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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2011 7:22am-7:52am EDT

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they will definitely get higher votes than the liberals and their messages will continue i think the egyptian people will not accept the military continue to be in power in spite of the five that most of the military as everybody knows are the same old team of mubarak they are the people who were handpicked by mubarak with the approval of the americans the americans would be happy for the military to stay there but i don't think the egyptian people without. president obama is urging voters across the us to get behind this happened early and dollar stimulus package to great jobs added pressure american lawmakers to pass it the latest white house plan to rescue the economy includes a mixture of tax breaks additional government investment and funding to states but charles and that's a publisher of the transdermal says the politicians are fighting the wrong battles in the struggle against of employment. if anybody watched you could wonder how any self respecting adult could have any respect for these politicians jumping up and
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down and clapping like trained seals that every two bit lawing all this speech was is obama's campaign speech on one end you have the republicans that want to cut back in title mention anything going to the people bring in a scary measures and obama promising empty promises the federal reserve and some sixteen trillion dollars in stimulus back to a loans etc and they couldn't create jobs well obama said he wants to create infrastructure jobs perfect but they creating them in the wrong place is creating him in afghanistan they're rebuilding iraq now they're going to be rebuilding libya oh it's simple there's a way to solve this back on these the merits of wars and defense spending and repatriate the money number one and then listen to what else obama wants to do he
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wants to put on free trade pacts oh great export jobs overseas why don't you export americans over to china panama indonesia and vietnam to do them so we have to re french we have to stop these trade agreements that are raping america all of its resources mental and natural. let's now have a look at some other stories making headlines around the world at least forty people have died hundreds more are thought to be missing after a ship sunk off of me let's have the neon survivors say the ferry carrying some six hundred passengers capsized in an area of strong currents near the coast of zanzibar the people people expressed anger that the ship had been allowed to leave the heavily overloaded well rescue efforts continue in the area. ilithyia lot of formating colonel gadhafi strongholds but he believed is close to being captured by the rebels despite fierce resistance from his supporters there's also continue
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fighting near the city of sirte of three gadhafi loyalists have been killed and one rebel fighter is reported dead colonel gadhafi is audio messages claim he still it libya despite reports of his family and some associates crossing the border into niger meanwhile interpol has issued a red notices for the colonel's arrest a lot with his son saif al islam. syria the protesters say eleven people were killed in a new government rallies across the country on friday thousands of demonstrators appealed for international help in the face of a bloody crackdown by the forces of more than twenty two hundred people are thought to have been killed since the uprising that's called for president bush on the south to structure. well if that's ok the fall of the nine eleven attacks washington's campaign in iraq and afghanistan were aimed at ridding the world of terror but ten years later people feel any safer resident or harford as sas people
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on the streets of new york what they think. i think it after the horrible man eleven terrorist attacks on the us how is the world changed this week let's talk about that there were. i won't say more dangerous but it's more like our tick so all things are predictable you know what what's going to happen next to life is much intense i think so no. every day can can be the last and you think people around the world feel this way. i think in europe in america i think so i don't know you kind of more aware of the threat just more on the lookout do you think that people are around the world still keep that digital and ten years later probably not as much as we did five years ago do you think that the amount of lives lost in the name of the war on
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terror has been worth feeling safer i think it's a difficult thing a common on to be honest i have a lot of friends that have fought over there and i would say it's hard every time they leave they are not for war so no i don't think war is to make us feel safer if everyone lives his own business i think everything would be better if we had been here in new york. several places. places we find this a lot of security so we understand all that such because it wasn't before but something we have to. live with. that we might be safer but we have to give up some things for that well i don't see will be safe we try to make you safer we pretend they are pretend to be safe that's right i mean sure it's a spirit if somebody wants to solve it was so is there anything that anyone can do or is that just what's going to happen it's going to happen i don't know people
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should be. should change her way of thinking way of treating other people like accepting that people can be different i'm not just my way is the right way i'm but screw everybody this is not rights no matter what you think it's changed the bottom line is we can only hope the world continues to strive to be a safer place. all right all be back with a recap of our top stories in a few moments. welcome
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back this is our team and here are the main stories we're covering today russia city of venice labile is saying an emotional goodbye to the victims of wednesday's plane crash that tragedy claimed the lives of almost all of the local ice hockey team. the u.s. prepares to remember september eleventh the security beefed up to protect against a possible new what's hot the war on terror a reach that day is now feared by some to be an even bigger threat to the world's security. and hundreds of egyptians stormy's rolls out of the sea in cairo and reached private feeling of five egyptian border guards last month the israeli
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ambassador and his family have been flown out of the country. and up next puts a former cia mad at us some a bit a lot instructor under the spotlight so i ask if the leader of al qaeda is death made the world any safer that's something. hello again or welcome to spotlight the interview show in our city pride called your job and today we're talking about nine eleven. this year marks the tenth anniversary of september eleventh attacks in the united states two passenger airliners crashed into the world trade center buildings in new york and want into the pentagon building in d.c. almost three thousand people died in the attacks started a new era by u.s.
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led a war against terror which prior to major military operation in iraq and afghanistan just two months ago the u.s. enemy number one salah bin ladin was killed in pakistan but did his death really change and did the ten years campaign produce any result except the growing thirty two feet on the one hand and valor tobie on the other we're asking the former chief of the a family bin laden tragedy unit in the cia michael. who were stare at turk in u.s. history terrorists hijacked four planes and gresh two of them into the twin towers of the world trade center in new york city one into the pentagon while the fourth was presumably targeted at the white house in washington but crashed into a building and the roof tax which kind of eventually admitted left some three thousand innocent people down and created
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a perception that no place is safe from the threat of extremism they needed to u.s. response was the war on terror declared by president george w. bush and instigated a highly controversial military complains in iraq and afghanistan. they were inter has been criticised many times is counterproductive because in a further escalation of violence one of the legacies of nine eleven is the guantanamo bay detention base where a lady terrorists have been held the markets used there have been condemned by organizations like amnesty international and human rights watch is something which turns a weren't terrorism in turn act of terrorism in itself another sign of the post nine eleven world is a rise in this one off increasing with a dent in the u. west and europe it took america ten years to locate and eliminate some of bin laden the mastermind of nine eleven months months of the death of the u.s.
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as most wanted and i mean may spark mass celebrations in the united states. was assured a welcome to the show thank you very much for being with us. well thank you for having me so yes thanks sure you say i quote the fundamental flaw in our thinking about bin laden is that muslims hate us for what we are rather than what we do and quote what's your explanation of the reasons for these attacks. we were attacked because of what our government does in the muslim world this is overwhelmingly a defensive response to us foreign policy toward european foreign policy for that matter there is not much difference when it comes to the muslim world and it to fail to understand that is to fail to understand the motivation of our enemy the
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appeal of our enemy to the younger generation in the muslim world and really just to kid ourselves to think that killing bin laden really solve the problem it's an ongoing problem it's a worsening problem and least in the united states we have two parties who are resolutely opposed to any any contact with reality on this they want the american people to believe that we're being attacked because we have liberty and elections and gender equality and really the war has almost nothing to do with that i do consider some of bin ladin skilling as the major us a victory in the war on terror and a serious blow for the jihadi terrorism. it's a major tactical victory it's a wonderful victory for the cia and the united states special forces we're much better off as a as a country and i probably as an alliance with him dead but the time has a long past where he would have been his killing would have been sufficient to end
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the problem mr clinton had that opportunity ten or twelve different times in one nine hundred ninety eight thousand nine hundred ninety nine it would have made a real difference there but bin laden it's very good that he's dead he was a very talented very inspirational leader but the movement the islamist movement is much bigger today much more geographically dispersed than it was at nine eleven primarily because of the invasion of iraq. our invasion of iraq and subsequent occupation really created a situation that did for bin laden and al qaeda what it probably could never have done by itself the occupation of iraq made al-qaeda it turned out to rather from a man and a group into a philosophy and a movement and now we're living with that politeness a fee in that movement and this is sure a why did you. say that bin ladin i quote died as success isn't it's an overestimation i would share is that that had to be in deep hiding for the last
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couple of days or years rather of his life. i don't think it's an overestimation at all perhaps it's an underestimation some of in latin was the one person in the muslim world in the arab world especially who stood up and defied the united states in words and deeds and indeed enticed us into coming into afghanistan where we have lost that war so he will be remembered both as a as a very brave man and as someone who is more effective than any muslim government has ever been in challenging the united states but i think more important the west has always missed the point they've they've kind of refused to listen to what osama bin laden said over the past sixteen years and that was al qaeda and bin laden himself were to feel a number to ever. to ever defeat the wester to drive the west out of the middle east by themselves and so they took it upon themselves especially bin laden to
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inspire other muslims to undertake a jihad against the united states its allies and its client governments in the middle east along with the israelis and i think just objectively if you if you see if you. total up the number of people who are in arms against us in the field today in a number of countries they're operating in and the increasingly indigenous violence in the united states and canada in north in europe bin laden died a fully successful in his own terms mr sure you were had of the cia's bin ladden intelligence unit in the early thinks ninety nine you mention this period of your life already couple of minutes ago it was your job to provide necessary information to capture or eliminate the al qaida leader were you receiving the information at that time that he was up to a major attack against the u.s.
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was it possible already at that time to neutralize him or not. well certainly it's never been a it's never been hidden from the west or from the united states that they intended to attack the united states at home and attack is very severely as i said earlier in our interview sir the west has been stone deaf to what bin laden has said over the over the course of his active career much in the way that we ignored when hitler wrote it in the one nine hundred twenty s. we would have been better off had we listened to what he said or had we read what he said but we didn't and we took a pounding for russia especially but a lot never made it a secret that he was going to attack inside the united states and indeed i had the honor to lead some very brave and very effective officers and frankly mr clinton had much better information and opportunities to kill osama bin laden then the opportunity that the president current president president obama head and he took
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the chance he went ahead and did it in the interest of the american people mr clinton was more afraid of damaging his reputation with the europeans and other kind of left wing people if he happened to kill a few civilians along with killing osama bin laden when you when you look at the problems the world has traveling in airspace when you look at the drain on the war of. terrorism on you you have the u.s. economy if you look at the inspiration in the gladden and others provided to the to the muslim rebels russia is fighting in the north caucuses all of that goes back to president clinton's cowardice in not being willing to kill osama bin laden in the late one nine hundred ninety s. you know you pretty critical is the sure of of president clinton was that the major reason why you resigned back in the one nine hundred ninety nine. it was a big part of it sir and i'm not just critical of mr clinton i'm critical of any
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president of the united states who doesn't put the protection of americans first i think russians would feel the same way about their president or the british or about the same their prime minister mr clinton just happens to be the one that i know best because i was responsible for providing information to him. i'm sorry i had misled the second part of your question i mean i mean was that the reason your . your criticism of the clinton that you resigned a war you were you rather dismissed from the cia ninety nine. no i resigned i was moved to a different job in may of june of one nine hundred ninety nine we had just gone through a period in the last week of may in one nine hundred ninety nine where we know we knew exactly where osama bin laden was spending the night for five consecutive nights in kandahar city and we could have killed him at any one of those nights and the president decided not to do it and i wrote
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a memo that said basically if we don't do this soon we're going to miss our opportunity and a lot of americans are going to die for that and they had gotten to another job doing counter-narcotics until until nine eleven i resigned no more because of the failure of the nine eleven commission to find anybody responsible for anything before nine eleven and because they failed to the informed to inform the american people in their report that we're fighting people who are at war with us because of our foreign policy and its impact in their world and not because americans have women in the workplace or because we drink beer and i thought that was a major failure of the nine eleven commission and i thought i should say something about that and i couldn't do it as a serving cia officer says michael show where the former chief of this zama been allowed to track
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a unit at the cia spotlight would be vacuously officer breaks those down go away. well you can. read you the latest in science and technology from the ground. we've got the future covered.
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welcome back to spotlight on al green novel in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is michael scheuer the former chief on the as i'm a bin laden tracking unit i have the cia mr scheuer has so a you just mentioned the your predictions and your you know well when you work in the cia. does that mean that the nine eleven the events when that tragedy happened that it wasn't it wasn't a shock for you because you expected something like that to happen is that right. that's exactly correct surnamed and i don't like to put the focus on myself anybody who had been working the end against osama bin laden and al qaeda whether it was at cia or the department of defense or anywhere else in the u.s. intelligence community knew that an attack in the united states was coming and
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there was no doubt i think in anybody's mind the moment the first plane hit the tower that al qaeda was responsible for it we had developed information as early as one nine hundred ninety five that al qaeda was planning to fly a seven forty seven aircraft passenger aircraft into cia headquarters in virginia so this was no surprise to anybody so just after september eleventh you have been appointed again you came back to the cia as a special advisor to the chief of the bin ladden unit does that mean that that the agency admitted they were wrong and you were right. you know i don't really know what it means i think it means that i had more experience probably than any other senior officer in the u.s. government's area the intelligence community working osama bin laden and after the attacks of nine eleven. a large number of new people were brought in to work
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against al qaeda and i think they brought me back primarily because i had an institutional knowledge a long history of working this particular target and i was able to the extent i could help young people understand how the organization worked what was important what wasn't important i don't think it was anything like a pro admission of that i was right in and they were wrong it really bet really doesn't make a difference the only thing that mattered after nine eleven was really destroying al qaeda miss the sure what's your attitude to the conclusions of the so-called nine eleven commission should they be reviewed from your point of view. i what i've always been concerned with service and part of the charities are for the nine eleven commission was that all of the intelligence information that was provided to it would be released to the public. and it was before the commission
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got it it was it was edited and read back to to make sure that no sources intelligence sources or methods of acquiring information would be compromised so all of that material is ready to be released whenever whenever they're ready to do it and when that's released i think it will become a very apparent to the american people that there were grievous failures in the senior leadership of the u.s. government particularly in the white house and that the intelligence community as a whole not just cia but n.s.a. and other units really did very well in giving the president a chance to kill america's number one enemy the only person who had declared war on us twice in one thousand nine hundred sixty one nine hundred ninety eight so i really do think what we need to have is the documents that were provided to the nine eleven commission which were promised to the american people work made you publish the book it was called imperial hombres why the west is losing the war on
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terror you probably this book back in two thousand and four what made you publish this book and it did losing the job of the cia once again that it. well i resigned finally b.s. they resigned. because i had managed to speak publicly about this i think the most important issue for the united states and certainly its allies and nato is to realize there is no way to win this war or to end this war as long as our foreign policies remain the same in the in the muslim world as long as we support whatever the israelis want to do as long as we're the primary backers of the saudi police state as long as we. are dependent on oil in the middle east. all that means this war is that this war will continue that the islamist movement will continue to grow and that we will be in essence the the engine of islamism
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because it is our foreign policies and their impact that genuinely motivate. means that we face in the field today we certainly have failed miserably in killing enough of the enemy we haven't killed nearly enough of them but killing is never enough you have to have policies there that kind of make recruitment more difficult in the coming generation and so far since nine eleven our policies has remained the same have remained the same and they have spurred recruitment to al qaeda and many many other islamist groups around the world mr sure the us led invasion of afghanistan was an immediate result of this of september eleventh that what will the them of then hugh us withdrawal from afghanistan mean for these salami militancy will be the jihad is coming out weakened or maybe rain forest as a result of the campaign in afghanistan. well what we've seen in the last six
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months is president obama has surrendered in afghanistan after ten years they have not killed enough of the enemy to even protect the senior people in the afghan government i think the russian people who are will remember the efforts of the soviet union in afghanistan and certainly we're going to end up no better the results of our defeat there will be to galvanize the coming generation of young muslims around the world to fight in the genocide i think you'll remember sir that osama bin ladin his generation the generation of iman's are we here and of others was galvanized into a belief that islam could prevail by their success driving the red army out of afghanistan when the united states and its allies leave afghanistan the governments in the west and in washington will dress up. the retreat to surrender as if it was some kind of success but in the muslim world it will be seen for what it is which
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is the united states leaving afghanistan without accomplishing any of the goals it set out to accomplish and in fact it will be leaving in defeat and just as the soviet withdrawal galvanized the muslim the young muslim world in one thousand nine hundred nine the american defeat in afghanistan will galvanize this generation of muslims when we leave in two thousand and twelve or twenty fourteen or whatever date we do leave well then what about the war in iraq was it a mistake to from your point of view i mean i mean did it do good for the war. you know and it was a complete can't can't completely counterproductive and i guess i need to do you know for your viewers i am not an expert on iraq or. what kind of threat saddam hussein posed but the advice that was given to the administration from the people who were.


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