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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2011 2:52pm-3:22pm EDT

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nine point seven eight seconds before i do. not being super behind bulls richard thompson was the ultimate model groom one more time this year the two hundred meters distance. in motor sport the formula one title could be wrapped up as early as the next race on september twenty fifth red bull sebastian vettel even to become the youngest ever to park champion in the sport's history in singapore but the german isn't conjuring on popping open the champagne just yet. very strong position which i think we deserve to be in because we've been working very hard with very few mistakes so i don't really think about the points and the caps and the possibilities next race as long as we come out with a bigger lead for the next race and i think we have a good shot that brings us back to football finally we're not a single game ended goal issuing the latest round of the russian premier league
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busy weekend so let's recap each and every strike that thought in the nets it is costly or time.
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area. of. the sun me. me. me. me on the. mug. in the area. some great effort studies all the sports the weather is next and i'll see you.
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like millions of us hurricanes i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds and i haven't had as bad as many it's not just about the fed it's about me to. me ma'am. doubtless. it's a. sad. and. needy. but now he. says this is my film i get the last word this financial crisis will not be fair and also like a light sweet. wealthy british style
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sun rolls sometimes. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on r.t. .
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putting a stop to stop and search the british government faces pressure to curb the powers of police that has terror suspects and locked up and kept in limbo for years without charge. hillary clinton voices america's concern over a surge in sectarian violence in post revolutionary arab states and the experts say washington's previously unconditional support for the uprisings the style of the book fine. and i go all stare at each trouble spills onto italian streets as promised the vote is going to win parliament's final approval for measures aimed at tackling the country's deepening debt crisis.
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internationally using comment from headquarters here in central moscow this is r.t. good to have you with us this hour the british parliament is discussing whether to reverse the law which allows police to stop and search terrorist suspects without reasonable suspicion a committee of m.p.'s argues that the powers go too far and are a breach of civil liberties as art is art and it reports the u.k. as other legal loopholes which have left some suspects locked up for years without charge you can really incomplete. and look at. the anguish of a family torn apart. the. last . time. who our son son
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is one of britain's forgotten terrorist suspects held in custody for five years without charge trapped in a twisted pit of its justice system we know of him there can be very weak. and probably. physical some really critical and mentally sick. and was arrested in two thousand and six on alleged terrorism offenses he hasn't been tried here because it's not the u.k. that wants him but the u.s. it accuses of supporting the taliban and being involved with websites it calls extremist one of the web site servers happen to be in america and that's why it's after him people are told if they committed anything recorded in this country and they should be brought to justice here and child if. i let them get on with their life five years in prison this is starvation prison won't release him
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because of a treaty signed in two thousand and three in the post nine eleven crackdown it means the u.s. can extradite terrorist suspects without a hearing or even showing any evidence has families relentless fight for justice is the only thing stopping them committing a sears norb would be. see it. and move. on with the people who provoke us with something. more none of the government focused on. this is where town how was arrested at his father's shop just over five years ago since then the family have seen their son once a week but fear they won't see him at all it is extradited to the states in prison here writes poetry and teaches english if extradited and convicted it will be a supermax jail solitary confinement and life without parole extreme measures to
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those who know the man born and educated in london i'm very surprised that the british courts have not read him on fail at least in all these these years because it's completely clear that it's not any kind of threat to anybody they're appalled more like including barbara our maid britain's longest attain without charge prisoner gary mckinnon another fighting extradition since hacking into the pentagon seven years ago both suffer from asperger's syndrome which helped keep gary out of prison unlike the muslim suspects karen mckinnon is say in a white middle class english boy and barbara and. are very highly educated. british boy is and they're both asians and they're most intense and what that tells you is sort of something rather
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awful about our society despite opposing the treaty in opposition the government's done little to overturn it only an independent review jus out in sic temba town has families gone to the european court of human rights in a last ditch bid to get him tried here it's taken five years to get this far but town has father's not giving up hope yet either bennett r.t. london and artie's ivor bennett is continuing to follow that story for us there in london and you can keep track of it on twitter where you can check out his tweets on our feed and in his latest message he points out that the u.k. government promised an independent review of exposition in its election manifesto almost a year ago but now it seems to be all but forgotten what you can follow us that r.t. underscore com for the latest updates on this and other stories. the
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u.s. is watching concerns about the threat of sectarian violence in the middle east and north africa following the uprisings it so enthusiastically backed in her annual report on religious freedom secular state hillary clinton urged arab nations not to trade one form of repression for another. one of reports from washington. what we're seeing is a rather surprising shift in the rhetoric out of this white house when it comes to the so-called arab spring and i remember in the early weeks of the uprising in egypt a lot of caution from from the united states in terms of the uprisings there which has really shifted and developed into a sort of full throated enthusiast except port for democracy and regime change abroad in certain countries now i want to play you hillary clinton in her own words not that long ago calling for democracy in those two countries must go and the libyan people deserve to determine their own future the transition to democracy in
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syria has begun and it's time for assad to get out of the way while strong words but let's contrast that to the secretary of state hillary clinton speaking just yesterday about a warning of the potential downsides of the so-called arab spring in the middle east and north africa the transitions to democracy have inspired the world but they have also exposed as nick and religious minorities to new dangers people have been killed by their own neighbors because of their ethnicity or their faith some of the foreign policy experts i've spoken to call this a sort of buyer's remorse an acknowledgement by the united states that democracy u.s. style western democracy doesn't necessarily work perfectly all over the world in nato secretary general himself just today warning that libya could potentially fall under the sway of islamic extremists if the government does not steadily and
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strongly establish there is a lot of potential downsides to the democracy promotion that we've seen from this administration whether or not this acknowledgement will actually translate into foreign policy of course remains to be seen but we will be tracking that here for you. experts have warned all along that backing a revolution without knowing who's going to rule the country afterwards was a dangerous strategy professor marc ullman from oxford university says that religious violence is what lies ahead for post revolt states the question is what kind of democracy will you have either in egypt or perhaps in syria where the the core of the opposition to president assad is the brothers the cousins if you like of the muslim brotherhood and these groups say they want to see them even indeed have majority support but they also say there's no question that the woman could be elected president of all the christian quarter but we have to remember in these countries like egypt and syria there are significant religious minorities it's a christian minorities there are also muslim groups who are regarded by the
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hardcore if you are one have the fundamentalists is not really muslims as heretics and so there is a danger that under the guise of democratization what we will see is the replacement of secular dictators who are at least tolerated really just diversity of fashion in a place with very dogmatic hardline people who will want a kind of saudi single rigid religious authority that will not tolerate sentiments muslims of all non muslim groups i think that is a real danger particularly as the violence tends to bring the more radical people to the top. in libya the national transitional council has urged everyone in the proceed to prove it have a stronghold of bani walid to leave the town as soon as possible before a full scale attack is launched the whereabouts of colonel gadhafi himself remain unknown but steven rambam who heads an international investigative agency says it's just a matter of time before he's found. khadafi is a nut but he's a very clever gook and he's i'm not that's managed to survive for forty five years
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. and i'm sure he took note of osama bin laden was captured and i'm sure he took note of saddam hussein was captured. and i'm sure he's avoiding those words but hugh will make a new. and that interview coming our way a little later here in the palestinian bid for statehood at the u.n. let's look to huge diplomatic debate maybe about to be shown the latest reports suggest that the palestinian leadership has decided to drop the occupation let's get more on this reality is paula slew who joins us live now from tel aviv not paula. the palestinians were eagerly anticipating this you were and why would mahmoud abbas decide to back off. what we are seeing reports that the dead pope website says that the palestinian president mahmoud
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abbas is not going to be submitting his application for recognition of a palestinian state that you in the security council now if these reports prove to be true it is not that much of a surprise because from the start the united states has indicated that it will veto any kind of statehood bid in the international body the palestinians are under a lot of pressure from european states also from arab countries not to take the birds to that u.n. security council but this is different from taking a bid to the u.n. general assembly and here what we're hearing again from there is that the palestinian president is considering watering down the road to the reforms that would god's a state within nine hundred sixty seven borders now the difference is that if the palestinians have that recognition within the general assembly they will receive deserve a status within the international body and that certainly seems to be on the cards there are already more than one hundred forty countries out of one hundred ninety
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three that have indicated that they do support the palestinian move we are hearing from the hamas leadership in the gaza strip they are criticizing the palestinian president they are saying that his needs are. tactical and that they should not be here to at the same time we know that israel has warned that any kind of movement in this direction and you have the feeling particularly to the israeli foreign minister avigdor lieberman is all saying that they will be consequences but not specifying what those consequences in fact when involve the use of contradiction the will of both israel and the us of actually. in favor of the two state solution good really couldn't take their word on that when they're not in favor as you mentioned earlier of this u.n. vote to recognize palestinian statehood. what exactly that is correct i mean me hearing on the one hand that they do support a two state solution but on the other hand both the united states and israel strongly voicing opposition to this palestinian bid at the united nations now the
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american president barack obama has said to quote him that america will act very strongly at the united nations security council the words that he has been using is that this is counterproductive that it is a distraction and both the united states and israel held the opinion that the palestinians and israeli should first be holding some kind of direct dialogue they both want a resumption of peace talks and only then do they say that they can be talking of a palestinian state when there is clarity an agreement on the table in terms of how that palestinian state will move particularly as regards borders and this of course is one of the major sticking points now today when state u.s. envoys of wives in the region the european union's catherine ashton is already here as is the mideast full tilt envoy tony blair and they've been meeting with both israelis and palestinians to try and jump start before persis right interesting
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developments there thanks very much indeed for that update paula in tennessee. this is r.t. life in moscow come up to forty minutes past the hour still ahead for you in the program a warning of the border disorder. tension between serbia and kosovo could escalate into violence with claims foreign forces may be part of the problem also on the radar. turkey becomes the latest country to agree to host parts of america's missile defense system just a day after rumania does break down what that all means here on party. but. emotions are running high in italy as an unpopular sturdy package was approved by the country's parliament. people protested against the series of tax hikes and spending cuts designed to save seventy billion dollars the measures were previously approved by the senate despite
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weeks of wrangling and public protest and many wonder if it will be enough to turn around years of economic stagnation and a culture of government excesses artie's sarah for which. is italy prepares to once again tighten its belt in the light of new or stereo politicians it seems have found a way to say consoles and penny we publish. of the inside of the parliament and it's. a free. restaurant with very cheap prizes it's cheap yet exclusive many was leaked to italian let's press a magazine but this is no mitchell instead of be straight and pay for them we vote that these. cries for the people of the parliament cause five million some for around a thousand. a year the controversial spending doesn't end there politicians have
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four hundred thousand years allocated for language courses million year is spent just for their stationery and it's the taxpayer getting that we're not paying bell it's been hard for many to stand. where we are in economic research and eileen are my people like grasping. because they don't bear the interest of pizza lieblich care early day interest so we are. outside the parliament building a protest movement has been growing on a ferry has been on hunger strike for months. all the people here are hungry for a future for their children and we don't see that at the moment but to make the politicians listen we know. to get three million people here hope there will come a testing against what they say is the politicians a piece of taxpayers' money and an inability to deal adequately with the economic
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crisis in the country. cuts social spending in people's wages and incomes to the politicians it seems no expenses. people's appetite for change is growing. great that. they find this inspection so that they have the hunger strike will continue and that remain here until they get them out. the. financial crisis is raging across the atlantic as well the subject of the latest edition of our debate program cross talk which is looking at how america's middle class is bearing much of the brunt and here's a quick preview of that program coming up in about ten minutes from now. i was amazed to discover when i got to the united states that everybody was in a trade union is considered middle class you just mean guys with jobs that's what you mean very. family capital or capital gains or whatever you just meet people who
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make money from money and people only money from work most of these middle class people make money from work and they should cast their lot in with the poor of people who. were being employed means middle class will live once. once said very quickly that for him working class people who didn't want to work. was an urgent you know when it collapsed and i would put it the other way around when you get a crisis the middle class becomes the people who have to work and they start having this illusion that they can become rich like everybody else and suddenly realize hey we're just like the poor guy down the street that i used to pass by. the u.n. security council plans to hold an emergency meeting about kosovo over the recent
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escalation of tension at the border it comes at the request of serbia which says it is increasingly concerned and russia's representative to the un told r.t. that the situation there could indeed turn violent and that the presence of international forces in the region isn't helping intention it was announced by the courts or being in a sort of this and prishtina basically all were not on course about by force they are saving all sorts of arrangements because them's situation of the administrative what it will be a proper province of possible potential it may create clashes and crisis there and another very disturbing element of the situation is that the international presence has which are there to preserve peace they seem to be cooperating without the very dangerous plan of the. whole of this meeting is going to pick place in order to prevent dramatic and dangerous development see of course of what to me will be a reality check on whether indeed the security council we in the united nations are
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interested in preventing disputes and peaceful mediation. well we got more stories we in our website that's our t. dot com online all the time there you can find out about russia's third richest man who is fighting for his political career after a little over two months of the head of the right cause party that's on the verge of a split over some of his more controversial decisions. and facebook is hiring for the white house employees so you can find out why these social network seems to be doing some networking of its own with the powers that be all that ability talk on. a deal to deploy an american radar system in eastern turkey has been agreed by the two countries as part of nato backed missile defense plan c.
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comes just a day off to romania agreed a deal with washington under which land based interceptor missiles and over a hundred military personnel will be placed on romanian soil well to discuss these developments i'm now joined live from the u.s. by it mark good he's an assistant professor from the university of north carolina now many are skeptical that the shields only purpose is to defend europe from can see threats from the likes of iran and north korea what do you make of its aims. the purpose of the. year sorry we're talking about bad connection there just to say what is the real purpose behind it but i think the real purpose of this point is just political i think the energy is being used it's book it's law to see it as a tool of domestic politics i don't mean that. officials when you commit ministration powerful stuff you believe it's just like really.


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