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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EDT

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the e.u. however sanctions are the solution but as daniel bushell reports for r.t. they're slow introduction could backfire. william hague britain's foreign secretary says horrific scenes of brutality have forced this oil burner on syria but bizarrely sanctions won't start for over a month. they will kick in only when european or all firms complete their supply contracts with syria and oil fields developed by e.u. energy giants like french to toll on being touched from magnetic or contribute because that sanctions would start. to go on with reduction of oil as a result the e.u. may end up subsidizing the regime they oppose the oil industry can use sixty day payment which means the e.u. could still be funding. into next year if a list of crimes the horrific critics asked why the e.u. is putting profit above syrian lives. diplomats warn sanctions won't even hit the
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mark they hurt ordinary people not the leadership they claim to target or most importantly not europe's oil companies have to be on the shoulders of the syrian people while their companies out of protective the e.u. is also hurting itself think exposed as damascus will simply shifts a ploy to the competition if you look at syria. already the chinese authorities have said that they would buy any that can be you officials hope new stocks of the black gold from libya would take up the slack but they may be disappointed will not start being there a productive and you know maybe the end of next year and if they were an embargo on syrian oil today of course they would be short. with the wall riggins colonel gadhafi taking much longer than the west expected maybe cutting off one supply before a secured another new bushel for our team in brussels. well arty's been hearing how
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history shows that often even the harshest sanctions fail to put regimes down but then it's nearly always the people who suffer the most. in any case what happened whatever happens the sanctions are clearly a blunt instrument that does not discriminate between the regime and the people and what may end up happening is that the people who probably are going to have the price and the regime especially if we take a look at what happened in iraq or what happened with cuba. experiment is a very good example of this where some of the harshest sanctions ever imposed on any country in history were imposed on iraq and despite that. did not succeed in bringing the regime down. a. public which was hurt severely. as
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a result of the sanctions so this is. i think is going to raise a lot of questions especially some of them political economic and some of course more. more to come this hour on r.t. the manhunt in libya kicks into high gear with a triumphant rebels now accused of being the target alleged gadhafi loyalists and rounding of innocent foreigners in the process we go to report for you ahead also to the human rights watchdog countries who've allegedly been hosting secret cia prisons to investigate claims of serious violations. tens of thousands of angry italians of hit the streets nationwide to protest the harsh new austerity package being debated in rome a number of violent scuffles between demonstrators and police were reported underlining the social tension as italy wrestles with its massive debts no italian will escape having to pay more sales taxes being raised but the government has
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buckled to some pressure and will not drop a plan to impose higher taxes on the rich and as one of europe's biggest economies it struggles threaten to destabilize the euro zone too and spare a new financial crisis across the only and see efforts to further rescue greece took a hit after athens admitted it won't be able to meet its deficit reduction deadlines german economic analyst michael ross told me he believes it's those very deadlines and cuts that will be the euro's undoing we are really here in and not in a win win situation. cut the means. of the income of the poor or the social welfare will be cut to see politicians promising many many things and this is the problem what we really heard from people in brazil also feel the pressure of the wall be so big that they cannot fulfill their promises they are not worth the paper they're written on what at the end of the day they will see
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that these means will not only result make the situation even worse but means at the end of the do the whole experiment of the euro will go down with the insolvency of germany. things a little better across in spain with protesters flooding the capitol after its parliament bowed to pressure and voted to amend the constitution to limit national debt the senate voting on wednesday but unions and rights groups about the fight they say that would desolate the welfare system and hurt the most vulnerable. reports next the country's predicament indeed leading some to take matters into their own hands. this was the last time many carmen had guests over at her house just a day after artie came to visit she along with her fourteen year old son was evicted from the subsidized flat she called home for five years. i was fifteen days late with a payment i paid five hundred twenty four year zero and they still want to victor
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me even though i paid everything and it was months ago since then marie carmen has spent most of her time fighting to keep her apartment she me lou calm and collected but the pressure of losing a roof over her head caused mary carmen to suffer a heart attack. these apartments should be distributed in such a way that people can afford to pay for them but a lot of times they can't and i'm going to fight to make this type of housing more affordable. in many carmen's case is not unique in spain the country's an employment rate of over twenty percent means many people are simply unable to make their next mortgage payments in the past two years more than three hundred thousand people have been evicted from their homes as a result of spain's financial crisis this is where members of the fifteen m. movement come in. according to the international human rights convention every person has a right to decent housing if addiction is inevitable they have to make sure these people are not going to go homeless you just can't keep them out on the street that
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they're going to zeeshan is known as the indignados or the outraged they staged protests by homes of those who are being evicted hoping to prevent court plaintiff . and the police for mentoring sometimes they succeed like with this woman who kept your house because fifteen interfered with the the action process. these are subsidized housing people who are in tough situations financially so i can't understand how they can evict people who can't afford to buy their own homes. so far fifteen m. have managed to stop fifty vixens across the country unfortunately for me carmen and her son they were powerless. every vixen is a cement job and the people gathered here believe they are fighting social injustice but some wonder whether the efforts of this group of people are enough to solve the problems within this better system itself in madrid. r.t. . one of the main purposes of the debate in madrid today's to send the message to
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markets of the government serious about tackling is runaway finances but right to a journalist we go and call our believes it's those very markets that are responsible for spain's predicament today the markets are not rational and they are driven usually by fear sometimes by greed. they just think they feel that the spain could be like greece or like ireland or like portugal because it is separate fertile country within the euro so so they tend to lump together countries that are very different but they resemble each other because they are part of that periphery and i think that that's the real reason is just a psychological perception and then again it's true that the growth in spain konami growth is not very good so that in the long term will be a problem for there but we don't have a problem now but we may have it in the future that is true. in libya rebels are
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detaining oil engineers and cooks from former soviet countries suspected him of being progress duffy snipers to russians were later released along with the ukrainian couple after they managed to contact the russian embassy but more than a dozen ukrainians are still being held tonight artie's more if an option is in tripoli for us. well as far as we know thirty two people including two owners of the russian passport and also better russian and ukrainian citizens apparently working for the russian libyan oil company here in tripoli engineers and coupes men and women have been arrested here in tripoli shortly after the rebels took the libyan capital and have been put into one of the rebels' training center here in the capital after they've been accused of been snipers of khadafi we have been able to speak to the detainees and they deny all allegations but because of additional for some reason the finger of slavic people are snipers we have nothing to do with that we came here to earn money peacefully that these people say that they've been provided with food and water but some of them have been severely beaten and
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tortured by the rebels the russian embassy has actually managed to release two owners of the russian passport and ukrainian couple birds around twenty other ukrainians us to been held by the rebels here in tripoli this group of the ukrainian embassy refused to take them they said they don't have running water they said that they don't have proper accommodation so they would be better to stay and give syria see. what the latest what we are hearing from bani walid southeast of the capital tripoli where the fighting over it off is lost and main stronghold has been continuing in the last few days is that the rabble forces have reportedly reached a deal with the conductors loyalists on the ground to and to the city without fighting this information is yet to be confirmed but if the research you do if the research an agreement between the rebel forces and gadhafi forces. that actually would mean
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a breakthrough and we also receiving reports that scores of the libyan army's vehicles have reportedly crossed the frontier border into niger and many believe that gadhafi himself could also be in monday and good also. have fled the country we are receiving these reports just hours after gadhafi information has claimed that the battle colonel is in the country and has no plans to leave it and it's time soon. becomes of europe's legal committees to look closer at the swiss claims the fourteen european countries allegedly allowed the cia to operate secret prisons on their soil the report by politician dick marty says u.s. actions in those detention centers violated basic human rights and torture was widely used the use chief human rights commission is already poland and romania to come clean about their roles and told us that countries need to decide if intelligence ties are more important than human rights there is an enormous
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pressure from washington to keep all this secret in fact instructions from from cia with the support of the way tell us not to give any facts on this so therefore it's not easy to investigate but i think some of the european governments have been involved they have to decide whether they think that the corporation between the security agencies are more important than to. look into human rights violations and break the country or impunity. the man who headed up america's moves in iraq and afghanistan is now top dog at the cia general david petraeus spent thirty seven years as a soldier but is now at the pentagon after president obama's national security reshuffle is pretty panetta is no defense secretary let's get some reaction to these military musical chairs shall we and talk to retired four star general cone. thanks for being on the line tonight on r.t.
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general petraeus presided did me over the long running of let's face it unpopular campaigns in iraq and afghanistan what do americans make of now being in charge of the national security was the word on the streets. most americans are not paying attention they are just not paying attention to what's going on in washington. smooth operator who has a great reputation in the media here in the united states so he's popular he's seen as on in. the congress like so and i think in many ways he is a. great agree cover for what the cia is continuing to do and what it will continue to do what. they often say during their new broom sweeps clean what changes come we expect at the cia then under patrol. well it's hard to say he has a way of making really bad things look good his. experience in iraq and afghanistan he has made it look successful even when it's not been
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successful at all i mean he doesn't stand up to washington he just takes what they give him and kind of wraps it in new wrapping and it sells he's almost like an advertising dream so the cia has a terribly bad reputation and has done terribly bad things and putin needs to increasingly become involved in military operations military style operations that is you know not constitutional it's not part of what the cia should be doing i expect the trace at the cia will be able to spin that for media consumption as a good cia he will make it look good even though i don't think fundamentally you'll change anything you'll probably continue it exactly as it has been to go on you so your take is that he's got one reasonable broad support but the pentagon was previously wasn't carstone him particularly with regard to the afghanistan progress there also other to try because on capitol hill no he's got another top job but we hear a different tune an injection of him seems he has them on the afghan campaign for
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instance i don't i don't think so and i think that you have to separate what the politicians and the media in washington they like him if the soldiers don't like him there you know that's understandable because that's a disaster what is going on in afghanistan today in the soldiers who have had multiple tours there understand precisely the kind of disaster that it is so they don't have respect for the political generals that the so-called lead them. i think at the d.c. establishment will love what he does at the cia and you know we won't hear much you won't hear negative things like we really should i mean i think he is a perfect imperial cia director but he has clashed with assume before they have been happy with what is wanted to do before who is going to blink first will it be the intelligence officials or well they just have to swallow this new broom the the new things he wants to do. well i haven't heard any wants to do very many news.
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there are the joys of sky per think we've lost left turn and colonel current quite koski that indeed she's gone but anyway we had the best part of interview and the if you're listening karen thanks for being on the program is pretty she did ok. the hague tribunal sentenced a former yugoslav army general to twenty seven years in prison for war crimes situ was convicted of abetting atrocities during the balkan war than one nine hundred ninety s. including the massacre of seven thousand muslims in srebrenica he's one of several ethnic serb military officials trial in the hague balkans political expert mark agassiz told me the west wants to feel guilty for the whole yugoslavia war. well we know how those trials are going to go because the script for those trials has been written in advance but i think we need to look actually take a look at the real picture here of what was accused of doing because he was accused in effect of crossing. illegally declared all the borders that had been declared by
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the spirit by the diktats of western governments particularly germany running the e.c. at the time and subsequently by the us of a these these governments declared that yugoslavia border that no longer exist and would be replaced by borders smaller of the secession so this was at the expense of yugoslavia's largest people and i think there is an effort on the part of western governments to persuade the serbian public that in some way they are guilty absolutely for everything how they feel they deserve to be treated worse than the rest of the world that they should be punished that they should be imprisoned that their territory should be carved away from them this is an attempt to psychologically brainwash the serbian people that they deserve what they get and what they get is going to be very bad sadly i don't see too much opposition to this policy on the part of the serbian government which really has a responsibility which it has not exercised to say that the description of the war has been one sided biased and incorrect. it bringing up one small the world's top
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news stories tonight a twenty six kilometers wide wildfire that's the really destroyed a thousand homes is raging through texas the arid state suffering its worst drought in half a century with fires blazing in several areas they fanned by strong winds from tropical storm lee thousands of people have been evacuated to safety as the flames consume an area the size of connecticut governor rick perry's perspire this presidential campaigning to tackle the disaster. former executives from news international say that james murdoch knew about the phone hacking which brought down the news of the world tabloid the son of media mogul rupert murdoch runs the business of there's always denied knowledge of illegal phone interception the paper was shut in july after the merge but the voice mails were hacked of a murdered schoolgirl war veterans and senior politicians dozens of news international employees have been arrested over the scandal while senior police have quit over collusion. israel and turkey former friendly relations
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a withering fast turkey's suspending all trade military defense ties and the promises threatening more sanctions against israel and a visit to gaza and chris already expelled israeli diplomats over its refusal to apologize for killing nine eight activists in last year's garza flitter the raid paulus lee is following the latest for us on this story in tel aviv. the turkish prime minister everyone has announced that he could be slapping more sanctions on television this follows the release last week of a united nations report into what happened on board the mamma now that was a turkish vessel that took part in the first attempt to break the israeli siege on gaza some one and a half years ago and often israeli soldiers stormed the ship some nine turkish citizens were killed israel has repeatedly refused to apologize for the deaths and in response and korea has expelled the israeli ambassador it has downgraded diplomatic relations between both countries to the level of second secretary and
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it's also frozen all military cooperation the turkish prime minister used the word savagery when he referred to the israeli behavior he also accused israel of behaving like a spoilt boy in the region and he said that the turks would challenge israeli bullying in the mediterranean by increasing the naval presence there the turkish government has also rejected another finding of the un palmer report which said that the israeli blockade on gaza was not illegal with the turkish government saying that it would now lobby that with the international criminal court in the hague we've heard from the turkish foreign minister who held a press briefing with the top official now bill shaath in which he said that the turks had a campaign underway to help the palestinians be successful in may but come september the twentieth for a palestinian state now this is no surprise because for several months turkey has indicated that it is supporting the palestinians it is also indicated that it is
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embarking on a diplomatic campaign to help them in their struggle the official response from the israeli defense minister ministry is that turkey has a lot to lose but most people here really are questioning what israel is going to do because this is a crucial time when israel needs all the friends it can have particularly ahead of this u.n. bed which of course israel is against you need to remember. that turkey was israel's closest ally in the region and relationships between israel and turkey are at the lowest they've been in more than twenty years and certainly seen the same between tel aviv and cairo where relations between israel and egypt are also now at an all time low the latest perspective there from paula slayer of mideast correspondent on r.t. . the danish royal family's road to russia bringing top business people with them and while the brokers sealed some regal deals the monarchy is planned a very busy show jewel of cultural and significant visits as i guess you'd expect they'll visit several museums in exhibitions they'll tell you some exclusively
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brewed beer and open the russian danish business for queen margaret is the second is also looking forward to visiting some petersburg she says well you already thought she last visited russia back in one nine hundred seventy five and says she's very keen on seeing all the changes developments here in russia since then the queen's relative indeed of a russian empress the mother of the last russian woman plus the second. if you will it's time we got the latest report feeling that some hard truths about the shady bankers first. business tonight or the latest with usually end now. hello and a very welcome time for your business update and more on the opening of the north stream gas pipeline russia's prime minister is calling the project a window to europe the twelve hundred kilometer length is now being filled before pumping begins next month business archies marie mccall suresh. it was displayed as
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a person only months and years of those who since testing and construction came down to one click blood here putin all personally said the wheels in motion and the pipeline is now being filled up with gas to get it ready to start pumping it up for the rochelle who are have to rely on transit countries to get its gas and see europe exports today you are expected to double in the coming decade and nord stream mobile carriers have ports are all bats the project has had its fair share of problems for her sleep with her transit countries accusing russia of using nordstrom's as a political observer but the government insists it's only there to save more supplies to europe as a plan to rely on the gas from the majority shareholder all the board she has already signed many loaded terms supply contracts with european countries right belgium france and the u.k.
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and when the second parallel pipeline comes on stream next year it would be five billion to make meters of gas will flow from russia to its customers and europe. and it's been confirmed stream path not being a set of germany will also take part in the south stream pipeline for ships the chemical giant along with francis will each have a fifteen percent stake in the gas pipeline across the black sea to europe there were shuffle means if any will have its j in the twenty four billion euro project dropped to twenty percent. let's have a look at the markets now brant crude has rebounded. with the european markets despite persisting fears the european sovereign debt crisis is ask lazing france's trading higher to sell at one hundred and eleven dollars per barrel while double to iran's pressurize by worsen with the help of u.s. economy. and u.s. stocks are shopper low will the losses come off to steep declines in european indices and investors are also worried about the weakness of the u.s.
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economy a true story for continuous sector is expected to slow the foot straight month of declining growth but it comes on the heels of a jobs report friday that was the worst since september twenty eighth. and european markets finished makes investors took a break for two days of heavy selling we could see gained one percent though the tickets lost the same number of points at the crooks. here's the picture in russia the russian markets have made it into most chartres out the close off of the corrupt earlier on tuesday with concerns slowing growth with the u.s. and china and europe step the rules will spark a global recession and let's have a look at some of the individual show moves in the my six most energy majors bottles but among these losses could lukoil up to one point two percent meanwhile appliance retailer again to the news of a possible war with its rival alvarado. bros on tuesday off one of its main shareholders from saul didn't like the fifteen percent. made by the new rules. on
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this creature of wraps up today's trade for us. we have seen a very volatile session for the russian markets very stressful and certainly playing the bad sentiment from yesterday's massive sell off on the european exchanges the markets started in the green up around one percent and probably we're ending the day in the negative territory marginally down maybe half a percentage point the events that we've seen yesterday were highly impacted by several announcements seen from the eurozone most notably the bank chairman saying that the european banking sector could be under pressure and some less strong banks to end up being destroyed on the back of the current crisis which has obviously impacted today's performance of the russian markets. and finally the wife of the former mayor of moscow has sold her a billion dollar construction business here in the book that in that became the richest woman in russia with
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a three billion dollar fortune during her husband's stewardship of moscow her bank bought five percent of the one point two billion dollar foreign while the small of being bank took the rest may go to the school for suicide last year by president if over a lack of trust the former mayor often claimed his was business success had nothing to do with his running russia's biggest city. that drops that some of the business blood of more stories you can log onto our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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worldwide manhunt for him lasted for fifteen years. and one million year old laura bush promised to raise come i am political miss murder for the west. materials for minions in. general and the serbian army. money. on archie. and i did kevin zero in with you these are all top stories thank you sanctions the
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evil and bug on syria could backfire. of the two months before the very regime they condemn a top story. also southern europe braces for austerity and get italy and spain try to push through more savage cuts while the arduous efforts to save greece and. turkey suspends all trade military ties with israel as relations think with those who because it's double dipping. the guy killing nine activists in last year's gaza flotilla raid. some past eleven pm moscow time next max and stacey take on those who are robbing the poor to pay the rich we're told by the bankers who deal in toxic assets yet still expect taxpayers to bail them out yes the report is on the air.


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