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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 4:01am-4:31am EDT

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complaint from euro skeptic academics and politicians they argue the first greek bailout and the subsequent create creation of a special rescue fund broke the german law financial expert fabby at him as he tells r.t. there are legal grounds for a batting balance but believes that the court is unlikely to do so as that could mean the fall of the government i think we have a very grave situation right now. like it's not any more the parliament which is deciding upon the budget of the financial markets and this is unacceptable so i think both are very legitimate reason for the case but quite skeptical whether the the judge of will will roof rule in favor of the compliance because. if they if they say that the. not legal this would be the end of the current government then i don't think they will do this. meanwhile in italy in spain
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thousands of people have hit the streets to protest the government's fresh austerity measures italy's forty five billion euro package welcomed by the e.u. includes among other things new tax hikes and raising the retirement age for women in spain the rallies and the head of. vote by it said it out amending the constitution to limit national debt unions and rights groups say the debt cap would decimate the country's welfare system and hurt the most vulnerable writer and journalist miguel and so morocco believes it's the markets that should be responsible for spain's current predicament not the people the markets are not rational and they are driven usually by fear sometimes by greed. they just think they feel that the spain could be like greece or like ireland or like portugal because. contrary we've seen the euro so so they tend to lump together countries that are very different but they resemble each other because they are part of that very free and i think that's the that's the real recently
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sets a psychological perception and then again it's true that the growth in spain cannot meet growth not very good so that in the long will be a problem for that we don't have a problem now but we may have it in the future that is true with a financial or turmoil raging across europe calls are growing for the worst hit economies to a bend in the euro and a return to their old national currencies but german economic analyst michelmore also tells r t the only solution after the crisis is if the strong economies leave the euro zone there is no other solution that the weak countries exit the strong country has to exit if germany for example pulls out of the euro the whole problem with some of it means that we will have then a stronger currency germany can live with it the others then will have a devaluated this is exactly what they need it means all the. rules. this is that what they mean and this is what they need and still the situation is
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why is it worth to leak ones have to pull out but the germans have to put all of. europe's economic woes also being felt in the u.k. driving some parts of it to crave more control over their finances. but stop the plan because independent and the next logical step is for a way to speak out mean to bend into this sentiment intensifies across the u.k. we talk about that later in the program. first though a bomb blast has rocked the indian capital new delhi killing ten and injuring at least sixty five people outside the city's high court our correspondent has more. experts are saying the police are saying that this was a high intensity attack that it was a strategic plan to attack there was a bomb that was found in a suitcase near the parking lot of that building the home minister actually did say that today's attack was in fact
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a terror attack he doesn't know who to hold responsible for it just yet this obviously isn't the first time that india has experienced a terror attack actually this same exact building was the target of an attack back in may of this year obviously the biggest of those attacks happened back in two thousand and eight those were a series of ten coordinated attacks and shootings in that in those attacks it was actually the pocket sonny i.s.i. or their biggest intelligence service that was found responsible for those attacks there is one man who is in custody for those attacks and he said that he actually wanted to recreate what happened in the united states in our nine eleven here in india for the attacks that happened last month the indian mujahideen was actually held responsible that group is made up of muslim students all within this country many of them who are actually trained in kashmir so obviously as i said we don't
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know who to hold responsible for today's attacks but there's been a lot of speculation that perhaps it could be the pakistani i.s.i. or the indian mujahideen. let me keeping you updated on the new delhi blast and there's also more on our website our team dot com. we've also got online expert opinions reports from the scene and a look back at other terror attacks in india's recent history also in our free video section you can find pictures from india available to download for free all that and more a click away at our team dot com. security chief of the ousted libyan leader colonel moammar gadhafi has fled the country and is now hiding in neighboring according to officials cut off he wasn't said to be part of the convoy that crossed the border tuesday faso denies claims that it's ready to provide him with asylum before the start of the anti could often campaign the u.s. cia and british m i six were allegedly sending terror suspects to libya for
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interrogation and torture claims based on diplomatic documents recently found in tripoli have sparked outrage this comes as the rebels now control most of the country. ports science suggest it's not over for the violence in libya as the real chaos maybe it took up. the whole mood has is one of africa's most experienced diplomats just broke from the libyan capital he says need to bullying has turned it into a ghost town there is no police there is no administration there is no there is no school newland has been replaced by a more cruel rebels some fear that the various groups who. have been raided every month with kalashnikovs if the tribes fight for their independence to come true will ensue and never ends in civil war with brutal urban guerrilla war. even. with the from the.
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rebel hands mahmud jeli who was alarmed to find islamist sleeper cells had joined his tripoli offensive the vast parallel structure of competence has appeared. we have no idea who is in charge of than. hopes of a reliable replacement for more of my gadhafi appeared to be fading libya's rebels remain deeply divided while the chaos from nato bombing appears to be spreading beyond the country's borders in the turmoil there are fears that religious extremists could be using libya as a base to further their aims in north africa if i'm to new zealand or a good while of a while tunisian women got abortion rights twenty years before women in belgium under the last regime divorced women good benefits revived arab religious movements are trying to reverse that. before the war leaders from barack obama to nicolas sarkozy and silvio berlusconi shook and even kissed gadhafi turned the rebels got
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the bridge carpet treatment in paris but the west will also change tack warning experts if libya doesn't go for them as planned according to this man who's just returned from war torn tripoli the message from some locals there is that the conflict may have created a frankenstein's monster for europe they warned us that we don't know what we are creating in libya it will be a free haven of extremist groups which are just on the southern border of europe poirot's from failed somalia made their coast a no go frighteningly some diplomats now think libya is heading in the same direction but what they will do short of that it is mediterranean will not be a safe seat there will be a part of us and there will be bloat to control the mediterranean to make it safe i don't think french economy can support that western intervention in libya has broad large numbers of new forces to the fore experts fear the west itself may come to regret their emergence daniel bushell r.t.
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brussels. or g.'s website continues following the fate of almost twenty ukrainian citizens who remain in custody in libya as rebel suspect them of being pro the sniper we are the russian embassy was able to secure the release of two russians and a ukrainian couple they say the group is our oil engineers and cooks who have nothing to do with the military. for the full story. stay with the region activists in syria say seven people were killed as government forces used armored vehicles in the besieged city of homs this is the u.n. calls for more pressure to be put on president assad's regime but professor edmund ghareeb an expert in international relations says sanctions won't necessarily bring down the regime but they will make ordinary people suffer in any case what top whatever happens the sanctions are clearly a. instrument that does not discriminate between the regime and the people and what
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may end up happening is that the people who probably are going to have you know price. especially if we take. a look at what happened in iraq or what happened with cuba experiment there's a very good example of this where some of the harshest sanctions out imposed on any country in the history want to impose on iraq and despite that very did not succeed in bringing that regime down and they have affected the iraqi public which was heard to say beautifully as a result of the sanctions so this is. i think is going to raise a lot of questions especially some of them political economic and some of course. the e.u. has already imposed sanctions on oil imports from syria on our website we're asking what's the true aim of this so far fourteen percent of respondents think president assad is the target seven percent say the real game is to liberal voters in the
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e.u. countries almost a third are you the e.u. wants to please the us and about half of taken part in the our online poll say the sanctions hit ordinary syrians to provoke more protests. have your say. the central russian city of jaroslav all is becoming a global think tank this week with a third global policy forum inviting the best minds to come up with solutions to some of the world's thorniest problems this year it's multiculturalism that's among the main focal points a concept that recently got severe blows in europe global security also on the table with debates on syria and libya and the question of how to keep the region safe after nato withdraws from afghanistan artes and he said no way using your us level with more. is expected that there's going to be some pretty intense debate especially when it comes to global security in terms of what's happening in libya and now syria and like you said in afghanistan in two thousand and fourteen the
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u.s. and nato troops are expected to withdraw and for countries like russia its other partners in the collective. security treaty organization which is an organization that focuses in that part of the world is concerned about how they're going to deal with security in the region after if you will post afghanistan to speak more about about that and other issues that are being covered here at the forum this year joining me is adrian pabst is a lecturer in politics at the university of kent i think for being with us always a pleasure to have you on so you know let's start with libya and syria what are the main if i can say the sticking points that we might hear today what are the different views that you think are going to be thrown around on the table one discussion the inevitably going to happen. you know was the intervention riots was the u.n. mandate respected by by nature or in fact was it violates. questions where intervention always come up but i think we should focus on the longer term
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issues as you mentioned in your introduction it's really about building up societies building are viable political economic and social systems and i think too often people say well if the in an intervention is wrong then in some ways countries get out and you know let societies get on with their lives but you need support you know transition societies need a lot of support and that can be both domestic and foreign support so i think what we should be discussing is a longer term presence especially civil society actors who can help build up the potential in the capacity of transition countries now nato and russia don't know we see eye to eye it's very not much of a secret but one thing they have been able to cooperate quite significantly on is afghanistan. what happens after afghanistan and what role do you think the collective security treaty organization could play what i think what will happen is that the the wind down of military presence will inevitably be a destabilizing factor because of ghana stand isn't fully ready to cope with its
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own security problems and challenges so i think engagement again longer term engagement is crucial and i think any support for a more stable afghanistan will be welcome whether it's by individual countries russia of course be one of the main powers in the region but also perhaps other organizations collective security treaty organization is one shanghai cooperation organization is another one i think there's engagement and support the better it is and i don't think nato anyone should be worried about this of course afghanistan has to ultimately decide you know what kind of support it wants. the afghan people have to be at the center of this but i think support for regional powers an organization that's crucial. hope for a better country but not as part of the united kingdom there's a strong sense of national identity in wales which has helped fuel calls for it to achieve independence something similar following similar calls farther north in
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scotland but as artie's are amid reports debate continues raging over whether welsh ambitions are driven by economic sense or emotion. welcome to wales part of the u.k. and a proud nation with its own language and customs and the latest voice to call for independence applied comrie which means the party of wales has always argued the country could be better off without the u.k. and it seems increasing numbers are starting to see their point of view our economy has been run from london with the interest and priorities of the south east of england to the fore an independent will be able to chart a different course based on our needs and our priorities wales is a long way from declaring independence but it's no longer just a pipe dream people here voted overwhelmingly earlier this year in favor of handing the welsh assembly full law making powers that was considered a turning point in welsh nationhood and plights couldn't read the party of wales
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have undoubtedly taken hearts from the surprise victory of the scottish national party that victory in may gave the s.n.p. an outright majority in the scottish parliament which has many powers devolved from westminster the party's promise to hold a scotland wide referendum on whether to declare independence according to plied comrie that marks the turning of the tide for a unified u.k. people i believe are beginning to to use the word independence in in a welsh context which they say they wouldn't have done a few years ago or. develops i think the people in where's it going to see that when scotland becomes independent the next logical step is for we're just becoming dependent to of course separatism is nothing new to the british isles and the thousands of victims of the troubles in northern ireland are testament to how high feelings can run both in the present day and for centuries past while national
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sentiment may not be a new phenomenon the reasons for it have changed over the years. is and in these current tough economic times money talks scotland has oil and gas but while wales was a proud coal producing nation its minds are now closed and it's got some of the highest unemployment levels in the u.k. because of that the older generation is reserved when it comes to independence but young people are filled with national fervor but them independence is less about money and more about nationhood and identity wales needs to be independent because it is a great country and we do we do and it like an ageing because we would be patriotic i think more patriotic than england i mean we have a lot of hope that we shouldn't forget just seem to be back to here at the moment that you can get free prescriptions. education seems to be
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a bit much to. me says it's going to build on that support providing not just emotional reasons why wales should be independent but concrete economic reasons too and it says wales does have resources particularly land and seafood green energy if the scots vote for independence wales might not be far behind. turning back now to our top story the german high court has just issued a ruling on the legality of bellows where it held the country's participation in the euro zone rescue funds the procedure was triggered by a complaint from euro skeptic academics and politicians they'd argue that the first greek bailout and the subsequent creation of a special rescue fund broke in un german law turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe british lawmakers are considering recalling the chairman of news corp james murdoch for further questioning over the phone hacking scandal a day earlier two former employees of the company suggested he misled and he's
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about his knowledge of widespread hacking at the company james murdoch has maintained that till. recently news corp thought the illegal phone hacking was limited to one reporter who was jailed in two thousand and seven murdoch and his father rupert have already faced a committee of m.p.'s over the issue in july. in the us a gunman opened fire on a table of uniform national guard officers leaving four dead and eight injured in the state of nevada two military workers and a civilian woman were killed before the man shot himself dead the motives were unclear but his family members say he had a history of psychological problems he'd never been in the military and had no known affiliation with anyone inside the restaurant. trial of ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak over the killing of protesters in february has resumed in cairo the hearing will be held off camera unlike previous sessions monday the court adjourned the trial after hearing the testimony of several witnesses before the
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session scuffles broke out between pro and anti mubarak protesters outside the court that left ten people injured. the defense team a former yugoslav army general mom sheila parasite says they'll appeal the verdict of the hague tribunal is after the military leader was said this to twenty seven years in prison for war crimes paris it was convicted of abetting atrocities during the balkans war in the ninety's including the massacre of eight thousand muslims in srebrenica he's one of several ethnic serbs military officials on trial at the hague balkans political expert marco gas edge believes the west wants serbians to feel guilty for the whole of the yugoslavia war. well we know how those trials are going to go because the script for those trials of being written in advance but i think we need to look actually look at the real picture here of what pettish each was accused of doing because he was accused in effect of crossing. illegally declared boldly what is that being declared by the sea it's by the diktats all
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western governments particularly germany running the e.c. at the time and subsequently by the us the right. these these governments declared that yugoslavia borders would no longer exist and would be replaced by borders smaller of the secession so this was at the expense of yugoslavia's largest people but i think there is an effort on the part of western governments to persuade the serbian public that in some way they are guilty absolutely for everything how they feel they deserve to be treated worse than the rest of the world that they should be punished that they should be imprisoned that their territory should be carved away from them this is an attempt to psychologically brainwash the serbian people that they deserve what they get and what they get is going to be very bad sadly i don't see too much opposition to this policy on the part of the serbian government which really has a responsibility which it has not exercised to say that the description of the war has been one sided biased and incorrect. coming out later the controversial figure
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of another bosnian serb military leader on trial at the hague is investigated in our xcel port. worldwide manhunt for him last address since gene. one million new world was on the streets count. for the when. the surgeon. live. on our team. stay with us here on our team business an expert dimitri. welcome to the program moscow's largest construction company has changed hands mid-cap blend been bank bought ninety five percent of the company from you in about
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two and of the wife of the former mayor of moscow burbank took the remaining five percent recovery has been valued at one point two billion dollars but given its dead to the value of the deal could be about two hundred million dollars but when it came became the richest woman in russia with a three billion dollar fortune during her husband's stewardship of moscow mayor you do scuffles five of last year by president medvedev over a lack of trust you often claimed his wife's business success had nothing to do with his running russia's biggest city. russia make sport as much as twenty million tons of grain this year the agriculture ministry says august shipments abroad climbed to a record of two point three million tons russia was the world's second biggest exporter before halting sales last year due to a severe drought now the country is trying to regain its share of the global market by offering the largest discount on the grain in four years this makes a russian grain cheaper than french australian supplies and makes shipping to
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distant countries viable for buyers it's now moved to the markets and we start with commodities oil is up this hour nymex and brant crude are both adding significant gains like sweet posting one dollar seven cents and gains brant sixty eight cents that's ahead of an energy department report which is expected to show find stockpiles as tropical storm and leave spreading production in the gulf of mexico also hopes that obama's speech will provide a new cast of the speaker nomic growth in the market. european markets are rallying after three days of losses mainly driven by global stocks and the last few minutes of germany's top court has proven out a lawsuit aimed at. the country's participation in the euro zone bailout and the case had been brought by a number of euro skeptics who argued that the rescue package appropriate german and you know all of this will likely provide further lift to settlement. in russia the
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markets are trading strongly in the black berry much where they started one point nine percent for the r.c.s. almost to be myself this is on the back of world prices and positive movement and asia so to some be individual share moves or my six hundred you made is among the main gain is a move to strong crude cross nafta's up one point six percent of the south while banking stocks are also supported burbank up one half percent fertiliser producer for saga was gaining five percent after posting strong first top results companies net profits rose two point six fold to four hundred fifteen million dollars. but take a look at some of the stories in brief russia's leading telecommunications company bill com has increased second quarter net profit by forty two percent however the total result was three hundred twelve million dollars was nearly half what analysts were expecting and will come operates the beeline mobile phone brand in russia. russian technologies gratian is awaiting plans to create
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a one billion dollar investment fund that of the newspaper reports and will invest in high tech startups could be set up next year russian technologies controls twenty five companies including russian helicopters and titanium giant the ascent of the snow. and japan's biggest brokerage in the moros reducing its operations in russia media sources say it has trimmed its investment business in the country company says it's not planning to completely withdraw from russia they still seize opportunities in the country for the saudis back in fifteen minutes time with an update i'll see then to america.
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emission free credit cation free transport charges free. arrangement free free. free. old freebird video for your media projects free media. dot com. twelve thirty pm in moscow these are your r.t.
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headlines the german high court has issued a much anticipated ruling on the legality of bailouts upholding berlin's participation in euro zone rescue funds this has anger at austerity plans spills on to the streets of italy and spain with their governments preparing to tighten their belts even further. at least ten have been killed more than sixty injured by a bomb blast near the high court in new delhi india preliminary reports suggest the explosives were in a suitcase left near the building. a number of khadafi loyalists including his security chief lee libya for neighboring the share with the whereabouts of the colonel himself still unknown this is concerns grow over what kind of regime could be replacing him. and the central russian city of jaroslav all turning into a global think tank as the world policy forum gets underway there multiculturalism and global security among the most pressing issues on the table at the meeting.


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