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well number one and a bit of a as well as the german eventually guarded exactly the same round of two under par seventy with which he won here last year. for me. a lot of memories especially when i came here this morning we also prep for the. course you know playing ten seventeen eighteen. those holes a few times with your success. in water sports the formula one title could be europe's the next race in singapore sebastian that's our aiming to become the youngest ever back to back winning the sport's history but the german isn't counting on popping the champagne cork just yet very strong position which i think we could be in because we've been working very hard with very few mistakes or we see i don't really think about the point of the possibilities in this race as long as we come up with a bigger lead after the next we have a good shot. back to football now where no game and the goal is during the latest
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action in the russian prime. and full goals if you missed any of those efforts here is goals galore. the. kook. or the the. the. the. the a.
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her and. her. and finally accuracy power and a culinary background would be the perfect combination called appropriate practitioners of this ancient sporting tradition and once legendary putting throwing rivalry between lancashire and yorkshire getting another out saying defeat likely never looked so sweet to girls unfamiliar with the local rivalry the
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lancashire lads using black pudding to moan down dries highrise enemy supplies and as always some athletes are just more than as a colleague if the competition then all those who are dishing out the most who may have punishments it's in the yorkshire residence nutritional reserves of strength. items from a raised platform all those were so professional best kills but they know that their favorite food will be back in black again next year. and you can find all those stories in our you tube page which is our sports news meanwhile coming up shortly after this is the weather. wealthy british style.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our t.v. .
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if. any of it is cut is if you pieces. are certain. it's.
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locked up and left alone controversial extradition laws in britain traffics own citizens and gaps in the justice system spending years behind bars without charge. italy prepares for a life of his therapy as a government steps down to prove a range of major tax hikes and spending cuts while downplaying fresh outrage over its own lavish budget. or the with of revolution still in the air of the arab world there are fears america's support for regime change could spell trouble for israel its closest ally in the region. europe's financial ill health kits russia we find out how bad the infection is find out of business in twenty minutes.
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it is one pm in moscow you're watching r t i'm marina joshie and he's in britain are pushing the government to take the power to stop and search terror suspects away from police the law was first introduced in march and will and of tobruk of both houses of parliament don't agree to prolong it but as are reports there are still some dubious legal loopholes in britain which are leaving some suspects logged for years without charge. is incomplete. the anguish of the family torn apart.
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who our son son is one of britain's forgotten terror suspects held in custody for five years without charge trapped in a twisted pits of its justice system we don't do better we cannot run properly. these rebels because if you are a mentally sick. our son was arrested in two thousand and six on alleged terrorism offenses he hasn't been tried here because it's not the u.k. that wants him but the u.s. it accuses of supporting the taliban and being involved with web sites it calls extremist one of the web site servers happen to be in america and that's why it's after him people like. if they committed anything accorded in this country and they should be brought to justice here and charge and if you can release to get on with
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your life five years prison i mean this is starvation prison won't release him because of a treaty signed in two thousand and three in the post nine eleven crackdown it means the u.s. can extradite terrorist suspects without a hearing or even showing any evidence to has families relentless fight for justice is the only thing stopping them corporate america says nor would we see it because america's ports are only the people who says something but nor none of the government protested. this is why it's our house was arrested at his father's shop just over five years ago since then the family have seen their son once a week but fear they won't see him at all it is extradited to the states in prison here town who writes poetry and teaches english even extradited and convicted it
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will be a supermax jail solitary confinement and life without parole extreme measures to those who know the man born and educated in london i'm very surprised that the british courts have not treated him on vale at least in all these years because it's completely clear that he is not any kind of threat to anybody there of paul more like including barbara our maid britain's longest detained without charge of prisoner gary mckinnon another fighting extradition since hacking into the pentagon seven years ago both pm town has suffered from asperger's syndrome which helps keep the area out of prison unlike the muslim suspects karen mckinnon is say near white middle class english laurie and barbara and are very highly educated. british river class boys and they're both
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asians and they're muslims and what that tells you is sort of something rather awful about our society despite opposing the treaty in opposition the government's done little to overturn it only an independent review jew out in september down has families gone to the european court of human rights in a last ditch bid to get him tried here it's taken five years to get this far the town has father's not giving up hope yet either bennett r.t. london. and still to come on the program this hour here in our t.v. target blog and they're persuading the media to put parts of a missile the fans on its territory with washington pushing ahead with its controversial plan. and a nineteen hour a long gun fight with the taliban keeps kabul the way you talk to the honesty and former president who says the bloodshed as a result of foreign intervention. italy is deciding on the
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future of a highly unpopular package intended to put a leash on the country's wrong way dare the country's lower house of parliament is voting today on whether to pass an extensive set of tax hikes and spending cuts and as a result passed by the senate despite weeks of wrangling and mass public protest but even of past many wonder if it will be enough because as our first reports of years of economic stagnation and the culture of government access may have left it too little too late. as it heads to once again tighten its belt and the lights of neil staring. politicians it seems they found a way to save themselves in pennies we. knew of the inside of the parliament you see. free.
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around the prize of this cheap exclusive money was leaked to italian let's press a magazine but this is no mention in the straight before the we've ruled that these . cries for the people of the parliament. five million some for around a. year the controversial spending doesn't end there politicians have four hundred thousand euros allocated to language school says they've grown million year old spent just for their stationery and it's. taxpayer left looking at this being hard for many to stomach that we are in economic recession. because they don't bear the interest. only they interest so we are. outside the parliament building approach has been has been growing in a ferrari has been
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a hunger strike the moments. all the people here are hungry for a future for their children and we don't see that at the moment but to make the politicians listen we know we need to get three million people here who will come there protesting against what they say is the politicians of piece of taxpayers' money and then inability to deal adequately with the economic crisis in the country still across italy cosseted he cuts station spending and people's wages and incomes to the politicians it seems no expenses spared people's appetite for change is growing. thing here. in the great. voices. this inspire you consider that they are the hunger strike will continue and that remain here until they get them out there. on tuesday barack obama had some harsh words now it's china's turn to tell europe to
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get its financial house in order a premier of the world's second largest economy war in the euro zone of must stop its crisis worse is concerned problems down the whole global economy or for more on this france's loan from investment company holdings ltd joins me from hong kong mr owen thank you for being here with us on the program now first off. we've heard some powerful words coming from the chinese premier who's known as the soft spoken moderate speaker so what does this say of the seriousness of europe's debt crisis. well what. precisely say is europe's debt problem must be saw europeans alone don't think of china as the last lender. last resort. china and they're right europe's.
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politicians have been paying their budget deficits by sounding dollars actually mortgage you are charging your future so no. you catch up with them in two thousand and eleven is the year that finally catches up with several european countries like greece and italy so take that to put your houses in order they have to spend. a half but not spend more than they have so that is why i. came out there please put your housing order food. well not so long ago in fact just a couple days ago italian officials met with a chinese delegation and reportedly tines were asking beijing to buy significant amounts of its debt so what's in it for china. well. china's already holding about four percent of. it
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so it will have to refinance part of. coming to use years so it'll be asking china solve the c.i. c. to buy some actually not buy some know it by huge amounts of it because china has about three trillion us dollars or four and a shame to me so basically he probably wants china to go right so. i think. it's wide range about. this. today but i think i think it is also time for china to flex. some political advantage not by a lot of italian. at least so to compute the market a little bit of confidence or there have to be fired by european standards.
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now been interesting scenario of course now and we also know that italy said that a fire sale of state assets is on the table if a stary fails so what is it i mean is it a way for italy to provoke its neighbors helping rome more perhaps rather than risk china buying our critical assets in the heart of the e.u. why does this move driven by european. well i think it clearly is the europeans so it's not just economy cannot afford to be out of the euro zone it would be. italy if it drops out of the euro zone because it will not be able to find. currently cheap interest rates so that it has to do poor all the stops to gain five nation to get back into growth although it's
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national of course there are you. asking italy to trim its budget deficit. tax collection and decrease spending if not if they cannot do is. guess what basically what you see you. and italy seems to have given in a little bit. with the situation right now in italy has much choice. well you know you mentioned dropping out of the euro zone in fact there are growing calls from other european countries for the struggling states apart from italy there is also spain and portugal. to leave the euro zone but is this actually likely to happen given that there is technically there is no mechanism for leaving the euro zone is there. well i don't think it will happen because of
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one thing only if these countries like greece spain. italy portugal stay in the eurozone they can finance their national debt much more cheaply if in. italy is paying something like five point six percent for a ten year or five year noakes if they if they drop out of the euro zone people may have to pay up to ten percent so that is a big big difference and politically economically i don't think dropping out of the euro zone is an option so they have to. come to pressure they have to do whatever big european union union demands tend to. have france islam managing director and senior holdings ltd joining us from hong kong thanks very much indeed for being here with us and a program. and as i tease people of vail and
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he's guess discuss the growing crisis in italy is not unique in the united states especially there's great concern over the engine of the world economy the once mighty and now shrinking american middle class that are more in crossed all coming your way at eleven thirty g.m.t. here's a preview. of the maze to discover when i got to the united states that everybody who's in the trade union is considered middle class you just mean guys with jobs that's what you mean about the variance in terrible family capital or capital gains or whatever you just need people who make money from money and people only money from work most of these middle class people make money from work and they should cast their lot in with the poor of people who make their money we can work on the point where being employed means middle class well i once. and he did i know in both once said very politically that for him working class and people who didn't want to work. lives in argentina when it collapsed and i would put it another way around when you get
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a crisis the middle class becomes the people who have to work and they stop having this illusion that they can become rich like everybody else and suddenly realize hey we're just like the poor guy down the street that i used to pass by. in. washington a strongly back to libyan opposition since the revolutionary wave engulfed the state it's now equally enthusiastic and it's important again syria's president bashar asad the concern is whether america's decision to take sides could backfire on its closest middle east ally israel is going to take on looks at the possible repercussions of u.s. policy. as nations in the middle east and north africa are torn between the struggle to bring about change and the struggle not to let that change ruin their lives washington views the arab spring as an opportunity to finally see some of its
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longtime foes crumble even though iran is not an arab country the arab spring could stretch to absolutely. and i think and many ways it's a matter of time before that kind of change. and revolution occurred. under the umbrella of arab revolutions washington is also beating the drums of regime change in syria iran's closest ally in the region violence within the country has been widely condemned countries like russia and china call for both sides in syria to talk and end the bloodshed while america is blaming our side alone the transition to democracy in syria has begun and it's time for assad to get out of the way i think assad stays just like the darfur now and let's hope the pressure assad is next in line they were thrown khadafi they're going to have a proxy or client government in tripoli the next step is syria they want to overthrow syria and actually take advantage of any movement that exists in syria to
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overthrow the assad government now they have a more democratic government and more humane government but i government is a wide with the united states and after syria the next target will be iran itself watching regimes go down one by one american politicians are filled with new hopes and aspirations some went to predict the arab spring would spread all across the world what this is all about is the arab spring and bashar assad is next and even places like china russia and other places they are very uneasy this is about people aspiring for freedom and that's where the libyan people are just achieved. that's wishful thinking on the part of john mccain but it speaks volumes to where the real orientation is in washington not just the republicans but the democrats too so they would like to overthrow the government in china they would like to overthrow the government in russia they would like to overthrow the government of venezuela and cuba or wherever people are independent of the dictates of washington but when it
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comes to syria and iran washington doesn't seem to be just fantasizing about revolutions it actually fosters the process by pledging support for anti-government and. once there but some say this might eventually turn against america's closest ally in the region israel what you have with. with hamas could essentially spread to many more places and then you have a much much larger population base in an extremely hostile position towards the very existence of israel throwing its support behind revolution me personally say washington is seeking to increase its influence and control in these countries let's look at how things have been in the control department so far eject thousands protest against the u.s. backed military there that still in power last week injections florent peace really embassy enraged by the killing of five egyptian border guards in the lead here in washington she wanted leadership is taking over but the country is at risk of plunging into twi war syria the opposition includes those with radical agendas so
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the aftermath of the so-called arab spring remains very murky and difficult yet washington seems to be using the herb spring to fulfill its long time goals but the fear is it might end up getting the opposite of what it wishes for an undermining the whole region i'm going to shake out reporting from washington r.t. israel strained relations with turkey and egypt threaten to leave a dangerously isolated from the whole region a situation made even more delicate by the upcoming decision out of the u.n. on whether to grant the palestinian statehood turkish political commentator yeah i was told r.t. that israel's current policy is leading it nowhere. israel now is getting word from the notion that it needs rational democratic allies in the region and beast isolation taking place because israeli calling israeli decision makers
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on the political level are choosing to if you will believe it or schools or allies by refusing to apologize for turkey for what has been taking place and hoping to get away with what has been. against them certainly puts for forward in mute israeli image in the people's. country who continue to fashion policies while the world around them in their nearest and it is is really changing powerful you can go. on the ground in libya the national transitional council has given everyone in the besieged stronghold by you will need two days to leave or face a full scale attack last week opposition fighters launched an assault on the sea by the offensive style the face of fear through just rebels however claiming me against in a sea of red valley sixty kilometers east of cafes held.


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