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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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it's not hard to see germany's high for throws out of the plane challenging the legality of bailouts and will continue propping up europe's creaking economy. devastation in new delhi at least ten people have been killed and over sixty injured by a bomb blast in the city's high court if pakistan based terror group has already claimed responsibility. last calls for independence from the u.k. grow louder in wales where nationalist fervor coupled with a desire to have control over its own economy. and the minister now of the third annual global policy forum here in today's focus is security and multiculturalism join me later in the program for more details.
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just after two pm here in the russian capital you're watching artsy germany's constitutional court has ruled that eurozone bailouts can continue after throwing out a challenge claiming they were illegal but the court also said that the german government would have to get the approval of parliament before providing further financial aid in future are designing a bushel has more they have to prove the bailout was not just the one for greece potentially those in future which is boring growing numbers of people here not just across europe but particularly in germany now i'm going to merkel's. suffered terribly in the recent local elections which gives an idea of the opposition that there is in germany these play notes they're opposed to the idea well they say the
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mistakes of greece be. rewarded in effect and germany has to pay for the mistakes of people like greece there's been huge publicity over this ruling does raise the pressure on germany to really have another look at whether they go through with these bailouts or not the parliament did vote in two thousand and ten to greece keep it from defaulting on its debts and to back the four hundred billion euro european finance debility facility with some hundred forty seven billion euro loan guarantees and the latest opinion polls show really quite strong up to you know position not just in the vales proof of the whole european project the more people are saying is that they oppose this is the fact a movement towards a single european government without really being consultative of course when they were consulted some countries like voted against for the european integration
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a more critics say the e.u. has now decided not to consult people because they're worried because they may votes against other discuss the implications of the court's decision in a more detail on now dr leifer positive poll that by executive director of financial services firm devi advisers and so we are going to have you with us so what are the implications of the court's decision inside and outside of germany well look the implications inside of germany are actually it looks like a great day for anglo-american old and in fact another markel has had an even better day ultimately this is actually i think what we would call a pyrrhic victory and keep victory for mrs merkel yes could be a large can go ahead block like all good court judgments in the small print and what has happened today is that in fact the german court which has clearly been very very much split on the issue has come out with an announcement we're still scouring through the small print but what we read so far suggests to us that they're going to request the german parliament. and most importantly of all the
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german budget committee has zero grid more say on what goes on in the whole issue and that's ironic because in fact that big winner today is another mrs merkel a little known backbench socialist and he who happens to be mrs merkel of girl in and she is the chairman of the budget committee and she's going to have a great deal of power going forward to go through and finally called through all the possibilities will be allowed on a larger basis what we're looking at today is that yes be allowed can go ahead and bought at the same time it's still a very very quietly picture of the euro we know that the german people are deeply unhappy about what's going on and they don't see there being any benefit in suddenly giving a credit card another bottle of vodka to a dry ning drunken man in a department store and that's what we've got here it's going to still be a terrible result once the market has had a bit of a relief rally which is going on as we speak but he has this criticism and so what
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accent could that hinder the ease response of the debt crisis i mean rule it down a little cold for him and politics. are on the table again well the interesting issue is of course that the german government parties and the opposition parties both tend to be incredibly pro european but at the same time there's a huge groundswell of support within germany the people don't see why they should be spending all the money that they've see of over the years and below greece and other countries and they're quite right i mean it's a perfectly understandable thing to say in that respect i think you're going to see the incredible political wrangling going on we know that mrs merkel has already that's mrs merkel major of the chancellor has already canceled her trip to russia to visit and meet mr clinton continually because he's unable or worried about what's going to happen in parliament during the call or it's a bit weak the german parliament is going to be in chaos because the opposition party will send blood and they realize. mrs merkel looks very much like
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a busted flush at the moment of red as you were mentioning earlier this is not a runaway where but still angela merkel has welcomed it in the court decision emphasizing the importance of unity as she has always been saying but one of the leaders of the ruling coalition i believe it's mr horsley harper said in a recent interview that he did not rule out leaving the single currency zone do you think axing there is a solution for such that reading countries i think there's only one possibility progress right now and that since you don't so the euro i mean what's happening is greece is essential to being saul hide by. slavery by the way that the euro debt mechanism is working far short greased it's a farce for greece people and it's a total complete and utter disaster for the europe of greece should be allowed to go free and it must make its own decisions its own sovereign decisions but people can decide what they want to do next or its own throughout but it's not going to be about easy for greece it's not tomorrow the next they get out of the euro and
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there's a lot of the couple of a lot of work to be done as well is that worth it worth all the trouble. well let's put it this way the issue is that of greece doesn't believe the cancer is spreading and as we know it reached last month it's already whooshing a run clear since it hit portugal italy ireland so far does the disease google for it finally kills the patient i think the question is it's not a question of how much work is there to get angry side of the euro actually how much chances are that the euro is going to survive with greece still in it and the answer is really none ok just very quickly could comment on the. move devaluing its ragged pegging it to the euro what do you think about this move it the investors are saying there's no more safe haven what exactly will be the impact on the year and the rest of the of markets well look what's happened here is that the swiss appoint because they're pragmatic prudent managers of their economy that they've been absolutely howard because essentially their currency is going up to
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see a pivot and. i mean it's all boost with products that we all love swiss chocolate swiss watches my goodness clocks can't be exported at the moment because they become so expensive so the government had to do something because simply they could not produce the goods cost effectively so they've come in and they've said we're going to try and build a linkage atthis level somewhere around one twenty i think to the euro it's going to be the floor and they're going to try and secure the value of the swiss franc overall i think there's two issues if the market crisis really ticks place and really deepens then actually the swiss central bank will have a great deal of difficulty holding this k. relationship how on the other hand it's a big wake up call to the rest of the eurozone the really everybody in the world is not being affected by the lack of leadership amongst the european union and the fact that there is no tangible sensible course here and policy to see of the euro in a time of crisis all right thank you very much for that mr patrick the other financial
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services for m.t.v. advisors joining us live from poland thank you. well we will be getting more analysis on the german court's decision to uphold the country's participation in the euro zone rescue funds throughout the day and just over twenty minutes time we'll be hearing from a leading germany economists in our interview programs if you stay with us for that . and meanwhile in italy and spain are thousands of people hit the streets and protest their government's fresh sturdy measures italy's a forty five billion euro package welcomed by the e.u. includes among other things new tax hikes and raising the retirement age for women and in spain the rally steam ahead of a crucial vote by its senate on amending the constitution to limit the national debt for years and rights groups say that would decimate the welfare system and hurt the most vulnerable the writer and journalist rather believes it's the markets that should be made responsible for spain's current predicament not the people. the markets are not rational and they are driven usually by fear sometimes by greed.
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they just think they feel that the spain could be like greece or. portugal because the two separate fertile country within the euro so so they tend to lump together countries that are very different but they resemble each other because they are part of the periphery and i think that that's the real reason is just a psychological perception and then again it's true that the growth in spain economy growth is not very good so diet in the long term will be a problem for there we don't have a problem now but we may have it in the future that is true with the financial turmoil raging around europe the calls are growing for the worst hit economies to abandon the euro and return to their old national currencies but nobody cannot make analysts michael ross tells r.t. but the only solution to the crisis is a strong economies leave the euro zone. there is no other solution that the weak countries but a strong country has to accept if germany for example pulls out of doing your whole
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problem would be solved means that we will have a stronger currency you can live with it the others will have to devalue the currency and this is exactly what the new greens all saw the. rule. this is that while the mean and this is what they mean need the situation is. the we have to pull out but the germans have to pull out. all europe's economic woes are also being felt in the u.k. is driving to some parts of it to crave more control over their finances. when scotland becomes independent and the next logical step is we're just becoming educated just to separate a sense of intense fires across the u.k. as we reveal later in the program. now a bomb blast has rocked the indian capital new delhi killing ten and injuring at
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least sixty five outside the city's high court it is reported that the pakistan based terror group has claimed responsibility correspondent preassure is in new delhi to discuss who may be behind the attack. the home minister has come out and said that this is in fact a terrorist attack but he doesn't know who to hold responsible for this yet and joining it near talk a little bit more about this is dave buster he's currently the senior fellow at the national maritime foundation and he's retired from the indian navy after thirty seven years of service i think so much for joining me who do you think clean up the tension to be held responsible for today's attacks we do have a better meaning that we nor in the past which groups have been identified off the better known groups since we are talking about mumbai two thousand and that was attack in which groups like lashkar e. links with the pakistani establishment i would not i did just cargo
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or just as a security analyst one linkage that i can see is the fact that the al qaeda and what they were the new leadership that has now emerged after bin laden clearly would be seeing the tenth anniversary of nine eleven which is coming up in the next few days as a moment when they might like to believe clearly because of religion that they have lost over the last four years that is just one possibility or a group for instance in pakistan in afghanistan that are now affiliated with al qaeda might have chosen this particular period in the run up to the tenth anniversary to carry out an attack of this nature this week and a few days after nine eleven would be a moment where the possibility of a spectacular attack would definitely be on the increase i will be keeping you updated on the new dehli gras and there's also more on the story on our web site that's our team dot com and in our free video section we've got pictures for many
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available for you to download for free log on to check it out. i mean if you're. going to take three historic charges or three to make amends three. three stooges free. and free brought us closer video for your media projects free video god almighty god time. curity chief of thousand libyan leader colonel gadhafi has fled to the country and is now in neighboring niger according to officials there coffee was and said to be part of the convoy that crossed the border on tuesday while working with also has denied claims it's ready to provide asylum well before the start of now to get off the campaign american cia and britain's and my six for allegedly sending terror suspects to libya for interrogation and torture all the claims based on diplomatic documents recently found in libya could spark outrage but as the war activist don
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de bar says u.s. intelligence will always find a way to spin the story. the u.s. cia is very skilled at this information and it's interesting here because the attempt is the play this in front of the arab audience is to show good he is being the u.s. ally even though the forces fighting gadhafi have had a coordinated six month bombing attack with nato and the u.s. on their side but this is playing to arab nationalists so that the n.c.c. can be seen as some sort of anti imperialist crowd when in fact they are agents of u.s. imperialism well they should be looked at in the context of the rock roche market that was a temporary one as it's urns out where libya's sensually tried to work get a cell force the sanctions that they suffered for a decade or so and to be allowed to trade in the international community because there was a very high i guess that shows that collaboration with the united states does not
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guarantee that you'll be able to. archies web site continues to follow the fate of almost twenty eight ukrainian citizens who remain in custody in libya as a rival suspect them of being pro get out the snipers well earlier the russian embassy was able to negotiate the release of two russians and a ukrainian couple they say they are all engineers and quote so we have nothing to do with the military so you can check out r.t. dot com for the full story. now activists in syria say seven people were killed as government forces used armored vehicles and the besieged city of homs well that's as the u.n. is calling for more pressure to be put on president assad but professor edmund ghareeb from an expert in international relations says that sanctions won't necessarily bring down the regime but they will make ordinary people suffer. in any case what whatever happens the sanctions are clearly. instrument that
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does not discriminate between the regime and the people. happening is that the people probably are going to price. especially if we take. a look at what happened in iraq or what happened with. iraqi experiment is a very good example of this where some of the harshest sanctions imposed on any country in history were imposed on iraq and despite. not succeeded in bringing that regime down. the population which was heard severely as a result of the sanctions so this is. i think is going to raise a lot of questions especially some of them political some of the economic and some of course. of the e.u. has already imposed sanctions on oil imports from syria and on our website we're asking you what is their true name just looking at the chart here so far fourteen
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percent think that president assad is the target seven percent say the real am is too liberal voters in countries almost a third argue the e.u. wants to please the u.s. and around the half of all those who've taken part say the sanctions here ordinary syrians to provoke more protests or you can log on to r.t. dot com and have your say. at the central russian city of yet a slob well it's turning into a global think this week with a third global policy forum inviting the best minds to come up with solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems well this year it's multiculturalism that will be among the main focal points an issue that's recently proved controversial in western europe global security is also on the table with debates on syria and libya was also a question of how to keep the region safe after they did withdraw from afghanistan a large these and he said ali has more now from me out of stoppers. there's expected that there's going to be some pretty intense debate especially when it
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comes to global security in terms of what's happening in libya and now syria and like you said in afghanistan in twenty fourteen the u.s. and nato troops are expected to withdraw in four countries like russia and its other partners in the collective. security treaty organization which is an organization that focuses in that part of the world is concerned about how they're going to deal with security in the region after if you will post afghanistan not to speak more about about bad and other issues that are being covered here at the forum this year joining me is adrian capps he's a lecturer in politics at the university of kent thanks for being with us always a pleasure to have you back to be here let's start with libya and syria what are the main if i can say the sticking points that we might hear today what are the different views that you think are going to be thrown around on the table discussion of this that's never really going to happen is you know was the intervention of rights was the u.n. mandate respect of pride by nature or in fact was it violates so you know
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questions where intervention always come up but i think we should focus on the longer term issues as you mentioned in your introduction it's really about building up societies building are viable political economic and social systems and i think too often people say well if the in an intervention is wrong but in some ways conscious get out and you know let societies get on with their lives but you need support you know transition societies need a lot of support and i can be both domestic and foreign support so i think what we should be discussing is a longer term presence especially civil society activists who can help build up the potential capacity of transition countries know nato and russia you know we've see i time very good not much of a secret but one thing they have been able to cooperate quite significantly on is afghanistan. what happens after afghanistan and what role do you think the. collective security treaty organization could well i think what will happen is that
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the wind down of military presence will inevitably be a destabilizing factor at first because of grandstand isn't fully ready to cope with its own security problems and challenges so i think engagement again longer term engagement is crucial and i think any support for a more stable afghanistan will be welcomed with the vigil countries and russia of course be one of the main powers in the region but also perhaps other organizations collective security treaty with asians one shanghai cooperation organization is another one i think the more there is engagement and support the better it is and i don't think nato anyone should be worried about this of course afghanistan has to be the size you know we're kind of supported once. the afghan people have to be at the center of this but i think support for the regional powers over the ocean is crucial. perhaps next year of politics they can't universe you don't care much for your input here in r.t. i'm not be joining you throughout the day here from your sample of experts analysts
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and leaders gather to break some of the most pressing issues. issues of global and regional security will be discussed at another conference today as a russian and a french foreign ministers meet in moscow a little later will be crossing live to hear them speak to the media. now hold for a better country but not as part of the united kingdom there's a strong sense of national identity in wales which has helped fuel calls for it to achieve independence following similar calls for the north is scotland was artie's lorena reports that agree continues to rage over whether welsh ambitions are driven by economic sense or emotion. welcome to wales part of the u.k. and a proud nation with its own language and customs and the latest voice to call for independence plied comrie which means the party of wales has always argued the country could be better off without the u.k. and it seems increasing numbers are starting to see their point of view i would
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economy has been run from london with the interest and priorities of the south east of england to the fore an independent will be able to chart a different course based on a priorities wales is a long way from declaring independence but it's no longer just a pipe dream people here voted overwhelmingly earlier this year in favor of handing the welsh assembly full law making powers that was considered a turning point in welsh nationhood and plights couldn't read the party of wales have undoubtedly taken heart from the surprise victory of the scottish national party that a victory in may gave the s.n.p. an outright majority in the scottish parliament which has many powers devolved from westminster the party's promise to hold a scotland wide referendum on whether to declare independence according supplied comrie that marks the turning of the tide for a unified u.k. keeping lao i believe are beginning to to use the word independence in in
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a welsh context which they say they were going to jennifer to use for our last activity valid sizing the people in where's it going to see that there when scotland becomes independent the next logical step is for whispy coming to bengal to of course separatism is nothing new to the british isles and the thousands of victims of the troubles in northern ireland are testament to how high feelings can run both in the present day and for centuries past while national sentiment may not be a new phenomenon the reasons for it have changed over the years and in these. current turbulent economic times money talks scotland has oil and gas but while wales was a proud coal producing nation its mines are now closed and it's got some of the highest unemployment levels in the u.k. because of that the older generation is reserved when it comes to independence but
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young people are filled with national fervor for them independence is less about money and more about nationhood and identity and wales needs to be independent because it is a great country and we do we do and it like doing is already patriotic i think more patriotic than england we have a lot to say we shouldn't. just seem to be up to here at the moment you get free prescriptions. education seems to be a bit much to apply to comrie says it's going to build on that support providing not just emotional reasons why wales should be independent but concrete economic reasons too and it says wales does have resources particularly land and sea for green energy if the scots vote for independence wales might not be far behind. ati card if. now today's interview other sports are ahead but first this is something you can feel your.
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clones a very warm welcome to your business update fresh air in the girl's dispute between russia and ukraine continues to build kiev says it aims to complete the reorganization of the country's gas monopoly before the end of this year and companies will be either conduct i.p.o.'s all the salt privately that will allow ukraine to raise up to twelve billion dollars the country plans to invest the money into energy efficiency a system and its own gas production coupons to reorganize nafta got smaller to renegotiate gas contracts for brush saying the existing prices are too high. that's all good the markets now. that's ahead of an energy department report which is expected to show a decline in stockpiles are struck will still leave it's threatening production in the gulf of mexico also hope that a ban on the speech will provide a new catalyst for economic growth are supporting the market. and european markets
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are rallying after three days of losses mainly driven by global stocks germany's stock court has thrown action lawsuit aimed at blocking the country's participation in the eurozone bailout the case had been brought by a number of euro skeptics who argued the rescue package broke both german and e.u. law that has provided a further lift lift to sentiment. and finally in russia the markets picked up strongly in the black on the back of high oil prices and positive movement in asia let's now have a look at some of the individual show moves on the mice and if you majors are among the main gainers to meet strong crude with gazprom are over two percent meanwhile banking stocks are also on the rise was almost one percent in the work and fertilizer for growth was gaining six percent after posting strong first top results in companies that profits. two point six two four hundred fifteen million dollars. with the russian economy is experiencing continued volatility this
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week rather you count it creech it says investors should stick with liquid stocks if we were to see some positive news for the next several days and then the best bet for any investor for sure would be a liquid space irrespective for which tickle sector you want to look at because the liquid names have been eaten up most of all the steel sector has been completely destroyed with names such as severstal and l m k m m k down thirty to forty five percent year to date and if we were to see this technical grounds from the back of obama's address on thursday as well as the e.c.b. decision making rate decision and general statement on thursday i think the best bet is to play the liquid names. that can log onto our web site our field com slash business.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations your world today .


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