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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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now in the palm of your. calm. before the crimes of horrific critics also one of the e.u. putting profits above syria lloyds the e.u. is under fire as it emerges its latest sanctions against the syrian regime won't come into force for another two months. spain prepares for a fresh wave of protests as that summit needs to discuss counting the budget deficit head of wednesday's crucial vote a move many fear will lead to huge social cuts. also in turkey suspence trade and military ties with these rebel as a jewish state they also qualifies for last year's killing of nine turks and the gaza full tilt. and as ukraine attempts to renegotiate gas prices with moscow russia has started building the north's dream under siege by wind which will
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eventually bypass transit countries and deliver gas directly to european consumers for about some twenty minutes in business on. two pm here in the russian capital you're watching our t.v. now to our top story the head of the arab league is due to visit syria on wednesday in a bid to persuade the country's leader to end the six not long crackdown of the uprising there because after you countries announced a new round of sanctions against the regime but its origin is dying a bushel reports and many are questioning rather western concern is for syrian lives or their own oil revenues. william hague britain's foreign secretary says horrific scenes of brutality are for syria but bizarrely sanctions were in storage for. a month. they will kick in all even europeans or all firms complete their
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supply. and oil fields developed by e.u. energy giants like french to toll on being touched from medical point of view because it sanctions would start. to tire we go on with rejection of oil as a result the e.u. me end up subsidizing the regime they oppose the oil industry can use sixty day payments which means the e.u. could still be funding. into next year if a crime the horrific critics asked why the e.u. is putting profits above syria lives. diplomats warned sanctions won't even hit the mark ordinary people not the leadership they claim to target and most importantly not europe's oil companies have to be on the shoulders of the syrian people while their companies out of protective the e.u. is also hurting itself think exposed as the most this will simply shift
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a ploy so the competition if you look at syria. already the chinese authorities have said that they would bury any can you officials hope new stocks of the black gold from libya would take up the slack but they may be disappointed will not start being productive and you're maybe at the end of next year and if they were an embargo on syrian oil today. they would be short. with the war against colonel gadhafi taking much longer than the west expected maybe cutting off one supply before a secured another don't you bushel for our team in brussels. dr tawfik some are from philadelphia university and jordan says that although all brain is on the syrian government's the opposition has also been responsible for a great deal of the violence there's two thousand people dead or saudi. say
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these two saw the maybe they are insurgents some of them i was but remember there is also one thousand soldiers killed in syria so these one thousand soldiers impossibile that they have been killed by by peaceful demonstration definitely. in syria was not peaceful in any sense because otherwise how could you possible that one thousand army men and policemen have been killed during these five months yes there is the mistrust from both lies but we have the current situation and we should sit on the pier dylan because here because there is no other solution well to libya now where rebels have captured a crude oil engineers and cooks from former soviet countries as they suspected them of being pro golf and snipers to russia along with a ukrainian couple managed to contact the russian embassy however about twenty ukrainians are still being held in art is not if an officer has worked out for
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exactly. those crimes we know thirty two people including two owners of the russian passports and also the russian and ukrainian citizens apparently working for the russian libyan oil company here in tripoli engineers and kooks men and women have been arrested here in tripoli shortly after the rebels took the libyan capital and have been put into by the rebels training center here in the capital after they've been accused of snipers of we have been able to speak to the detainees and they deny all allegations. for some reason. people are snipers we have nothing to do with chant we came here to earn money peacefully these people say that they've been provided with food and water but some of them have been severely beaten and tortured by the rebels the russian embassy has actually managed to release two owners of the russian passports and ukrainian couple but around twenty other ukrainians are still being how the. by the rebels here in tripoli this
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group of the ukrainian embassy refused to take them they said they don't have running more time they don't have proper accommodation so they would be back to stink of city. hall the latest what we're hearing from bani walid southeast of the capital tripoli where they fight it off is last and main stronghold has been continuing in the last few days is that the rebel forces have reportedly reached a deal with the conductor's loyalist on the ground to and to the city without fighting this information is yet to be confirmed but if the research you're doing the research in agreement between the rebel forces and the duffys forces in belo worley that actually would mean a breakthrough and we also receiving reports that spores of the libyan army is being called have reportedly crossed the frontier border into nigeria and many believe that gadhafi himself could also be in monday and could also have fled the
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country we are receiving these reports just hours after gadhafi is information has claimed of them buckled colonel is in the country and has no plans to leave it anytime soon meanwhile british prime minister david cameron has called for an inquiry into questions that you can tell us extradited terror suspects to libya where they were allegedly tortured or the allegations surface after human rights groups and for police found documents outlining. rendition programs for former british intelligence officer early rason expects the probe it will be swept under the carpet. when david cameron calls for an inquiry into these allegations he's being incredibly disingenuous under the u.k. law i think quire exact thousand and five any inquiry that is established including this in this torture inquiry headed up i said he keeps and circumscribed by the very organizations that are being investigated in this case m i five and i six so
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it's going to be toothless plus of course the other consideration with this is that subpoena keeps and himself is heading up this inquiry was actually intelligence services commissioner for five years prior to taking on this role so he's been cozying up to the intelligence services in the u.k. for five years i doubt he's going to unearth anything deliberately perhaps he probably would shine a bright light in the darkness should he say he'll be for instance intelligence agencies they will have lost all credibility they have. deals in libya for decades now and really their chickens are coming home to roost and i can't see how any government comes into power in libya will trust whatever m i six or the british government now says. the war of words could fuel british and french appetites for a new adventure according to rosemary is professor of middle east policy studies at city university of the full interview is coming your way just over an hour's time with hears you. cameraman for cozy took a massive gamble that they could pull something off in libya. that would contrast
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with the disaster that was the intervention in iraq and you know hope president sarkozy talking as though this is a template for future interventions this is very much a kind of proxy war which must be extremely exciting and exhilarating at some level to be involved so the appetite for further interventions will exist. now turkey says it's suspending all trade military and defense ties with these rebel prime minister erdogan has also warned of more sanctions against israel and said he may visit gaza that follows the expulsion of israeli diplomats from well let's now talk to r.t. supports the or is following developments for us in a tele view of paulo these announcements are obviously a serious development of what's led the turkish government to make such a strong stand. well as you say the turkish prime minister everyone
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has announced that he could be slapping more sanctions on television this follows the release last week of the united nations report into what happened on board the marmara now that was a turkish vessel there took part in the first settler attempt to break the israeli siege on gaza some one and a half years ago and after israeli soldiers stormed the ship some nine turkish citizens were killed israel has repeatedly refused to apologize for the deaths and in response and korea has expelled the israeli ambassador it has downgraded diplomatic relations between both countries to the level of second secretary and it's also frozen all military cooperation the turkish prime minister used the word savage me when he referred to the israeli behavior he also accused israel of behaving like a spoiled boy in the region and he said that the turks would challenge israeli bullying in the mediterranean by increasing the naval presence there the turkish
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government has also rejected another finding are there palmer report which said that the israeli blockade on gaza was not illegal with the turkish government saying that it would now lobby that with the international criminal court in the hague it will revolt at the route of course of such a vote of palestinian statehood later this month do you think israel is losing support ahead of. it's but i think this is certainly a crucial time for you as well we've heard from the turkish foreign minister who held a press briefing with the top five top official now bill sha'ath in which he said there were turks had a campaign under way to help the palestinians the successful in may vote come september twentieth saw a palestinian stage now this is no surprise because for several months turkey has indicated that it is supporting the palestinians it is also indicated that it is embark on a diplomatic and pain to help them in their struggle we also know for example that
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the turkish prime minister is now planning a visit next week to egypt and now he has said that he will be upgrading military cooperation between turkey and egypt we are also hearing that a number of bilateral meetings have been arranged no doubt these will focus of largely understeer of economics but certainly this has to be a concern to me as well the official response from the israeli defense minister ministry is that turkey has a lot to lose but most people here really are questioning what israel is going to do because this is a crucial time when israel needs all the friends it can have particularly ahead of this you're in bed which of course israel is against you need to remember there too pete was israel's closest ally in the region and relationships between israel and turkey are at the lowest they've been in moving twenty years and certainly seen the same between tel aviv and cairo where relations between israel and egypt are also now at an all time low arrival thanks very much for that update artes of policy
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you're reporting there in tel aviv. and israel could face more trouble as concerns rise that arming and training west settlers and allowing security forces to shoot at palestinian demonstrators could lead to further violence or we've got reaction to that on our right side that's r.t. dot com. this it is a maybe one to be a big deal most of the cases the biggest. raise the settlers opinion from a peace activists is a tough response by israel will only escalate tension between israelis and the palestinians and also background on a long running conflict ahead of the story unfolds all that and much more on our t.v. dot com. now spain is bracing itself for mass protests as its senate meets ahead of wednesday's wrote on a hawk we can toss the change to the constitution while it would cap of the budget deficit in a bid to fend off the debt crisis and golf in europe and you know fixing
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a deficit limit means sacrificing social welfare for the sake of the markets and as are easy to go to school reports with rising repossessions of unemployment many people are taking matters into their own hands. this was the last time mary carmen had guests over at her house just a day after artie came to visit she along with her fourteen year old son was evicted from the subsidized flat she called home for five years. i was fifteen days late with a payment i paid five hundred twenty four year zero and they still want to victim me even though i paid everything and it was months ago howard out since then marie carmen has spent most of her time fighting to keep her apartment calm and collected but the pressure of losing a roof over her head caused mary carmen to suffer a heart attack call that these apartments should be distributed in such a way that people can afford to pay for them but a lot of times they can't and i'm going to fight to make this type of housing more
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affordable. there where carmen's case is not unique in spain the country's in employment rates of over twenty percent means many people are simply unable to make their next mortgage payments in the past two years more than three hundred thousand people have been evicted from their homes as a result of spain's financial crisis this is where members of the fifteen m. movement come in. according to the international human rights convention every person has a right to decent housing if the vision is inevitable they have to make sure these people are not going to go homeless you just can't keep them out on the street that they're going to see sion is known as the indignados or the outraged these staged protests by homes of those who are being evicted hoping to prevent plaintiffs and the police from entering sometimes they succeed like with this woman who kept her house because fifteen m. interfered with even action process. and these are subsidized housing people who
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are in tough situations financially so i can't understand how the candidate people who cannot afford to buy their own homes. so far fifteen m. have managed to stop fifty vixens across the country and for. for me carmen and her son. every victim is a human drama and the people gathered here believe they are fighting social injustice but some wonder with the efforts of this group of people who are enough to solve the problems within is a better system itself in madrid. and later this hour max kaiser and the stacy herbert discuss the behavior of banks and the ongoing death crisis and here's a quick look at what's to come. union members and activist groups are demanding harsher punishments against the bankers because according to a report this year by the new economic foundation they said the banks have made sixty billion pounds out of the financial crisis they helped create most of it is
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due to selling debt to the government that's a scam it's an insurance scam it's arson scam and they get paid out on credit default swaps or other form of insurance so-called assurance and they collect money as mafia or terrorist bankers or financial terrorists that's what they are there terrorists are paid per act of terrorism in vandalism. all going back to the situation in spain and to discuss the upcoming vote in the spanish repercussions for the country's economy i'm not for life or been true by writer and journalist i'm glad for this or other thanks very much for joining us so let's get straight to it if approved by the senate do you think that this deficit cap would improve the economic situation in spain. well it depends of course your point of view. actually is not a measure in itself it's
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a commitment to curry old measures in the future to reduce the spanish deficits to see the budget deficit now there are experts who say that the seas absolutely necessary because spain has to borrow money from the markets and this borrowing this money at a very very high interest rates and this will send a message to the markets that the spain. solvent country can return at these money but at the same time the problem is that spain has a problem with growth growth in spain uses a lot of. so if you don't have growth then you also cannot pay back the money so the government has to strike a very fine balance here between the two things and it remains to be seen if these measure be sexually helpful or harmful ok our view i've been saying for a while now that the problem in spain is unemployment you are saying that spain's debt is lower their e.u. average where is the disconnect here you are saying that if you look at the numbers
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they're still sustainable but again as you mentioned markets are reacting to it differently is there something we're missing here. can you repeat your question is not going to do very well ok is there something we're missing because investors are definitely doubting spain's ability to pay back well you're saying that the biggest problem in spain is unemployment and not the debt so what are we yes dear. well let's say that the markets are not rational and they are driven usually by fear sometimes by greed. they just think they feel that is spain could be like greece or like ireland or like portugal because the fertile country within the euro so so they tend to lump together countries that are very different but they resemble each other because they are part of the periphery and i think that's the that's the real reason is just a psychological perception and then again it's true that the growth in spain konami
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growth he's not very good so that in the long term will be a problem for the death we don't have a problem now but we may have it in the future that is true ok let's look at the people of course how vocal do you think the public discontent will be if the senate gives the initiative the go ahead. well government to spend a nice everything the reason in terms of social policies of infrastructures. most of the money that government spends goes through for paying the pensions of the people if the government makes a commitment not just these government but for future governments us will not to spend or to spend as many possible then people is going to suffer that these studies here and that is why trade unions and the left wing parties are are protesting this measure because yes it will it will or it may have an effect in how people leave that's true ok now both we're incoming and outgoing chief of the european central bank they're calling for greater financial in the gray zone within
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the euro zone as not even suggesting a centralized economic government do you think that creating more bureaucratic institutions will actually save the euro. well. nobody knows if it will be an advantage show or hindrance or do strew is that what we what we really need is the so-called euro bonds studies bonds of that which will be guaranteed by the whole european union because otherwise we have done much in each other because the german bonds go down in spanish and italian bonds goes go up this is a situation that is very problematic not just for the economy but also for the politics of the union and for the eurozone and the stability of the euro so ok to say very quickly what about that because growing calls for some countries to leave the euro zone and return to their original currencies do you think that's the civil. well frank nobody knows it simply is simply that it has not been foreseen there is no
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mechanism to do that so it's really it's a mystery what would really happen because it is true that for some countries like greece for example maybe a space in the union the country in the in the euro now it's a problem but it's not the same thing not having been there being there and leaving the euro it's the be something we don't know what consequences would make may have that will thank you very much for your thoughts there without a writer and journalist joining us live from madrid thank you. political brief look at some other into your head national headlines at this hour australian police have arrested a father who was holding his daughter hostage in sydney the eleven year old girl is now safe with the rest of her family following the raid in which she was rescued well the man had walked into a legal office with his daughter at nine in the morning and claimed to have a bomb in his bag. the hague war crimes tribunal of his sentence for part yugoslavian army chief. to twenty seven years in prison has guilty of crimes
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against humanity during the balkan wars in the one nine hundred ninety s. including the siege of bosnian capital sarajevo and the massacre of muslims. but is it was one of many ethnic serbs fugitive military officials on trial in behave with the former president of serbia and yugoslavia without milosevic having died in custody while the international criminal tribunal for former yugoslavia has been criticized for convicting serbs and giving miles of sentences to former military if their shows. well there's plenty more on our top stories that are dot com and you can look at what's one about the web site right now not exactly criminal behavior however a lawsuit out of chicago alleges six year old school kids were handcuffed simply for talking in class you can log on to argue dot com to find out more plus. we are there for the guinness book of records moscow celebrates its birthday with
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a spectacular for the light show and up to eight hundred thousand people getting the chance to travel for and see the stars in just a couple of minutes. the official g.o.p. convention giuliani phone one called touch from the. money on. the deal and to my. mind the old girls. in the registry now in the palm of your. home all the major easier now with a business update. welcome to business r.t. and it's a big day for the russian gas industry as it has started filling the new nine billion euro undersea pipeline to europe gas deliveries through the first part of the nord stream project are due to begin two months when completed next year that
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when pipeline will provide fifty five billion cubic meters of gas to european consumers annually this is about half the amount of gas currently being exported for ukraine to europe officials at the opening ceremony have hinted there might be a third pipe laid should relations with transit country ukraine not improve. speaking of which the gas is people tween moscow and kiev has more twists and turns than a viper and that's wasn't enough ukraine has a big budget problems it's got to get the deficit deficit down in order to receive i.m.f. and that's not an easy task. has very few means of closing that budget deficit so really go seriously with gazprom is is one way of doing that it is not in a position of strength ukraine is it has signed a contract for several years of a certain price for gas and now is trying to renegotiate how it's going to actually
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have any kind of success we have gazprom is an open question for me so you look at the markets now start with commodities light sweet is under pressure and worries that slowing growth in the united states and china would demand is down to one dollar fifty seven cents the world brant is a back up over one hundred eleven dollars per barrel this hour. european markets in a positive territory investors are taking a break from two days of heavy selling hotel and restaurant operator with bread is up more than seven percent of the company reported a thirteen percent rise and second forty cents is the picture in russia as the r.t.s. m i six initially did drop within half a percent in the first minutes but now they are gaining around half a percent so you look at some of the individual share moves on the mice said most energy majors are bouncing back from monday's losses the new coil is up zero point eight percent meanwhile appliance retail end video is up point six percent on news of a possible merger with its rival eldorado north nickel is also on the rise that's after
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one of its main shareholders roussel declined the fifteen percent by bad offer made by the nickel producer and the above data from gazprom bank says the russian market is cheap and offers opportunities if you pick the right stocks. for the companies which are less or you think will be less vulnerable in this market environment probably they're going to come with more because you're more oriented towards domestic market and less exposed to if you're holding the sheesh you know fluctuations because all this you can look really a predict. hundred percent of durable global currency performance the last three year or so that's why i think it's better to coast or to the companies which give you some courage against you but i'm sure we'll get a bill to a local currency which. yields. a really good business
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a good while. you know the news russian technology says it's going to hive off its main subsidiaries an i.p.o. in four years time analysts say will most likely offer elec tronic biotechnology and engineering assets as they run corp is going to spend the proceeds on a new investment fund to buy into foreign assets russian technologies controls thirty five companies including russian helicopters and giant hero. and turnover in the russian stock market last month was a record for august sales at the ten largest brokers on the mice almost doubled to the usual volume to more than seventy eight billion dollars brokers say they're benefiting from an increasing number of clients who are rushing to buy into the market after a heavy sell off that month. that's over me could draw my colleague julie bulk of the she'll be here in around fifty five minutes time to bring your business out there like the next.
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the old wide manhunt for him lasted for fifteen years. and one million new mobile org was promised first come. little miss murphy in the west. generally the service.


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