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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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welcome back you're watching our tino here's a look of the main stories we're covering it today for you nato says it will continue its presence in libya as long as it needs to despite also saying because off the regime is now a thing of the past. with revolutionary something as growing daily in syria fears are balloting that the political crisis may be spiraling into a religious one. palestinian alert israeli defense forces reportedly prepare for an odd browsing handing out tear gas and stun grenades to sutlers as the you want to vote for a palestinian statehood approaches. an american oil giant acts of mobile and
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russia's ross now strike on his sword cooperation deal paving the way for joy or oil exploration from the gulf of mexico to russia's vast arctic shelf. and that's ahead of the release of a un report on israel's deadly raid on a gaza flotilla last year we look at the ramifications the event has had on television relations with its neighbors that interview is next. but we have that i know neal the former director general of the israeli ministry of foreign affairs and also a former israeli head of mission to ankara turkey dr thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. how unexpected is it that athens has come to israel's aid in stopping this year's gaza bound for tele greece was never so close to israel and the changes a recent change especially on the military dimension didn't greece save israel from
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another public relations disaster. but saved israel. it was the side that pulled the biggest there was to important ship of the flotilla mavi marmara in to participate in this year's flu which is a difficult area to relationship between israel and turkey is the main reason why israel and greece have grown closer together definitely. was the only reason. when the relations between israel and turkey were very close and this was so close draining to the it is worth. of equipment and. it was almost unthinkable to be in the military link with greece but the change was a very dramatic change to a fuse and call it will it was almost natural for israel to cry and the response
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was very positive what's in it for greece greece is the most shape because our weekly israel is a rich country is a lot of military abilities and know all these really turkish relationship what impact does that have on the wider middle east huge impact huge impact especially you know. his so for these arab spring especially the developments in egypt have caused damage especially the israeli egyptian link it doesn't look strong it doesn't look stable anymore with barak and israel has lost its closest friend in the region. in the last two three years and since took is one of its closest friends so. with the normal relations
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with the strategic dialogue is no extremely important because the whole middle east is shaking the big israeli government learned in lessons from last just about. this israel was too prepared when with with in effect it was a very different flotilla this year was a surprise do is. why do you think hitler did not cooperate with time around i think if you started screaming if greece was a surprise i think it was the biggest surprise i'm not sure i know all the reasons but something big in meaningful happened. and it's really a you in the position i can only guess some of the reasons what's happening in syria today in the fact that he's very worried. pay a lot of attention to its border with syria is very worried about the future iranian
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influence in syria is probably another is by allowing syria they're very busy with the i think this is the main reason that we will need another forum with this at the moment is be a lot of behind the scenes activities between israeli and turkish representatives ahead of this u.n. report trying to build a relationship closer together. but do you not think that the warming of relations between israel and greece undermine israeli relations you know there is a change in. other words we wouldn't see them pull out of this for the changing. is mainly because of this arab spring the developments maybe also all because israel and greece and israel and cyprus are building this friendship i think it annoys. especially because of the findings because
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lives invested a lot of money in becoming the. hub and now that israel might export gears it's very important for politically they think it will go. in cycles so i think the real i think that is will develop that is with greece still cyprus to the level of belarusians. is part of the change you know but you know well the good thing. this is my interpretation of the report is often i can take charge of these raids are using excessive force do you think that this will change the way the israeli army operates in future differently in the israeli army took it very seriously in israel is very vulnerable internationally or decision it is not only because over the last years israel. truth with kate at the city's bombarded cities and mumbai they ruled
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it more bothered. him the issue for the i.d.f. israeli defense forces using force excessively is almost a chronic problem of the girl me and of the state of israel and as a result so differently the more criticism you have. from this point on which israel is very vulnerable the more kind of food is ruinous to be. and definitely they take it into consideration danger that israel will eventually isolated south completely internationally when it uses excessive force into conflicts instead of using for example diplomacy and other means of course of course it caused the last useful to look cause these are always there which. but. this was last year and this is this is flotilla is
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a big achievement because israel didn't have to wait such a challenge but isn't this proof that it will believe they can act with impunity when it treats a key regional ally as a bully enemy for example killing and i wondered if that isn't the report. on the issue in these breaking israeli be able from the legal point of view is breaking the siege here for this point of view the report is very good the problem is that the report was there only the army because it thinks it could help pull the the ship differently it's also defense minister ehud barak is urging for a continuation of the turkey while the israeli foreign minister avigdor lieberman once these halted who when the when the the wall in between the two is far beyond the military and the fence issue they're calling between the two is mainly on the apology but in other ministers and probably also the prime
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minister. really for certain kind of apology lieberman is totally against it but in the past that is low because he is the former minister of israel with multiple objects i think this is the world like because if even there will be an acceptable. for more on the apology with the changes they seem to be in the sky is the limit again because if the relations will be normalized i think nobody will be against selling of the against again is there any connection between the way countries that handle this fertility and the upcoming expected palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood in september i think it it it is. something the palestinians have to think about it because islam is quite effective in its
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diplomacy inceptive the there is the big this. small this is the big test is the vote in september they need to foods of the vote so they need one hundred twenty eight out of one hundred ninety two. i don't know if we can get it i don't know. i personally have views about thinking it's a good thing that the un will. recognize a palestinian state assembly but i don't know if they can get the votes they need specially if europe will go with the united states in yes them but it can't only be good israeli p.r. it has to be something beyond that what you think it is when you're a strong country or you're rich country when you have a strong or me. or any of the jewish communities in some countries. what does this mean for the people of gaza you know the pulse of parole is so clear
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israel is so stronger than the palestinians it but sometimes there is a lot of can proceed to the underdog to so this is also a free clue that is working i really don't know it will open but september is crucial it's that if you want the ultimate just got turned on neal thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. . more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a shelter all today. nearly
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length. the lead stories on our teeth nato says it will continue its presence in libya as long as it needs to despite also saying to get off of the female. now a thing of the past. with revolutionary sentiments are growing daily in syria fears are founding that the political crisis may be spiraling into a religious one. palestinian alerts israeli defense forces reportedly prepare for an authorized thing handing out tear gas and stun grenades to sutlers as the u.n. vote for a palestinian statehood approaches. out of american oil giant exxon mobil and russia's ross now strike a story of cooperation deal paving the way for joining for oil exploration from the gulf of mexico to russia's vast arctic shot. more news in fifteen minutes but first
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a sports update with kate's. well welcome to the choose a course round up on these headlines. looking up russia courage take out the card demands maximum points from the two upcoming euro twenty twelve qualifiers. while the low and the russian pole vault isn't by about misses out on a medal but tuffy top china. world championship gold. going to fall in world number one and top seed talent will be out speak up seventy four games as she cruises into the second round of the usa. first of all and russia coach dick out of accounting is demanding his side takes all six points from the upcoming euro twenty twelve qualifiers the russians have the advantage of facing macedonia at home on friday and then also host island four days later and
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victory in close ties with russia top of group b. with two games left to play only the group winners are guaranteed a place at next summer's european championships and its currently very sides at the top russia have thirteen points along with slovakia and ireland you lead on goal difference and also the goalkeeper letters love not a favor replace the injured ego at the in favor you could be at the six months after suffering crucial need ligament damage to to drop spots knock on sunday and the sun in the shade which remain suspended otherwise advocaat has a fully fit squad and his back to the board with his captain under way are sharp and played also eighteen morning at manchester united on sunday and russia coach spoke with artie's which rumple. well we made a very we have six point. plan was to games to go. we know a little bit situation now we don't know so we have to look. we have to hope you
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have to get results i mean to see the. kids in your sick huge play but i mean you got a man with great experience by just walking in the face going you know very well from your son if he needs a little confidence. to take his place. because our shoulders as well he was my number one and. there's a good thing from this team with to. force the. to do it and he will do it. when he played in scorpio great first off but then he got sort of turned into kind of like a battle of the second really. expecting something different here because it's going to be much better to try to sleep it's not special pitch. slightly easier he must be very physical and there you are right about me as a coach was very happy after the game against ireland because it was one of the best games or if you have a plate and football wise i'll increase the referee go back in there was to release a penalty but i was livid words before to me as most of the year. but said the
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first game of the first off was excellent and the second i was more fight and we have to try to avoid that we have to try to play our game and lost if you can't play football so in that way we have to do it with so many questions just just do your job just what about under your shot and i mean how difficult is it for a player when she can be eighty two i mean also haven't had a great start as is not seen under a professional how difficult has it been for him which. is also for. different ways always. in a good mood wins from the initial team i've seen a game television and of thought it was one of his better game for words. he was many times you volved in that but arsenal played for two open because a team like united and it will be true but still in pole position to make it ukraine in poland. definitely we have to do with the players going to understand
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that this is a chance for. the. very good feelings about it so much that i think us. well meanwhile domestically and the other week and another big acquisition seems to be on the cards for russian probably league side the headline making flop is reported to have reached an agreement to sign midfielder made about us from the belgian side standard liers the terms you do your old plays internationally for more hope and could set the dagestan side back an estimated eight million u.s. dollars three year deal at their goal but as was previously linked with the richest spartak moscow rejected that offer cash rich and side hammering superstar status sign a letter from into milan just last week and russian indignity should topple chelsea earlier this month after sweeping for brazil that you'd better call us in february . well he isn't the only to make last gasp buys before the transfer window closes on wednesday nights twice former champions rubin are also reported to be on
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the verge of signing denominate here and finland midfielder your comments are the twenty four year old russian and finnish citizenship and has been a regular finland's national squad for over four years his deal is reported to be worth around nineteen million dollars. and over in england and after selling t. midfielder said fabregas and samir nasri as well as still smarting from sunday's eight two drubbing at manchester united arsenal have announced they've agreed a deal to sign south korea captain to young part from french side monaco the twenty six year old striker has twenty five goals and ninety one matches during his three years in the french top flight. you're a white captain diego lugano has been unveiled at french big spenders paris nandrolone the thirty year old defender joyce from under fire turkish side fenerbahce on a three year deal with america champion is the ninth summer signing for the capital and set them back a record you bought for three million dollars this sum though is dwarfed by the
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record sixty million which p.s.g. forked out for argentina and play make up stories but the center half the school twenty one goals in one hundred twenty five league play. it is for the turkish champions can't wait to kick off his quest for more titles. and learn how did you come here to paris for a new stage in my career and especially to come up with such big aspirations but there's a lot of potential and ambition which is one of the biggest clubs in france because she needed to win more titles and it's great to be. crowned you wake up player of the year you know messi scored a second half brace as barcelona began the defense of their league title in style with a five mil thrashing ability out of the new count on monday night the other open for the heads up to twenty five minutes and new signing says gary kasparov the second on the stroke of half time fellow new boy alex sanchez made it three nil straight out of the interval and missed in the top of his one hundredth goal for the club five minutes later to make it four nil before wrapping up his double and
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comprehensive victories in the champions fifth quarter final left. now there has been another shock at the athletic swell championships in south korea as double olympic champion yelena isinbayeva could only manage sixth place in the women's pole vault twenty nine year old russian holds the world record is the only woman to have ever treated the five metre mark however the best she could do in day was four metres and sixty five centimeters twenty centimeters lower gold winning results for fabiano brazil by over also fails to defend title in berlin two years ago but knows she can deliver the goods. that changed your stamp your. feet so big technical mistake that made you think the six days when you see. the video can be seen this is a real gift. of my life. however
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there was positive news for russia in the women's heptathlon tatyana chernova beach defending champion jessica ennis to claim gold. another goal pain for russia and the women's three thousand you to steeplechase you are begging the upper hand to go one better than in early two years ago while two thousand and four olympic champion really was of course he took bronze in the men's eight hundred meters was won by david rudisha from your. chin over the moon. and it could be the remove to. go. dunk my so will this soon i will need it i can do everything i can do anything exactly and this is going to be seen only in the future and in the meantime a star was born in the men's four hundred meters kelly james who comes from a small caribbean nation of grenada was just today shy of his nineteenth birthday
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at every turn professional a month ago but he pulled off a super of final spurs to overwhelming the race favorite bands defending champion the short marriage of the usa i three hundreds of the second inning with a personal best time of forty four point six zero seconds of flinching grenade his first ever world championship medal. and it's now in the russian contingent of the u.s. open has been dealt a major blow off of their top man because usually stumbled at the first hurdle the world number fifteen was humbled by his own as the goober is in straight sets and was joined on the sidelines by contact with igor and the day of the unseated russian did take the first set of this the predator but it was all the spine he had after that eagle comedian is through following a comparable high when the journey's not is marking why it was a straightforward victory for eleven's the struggle for the song that the french was too strong for. from chinese taipei. but all of the women's side of the draw
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topsy caroline wozniacki extended her top form on the win last week in new haven as the day breezed past nearly half the best rather than the five victoria azarenka from the battery still so made light work sweden's johana lawson. and finally two of russia's best ice hockey players alexander ovechkin and a couple will lead out their hand-picked star studded teams as they go head to head in moscow this wednesday night in a match to raise funds for a children's charity the game is being held for the second straight year and all the proceeds will go to helping to save the children in the moscow region turned some good also presidential aide arkady dvorkovich was here bringing this idea to life it will also be lacing up the states have getting out in public that's well it's a rattles off in any of his golf are just four of the names on the all star list thirty five players and it's an odd couple should side with last year's winners.
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and that's all the sports news this evening i think. for the film we've got. the biggest issues get an invoice face to face with the news makers.
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