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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight it goes to congressman jeff landry the louisiana republican attended president obama's job speech last night on capitol hill but instead of just sitting there he decided to multitask and hold a silent protest during the thirty minute address the congressman sat in his seat and held that sign drilling equals jobs he raised the scientists shoulder level when obama acknowledged that republicans might have different ideas on creating jobs he held out the whole time now we understand the congressman is trying to make a point but is this the time and place to hold such a protest is this speech by the president before a joint session of congress during economic hardship for the country really an appropriate time to be holding up signs and banners but you know one thing that we thought of earlier today in our meeting to be fair maybe you know hey the n.f.l. kickoff game was last night there was some confusion and concern about this speech
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and the game and maybe them coinciding it who is going to choose to go to what so maybe landry was just getting ready he was gearing up to hold a support sign regardless is it too much for landrieu to hide his love for big oil for thirty minutes and listen to what the president of the united states of america has to say i think as we all know big oil has no trouble having their views and opinions heard in washington d.c. when they spend two hundred fifty million dollars a year on lobbying congress that was back in two thousand and nine and ten according to open secrets for your information i'm pretty sure they don't need the advertising for you know a freshman member of congress with an axe like this it's really not hard to understand how congress has a fourteen percent job approval rating and not surprisingly this is not the first time congressman landry has had a public issue with president obama he was invited to the white house back in june to talk about the deficit crisis but he refused at the time saying this he said i don't intend to spend my more. being lectured to by
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a president whose failed policies have put our children and grandchildren in a huge burden of debt. this is exactly why people are so disappointed with washington d.c. because people like this tea party congressman are so many transit gente they refuse to go hear the president even speak newsflash this is a two party system and this kind of bipartisan squabbling is what helped get the country's credit rating downgraded for goodness sakes and a congressman jeff landry really wanted to get some attention hey he could have just pulled a joe wilson. right those who claim that a reform effort you would ensure you legal immigrants. this is. the of. the flumes i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. still is just like makes me cringe it's the famous you lie remark when obama was
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addressing congress on health care reform remember how the cable news channels went crazy over that outburst well congressman landry you missed your chance you could have been the media darling for five minutes but as a consolation prize will give you tonight's tool time award. now speaking of jobs and obama's job speech you just saw he gave it last night i'm sure you heard it he announced a four hundred fifty billion dollars plan but to what extent will initiatives like an eighty billion dollar infrastructure plan create jobs for some of the fourteen million unemployed americans and how would this plan help the united states stack up with a country like say china because that's the often use comparison made again by president obama last night. building a class transportation system is part of what made you can almost superpower and now we're going to sit back and watch china build newer airports and faster real world at a time when millions of unemployed construction workers could build them right here
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in america. so will those unemployed construction workers thirteen point five percent of that industry according to the bureau of labor statistics be put back to work all of china will this stimulate us industries in this construction of infrastructure and how do the efforts to compete stack up globally just to compare when it comes to something like building faster railroads china will spend three hundred billion dollars on their is through two thousand and twenty that's according to their ministry of railroads wall in obama's last stimulus guess how many dollars were devoted to two thousand and twelve eight billion it's a little less than three hundred billion now that's according to the us federal railroad administration so here to put this plan and speech in the context of the global economy and that the u.s. is competing in is ryan of that his primary contributor to the economists free exchange economics blog he's also author of that kindle single you see there the gated city thank you so much for being here tonight thank you so you actually wrote
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the book on on nimbyism on the not in my backyard phenomenon and its effect in the united states on the economy so considering that and these comparisons to china as building of infrastructure and railroads and saying the u.s. needs to compete to do the same is that even possible in the u.s. given factors like exactly what you've written about nimbyism well i mean certainly one of the things that china doesn't have to deal with when they're building high speed rail networks and things like that is complaints from local residents i mean those residents might not necessarily be happy about a railroad running in their backyard but their system of government just makes it a lot easier to build those kinds of infrastructure investments. at the same time they're spending a lot more money than you. it is spending on its infrastructure improvements and some of that is because they need to catch up to where we are they as fast as they're growing there's still a lot poorer than we are they're going through a development phase that we went through a long time ago but that doesn't really give us an excuse to neglect investments we need to make we haven't spent nearly the kind of money that we need to spend on
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roads and infrastructure in general and certainly obstacles from neighbors or something is going to stay in the way but there are things we can do to go ahead and push for projects that need to be built but just basically yes or no when obama says something like that we need to commit to compete on high speed rail infrastructure with china is that really rhetoric it would be impossible right it's rhetoric you know i mean we don't need to spend ten percent of our output like china is spending on our infrastructure we do need to spend more however and i think you know the president is using a rhetorical tool to try to get across the point that we're not doing what we need to do maybe bending the truth a little bit but the bottom line is we're spending about half of what europe spends in europe is as much similar country to us in terms of their development level they spend about five percent of what they produce every year on infrastructure investments we spend about half that we really ought to be doing better still below europe and i think you accuse the president line a little bit but when the truth is bending the theory with the eighty billion dollars and this infrastructure project that obama is proposing would that create
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a lot of jobs for all of these unemployed construction workers there unemployed americans who create some jobs and i think in this economy some jobs better than no jobs i think you know there's a couple things are member about infrastructure investment that we were talking about the weak economy one is that it's kind of what we call a capital intensive sort of project and that it takes a lot of big equipment a lot of materials and not necessarily a lot of manpower to build a high speed rail system for instance and so we're not going to put millions of people back to work building rail systems the other thing is that you know to remember though is that these are investors that need to be built anyway you know we need to build them and we need to be in. these investments for the past twenty years we haven't done that so whether or not we're creating a lot of jobs on these individual projects it's a good time to spend this money because the u.s. can borrow cheap treasury bill rates really low and we can get labor for cheap because there's so many people looking for jobs so it's going to save taxpayers
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money to do it now it's going to create some jobs is not going to create enough jobs to bring us back to full employment that doesn't mean it's a good and not a good idea so what helps the country's bottom line because it needs to make these investments but isn't this supposed to be about jobs you know i mean certainly that's the context in which the president is pitching pitching and i think one reason is because americans may be more willing to spend the money that they need to spend given the promise of additional jobs i think it's going to be realistic that this is not going to put the fifty million unemployed workers that we have all of them back to work it will create some jobs but i think to really put all of the americans i would like a job back on the job we're going to focus on other things and the payroll tax cuts are a bigger step in that direction there's more money going there and it's likely to create more jobs and then there's other things that the fed can do but the infrastructure bit is just one small part of it one small part there are other things in this bill other things that could be talked about some say are what about looking bigger picture a competition with china when it comes to manufacturing and trade you know how is
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the united states supposed to compete when china subsidizes their industries with billions and billions of dollars in state loans and they subsidize fuel and electricity and do all of these other things that we don't in the united states i mean it's definitely a good point and something that a lot of leaders have paid attention to the currency issue is one one thing that mitt romney mentioned last week in his jobs plan as well as the direct subsidies and i think you know there are things there that we would consider to be unfair trade practices. i think there's a good argument that says how far do we want to push china trying to get these things fixed because it's actually a relatively small part of the problem i mean i think the big problem that we look at when we talk about a country like china the fact that they are making investments to make their infrastructure. as up to date as possible and be that their workers just don't earn very much money i mean they're poor countries still and so it's going to difficult for american workers who tend to be more productive in a lot more to compete with chinese workers on a lot of those cheap industries speaking of competing i want to play what president
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obama said about free trade last night can we roll that. now it's time to clear the way for a series of trade agreements that would make it easier for american companies to sell their products in panama and colombia and south korea also helping the workers thank you if. you were just talking about workers affected by global competition who would have free trade agreements help though. well they they help the consumers certainly i mean that's the big reason why i think a lot of people support them is that in general they move production to where it's most efficient that makes good cheap for the u.s. the problem obviously as the president mentioned is that when that happens a lot of workers are dislocated and some of them need additional training they need support while they're going through training so that you continue to pay their bills and don't lose their house and over the past in the twenty years the u.s. simply hasn't done a very good job at doing those things and so if we're going to continue to to liberalize trade we need to make sure that we're supporting work workers along the
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way so i think i just heard you say that we lose jobs not necessarily i mean it depends a lot on the industry some jobs are going to move abroad some jobs are going to move here actually and i think one thing that's been interesting is that companies have been increasingly willing to hire workers here all right we have to leave it at that according to the economic policy institute they say we could lose a couple hundred thousand jobs in some of these trade agreements but i guess we'll see what ends up happening i appreciate you being here to clear this all up for us and we have to have you on again now she may have taken a day off but alona left behind fireside friday we will have that next and then happy hour an open mike catches the v.p. and house speaker engaged in a very serious discussion and plus being anti aging get the fox sports show pulled from the air back in just a minute. right
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. from stupid. stunts on t.v. don't. it's
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done for him lasted for fifteen. for the well. general. to tonight's fireside. cops. this sunday is going
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to mark the tenth anniversary of nine eleven the largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil we talk constantly on this program about the numbers the lives lost in our war since then the doubling costs of defense spending the expansion of our surveillance state of our civil liberties but this sunday at least for a moment probably just about everyone out there is going to try to remember where they were that specific day what they were doing how they heard the news of her silence can be more painful than for others as they are member lost family members or friends who were there and survived are going to recollect those horrible memories now i don't have a deeply personal experience to offer like those who sacrificed their survivor whose loved ones died but i do want to speak about people like myself in terms of my generation the ones that have grown up in the aftermath of that attack during this war on terror see on the day of september eleventh of two thousand and one i was fifteen years old i was a sophomore in high school i was learning about modern european history studying
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shakespeare was a learning about current affairs not about al-qaeda or the taliban not even the gulf war but the soviet war in afghanistan i was a learning about the middle east or the countries in which soon enough america would be a war and our soldiers would be dying where history in some way would be made public opinion changed forever so you can say that that's normal you were fifteen getting mean you didn't need to know about that stuff yet but now for so many people my age and those even younger than me. that's become a really big problem since i was fifteen years old we've been a country at war globally and most of us know far too little about where and why it's happening about the region the history the culture now it started of course with afghanistan with this notion of revenge that it drifted into iraq based on lies but now it's pakistan it's yemen somalia for other purposes it's also libya and for those who are younger than i am they might not even remember a time when their country was in a war these days most people probably don't even feel it either we're so far
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removed from the battles that are going on we're using more sophisticated weaponry the casualty rates are much lower and let's not forget of course the media coverage of what's going on is sparse the most gruesome stories of what happens covered up by the government everything is peachy keen speed spin that our military generals try to sell to congress to the media that goes largely unquestioned and for both fear of looking soft on terrorism and national security and fear of disrupting the business flow for military contractors who line their pockets and bring factories to their districts our politicians let these wars go on so if you're my age especially if you're younger chances are you might think that all of this is normal it's just how the world works it's just how things go and most everything around you reaffirms that if that's the case why would anybody go out and protest call for any of this to end and that makes me want to tear my hair out it makes me angry it makes me scared constant global war is not and should not be the norm neither is
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being told you should live in constant fear or give up all of your rights for surveillance except of the government can skirt the rule of law and make exceptions can torture indefinitely detain and put citizens on assassination lists we should not and we cannot just accept any of that we need to bring it to an end and that starts by having open honest conversations about it about the cost in lives and dollars and perceptor. in values not by letting an entire generation growing up thinking that this is the way it has to be. all right it's friday night at the time it's time for happy hour and joining me tonight is r t web writer andrew blake and telling us on the data reporter and
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blogger for think progress dot org thanks guys for being here how little right you're having of this so a show that aired on fox fox or it was called the college experiment it was getting a lot of negative attention because of the way it portrayed asians on the u.s.c. campus but you can see for yourself here. colorado utah this is for you. calderon and i you got to the top. why don't you tell wall come. see if you can. work. and you go to the park to go there come call you do you talk. all right so many people consider that segment very demeaning to asian americans and fox sports says it regrets that the segment ever aired and it was pulled from the network immediately what you guys think of that. going too far was that really that not p.c.
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is great the fox and this is offensive we're going to take it off the air a little bit more often i mean it just it took off. so it's a start of you got to start somewhere but why do you think i mean i watching that because it was actually the first time i'd seen those clips i thought it was going to be far far worse i thought it was going to be more intentional i mean those sort of people that have strong accents big deal i think that's what they were going for i mean i got to hand it to fox this is the first time i've seen a minority on the network so that's a positive but it's nice to know that there's a you know what fox news does the facts you know fox sports does to funny they just completely watch it but you know there's a unifying principle of racism there at fox so that's nice that's nice no they keep it they have a little over there the thing but you really think it's a very says do you think that they were trying to make fun of those people i mean it could be more resist sure i mean they could've added words different types of minorities to make fun of and i think the fact that they targeted asian people with
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clearly english wasn't their first language and only that i'm sure there are people especially on that campus where english is their first language and they would have been able to say it in an american accent and he clearly just showed the ones that there. it's an attempt to make fun of them i think maybe you guys are just being too hard on asian americans we're liberals i mean it's all right let's move on let's talk about some other people that got caught on camera doing some slightly different the president's job speech was last night of course and vice president biden and house speaker john boehner had kind of a row moment talking about their favorite sport the problem is it was caught on tape. it was. a good. story. it was. a pretty
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good. one. i mean it just goes on and on is that not too good to kind of capture what washington is really thinking about better than forty minutes of what obama said that had me more entertain. old white guys like gold because it told you that yeah but come on isn't this troubling to our country is in such tough times i mean things are dire obama's trying to introduce a plan give a speech and they're talking about golf and laughing about it and it's like the one thing they can come together certainly isn't it comforting though that the left and the right can agree on something golf i don't mean right as head obama for being out of touch for being on the golf course and here the guy's not even on the golf course and he's talking about it or a fascinating question is small talk skills to i mean he goes with golf can you imagine walking in the bar or at a tailgate party and he's talking about the best ball back you know maybe i mean it's just really kind of wildly out of touch. i guarantee any time that someone on
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the right is going to like hammer obama for being out on the golf course people on the left are going to replay that clip as much as it was usually candidate are talking about his golf and they're going to get it again or they go some fodder for people on the left moving on california's governor jerry brown has been issuing a few vetoes three. certainly and one of the latest has to do with a bill that would require kids who ski or snowboard to wear a helmet and if they don't then parents would get a twenty five dollar fine but check out this letter he wrote to support that veto he said while i appreciate the value of wearing a ski helmet i'm concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to this state not every human problem deserves a law what you guys think is this a win for brown or should be wearing helmets in the parallel you personally i mean i think there should absolutely be a law for my problems every time i got slapped with a bill i can't afford there should be a law like that should be a felony if i can afford it but i mean yeah i think in reality he has kind of a point you know what point do you draw the line between nanny state and parents
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having common sense this is the problem that i have worse zooming that all parents have common sense and i think that's kind of an elitist view i mean there are a lot of kids that have negligent care and don't get the proper parenting that allows them to where i know that they need to wear a helmet when these key i don't know i kind of think that there's something to this especially in california like at the bottom of the memo. oh i think the parents of kids in california are responsible enough to make decisions on their own for their own safety like when it was california done anything good in the last thirty years other than like mainstream pornography and metallica television all of us from california i swear we don't know if i'm reductive member of society that terrible moment if i skied i would i would need anybody to tell me to fair enough fair enough all right so let's leave it at that we don't want to get too crazy our
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next story is about a woman who might be watching way too much of this show. all right this woman. she was a cast member evidently she was arrested after she bit the neck and face of an elderly man in a wheelchair who is an electric wheelchair she attacked him bit off piece of his skin pieces of his skin said she was a vampire you know what you guys think maybe she was on team outward i mean that's possible but really this is america it's about it's norman rockwell would be really good and i mean it's just it's it's pretty appalling and i think what's the most interesting about this is the police arrested both the woman who put man and. the guy in the electric earth i'm sorry but you know what's going to electric
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wheelchair also has better us a couple times when they call this a crime but it's hooters accouterments just maybe they were just involved in some kind of role playing that went very very wrong we're going to leave it on that note though this of course happened in florida which just as stories happen in florida but that's not to do it thanks for being here guys have been friday and that is going to do it for tonight show thanks for tuning in to make sure to come back on monday alone i will do that she will be talking about the latest developments with the euro financial crisis seem to be melting down and what it means for the u.s. in the meantime do not forget to become a fan of the alone or stay on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's show or any other night so you can catch it all online at youtube dot com slash a lot of show and coming up next stay right there it's in its. well
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when one deals with war for us to realize that the tremendous amounts of damage that are done not just human damage but damage the physical environment in which the battlefield takes place tremendous amounts of damage done by aerial bombs by napalm boy chemicals that whether it's our sonic booms or factory marine mammals or it's the burning oil field syrian iraq or against stroy coral reefs in the pacific for women purposes the list just goes on and on the geneva conventions of nineteen forty nine states that there shall be taken in war to protect and by against widespread long term and severe damage the united states although it is accepted almost all of the provisions of protocol one has taken exception to that.
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the first funerals take place today of those who perished in a plane crash near russia's yaroslavl that took the lives of all local ice hockey
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team. crowds gather in the rain outside the locomotive staging stadium. preparing to say their final goodbyes the city mourns john thomas and coming up i have all the details. the u.s. prepares to commemorate the nine eleven attacks the day that unleashed the war on terror now feared by some to be a bigger threat to international security. and hundreds of egyptians stormed the israeli embassy in cairo in a rage by the deaths of five egyptian border guards last month. it's eight am in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story the families and fans of russia's lokomotiv ice hockey team prepare to honor victims of the plane crash.


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