkable to be in the military link with greece but the change was
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a very dramatic change to a few years ago it will it was almost natural for israel to cry and the response was very positive what's in it for greece greece is a terrible shape because our weekly israel is a rich country there is a lot of military abilities these great relationship what impact does that have on the wider middle east huge impact huge impact especially you know. so for these arab spring especially the developments in egypt have caused damage especially the israeli egyptian it doesn't look strong it doesn't look stable anymore without mubarak and israel has lost its closest friend in the region. in the last two three years of. its closest friend so to have turkey day with normal relations
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and with the strategic dialogue is not extremely important because the whole middle east and these big israeli government learned any lessons from last. year so this israel will stoop reprint i mean with with in effect that it was a very different flotilla this year was a surprise to israel too why do you think turkey did not cooperate with time around i think if you started by asking me if greece was a surprise i think turkey was the big. surprise i'm not sure i know all the reasons but something big in meaningful happened in the key and it's really a you in the position i can only guess some of the reasons what's happening in syria today in the fact that he's very worried has to
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pay a lot of attention to its border with syria is very worried about the future iranian influence in syria is probably another type of things by allowing syria they're very busy with it think this is the main reason that we will need another front with this at the moment it's been a lot of behind the scenes a clinic least between israeli and turkish representatives ahead of this u.n. report trying to build a relationship closer together but do you not think that a warming of relations between israel and greece undermine israeli turkish relations resist change in. other words we would see them pull out of this floor cleaner change and. is mainly because of this arab spring developments and maybe also because israel and greece and israel and cyprus are building this friendship i think it annoys. especially because of the
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findings because the rest of the lower money in becoming the. hard and now that israel might explode piers it's very important for the people that didn't go through a lot in cyprus so i think the other way around i think the israel developed the ties with greece in cyprus to the level of alliance. is part of the change you know but oh well league. this is my interpret. report is not unlikely to charge israelis with using excessive force and do you think that this will change the way the israeli army operates in future differently in the israeli army took it very seriously israel is very vulnerable internationally on this issue. not only because of the last years israel.
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two three the creates the cities bombarded cities in one brotherhood the rule it will bother. him the issue for the i.d.f. israeli defense forces using for success is when it is almost a chronic problem of the army and of the state of israel as a result so differently the more criticism you have on this point on which is what is really vulnerable there will confront israel has to be. definitely they take it into consideration is there a danger that israel will eventually isolate itself completely internationally uses excessive force including frankness instead of using for example the clemency and other means of course of course it calls last years from the macos these are always there which hurt but. this was last year and this is this used to look
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you know is a big achievement because israel had didn't have to meet such a challenge that isn't proof that it is or believes they can act with impunity when it treats a key regional ally as a deadly enemy for example cleaning and that isn't the report. on the issue in these breaking israeli be able for the legal point of view is breaking the siege here i think for this point of view the report is a very good police and the problem is that the report with this. only the army because it thinks it could help pull the ship differently it's also finance minister who is urging for a continuation of turkey while the israeli foreign minister avigdor lieberman once these halted when. doing the. wall in between the two
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is far beyond the military and defense issues the calling between the two is mainly on the apology. other ministers and probably also the prime minister. ready for certain kind of apology and lieberman is totally against it but in the past as long as he's the foreign minister israel will not apologise i think this is the bottleneck because if even that will be an acceptable form of the politics with the changes a seeing. the sky is the limit again because if the relations will be normalized i think liberal nobody will be against selling arms against again if any connection between the way countries that handle this fratello and the upcoming expected palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood in september i think it is it is.
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something the palestinians have to think about it because israel is quite effective in its diplomacy. there is the big this. small this is the big test is the vote in september they need two thirds of the votes they need one hundred twenty eight out of one hundred ninety two. i don't know if we can get it i don't know. i personally have my view of the world i think it's a good thing that the u.n. will. recall a palestinian state it is simply but if they can get the vote. they need especially if you are with the united states it against them but it kind of good israeli p.r. it has to be something beyond that what do you think it is stored country when you're a rich country when you have a strong me. when you have the. what
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is for the people of gaza. the. is so clear so stronger than the palestinians it but sometimes there is a lot of can proceed to do so this is also fixed so that is working i really don't know what will open but the supply is crucial. it's that if you want the ultimate. thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. . nearly a billion people in the world are going to come from. the united states even our trash cans are full. you just have to go get it all of these perfectly good eggs because one was crap it may even get all over the other ones just thrown away from
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the german. we really like that i put. in the dumpster at one am this morning three pm this afternoon on the grill. made one doesn't. equate to. delicious breakfast for the family eats and toast for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of. well for british style. the tightly.
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parties top stories members of moammar gadhafi family flee to algeria which accept despite protests from the libyan opposition the rebels say they'll seek the return of colonel gadhafi and his wife and children and bring them to justify. violence in syria claims more victims than activists reporting at least seven people were killed dozens wounded by security forces during raids against protesters as as fears grow political unrest quickly to religious classes and its additionally multi-faith society. and euro zone recovery is still off track as the e.u. parliament's acknowledged committee admits the pace of growth as we do to portable market turbulence that's all conserved over the brink continue to some countries
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doubting confidence can pay back the multi-billion your own staff. and here next week the sports update and with news on the fourth day of the world athletics championships in south korea. hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines aiming for the top russia demands maximum points from the upcoming euro qualifiers. that all know the over made the second round of the u.s. open but we're going to champion to beat about. the low these low short the slick federer is he keeps up his hundred percent first round record. the first russian coach takeout because demanding his side take all six points from there to see what's coming euro qualifies they face macedonia at home on friday and then host
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island four days later and victory in both would put russia top of group b. with two games to play only the greek one is a guaranteed a place at next summer's european championships and this it is it is as tight as anything russia can only have thirteen points along with slovakia and ireland to lead on goal difference so any keeper here will replace the injured ego i can fear he could be out for six months after suffering crewe shoot an illegal and damaging weekend while defender surrogate mashi which remain suspended other than that africa has a fully fit squad and has backed the form of his captain on duty a shout when he played in arsenal's eight morning by manchester united on sunday the russian boss spoke with artie's richard paul flicked. well in a very we have six point. plan was to games to go. we know a little bit situation now we don't know so we have to look. you have to hold games
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and we have to get results coming up to see the last week i can say this but i want to skate seniors a huge blow but i mean you got a man with great experience by just walking in the face going you know very well from your time you see needs a lot of confidence obviously in. second place i have a lot of concerns because i showed him that as well he was my number one and there's a good thing from. with to. force the. to do it and he will do it. when you play in scope you're a great first off but then you got to turn into a kind of like a battle of the second really i mean he used expecting something different here because it's going to be. special pitch you're going to be slightly easier emotionally very physical we arrived at me as a coach was very happy after the game against ireland because it was one of the best ever play and the ball was increased all the referee called them back in there was the reason penalty but so i was livid word before because most of the year
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about brazil but i just said the first going to the first off was excellent and the second i was more fight and we have to try to avoid that we have to try to play our game and i'm lost if you can't play football so in that way we have to do it not so many question just just do your job what about andrea sharp and i mean how difficult is it for a player when she's beaten eight i mean also haven't had a great start as is not seen underlays a professional how difficult has it been for in which we. cannot or under it is also for. different are always. in a good mood when from international team action the game television of the north has been again for world. he was going to golf but arsenal played for to open them because it. will be true but still a proposition to make it ukraine in poland do you think definitely you have to do
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with. this is a chance. for. some of the regulars. putting the questions there and i'll stay with football because barcelona have started the defense of their league title in style with a five nil thrashing of villareal at the nou camp last night he'll messi scoring his hundred goal for the club to make for neil just after the break before getting a second thought i had opened the scoring and the signing sets for gas and electricity and she has also got on the school ship. to tennis and russia's top two seeds maria sharapova and it is a goner through to the second round of the usa and although she wrapped i did have to fight back from a set down to beat britain's heather watson had lost the first set three six and claw their way back to take the second seventy five we thought finally winning the decider six games to three the russian piece that tracy knows she has to improve.
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oh it could have been better. if it became of the first. american thing so it's nice to be a very. special interest in the of the year so. some points in for a very strong. second or first season. just . to work on stuff. straight forward was upon rio his progress to see you at least in straight sets victory against francis stephanie for its gas as one of the over reached the final here last year and feel she's playing well again flushing meadow. here if you ask me personally i will never tell you when my best because some things that i always love happy about i think i'm playing good tennis
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overall. you know i think i will know it's all of this and is until i win the whole thing with. the first major shock of the tournament saw a woman champion petrak afraid of a crash at the five c. check her nightmare remains alexander they'll go through missing fifty two on the four stairs straight sets defeat. it's terrible. it's good to be burdened before but i've. made some mistakes mentally it was now. almost all. elsewhere of the russian press and will be twenty four and twenty five seasonally good traver america olenka both needing three sets victory there are involuntarily into the next round to see these in russian alexander and over one line see the disparity in some slows a bit syfy arvidson of sweden. back from injury venus williams is looking good
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beating travel weary brazil. arriving new just four hours before the match after hurricane irene delayed flights. in the men's game or to federer has booked his place in the next round very easy it was to the swiss is never lost in the first round here another hundred percent record never looked to be in danger heat santiago's your elbow in straight sets this was federer's two hundred twenty fourth win at a grand slam nine off jimmy connors time record. man all through fault is america's number one mardy fish he had little trouble against you mr bias pairing pass in six to six to six one. and the only real upset in the men's also fifteen c. back to troitsky fall at the hands of alexandria that match was a five set elsewhere gale north three richie cascade and thomas goodrich will not win. now let's switch the world athletics championships where russian heptathlete tatiana china is spiting for gold she threw
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a personal best in the javelin to take the overall lead from britain's jenison jessica ennis with just the eight hundred metres left leg. proved to be a good day for russia with double olympic champion and it isn't going to have a competing in the pole vault final a little later on she is aiming to regain the title she lost two years ago although the favorite is american gens which jump the world's best be she for mate is ninety one that's half a centimeter better than his imbiber and defending champion. component. we maul the winner of monday's one hundred ten metre hurdles has been denied his world championship gold payroll novelas disqualified after a protest from luzhin who came third the pair were in adjoining lanes in the final they are both imbedded in the center of the screens then jahnke says rubble is elohim back in the closing stages where now clash that it keeper was disqualified means american jason richardson who was the runner up has been awarded to go chang gets the silver and andrew chan a great britain
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a bronze. you mean even grabbing drugs you. take your life obviously going. to work oh really i didn't know all. they. are to study them are to work hard. for them feel good. and funny too fresh is best hockey players are set to face off against each other for a noble cause alexander ovechkin and a couple chook of each picked their teams for a charity match on wednesday the game is being hosted for the second straight year after the success of this last one in moscow last year and proceeds will go to disabled children in the moscow region town of serbia the sad presidential a party difficulty instrumental in bringing the solution safe to life and he'll be lacing up the stakes as well you can email him pavel datsyuk collect models of the goal of just four names on the new star least
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a total of thirty five plays and committed in each was eventually soggy looking to avenge lashes defeat but that is secondary to the main room. for the effects. of our actions i believe in doing good deeds because we have a lot of children in this country who need our help this year's match will feature two periods of thirty minutes each and the crowd will get to see the numerous stars from outside the hockey world as well it's a pleasure to want to help the kids because i think it's on grateful to be in a position to help others and not give back as far as the match we want to win unlike last year we should be able to find a way to take victory as we have more on as of danny's a report. and other super not for us. not so sports for them i'm so for me for the day will say we'll be here next to last you got that.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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