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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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i don't think. the number of gadhafi loyalists including his security chief lead to share with the whereabouts of the colonel himself still unknown this is concerns grow over what kind of regime would be replacing him. anger at austerity spills into the streets of italy and spain with their governments preparing to take in belts even further to calm the markets and save the faltering hero. calls for independence from the u.k. grow louder in wales where nationalist sentiment is high. and third annual global policy forum kicks off here in europe today focused security and multiculturalism i'm nice now with more in just a moment. it's
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eight am in moscow i match president have you with us here on r.t. our top story the security chief of ousted libyan leader credal moammar gadhafi has fled the country and is now in neighboring neas air according to officials there coffee wasn't said to be part of the convoy that crossed the border tuesday robert enough aso has denied claims it was ready to provide asylum is comes as rebels now control most of libya but is our he's a no bush or a ports all signs suggest it's not over for the violence in libya as the real chaos may be yet to come muhammad who is one of africa's most experienced diplomats just but from the libyan capital he says needs who has turned it into a ghost town there is no police. there is no administration there is no there is no schools law and order has been replaced by
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a motley crew of rebels some fear that the various groups who have emerged might soon stop fighting each other. in stores have been raided every man's aren't with kalashnikovs if the tribes fight for their independence the country will enter and never ends in civil war with brutal urban guerrilla warfare lists argument even rebel leaders don't know where therefore it is a from. rebel hands mahmoud general was a launch to find islamist sleeper cells had joined history fanciful vast parallel structure of competence has appeared we have no idea who is in charge of them. hopes of a reliable replacement for more american bethy appear to be fading libya's rebels remain deeply divided while the chaos from nato bombing appears to be spreading beyond the country's borders in the turmoil there are fears that religious extremists could be using libya as a base to further their aims in north africa and function is
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a part of what the nation women got abortion rights twenty years before women in belgium under the last regime divorced women got benefits revived errantly just movements are trying to reverse that like before the war leaders from barack obama to nicolas sarkozy and silvio berlusconi shook and even kissed. the locals got the brit carpet treatment in paris but the west will also change tack war next but if libya doesn't go for them as planned with some saying the enemy in the so-called war on terror is no one winning side. a place not. when it finds its army now kind that need to turn to rabbits. according to this murder who's just returned from war torn tripoli the message from some locals there is that the conflict may have created a frankenstein's monster for europe they warned us that we don't know what we are creating libya it will be a free haven of all the extremist groups which are just on the southern border of
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europe pull routes from food somalia because the fruits of diplomats know think libya. but what do you have that it is military and will not be seen there will be part it and there will be all bloat to control it in the likud see if i don't think french economy can support that the new intervention in libya has pulled large numbers of new forces to the all experts fear the worst itself becomes a grip their emergency. bush will see brussels. artie's webb say continues following the fate of almost twenty ukrainian citizens who remain in custody of libya as the rebels suspect them of being production snipers of a russian embassy was able to negotiate the release of two russians any ukrainian couple of the group are oil engineers and cooks who have nothing to do with a military check are teed up for the four story. activists in
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syria say government forces have used armored vehicles in the besieged city of homs this is the u.n. is calling for more pressure to be put on president assad but professor edmund ghareeb an expert in international relations says sanctions won't necessarily bring down the regime but they will make the ordinary people suffer. in any case what happened whatever happens the sanctions are clearly a blunt instrument that does not discriminate between the regime and the people and what may end up happening is that the people probably are going to pay a price and the regime especially if we take. a look at what happened in iraq or what happened with cuba experiment is a very good example of this where some of the harshest sanctions ever imposed on any country in history were imposed on iraq and that. did not succeed in
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bringing the regime down. rockey public which was hurt severely as a result of the sanctions so this is. i think is going for there is a lot of questions especially some of them political some comic and some of course more. and you use already imposed sanctions on oil imports from libya on our website we're asking you what is the true aim of that so far fourteen percent of respondents think that president assad is the target six percent say there really is too liberal voters in e.u. countries almost a third are you the e.u. wants to please the u.s. around half of those who've taken part say the sanctions hit ordinary syrians to provoke more protest doggoned already dot com have yourself. hundreds of thousands of people in italy out protesting the government's fresh austerity measures announced on tuesday in a bid to tackle the country's debt crisis before the five billion euro package
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welcomed by e.u. includes among other things new tax hikes and raising the retirement age for women a number of violent scuffles between demonstrators and police were reported underlining social tensions in a country struggling to avert financial collapse and as finance expert fabio demasi tells r t italy's troubles aren't going unnoticed elsewhere in the euro zone. we tell them don't grow to be. a huge blow to the euro zone because italy is not greece soon or greece just represents. but it will be the biggest economy in the euro zone it would certainly be a huge part of the current crisis of the eurozone as an offspring of the economic crisis which has been crossed by the financial markets or the banks and currently what the government is trying to do with they try to limit the majority of the people pay the bill if the crisis and this is not work and you can't run an economy
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against a majority of the population and we saw the consequences in greece we saw in greece the g.d.p. shrank by nearly five percent steps where rising or falling and so i think there is no solution you have first of all to peacocking from the financial markets and secondly you have to tax rich people if you want to bring the house in order going on like this won't work their family and so i believe even germany and france will have a few problems in the near future. protests have also swept across spain ahead of crucial vote by the country's senate on amending its constitution to limit national debt as far as the parliament bowing to pressure and adopting the initiative last week but unions and rights groups say the debt cap could decimate the welfare system and hurt the most vulnerable writer and journalist miguel i'm so morocco believes it's the markets that should be made responsible for spain's current predicament and not its people. the markets are not rational and they are driven
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usually by fear sometimes by greed. they just think they feel that spain could be like greece or like ireland or like portugal because. country within the euro so so they tend to lump together countries that are very different but they resemble each other because they are part of the periphery and i think that's that's three as recently sets a psychological perception and then again it's true that the growth in spain konami growth is not very good so that in the long term will be a problem for there we don't have a problem now but we may have it in the future that is true. with the financial turmoil raging across europe cause are growing for the worst hit economies to abandon the euro and return to their old national currencies but german economic analyst michelle brass tells r.t. only the only solution to the crisis is if there's stronger economies leave the eurozone there is no other solution that the weak countries exit the strong country
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has to exit if germany for example pulls out of the euro or the whole problem what you thought of it means that we will have then as long a currency germany can live with it the others then will have to devalue and this is exactly what the need it means the earth will be devalued this is what they mean and this is what i mean need and saw in this situation is why is it worth more than strong ones have to pull out but the germans have to put all. one country that hasn't been hit by the crisis so far switzerland has stunned the currency markets the country's central bank has devalued the swiss franc by pegging it to the about all euro effort to stop deflation protect its exports and promote tourism and u.s. economist paul craig roberts tells r.t. that by doing so switzerland has deprived the world of the last safe haven currency which this was trying to eliminate it as
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a safe haven because the gold was not going to really only use go the only safe haven when the two reserve currencies themselves are in question here but to maintain its nerve currents in the euro both earlier in the situation with the world is losing confidence. and so nobody has come. in the reserve turns what happens to them and a lot of jurors system so it will stay each new people keep looking for a safe haven the goals that were prized have to continue to rise. next believe big blow to the eurozone could be coming from an unexpected source as we find out later today to later today and latest edition of crosstalk. yes i do write the obituary and everybody knows that the next ones that go into crisis spain france portugal and the u.k. but the german situation is actually worse and he said he maintained by the belief that it's rather more stable i think it's too soon to write the admit your error
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for the euro collapse of the euro would be a disaster for german business for german banks and ultimately for the same german taxpayers who were talking about right now. hope for a better country but not as part of the united kingdom there's a strong sense of national identity in wales which is helped fuel calls for it to achieve independence following some more calls farther north in scotland but as our healer editor reports the debate is continuing to rage over whether welsh ambitions are driven by economic sense or emotion. question welcome to wales part of the u.k. and a proud nation with its own language and customs and the latest voice to call for independence applied comrie which means the party of wales has always argued the country could be better off without the u.k. and it seems increasing numbers are starting to see their point of view our economy
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as a. problem with the interest and priorities of the south east of england to the full and independent we will be able to chart a different course. of priorities wales is a long way from declaring independence but it's no longer just a pipe dream people here voted overwhelmingly earlier this year in favor of handing the welsh assembly full law making powers that was considered a turning point in welsh nationhood and plights couldn't read the party of wales have undoubtedly taken heart from the surprise victory of the scottish national party that victory in may gave the s.n.p. an outright majority in the scottish parliament which has many powers devolved from westminster parties promise to hold a scotland wide referendum on whether to declare independence according to applied comrie that marks the turning of the tide for a unified u.k. people now know what i believe i'm beginning to to use the word independence in in
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a welsh context which state they they wouldn't have gone a few years and asked activity gallops i think the people in where's it going to see that church in scotland becomes independent the next logical step is for we're just becoming dependent of course separatism is nothing new to the british isles and the thousands of victims of the troubles in northern ireland are testament to how high feelings can run both in the present day and for centuries past while national sentiment may not be a new phenomenon the reasons for it have changed over the you. it is and in these current turbulent economic times money talks scotland has oil and gas but while wales was a proud coal producing nation it's mines and now closed and it's got some of the highest unemployment levels in the u.k. because of that the older generation is reserved when it comes to independence but
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young people are filled with national fervor but them independence is less about money and more about nationhood and identity wales needs to be independent because it is a great country and we do we do in it like no joining is really patriotic i think we're more patriotic than england down. to it was since again just seem to be better here at the moment that you can get free prescriptions. education seems to be a bit better ploy says it's going to build on that support providing not just emotional reasons why well should be independent but concrete economic reasons too and it says wales does have resources particularly land and sea for green energy if the scots vote for independence wales might not be far behind nor am it r.t. cardiff. it's the minutes past the hour here in moscow on r t still ahead in the program. this is an attempt to psychologically brainwash the serbian people that
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they deserve what they get and what they get is going to be very bad bosnian serb army general sentenced to twenty seven years behind bars probably some to question the hague tribunal once again lost. david petraeus former military commander in iraq and afghanistan will now be america's top spy or a some experts put it a perfect figure to make up for failings of u.s. intelligence that's coming your way later this hour. before we get to that though the central russian city of yaroslav illustrating into a global think tank this week with a third global policy forum inviting the best minds to come up with solutions to some of the world's thorniest problems is here it's multiculturalism that multiculturalism that will be among the main focal points of a concept that's recently gotten some severe blows in europe global security traditionally on the table with nato is planned withdrawal from afghanistan and russia is bringing up the question how to keep the region safe artie's
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a nice and now way is in jaroslav and she joins us now live. alone so a major security issue being raised there in the forum what are some of the proposed solutions. well the solution really is to reform an organization which of course exists and is working very intensely in russia and in this part of the world in central asia which is the collective security treaty organization russia is if you will answer to nato and the idea is to really build on that organization so that when u.s. troops and nato forces leave afghanistan this is a good example in twenty fourteen they're planning to withdraw that's security organization will become big enough and widespread enough about rock star media and other central asian partners to deal with security issues especially when it comes to terrorism and the afghan security situation which is much closer to russia i'm told of the surrounding countries then say say to the united states that's going to be the debate on the table in one of the security sessions today how do you live
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past afghanistan after the west nato withdraw from there another major part of the forum is dedicated to the problems of multi-ethnic societies there's a lot of discussion there tell us more about that. it isn't especially within this year we've seen a lot of criticism of the multicultural system in europe and and people saying that it's not working you also have to date of political correctness and the balance there of how much you can say we've seen these riots in the u.k. we've seen it not working in places like scandinavia i was there myself this year and a lot of people are complaining that the multicultural culturalism system of adoption and how it's working it's just not going in the right direction and this is something that russia has a lot of experience with there is a lot of people that immigrate to the country and russia hopes that it can share its experience with mostly european countries i think it's fair to say that exclusively european problem at least in the last couple of years and russia hopes that out this forum really the theme of the forum this year is the modern state in
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the age of social diversity so it really is about multiculturalism and how these countries experts and analysts can all share their ideas about how best to make it work or how maybe to take a few steps back and fix the way that the things that are wrong with it and why it's not working in the world. well right our communities and i live for us in the r s level talk to you again soon. our team will bring you the full picture of what's going on at the global policy forum in euro slava one and you so will be live with us throughout the day speaking with the top thinkers and speakers so stay with us. from the other news on our to you defense team a former yugoslav army general mom she will paris it says they'll appeal the verdict of the he tried to hold this after the military leader was sentenced to twenty seven years in prison for war crimes paris it was convicted of abetting atrocities during the balkans war in the one nine hundred ninety s. including the massacre of eight thousand muslims in srebrenica is one of the
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several ethnic serbs military officials on trial in the hague balkans expert. says the west wants serbians to feel guilty for the whole of the yugoslavia war. well we know how those trials are going to go because the script for those trials has been written in advance but i think we need to look actually take a look at the real picture here of what parish which was accused of doing because he was accused in effect of crossing. illegally declared all the borders that had been declared by the spirits by the diktats of western governments particularly germany running the e.c. at the time and subsequently by the us of eight these these governments declared that yugoslavia border that no longer exist i would be replaced by borders smaller of the secession so this was at the expense of yugoslavia's largest people but i think there is an effort on the part of western governments to persuade the serbian public that in some way they are guilty absolutely for everything how they feel they deserve to be treated worse than the rest of the world that they should be
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punished that they should be imprisoned that their territory should be carved away from them this is an attempt to psychologically brainwash the serbian people that they deserve what they get and what they get is going to be very bad sadly i don't see too much opposition so this policy on the part of the serbian government which really has a responsibility which it has not exercised to say that the description of the war has been one sided biased and incorrect. later today another controversial figure and serve military on trial i think hague is explored in our exile reports. the worldwide manhunt for him listed for since. one million new world was on the streets. little for the west. indians in. general and the sunni.
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muslims. david petraeus america's former partner with area commander in iraq and afghanistan has now become the country's top spy he's taken over as the director of the cia replacing we on panetta who's become defense secretary former u.s. air force lieutenant colonel karen quite koski believes patris will serve as washington's p.r. man to hide the intelligence community's shortcomings petraeus is a smooth operator he has a great reputation in the media here in the united states so he's popular he's seen as on inside. the congress like something and i think in many ways he is a great agree to cover for what the cia is continuing to do and what it will continue to do he has a way of making really bad things look good. his. experience in iraq
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and afghanistan he has made it look successful even when it's not been successful at all i mean he doesn't stand up to washington he just takes what they give money and kind of wraps it in new wrapping and it sells he's almost like an advertising dream so the cia has a karalee bad reputation has done terribly bad things and katie needs to increasingly become involved in military operations military style operations that is you know not constitutional it's not part of what the cia should be doing i expect the trades at the cia will be able to spin there for media consumption as a good cia he will make it look good even though i don't think fundamentally will change anything here probably continued exactly as it has been going i think the d.c. establishment will love what he does at the cia and you know we will hear much more here negative things like we really should i mean i think he is a perfect imperial cia director. take
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a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe the trial of ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak over the killing of protesters in february is set to resume in cairo hearing will be held off camera unlike previous sessions monday the court adjourned the trial after the hearing after hearing the testimony of several witnesses before the session scuffles broke out between pro and anti mubarak protesters outside the court leaving ten people injured. british lawmakers are considering a recall in the chairman of news corp james murdoch for further questioning over the phone hacking scandal a day earlier two former employees of a country he said company suggested he misled m.p.'s about his knowledge of widespread hacking at the company james murdoch has maintained that until recently news corp thought the illegal phone hacking was limited to one reporter who was jailed in two thousand and seven murdoch and his father rupert had already faced a committee of and he's already issue in july. there's no next with dmitri stay
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with us. thanks mom good morning and welcome to business see the wife of the former mayor of moscow is quitting russia's construction business and been bank vaults ninety five percent of you know number two and sperm and co wells but the rest of the company has been valued at one point two billion dollars but given its debts the value of the deal could be about two hundred million dollars but when it became the richest woman in russia with a three billion dollar fortune during her husband's stewardship of moscow. was fired last year by president medvedev over a lack of trust he often claims his wife's business success had nothing to do with his running russia's big city. russia may export as much as twenty million tons of grain this year the agriculture ministry says august shipments of broad climbed to a record of two point three million tonnes russia was the world's second biggest
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exporter before halting sales last year due to a severe drought now the country is trying to regain its share be global market by offering the largest discount on the grain in four years this makes russian grain cheaper than french australian supplies and shipping to distant countries viable. so quickly markets now well it's back up with nymex and brant crude both voting forty one cents per barrel around half a percent that's ahead of an energy department report which is expected to show a decline in stockpiles as tropical storm lee is threatening production in the gulf of mexico. asian markets are rallying with an a k a one point seven percent following a couple of negatives actions that's despite a drop in u.s. markets overnight dropping the yen is helping japanese exporters with three point four percent of the sony gaining three point. here in moscow trading will begin around one half hour's time the russian markets extended previous losses actually
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only managed to correct the point one percent a nice next half a percent at the end of the session. russian equities are continuing to feel the pressure from weak u.s. and e.u. data the community believes this wary sentiment will remain during wednesday's training. well i can see today is continued volatility markets fundamentally the markets across russia are quite sweet on the back of the external of us it would be seen from the girl in the united states however having said that we could see a technical bounce and perhaps towards the end of this week so these are very important day with the german constitutional court ruling on the back to whether or not it's constitution for germany to inject funding into the euro zone peripheral that also to morrow will see a very important announcement by obama on the current situation of the jobs in the
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united states and we could expect a positive surprise of bollywood announce a fiscal stimulus package which no one is currently pricing in the markets the consensus is priced i mean only the monetary stimulus at this point and so he will be back in around fifteen minutes time with mountains next winter months.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after some chinese come for a shelter on the day. the bomb. the for. damage to officials c.m.y.k. should kill i phone the i pod touch from the q stamps to. the jumpseat life on the . video on demand.


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