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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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on a way to make your cash go even further in the russian capital stay with us. great . journey. so. the only. moscow. hello and welcome to the show no i think september is one of the best months to visit moscow. the holidays the city is relaxing the last of the late summer sun
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shines out on the capital like to stay in one of the most expensive cities in the world like everyone. else so with that in mind this week's program i'm going to be exploring the subject of starting off. the old chocolate factory. if you want an example of modern day moscow from a red brick confectionery complex. as one of the main centers of contemporary culture in the capital. restaurants and my clubs of course moscow's development doesn't stop that every year. in the russian capital. it's the low price bracket that needs attention in a city full of luxurious accommodation with russian foreign entrepreneurs seeing a gap in the markets it's a budget accommodation has opened in the past decade. now a search location is a company car. design. the trouble is it and nationalities.
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and space. in the play of you might. even. call. very rude and affordable. creative industries. they have fourteen rooms inside. the king sized private accommodation prices range
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from seven hundred fifty rubles to three thousand four hundred amazing prices for the. next location. as well as private rooms. and. it's popular with. a private room.
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to the public. i really enjoy their backyard there and when i you know i've been walking often. and i don't want to hear i enjoy. your own food and. that's pretty and. so. we think. that we have a place to stay hotels we went to expensive because so far from the nothing and so we have as well so it's ideal to go somewhere far and. clean and functional and. well equipped kitchen.
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and. it looks more like an outdoor contemporary on space. and the future of accommodation and other. guests. tell me how to get involved in. maybe six or more years ago we just tried to. this a lot. because it is a problem here in the us. can be a problem. you know it's getting better every year we have more than a very interesting. very. very high. a very nice place to thank. some of the old.
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their high. to. try very hard. because for many people. you think of the work you think of you know . you just. you know i mean nobody's going. to save. basically it's getting more. and more.
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thank you so much for tom. in the. building which was constructed before the revolution. they can provide you with any information on these registration tax. storage safety deposit box. free of charge. the. location situation. many boston face including such international. a mcdonald's. provides
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a kitchen. and accommodate up to forty people. this includes a mix store with tempeh featuring male and female over the ropes. based on because it wasn't my look. it was. interesting place it's in the center of the city it's practical. i'm really really happy to be here in the downtown area. there's a lot of cool. it's too much free rooms with up to forty beds can accommodate more than seventy people and there are also several smaller rooms including private room . and satellite t.v. this room costs three thousand rubles around one hundred dollars a night prices for a place in the top five hundred roubles around twenty dollars. travelers
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here so we have the same passion for trolling and discovering new places and people all over the world so we have no limits in age or nationality or guest so everyone is welcome here. transcribe eerie and tidy. and double rooms in the us is included in the price of fuel so you can also use the kitchen any time of day to cook your meals and a free internet connection including wireless is also available to hostels gets. to explore the world. in doing this it's not easy for me because the english is not good for all the rest people are trying to help you out. so. the final location i'm visiting is called. previously named time from home it was renamed to honor the celebrated russian
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author. the first floor has been recently renovated and the rooms are bright and contemporary as one of the first hostels in moscow is situated in the metro stops. the fourteen a regional rooms for more than private suites and comfortable sixpenny dorms the hostel provides accommodation for more than fifty people the mass if they're businessmen students it's worse in comparison to the large hotels office excellent service a comfortable location a living conditions up to european standards all the best thing about this place is its location it's situated right next to the popular street. hostel is also full of character with its. a moderate designs there are two floors of various rooftops here and best of all some of the cheapest accommodation in the capital. i think our . name me means.
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many people know. he's famous for must learn. to recognise seamanship the building was popular with various christian right is in the early part of the twentieth century the action of various novels even takes place in this house. in some of the rooms you can still see the original doors ornaments or interiors. with chorus and business travelers coming to the russian capital every year the hotel industry knows it's the aspiring local middle class and three star foreign markets that mostly needs to focus its attention on. don't waste hundreds of dollars on overpriced o's do some research and explore the city's hospitals the real bargains to be found. and whether you visit on business or pleasure many hustles provide healthy alternatives with high standards clean and safe surroundings and all the facilities and services you've received anywhere else. oh
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very nice very. well of course he doesn't tell me how myspace going to. see you again at the same time next week for more cultural adventures around the person comes the information either as the courier invites. monitoring. the story cold. friendly. dynamic. to friends but.
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more news today volunteers once again fled. these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are old today.
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as libya's new government gets ready for its un seat and reaps the old regime of cash there are fears that unwavering support for the former rebels may lead to more civilian casualties. postponed policing the e.u. peacekeepers seized two checkpoints near the northern border with serbia ignoring locals protests and warnings of escalating by zero some. palestinian leaders defy u.s. pressure and valid a launch their un recognition bid sparking an israeli government move to silence dissent and now vulnerable occupied territories settlements. farmer joins us now with the latest from the world of sports and news on a of a big game going on at the rugby world cup. going to face each other and again which he's seen as crucial thought the latest on that plus we talked to russia's backs coach henri paul he's going to think it's safe to say about the.
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hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what it's coming up. in mistrial it's like an island in a pivotal clash at the rugby world cup. plus reaching new heights world championship cheer over wins the last dime in the making of this season in style. and face to face and i wear the repairs to take on ortiz in tonight's title fight must buy this. we will start with the rugby world cup we're striving or not and are fighting for top spot in pool c. the game has just got underway its goal is at the moment a strategy that you are missing focused even more we didn't start the game because of illness while flying to david was sidelined with a bad back at the wallabies an island games against italy and the usa respectively
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said the results of today's game is likely to determine who will win the group which will side contains russia now earlier on in green bay argentina got that will cut back on track after losing to. forty three point eight and i can also tell you south africa had beaten face before you know points to three group day. meanwhile house new zealand maintained that perfect start thumping japan eighty three points to seven on friday the all black school thirteen tries in title with richie kahului and substitute sonny bill williams twice roger pan's consolation try talking on this so it is two wins from today for the high you simple like they're the first team to rack up more than fifty points in a game but it was still sure of the staggering twenty one tries new zealand put past the pond in one thousand nine hundred ninety five when they won one hundred forty five points to seventeen courage graham henry day was happy enough saying it's getting better better and.
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i. know we put in a game to get the better than we did last week the japanese play with very good structure i thought they played the game very well but didn't put the same pressure on us physically is the talent. sorry. praising. improving meanwhile we'll cut deadbeats instruction to regroup after thursday's opening to defeat to the usa i receive on pool three caught up with that banks new zealand to henry poll to discuss the best future opponents and what the players can learn from watching the open. road of this moment. i think the guys will be looking at these games not just the all blacks but they'll be watching the wall of these south africa and i hope that the players do pick up. some good tips and some good habits but as it is a coaching style for one more look at all that's good we're going to focus on. all
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of the c.l. position and look at all strengths but the right thing else troy. troy ripper quite sonny bill williams or. what we can do is show position show the strengths this is we're going to all strengths and charm we're going to. going forward when you're up against italy next i mean one of the strengths and weaknesses of italians in your opinion. see there is one nation they play against oil position we can we can come from top level clubs throughout europe . to get the exposure in that gold to experience. the strength of the in the other day against it's trying to you know they were able to compete for forty minutes really good kicking going from and on. and they link well below they've always been really good forwards good scrummagers good most of the lineout is very successful
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got a high percentage of one in there and one out in stealing against tier one nations . spartak moscow four developed and has had a six game ban hard by russian premier league chiefs but his coach but eddie karpen isn't happy believing it should have been overturned completely the brazilian forward was pain allies in last month's moscow darby for a tacked on to a scar russia goalkeeper hugo acton fear fear which left the shot stopper sidelined for at least six months with a knee injury while violet is determined to resume playing even if it means he's just turning out for the reserves. the church. i'm good secure and working just as i did before the ban i'll still be helping the team and if this decision stands which is targeted not only against me but also. i'll do what i can such as the russian games coach tells me to play for the reserves. so i spot i will be without him when they take on cruelly on sunday while
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today must be if they are to have any real chance of finishing in the top eight at the end of the regular season the top eight teams will progress to the championship round to fight for the league title and the rest will go into the relegation round to decide which teams will go down cross and are currently ninth in the table with seven games left of play saturday's are the gang scene struggling volga a lonely spot at mount chip. well over an england arsenal travel to bottom side black today the gunners a looking for back to back league wins following their one zero victory over swans a and also manager arsene vendor is pleased with what he's seeing from his team after tuesday's one one champions league draw dortmund. we want to show consistency. of course. to start to win games again and to make results and remember to call to be judged
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a little consistency. we have a desire. let's know just don't put the effort you need to. match today the early kick off another match is aston villa newcastle both sides i'm basing this season although villa will be with that the strike and heskey knowledge travel to bolton everton hopes we're going to get the score in four games face west brom while wolves and to tank queens park rangers. now the russian basketball team have just missed out on reaching the final of the european championships losing to france seventy one points to seventy nine the french one man face defending champion spain in sunday's final russia's main man on breaker olenka top score three sitting with twenty one points but that wasn't enough and france are almost always ahead with their tony parker adding twenty two points for them to spain reach that final right after beating macedonia nineteen points to eighty one collison about i'm getting thirty five of the. world champion high
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jumper and a cheer over continues her good form with a convincing victory last night's golden league meeting in brussels the russian continue to domination over correlation rival blank of last week and was in a league of their own clearing two metres and five centimeters. even went close at the world record high to sing meters in ten centimeters while on the track the limpid champion your same boat powered his way to victory in the men's hundred meters he had to fight to get level there with less to carter at the start but the big man in white surged ahead to finish a nine point seven six seconds the fastest time this season but bolt was upstaged by fellow jamaican and training partner yeah great he was running in the two hundred meters around the second fastest time ever nineteen. point two six seconds bolton still holds the record at nineteen point one nine gave him a hug at the end does have the makings of a great in the future. now in tennis rafa nadal has bounced back from his u.s. open defeat to put spain on the brink of the davis cup final he defeated rich gas
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k. in the angling singles match of the semifinal against france and could go and it was straight forward to you no doubt taking the first set six three the second to love in the last six one spain went to love up in the tie would take that as victory over israel samoa and victory in today's doubles would send them into the final. blow. you know. the best that we. did but. it's the. first one might be. the moment it doesn't look likely argentina will be the other finalist elite serbia to nail after their singles games u.s. open champion novak djokovic pulled out of the first match in his replacement big detroit city here boss david nalbandian in for say one martin del potro then began it's out of age to put argentina in a strong position. now look at what has been happening in the gulf in england's
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justin rose an american mark wilson shared the halfway lead at the b.m.w. championship in illinois wilson putted from the fringe here on the eleventh hole for his fourth in a row and ended his round at eleven under over roll and that put pressure on race he was forced to chase the american all day but he kept himself in contention this meandering eagle putt one of the highlights as he too finished on eleven under overall webb simpson is two shots back i and at the vivendi seve trophy continental europe of cup britain and ireland laid to just a point the continental side winning three and a half points out of five in friday's four balls swedish pair had a handsome alexander norman seen here got the first points of the day for the team getting the better of him poulter and rob brought to win five three britain are in the lead five and a half to four and a half. finally floyd mayweather is promising an entertaining
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fight against victor ortiz tonight the pair go head to head in las vegas on their way and we're certainly entertaining mayweather is an undefeated world champion in five divisions and is looking lean in maine for what will be his first fight for sixteen months after coming out of retirement he weighed in just slightly less than w.b.c. welterweight champion to ortiz took that belt from. pro and at twenty four is a decade younger than mayweather and even though he's the underdog he was full of the face to face in the port of part by the train as mayweather is set in an excess of twenty million dollars for the back in the shimmy wins could fight manny pacquiao next year. i say that is just for the moment whether it's next.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered. wealthy british sign a long. time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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couldn't take three. hundred three arrangement three. three stooges three. old fried bone loading video for your media project free media.
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as libya's new government gets ready for its un seat to the old regime is cash there's fears that unwavering support for the former rebels may lead to more civilian casualties. kosovo police peacekeepers seized two checkpoints on the northern border with serbia ignoring locals protests and warnings of escalating violence plots. it's about time that. nations are equal and there's no longer. a subhuman species of palestinian leaders defy u.s. veto threats and vow to launch a statehood recognition bid with the un security council next week.


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