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tonight so our team banking on sanctions the e.u. the oil embargo on syria could backfire as energy firms cash in on pumping for another two months fueling the regime is condemning. also southern europe braces for a stare at the anger is it silly in spades trying to push through more savage cuts while the arduous efforts to save greece appear to be on time. plus any business plan your fruits and puts the benefit of touches on the north rim pipeline to start pumping gas i'll have more on that in business since one similar.
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this is the world commutes eight pm choose the nigger in moscow my name is kevin i went and first the syrian regime is accused of having more blood on its hands with government troops allegedly firing at demonstrators and siege city of homs but the head of the arab league chips visit to damascus with a peace plan to try and solve the syria standoff for the e.u. however sanctions are the solution but as daniel bushell explains next those slow introduction could backfire. william hague britain's foreign secretary says horrific scenes of brutality have false this oil burning in syria but bizarrely sanctions were in stocks for over a month. but they will kick in already when europeans were offering is complete disappointed going choat with syria and oil fields developed by e.u. energy giants like french to toll on being touched and tribute because it sanctions would start only. we go on with reduction of oil as a result the e.u.
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me end up subsidizing the regime they oppose big oil industry can use sixty day payments which means the e.u. could still be funding. into next year if a list of crimes the horrific critics of what the e.u. is putting profit above syria lives. diplomats warn sanctions won't even hit the mark we hope all the repeat will not the leadership they claim to target and most importantly europe's oil companies have to be on the shoulders of the syrian people while their companies are protective the e.u. is also hurting itself think exposed because it will simply shift a ploy to the competition if you look at syria. already the chaney's authorities have said that be good by any or even pick out e.u. officials hope new stocks of the black gold from libya would take up the slack but they may be disappointed will not start being productive until maybe in the end of
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next year and if they were an embargo on syrian oil today it was they would be short. with the war against colonel gadhafi taking much longer than the west expected maybe cutting off one supply before a secured another the new bushel frattini in brussels. the e.u. the un rather estimates the number of people killed in syria will be over two thousand since the uprising began in march many of pinning the blame on the government but analysts in neighboring jordan believe the opposition is a wolf in sheep's clothing. there's two thousand people. sort of the say are these maybe they are insurgents some of them are the syrians but remember there is also one thousand soldiers killed in syria so these one thousand soldiers impossibile that they have been killed by. peaceful demonstration definitely of
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them in syria was not peaceful in any sense because otherwise how could it possible that one thousand army men and policemen have been killed during this five month yes there is the mistrust from both sides but we have the current situation and we should sit on the table and negotiate because there is no other solution. for you on the program including the manhunt in libya kicking into high gear with the truck rebels now accused of being too keen to target alleged guthrie loyalist and rounding up innocent foreigners in the process a report coming up on one also the human rights watch dog countries have allegedly been hosting secret cia prisons to investigate claims of serious violations. tens of thousands of angry italians of hit the streets nationwide today to protest the harsh you will stare at
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a package being debated in rome and a number of violent scuffles between demonstrators and police have already been reported underlying the political and social tension wrestles with its massive debts how does one of europe's biggest economies its troubles threaten to destabilize the euro zone and spur a new financial crisis the dropping of some key provisions such as a temporary tax on the wealthy said markets into a spin and spark rumors of a credit rating downgrade. across the efforts to further rescue greece took a hit and submitted it won't be able to meet its deficit reduction headlights. point was a member of france's ruling party until two thousand. believes there are consequences of a currency system the just cannot work. the problem is that there is no growth norm coleman to need telly like in greece friends because the euro zone is not working after ten years of people realize that. it's not
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working that greece will be forced to leave europe because the only means for the greece's economy to recover to projects outside is to devalue it you cannot have the same currency for countries who are completely different on the economic scale and i think that we are going to see you because the explosion of the euro zone that all the governments try to impose rescission. if forced taxes we will have a revolt and revolution of the people. and if it's little better across in spain which also faces protests after its parliament bowed to pressure voted to amend the constitution to limit national debt the senate voting today but unions and rights groups vowed to fight it saying the cat would decimate the welfare system and hurt
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the most vulnerable that is really political reports next the country's predicaments leading some to take matters into their own hand. this was the last time any carmen had guests over at her house just a day after our teeth into visit she along with her fourteen year old son was evicted from the subsidized flat she called home for five years. i was fifteen days late with a payment i paid five hundred twenty four year zero and they still wanted addict me even though i paid everything and it was months ago howard out since then marie carmen has spent most of her time fighting to keep her apartment calm and collected but the pressure of losing a roof over her head caused mary carmen to suffer a heart attack. these apartments should be distributed in such a way that people can afford to pay for them but a lot of times they can't and i'm going to fight to make this type of housing more affordable and normal. when you carmen's case is not unique in spain the country's
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in employment rate of over twenty percent means many people are simply unable to make their next mortgage payments in the past two years more than three hundred thousand people have been evicted from their homes as a result of spain's financial crisis this is where members of the fifteen m. movement come in. according to the international human rights convention every person has a right to decent housing in the division is inevitable they have to make sure these people are not going to go homeless because you just can't keep them out of the street. they're going to see shouldn't is known as the indignados or outraged these staged protests by homes of those who are the victim hoping to prevent scored plaintiffs and the police from entering sometimes they succeed like with this woman who kept her house because fifteen m. interfered with the diction process in the us a lot of these are subsidized housing who people who are in tough situations financially so i can't understand how they can evict people who can't afford to buy
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their own homes that goes so far fifteen m. have managed to stop fifty fiction's across the country and. carmen in her son he would instantly in every direction is this image of what many people gathered here believe they are fighting social injustice but some wonder whether the efforts of this group of people are enough to solve the problems within this planet system itself in madrid getting a close call. but one of the main purposes of the debates in madrid today is to send a message to markets the government serious about tackling its runaway finances but writer and journalist my girl and she believes it's those very markets that are responsible for spain's predicament today the markets are not rational and they are driven usually by fear sometimes by greed. they just think they feel that spain could be like greece or. portugal because it is a pretty fertile country within the euro so so they tend to lump together countries
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that are very different but they resemble each other because they are part of that very free and i think that that's the real recently is just a psychological perception and then again it's true that the growth in spain growth is not very good so that in the long will be a problem for there we don't have a problem now but we may have it in the future that is true you're watching r t from moscow in a few minutes from now the fast fading friendship as turkey's relations with israel to a new low party here is that it could impact palestinians hopes of getting u.n. recognition got story. next. in libya rebels are detaining oil engineers and cooks from former soviet countries suspect a move being programmed from snipers to russians were later released along with the ukrainian couple after they'd managed to contact the russian embassy but more than a dozen ukrainians are still being held at his roof and often is in tripoli for us
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. well as far as we know thirty two people including two owners of the russian prosperous and also the russian and ukrainian citizens apparently working for the russian lee been all company here in tripoli engineers and kooks men and women have been arrested here in tripoli shortly after the rebels to the libyan capital and have been put into one of the rebels' training center here in the capital after they've been accused of been snipers of khadafi we have been able to speak to the detainees and they deny all allegations. for some reason the finger at slavic people are snipers we have nothing to do with that we came here to ramani peacefully this people say that they've been provided with food and water but some of them have been severely beaten and tortured by the rebels the russian embassy has actually managed to release two owners of the russian passport and ukrainian couple birds around twenty other ukrainians us to been held by the rebels here in
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tripoli still the source of the ukrainian embassy refused to take them they said they don't have running water they said that they don't have proper accommodation so they would be better to see your city. as you call the latest what we're hearing from bani walid southeast of the capital szekely where they fight it off his last and main stronghold has been continuing in the last few days is that the rabble forces have reportedly reached a deal with the conductor's loyalists on the ground and to the city without fighting this information is yet to be confirmed if the research you do if the research agreement between the rebel forces and get off his forces. that actually would mean a breakthrough and we also receiving reports that scores of the libyan army's vehicles have reportedly crossed the frontier border into niger and many believe that gadhafi himself also be in monday and could also have fled the
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country we are receiving these reports just hours after gadhafi information has claimed that the embattled colonel is in the country and has no plans to leave it any time soon. i'm wary of financial reporting where all middle east analyst rosemary hollis from london city university told the she believes the war in libya could fuel british and french appetites for new interventions and she explains to r.t. in about twenty minutes time. cameron and tacos he took a massive gamble that they could pull something off in libya. that would contrast with the disaster that was the intervention in iraq and you now have president sarkozy talking as though this is a template for future interventions this is very much a kind of proxy war which must be extremely exciting and exhilarating at some level to be involved so the appetite for further interventions will exist.
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becomes of europe's legal committee is to look closer at the swiss claims the fourteen european countries allegedly allowed the cia to operate secret prisons on their soil the report by politician dick marty says u.s. actions in those detention centers violated basic human rights and indeed torture was widely used and he used chief human rights commission is already arranged poland lithuania and romania to come clean about variables i'm told r t the countries need to decide if intelligence ties are more important than human rights there is an enormous pressure from washington to keep all this secret in fact instructions from from cia with the support of the way tell us not to give any facts on this so therefore it's not easy to investigate but i think that the some of the european governments have been involved they have to decide whether they
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think that the corporation between the security agencies are more important than to . look into human rights violations and break the ice for you know impunity. cranes losing its key bargaining chip in europe's energy industry it's been the only transit route for russian gas into europe but all that's about to change is probably a step putin explained during the launch of the nord stream gas pipeline. bring them and go over to. the ukraine is on longstanding partner any transit country is always tempted to use its exclusive status of transit sleep now ukraine will lose this privilege i believe our relations will evolve into an eval more civilized free market partnership mostly. been using that status to try and secure discounts for russian gas as well as higher transferred fees such disputes lead to interruptions in fuel being pumped to europe back in two thousand and six and again in two
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thousand and nine well now the north korean pipeline travels directly from russia to europe bypassing ukraine and they've been eating the middleman leverage more of how the pipeline will change europe energy map and our business policy in just a couple of minutes. israel and turkey's former friendly relations a withering fast turkey suspending all trade military and defense ties the prime minister is threatening more sanctions against israel and a visit to garza ankara's already expelled israeli diplomats over the refusal to apologize for killing nine eight activists in last year's garza fertility rate policy is following the latest for us in tel aviv. the turkish prime minister everyone has announced that he could be slapping more sanctions on television this follows the release last week of united nations report into what happened on board . now that was a turkish missile that took part in the first the tiller attempt to break the israeli siege on gaza some one and a half years ago and after israeli soldiers through the ship some nine turkish
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citizens were killed israel has repeatedly refused to apologize for the deaths and in response and korea has expelled the israeli ambassador it has downgraded diplomatic relations between both countries to the level of second secretary and it's also pros and all military cooperation the turkish prime minister used the word savagely when he referred to the israeli behavior he also accused israel of behaving like a spoiled boy in the region and he said that the turks would challenge israeli bullying in the mediterranean by increasing the naval presence there the turkish government has also rejected another finding or their u.n. palmer report which said that the israeli blockade on gaza was not illegal with the turkish government saying that it would now lobby that with the international criminal court in the hague we've heard from the turkish foreign minister held a press briefing with the top official now bill sha'ath in which he said that the turks have a campaign underway to help the palestinians the successful in
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a bird come september the twentieth for a palestinian state now this is no surprise because for several months turkey has indicated that it is supporting the palestinians it is also indicated that it is embarking on a diplomatic campaign to help them in their struggle the official response from the israeli defense minister ministry is that turkey has a lot to lose but most people here really are questioning what israel is going to do because this is a crucial time when israel needs all the friends it can have particularly ahead of this u.n. bed which of course israel is against you need to remember. there to keep was israel's closest ally in the region and relationships between israel and turkey are at the lowest they've been in more than twenty years and certainly seen the same between tel aviv and cairo where relations between israel and egypt are also now at an all time low. artist middle east correspondent paula slipped the tension between the two countries may cause some incidents even worse than the raid on the flotilla
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as lyndon strikes from the institute for national security studies in tel aviv has been explaining to us at r.t. definitely that when turkey says that it will start acting more decisively in the eastern mediterranean this might have an effect i don't think the navies the israeli navy in the turkish navy will enter a direct confrontation but there might be mystics like the flu to load self and this might be even worse than the flu to logan i don't think actually this crisis between is going to give has a direct effect on what will happen in the. of course the question is what will happen the day after the u.n. recognizes the palestinian state would have caused more violence no difference and then it will cause a listing in frustration. there's more now on our top story syria the head of the arab league student visit on wednesday to try and persuade president assad to end the six month long crackdown on the uprising there all this comes after e.u. countries and poised to impose them on oil embargo against the country or to talk
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more about the dying is where the sees the european affairs advisor from where you look pale influences far right national front party leader it was a dumb thing to bring a large international the you say that oil embargo on syria yet the taps are going to be turned off into the middle of november why the brakes do you think. thank you first of all thank you very much for inviting all of the opposition in the west because i have this feeling that the media in the west are not as objective as can be for example television like russia today so thank you for inviting me that. the thing is now that the libyan oil is in freed is that they are no more time to care about syria this is where i think for the first of all and secondly i think that. the media in the west are lying about the reality of the situation actually in syria so what is the really syria so outline for us what you think the actual
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reality is that. actually for example we have from our own party or intellectuals or writers who are very close to us have been to syria and just came back two weeks ago they have witnessed that it is not as bad as it seems actually they are problems in the region of hans for example where it's supposed to be much more smaller. kind of not revolution and more religious backgrounds so ok we know that assad regime is an authoritarian but secular state what we do not want to see is that the west will try to put down and it will have an islamist state so two points i would say what you're very country's leading you calls out you your country for regime change in syria how close is that echo what happened in libya the. french led military campaign against it. where are they going wrong.
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i've seen they're going wrong first of all because they are first to go down signing oil contracts and gas contracts instead of talking about democracy which was i think the first year of this intervention so i think first of all the philosophy was a lie and again we're seeing witnessing that this is not going in the good direction i don't see any more democracy or just contracts of oil how is this is the first how this how important is syrian oil for so much more sense does it make your countries imports is i mean is this just a token gesture or will it really hit the oil import coming into your country. and i think we will have i don't exactly know the figures but actually i know that we will have we had. very good discussions with actual c. and t.
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. taking power and to discuss probably much better contracts much more interesting procedurally with oil and gas gas for italy or for friends in other countries probably military will move much more interesting for the industry or interesting for united states so well this is actually again just a big lie. i feel really bad for a billion people who are trying to struggle for something else and they're just having their country stalled in a way from another kind of. focusing on syria we've also heard the torture reports they are hard to verify can they be believed because we've also witnessed syria allowing red cross officials to visit one of its main prisons those widespread claims that dozens of anti-government activists were tortured to death what does that tell us about the regime's openers. i'm telling you we had two or
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three major intellectuals of the oppositions your friends from for example in for syria and for syria and france is directing to try to explain that there is no bloodshed in syria it's not true that there are problems regionally in some little locations where it's not every day so where is the bloodshed where is really what are we talking about. we want the truth and i'm so happy that they could hear again on russia today for example that people from kinetic can either are or are other countries which are going to the brics you know there are several countries as russia would not want to harden hard. policies on russia on syria so where is the truth actually what is going on with the once ok a lot of it oh i'm afraid we're out of time but thanks ever so much for the program that xander european and for in the arena penn france's national. from
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a brussels today thank you well also news are out so far they so far thanks for being with yourself to sports for you in twenty five but it's the latest from the euro two thousand and twelve qualifiers and a lot more besides live business next though from moscow. oh and you very well welcome to the business update and more on the opening of the north korean gas pipeline that russia's prime minister is calling the project a winter chill europe twelve hundred kilometer length is now being filled for comping begins next month but in the course of a has the details. it was displayed as a motion all by months and years of those you since testing and construction came down to want to play lead here it's an all personally supper wheels in motion and the point is now being filled up with gas to get it ready to start pumping it up for the crossover to not have to rely on transit countries to get its gas and see
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europe exports so that you are expected to double it in the coming decade and number three mobile power we have courts are all bats the project that's how it's a fair share of coal in summer season with her transit countries make use of russia both uses nordstrom's as a political solution but the government insists it's only there to save hearts and minds' europe has a plan to rely on the gas from the majority shareholder all sorts of other remedies by many more would serve some political enticement european countries like the fellow to france and that you pay and when the second parallel pipeline comes on stream next year the liability in different meters of gas will flow from russia to its customers and europe. also confirms millstream part not be a source of germany but also take part in the south stream pipeline closer to the chemical giant along with france's e.d.f. will each have
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a fifteen percent stake in the gas pipeline across the black sea to europe where we shuffle means italy's any will have its share in the twenty four been in europe to twenty percent let's have a look at the markets now french group house rebounded with the european markets despite assisting fears european sovereign debt crisis is escalating in front is trading higher this hour with one hundred and eleven dollars per barrel while w t o it remains pressurized by yours oh the health of the two us economy. goes towards the sharply lower the losses coming off the stoop to climb from the european indices investors also worried about. the weakness of the u.s. economy i choose to report on the curious service sector is expected to show the fourth straight month of declining growth it comes on the heels of a jobs report friday that was sort of the worst since september twenty ten. urban markets punished makes investors took a break from two days of heavy selling the fancy gains one percent of the techs
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lost the same number of points at the close. here's the picture in russia the markets here have made it into positive territory at the close after you dropped early on tuesday amid concerns slowing growth in the u.s. and china and europe's debt rolls will spark a new global recession let's not have a look at some of the individual show moves on the my six energy may just bounced back from monday's losses but look well up one point four percent meanwhile appliance retail and video games are in the news a possible border with its rival al deriving and the world's nickel shells rose on tuesday after one of its main shareholders unsold didn't like the fifteen percent buying but i can the car purchase and. finally the wife of the former mayor of moscow has sold her billion dollar construction business if you look up what you know became the richest woman in russia with a week billion dollar fortune your husband's chimp of moscow her bank which by the center of the one point two billion dollars while the small of bin bank took the
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rest there year it was called was five last year by president it's very over a lack of trust the former mayor often claimed his wives business accept said nothing to do with his running russia's big city. that's all we have time for now join me in an hour's time for more business stories and more from our website archon dot com slash business. the. greek for the full slim we've got it firsthand.


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