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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 5:01am-5:31am EDT

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decision was anxious anxiously anticipated by debt ridden states highly dependent on the bailout packages the lawsuit argued that germany's participation in the bailout of troubled euro zone nations violated the parliament's right to control the spending of taxpayer money. for more on this now we're joined live by r t is daniel bushell thanks for being with us so what are the implications of the court's decision inside and outside germany daniel. well as you say they have in effect approved the bailouts not just the one for greece but potentially those in future which is boring growing numbers of people here not just across europe but particularly in germany now i'm going to merkel's ruling party has suffered terribly in a recent local elections which gives an idea of the opposition that there is in germany to these bailouts they were posed to the idea what they say the mistakes of
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greece being rewarded in effect and germany has to pay for the mistakes of people like greece there's been huge publicity over this ruling does raise the pressure on the germany to really have another look at whether they go through with these bailouts or not the parliament did vote in may two thousand and ten to a bailout of greece keep it from defaulting on its debts and to back the four hundred billion euro european finance debility facility with some hundred forty seven billion euro loan guarantees and most experts predicted this eventual outcome but still agree that the legal case was pretty strong can you take us through some of the background here. absolutely i spoke to the people behind this court ruling and they were very calm for the very least. proved that it will force some amendments to make sure that in future any bailouts do go through some sort of democratic process because the real big concern is that whether it's right or wrong
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the people all being consulted on this and latest opinion poll showed really quite strong up in opposition not just in the bailouts but also to the whole european project the more people are saying is that they oppose this this defect movement towards a single european government without them really being consulted of course when they were consulted some countries like the voted against for the european integration critics say the e.u. has now decided to consult people because they're worried that they may votes against all right argues daniel bushell live for us in brussels thanks for that report. we're getting more analysis on the german court's decision to uphold the country's participation in the eurozone rescue funds throughout the day a little more than twenty minutes we'll be hearing from a leading german economist in our interview segments so stay with us for that. meanwhile in italy and spain thousands of people took to the streets protesting
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their government's fresh austerity measures italy's forty five billion euro package welcomed by the e.u. includes among other things new tax hikes and raising the retirement age for women in spain rallies came a head of a crucial vote by the senate on the mending the country's constitution to limit the national debt but unions and rice rights groups say the death cap would decimate the country's well first system and hurt the most vulnerable writer and journalist miguel and so morocco believes it's the markets that should be made responsible for spain's current predicament not the people the markets are not rational and they are driven usually by fear sometimes by greed. they just think they feel that the spain could be like greece or. portugal because. we've seen the euro so so they tend to lump together countries that are very different but they resemble each other because they are part of that very free and i think that's the that's three a recently sets
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a psychological perception and then again it's true that the growth in spain cannot meet growth not very good so that in the long will be a problem for that we don't have a problem now but we may have it in the future that is true with the financial turmoil gripping europe calls are growing for the worst hit economies to abandon the euro and return to their old national currencies but german economic analysts michelmore ross tells r t the only solution is if this is for the strong economies to leave the eurozone instead. there is another solution that the weak countries exit but a strong country has to exit if germany for example pulls out of the euro the whole problem would be solved means that we will have a stronger currency germany can live with it the others then will have a devaluated currency this is exactly what they need it means also that the debts that there will be devalued this is that what they mean and what this what then we
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need and saw in this situation is why is it worth the weak ones have to pull out but the germans have to pull out. europe's economic woes also being felt in the u.k. driving some parts of it to crave more control over their finances. but it can seem to take the next logical step is for me to speak to this sentiment intensifies across the u.k. as we reveal later in the program. but first our bomb blast rocked the indian capital new delhi killing nine and injuring at least fifty outside the city's high court for the latest we go to our correspondent priya sridhar with us in delhi good to have you with us priya so what do we know about this stage of the investigation . well nothing yet matt actually the home minister has come out and said that this is in fact a terrorist attack but he doesn't know who to hold responsible for this yet so
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obviously investigators are at the scene trying to figure out if there could potentially be more explosives there the prime minister is actually in dhaka bangladesh right now he just released a statement and said that india will not succumb to these terrorist attacks and joining me to talk a little bit more about this is a commodore with a bus card he's currently the senior fellow at the national maritime foundation and he's retired from the indian navy after thirty seven years of service i think so much for joining me so i want first of all to ask you you know who obviously you know we don't know who exactly is held responsible for this so far but what are your theories who do you think could potentially be held responsible for today's attacks when i place this in context and say that to believe the attack in daily is the continuation of a proxy war that is being waged against india since may nine hundred ninety that is when better resume as we noid to be crosses the media and you'll find that there is
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a certain index of intensity the most remembered back of course was in november two thousand and eight when mumbai was attacked delhi has also been targeted and it is very ironic that we are now in september twenty seventh and just a few months ago in may of this year the same premises the beardy high court was similarly identified with that extend what you're seeing is the continuation. whereby certain high visibility targets are being identified you'll recall that we had an attack in mumbai. so what we are now witnessing is a continuation of it maybe a little premature no to talk about specific groups but we do have a pattern meaning that we nor. all in the past which groups have been identified. so everybody so tell me a little bit more about those groups obviously when we talk about that two thousand
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and eight attack it was actually the pakistani i.s.i. that was later found responsible for those attacks we also had the indian move john dean which has also been you know a lot of people have said that perhaps they were behind even what happened in mumbai last month tell me a little bit more about those curves will be better known groups since we are talking about mumbai two thousand and eight that was attacked in which groups like the lashkar e tayyiba which has links with the pakistani establishment what identified and a few more about the david headley case which is going on in the united states at this point there's a lot of evidence which points to this complicity between the risk groups like that as also the pakistani establishment in like fashion there are other groups that we have. evidence for instance in general in kashmir there is a group called the moment which has also been implicated in a number of attacks with the media over the last few years the group that you would
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have heard of the indian mujahideen has also been identified and that was all took all of the three of them on the way as i can because it would suggest that there are now all groups within india because on one hand the recent b.b. spoke about groups coming from outside of india the standard phrase used in india is state sponsored terrorism meaning and the establishment did but groups like the indian mujahideen have a domestic. so that is cause for concern the prime minister's statement from just now prime minister manmohan singh i think is indicating that this is a long haul and we have to ensure that we deal with that appropriate people obviously will continue to monitor the situation and sort of see when the investigations wrap up who actually is held responsible for all of this mr bosco i want to thank you so much for your time thank you. all right artie's. joining us from new delhi with the latest there we'll be keeping you up to date on the new delhi blast all this and more stay with us here on r t and plenty more on r
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t dot com as well you've got expert opinion reports from the scene and a look back at other terror attacks in india's recent history also pictures available to download in our free video section so caught on r t dot com for more on this attack. the security chief of ousted libyan leader colonel gadhafi has fled the country and is now in neighboring the share according to officials there could offer you wasn't said to be part of the convoy himself that passed across the border tuesday while burkina faso has denied claims that it's ready to provide a solid asylum before the start of the anti kadafi campaign the u.s. cia and britain's m i six for allegedly sending terror suspects to libya for interrogation and torture claims based on diplomatic documents recently found in libya have sparked outrage but u.s. anti-war activist don de bar believes the intelligence community will find a way to spin the story. the u.s.
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cia is very skilled at this information and it's interesting here because the attempt is to play this in front of arab audience is this show get the copy as being the u.s. ally even though the forces fighting gadhafi of had a coordinated six month bombing attack with nato and the u.s. on their side but this is playing to arab nationalists so that the n.c.c. can be seen as some sort of anti imperialist tried when in fact they are agents of u.s. imperialism well they should be looked at in the context of the rock that was a temporary one as it sounds out where libya's sensually tried to get itself off the sanctions that they suffered for a decade or so and to be allowed to trade in the international community the cost was very high i guess that shows that collaboration with the united states does not guarantee that you'll be able to continue in power. archies website continues following the fate of almost twenty ukrainian citizens who remain in custody in
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libya as the rebels suspect them of being pro khadafi snipers earlier the russian embassy was able to negotiate the release of two russians any ukrainian couple they say the group our oil engineers and cooks who have nothing to do with the military check out r.t. dot com for the full story their. activists in syria say seven people were killed as government forces used armored vehicles in the siege city of holmes this as the u.n. calls for more pressure to be put on president assad's regime but professor edmund ghareeb an expert in international relations says the sanctions won't necessarily bring down the regime but they will make ordinary people suffer in any case what top whatever happens the sanctions are clearly a. instrument that does not discriminate between the regime and the people and what may end up happening is that the people who probably are going to pay a heavy price. especially if we take. a look at what happened in
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iraq or what happened with cuba experiment is a very good example of this where some of the harshest sanctions out imposed on any country in the history want to impose on iraq and despite that they did not succeed in bringing that regime down and they have affected. the public which was her severely as a result of the sanctions so this is. i think is going to raise a lot of questions especially some of them political economic and some of course. the e.u. has already imposed sanctions on oil imports from syria on our website we're asking you what is the true i am so far fourteen percent think that president assad is the target seven percent say the real aim is to woo liberal voters in e.u. countries almost a third argue the u.s. wants to these are the e.u. wants to please the u.s.
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and around half of those who take part say the sanctions hit ward unary syrians to provoke more protests log on to r.t. dot com and had your say. essential russian city of jaroslava was turning into a global think tank this week with a third global policy forum inviting some of the best minds to come up with solutions to some of the world's pressing problems this year it's multiculturalism that will be among the main focal points of a concept that recently got some severe blows in europe global security also on the table with debates on syria and libya and the question of how to keep the region safe after nato withdraws from afghanistan artes and he said now is the jaroslav and she joins us live now with more hello and so issues ranging from security and multicultural societies being thrashed out of the forum with some of the ideas that they're batting around. that's right a lot of different ideas here at your thought but when it comes to multiculturalism also security this is the third year the global policy forum is taking place and each year more and more experts now don't come here to discuss the most i think the
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issues facing the world its leaders and the global stage today a lot of focus like i said on security what will happen in afghanistan after twenty fourteen when u.s. and nato forces leave how will this c t o or the collective security treaty organization which russia of course is part of and some of its other former soviet states in that security oh my it's how they'll deal with the situation especially because they're so close to afghanistan and of course the situation in libya and in syria and in fact to discuss not more with me joining me i should say is omar sharif. i was the executive director of west asia north africa forum thank you very much for being with us. let's start with syria just because we're hearing a lot about what's happening there what do you think first of all is the way to go is it sanctions and how much do you think that's going to be debated here in europe . i don't think you can take syria out of context i think what we're seeing is as
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it's called the spring or the out of the way of awakening it's a regional phenomenon it's happening in the arab world and therefore what's happening in syria is not this thing detracts from what's happening in the region what's happening in the region is that as opposed to sort of reform which is taking place and has taken place for the last six months or so it's thought that goes through all you know as we all know in tunisia went on to egypt yemen and syria and that's part of the same happening why do we have such different reactions from the west nato per se to each country if it's all part of the same revolution or say well the way the world is reacting is probably different tests to. what's happening in the region but the causes of the same why we have different reactions is a question that you and. someone from nato or the west but we in the region seeing
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a process of reform a process of perhaps democrat prize ation and i think the key here is to know that this is a process it's not an event to crown to wake up in the morning and say we're going to be democratic and i never instead of trying to there's a process it's happening there is no going back. but what we're seeing is definitely a move towards a reform of the whole area now this can take the shape of violent reform as we've seen in some places of these for reform of its interest on reform but that's all in the in the framework of democratic reform let's focus a little bit if we may on libya i think it's fair to say. we've seen the most violence there. u.n. resolution at the beginning was about a humanitarian mission a lot of critics say that it turned into something much bigger what do you think. i think libya was a catastrophe it was a customer for the libyan people there were so many there's so much bloodshed and
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basically so unnecessary humanitarian is politically socially as economic as all of the above reasons and i think we have to take this from the perspective of what the libyan people went through and hopefully the better future that they should have after all of this i just briefly what do you think is next for libya post taffy do you think it's a possibility that we could see fighting within the rebel groups. well i mean we all hope not definitely the that the process is not over definitely there will be a more civil strife before they get where they want to go but i believe that libya has taken that and is on that i hope it is one with. a democratic libya evolve right omar album verify executive director of west asia north africa forum thank you very much for taking time to speak to us here in cuba at the global policy forum in europe slava we will be here throughout the day bringing you the latest expertise and analysis as leaders and of course the best experts gather here to
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discuss the most pressing issues you're right our teams are nice and our way of life for us in euro solve all thanks for that report. hope for a better country but not as part of the united kingdom there's a strong sense of national identity in wales that has helped fuel calls for him to achieve independence following similar calls further north in scotland but as artie's more and it reports the debate continues to rage over whether welsh ambitions are driven by economic sense or emotion welcome to wales post of the u.k. and a proud nation with its own language and customs and the latest voice to cool the independent. it's applied comrie which means the party of wales has always argued the country could be better off without the u.k. and it seems increasing numbers are starting to see their point of view our economy has been run from london with the interest and priorities of the south east of england to the fore an independent will be able to chart
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a different course based on our needs and priorities wales is a long way from declaring independence but it's no longer just a pipe dream people here voted overwhelmingly earlier this year in favor of handing the welsh assembly full law making powers that was considered a turning point in welsh nationhood and plights couldn't read the party of wales have undoubtedly taken heart from the surprise victory of the scottish national party that victory in may gave the s.n.p. an outright majority in the scottish parliament which has many powers devolved from westminster the party's promise to hold a scotland wide referendum on whether to declare independence according to plied comrie that marks the turning of the tide for a unified u.k. people who i believe are beginning to to use the word independence in in a welsh context which they say they wouldn't have done in a few years. debating valid sizing the people and where's it going to see that
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they're to scotland becomes independent the next logical step is for we're just becoming dependent to of course separatism is nothing new to the british isles and the thousands of victims of the troubles in northern ireland are testament to how high feelings can run both in the present day and for centuries past while national sentiment may not be a new phenomenon the reasons for it have changed over the years and in these current turbulent economic times money talks scotland has gas but while wales was a proud coal producing nation. it's mines a now closed and it's got some of the highest unemployment levels in the u.k. because of that the older generation is reserved when it comes to independence but young people are filled with national fervor for them independence is less about money and more about nationhood and identity wales needs to be independent because
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it is a great country and we do we do and it like being has already patriotic i think of more patriotic than england definitely we have a lot of culture that we shouldn't forget just seem to be better here at the moment that you can get free prescriptions. education seems to be a bit better plight says it's going to build on that support providing not just emotional reasons why whales should be independent but concrete economic reasons too and it says wales does have resources particularly land and sea for green energy if the scots vote for independence wales might not be far behind laura emmett's r.t. cardiff. business up next with dimitri stay with us here on r.t. . hello and welcome to the business update on our team moscow's largest construction company in tech oh has changed hands mid-cap lender been bank bought ninety five
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percent of the company from you to number two in the wife of the former mayor of moscow burbank took the remaining five percent the company was valued at one point two billion dollars but given its debt the value of the deal could be about two hundred million dollars but today became the richest woman in russia with a three billion dollar fortune during her husband's stewardship of moscow mayor you to cough was fired last year by present value of over a lack of trust and often claimed his wife's business success had nothing to do with his running russia's biggest city. so look at the markets now oil is back up with brant crude adding one dollar and sixty four cents respectively that's ahead of an energy department report which is expected to show a decline in stockpiles as tropical storm leaves threatening production in the gulf of mexico also hopes that first days of barmah speech will provide a new catalyst for economic growth are supporting the market. european markets are
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rallying after free days of losses mainly driven by global stocks and in the last few minutes germany's top quarters thrown out a lawsuit aimed at blocking the country's participation in the euro zone bailout and the case had been brought by a number of euro skeptics who argued the rescue package broke both german and e.u. law now this has provided a further lived to the sentiment. in russia sure the markets are still positive and gaining momentum apparently the r.t.s. is up. to two point two percent this is on the back of high oil prices and positive movement in asia's take a look at the main movers on the my six here in moscow energy majors are among the main gainers gas problem. two point four percent financial stocks also benefiting from this are rallies burbank is seeing a one point nine percent gains and fertilizer producer for sigler was gaining six percent after posting strong first half results the company's net profits rose more
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than two and a half times to four hundred fifteen million dollars with russian equities experiencing continued volatility this week another you can at the bank says investors should stick to liquid stocks. if we were to see some positive news for the next several days then the best bet for any investor for sure would be a liquid space they respected for which to kill a sector you want to look at because the liquid names have been beaten up most of all the steel sector has been completely destroyed with names such as severstal n l m k m m k down thirty to forty five percent year to date and if we were to see this technical bounce on the back of obama's address on thursday as well as the e.c.b. decision making rate decision and general statement on thursday i think the best bet is to play the liquid names. in other news rushes leading telecommunications company even poor com has increased its second quarter net profit by forty two
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percent however the total of three hundred twelve million dollars was nearly half of what we're expecting to see them become operates the mobile phone brand in russia. russian technology is corp is weighing plans to create a one billion dollars investment fund but it was the newspaper reports it will invest in high tech startups could be set up next year russian technologies controls twenty five companies from helicopters to titanium production. japan's biggest brokerage is reducing its operations and russian media sources say it has turned its investment business in the country the company says it's not planning to completely withdraw from russia as it still sees opportunities in the market and business l.t. will be back in around fifteen minutes with an update.
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coming. to meet. the looming subsists . just
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see the. same in. indonesia oh geez available in the ground zero for sure it's a media hotel the ritz carlton hotel the hotel motel movie millennium hotel in china nothing you can see on t.v. and censored telma comes from his hotel my car on the ground lido hotel macumba seventy shamar come result a tongue assault at the salty dog column local towns with results mcmullen seventy plus hotel mccann riviera hotel in the coming cintra hotel mcconkey. one thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines germany's high court has issued
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a much anticipated ruling on the legality of ballots upholding berlin's participation in the euro zone rescue fund this as i am here at austerity plans spilled on spills onto the streets of italy and spain with their governments preparing to tighten belts even further. at least ten people have been killed more than sixty injured by a bomb blast near the high court in new delhi india preliminary reports suggest the explosives were left in a suitcase near the building. a number of khadafi loyalists including his security chief leave libya for neighboring the share with the whereabouts of the colonel himself still on known this as concerns grow over what kind of regime would replace him. up next a look at the controversial figure of right coma law to the former bosnian serb military leader currently on trial in the hague.


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