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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for likely is it you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't. charge welcome to the big picture. let's not forget that we had an apartheid. i think either one well. whatever government says here keep him safe get ready because of the freedom.
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for. fear the. kind of sacrifice tool time award and tonight it goes to mitt romney now there's nothing to do with one stupid thing they may have to have a g.o.p. debate last night. florida this is about mitt romney the businessman is about his
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overall image after months mitt been touring the country talking about what a successful businessman he's been claiming that he's the only candidate out there who can turn around our jobs crisis thanks to his experience in the private sector . the policies that will get us working again as a nation our policies i understand having worked in the private sector because i spent my whole life in government i would be running for governor for president right now my experience having started enterprises having helped other enterprises grow and thrive is what gives me the experience to put together a plan to help restructure the basis of america's economic foundation. and i think he jumped at every chance to tout his experience in creating jobs which is a smart moves and that's exactly what voters want to hear but now it is also trying to cast himself as the every day map take a listen to him speaking about the economy this week in florida. it's not those at the very low end it's not good enough it's for the great blue class to be eighty to
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ninety percent of what's in this country wait though mitt is now part of the middle class really never mind the back to the net worth valued more than two hundred million dollars and you know it makes actually good at this every man for a couple of months now this summer we told you about mitt comment to a group of people who are out of work he said quote i should tell my story i'm also unemployed. you see the reason that it's out of work is because he only served one term as governor of massachusetts that he started running for president back in two thousand and six and since is lost in the two thousand and eight republican primary he's done nothing but campaign for the two thousand and twelve race that's more than five years of just being a candidate can every day van gogh five years without a job i don't think so but now in trying to keep up his new image it's even taking to twitter and recent weeks he's told everybody about eating breakfast at subway or a burger at carl's jr and he often even tweets about his flights on southwest airlines you know the discount airline with cheap fares and no sign seats so what
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you have here is the wrong the campaign trying to change their up tight rich preppy candidate into the every man and middle class man just trying to make it hard economy and you know that recently even stepped up their efforts after news broke a few weeks ago that mitt was doubling the size of his twelve million dollars beachfront estate in california nothing says every day man like adding on more space to your beachfront estate so here's a little bit of advice for mitt romney nobody cares that you're rich being a successful businessman might actually get you elected and guess what americans aren't that stupid they know that being a successful businessman means that you are rich and that's actually what every american wants for themselves is to be rich so please stop insulting those that are struggling to survive in this economy by pretending to be one of them and just be authentic about who you are at least in terms of your net wealth you know the constant flip flopping on the issues the used car salesman look that's still something you're going to have to deal with but the other stuff that's why mitt romney is tonight's to a time when. now the u.s.
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defense budget that's something we discuss regularly on this show let's get a quick refresher fence but it is more than doubled since the year two thousand and for the fiscal year of two thousand and eleven the government requested seven hundred eight seven hundred eight billion dollars more for the now defense budget makes up fifty three percent that's more than half of our discretionary spending and despite the d.o.d.'s budgets enormous size and about neither party has been willing to touch it but it looks like times are changing it to the debt deal that was signed in early august has already begun chipping away at military spending with planned cuts of three hundred fifty billion from the pentagon that's a start but if the appointed super committee can't come up with additional one point five trillion total in spending cuts then the defense budget becomes a target again with another six hundred billion in cuts as part of a trigger mechanism let's be honest here the trigger it's not going to happen that's why they include it because it's a defense to begin with because they know that lawmakers are never actually going
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to cut the pentagon that drastically but if you are still worried about those cuts then don't be the g.o.p. along with the pentagon are doing everything that they can to instill fear deep in the hearts of every american about this second round of cuts potentially hitting the d.o.t. i'll make sure that they'll never actually happened and boy are they go to that fear mongering to say washington d.c. politicians doing what they do best scaring the daylights out of people they do it all the time let's take a look at some of these rather apocalyptic scenarios that they've laid out for us we're going to go with representative mark thornberry he's on the house armed services and intelligence committees and vice chairman of the subcommittee of emerging threats so in other words this guy is neck deep in our defense apparatus during a radio show back in august or mary said the first cuts are something of the pentagon says they can live with it's going to be hard but it's the kind of in the bar in the ballpark of what folks have been talking about for a while the second cuts if they were to happen would be devastating you simply
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could not operate the military with that second round of cuts. so wait a minute you simply could not operate like our military would cease to exist but it really is a weapon just vanish into thin air and i get it because it affects operations are done that doesn't leave you can do some rearranging some shifting of personnel they're called cuts for a reason to make it smaller but not to be outdone is the only member of the house armed services committee working hard to freak everyone out the committee's chairman representative buck mckeon is worried that round two of cuts would mean that the military would have to get rid of two point three million service members mostly in the national guard and the reserves so we can't think that these cuts could lead to a draft during an interview with fox news he said we also need to understand what it's going to mean to keep an all volunteer force do we want to reinstitute the draft some of the cuts we're talking about would take out over two hundred thousand . instituted this is a serious hey we can remember vietnam ever since one nine hundred seventy three the u.s. has abandoned the idea of the draft they've moved to an all volunteer force and i
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think the policy elites learned their lesson pretty well not when after vietnam so let's be clear you know what i really mean no one thinks of the draft as coming back anytime soon any past efforts of discussing a draft are immediately dismissed by the pentagon and you think we can cut two hundred thousand out of the national guard the reserves and still be ok what about the tens of thousands of troops that we still have stationed all over the world on bases in countries where we're not at war germany japan there are a whole lot more so nice try but what if the military instantly ceasing to exist or thousands of our youth being drafted against their will to serve in the military just wasn't scary enough for you we do have more clear on the new secretary of the department of defense has yet to weigh in on our list of world ending possibilities if the budget gets cut back in august but never had his first press conference after taking up the position of secretary of defense and he did not hesitate to give his two cents on what a second round of any cuts would mean to our military in fact when he was
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discussing what is called a sequestered mechanism that's regarding the trigger effect panetta said this mechanism this kind of doomsday mechanism that was built into the agreement is designed so that would only take effect that congress fails to enact further measures to reduce the deficit and yeah you heard me correctly there panetta actually called these cuts a dooms day mechanism as in the end of the world literally now apparently doom is going to rain down on the united states of these cuts go through for where not exactly sure but i have a little secret for everyone not only is the world not going to end but the cuts will most likely never be made because politicians like these three men i just quoted they scare the american people so thoroughly that we can no longer have a sane conversation about cuts to the military and i'm not saying that the trigger mechanism is the best way the military should be cut it isn't it should. in a thoughtful thought out planned way something that's never going to happen until these very powerful men stop using scary words and start speaking honestly i guess
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that means turning your back on all the defense contractors that keep the whole thing going and keep sucking out your taxpayer money that's another part of the question that needs to be had in our public stage. now you probably wouldn't know it by the amount of media coverage or lack thereof but occupy wall street is still going on but started on september seventeenth with about two thousand people now about one hundred people still camping out in zuccotti park over the last week there have been some arrests some more violently others and some using archaic laws about not having more than one person wearing a mask unless it was for a masquerade party but what is this last week actually talks about protests in america about wall street's grip on power and especially on washington well joining me from our studio in new york is evidence from our independent journalist that has been covering this story from day one i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and now my first question is you know considering the fact that originally they were hoping that twenty thousand people would show up and it was only two
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thousand and five but it started with two thousand people and now it's only around one hundred people left would you call this a failure or success. i would i would definitely not call it a failure i believe that one of the main goals of occupy wall street is being achieved you know we're living in some of the most turbulent and fractured times ever seen by the species and i feel like the people that are occupy wall street are very aware of this and i think the main goal in the goal that is being achieved is trying to break the control of the masses to remove the population from their stupor of keeping up with the car dash scenes or being mesmerized by how much baka snooki can pour into her stubby little body you know and once these type of things once you have this type of a pick and a realisation it will serve as the catalyst for future manifestations of understanding the majesty of what it is to be a human being and i believe that you know this occupy wall street movement that's
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one of the main goals and i believe that you know that's what they're doing right now so i would absolutely call it a success but do you think that they're actually getting through to people you know this is something that we've been covering on our show and it's something that our viewers are clearly very interested in and we got a lot of tweets about it we had a lot of messages on line but at the end of the day not many people actually came out to the protest. but you know you're right it's a slow cook i'm never speaking with alex jones recently and you know he said it best he said you know we have to go inside the matrix in order to pull people out and you know that's what we're doing right now and navigating your way through you know the establishment control and trying to you know get more people to be aware and to care about these sort of things it is going to be hard you know it is incredibly frustrating but i would not call it a failure i think that it's something that's going to take a lot of time and i believe that this is a beachhead for future. fights and i believe that this is somewhat of
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a success now what do you make of the fact you know i said that perhaps it's not getting through to people in there still watching keeping up the car dash and maybe it's because they don't know that this is going on what do you make of the lack of media coverage here i mean sure a hundred people hundred fifty hundred or one hundred fifty people these are massive crowds rocking on the streets and i think a lot of people made the proper comparison this week that it was the same out of tea partiers you see the media all over you know the media blackout on this specific issue they don't want to cover it because they understand that like i said before if you are able to infiltrate the psyche of the masses and break that mind control that future manifestations will take place in the establishment wants to keep a population that's decadent and that stuck in the stream state but by no means do i think that it's a failure but it is somewhat upset and it is depressing at times but i mean this is just a byproduct of what it is to be
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a human being and i think that many of us that are out there now have the ambition and we have the vigor to keep fighting and i'm going to keep covering the story whether this in d.c. covers it or not you know i mean there's plenty of journalists out there such as myself that refused to be pacified by the lack of coverage by the mainstream media you know we don't need them. well that's good i'm happy to people like yourself and you know we as well will keep covering this story and you know occupy wall street i think might just be the beginning i think we'll see more protests from here on out thank you so much for join us for joining us tonight absolutely. as though it comes and i we have our fireside friday and essentially so stick around for happy hour we're still pale and ends up in a bar room shouting match plus watch out there is a giant satellite that is hurdling towards earth pakistan. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime.
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i think. either one well. we never got the live shows there good can safely get ready because of their freedom. you know sometimes you see a story in the siege so. you think you understand it and then you've lived something else here's the part of it and realize that everything you saw. i'm sorry is a big picture. if
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we just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old like this you know lived through. the conception i am a total get of friends that i love rap and hip hop music and. cutter's kind of yesterday. i'm very proud of the role that algeria has played. to tonight's. your. this week we saw a lot of action of the united nations as world leaders came to new york for the
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general assembly as usual when speeches were given for international consumption weird a lot of platitudes being given we heard a lot of talk from president obama about democracy human rights freedom around the world and he specifically refer to the arab spring to the u.s. the support of the people struggle in egypt and in tunisia even if that support was retroactive he said that after forty two years of moammar gadhafi is rule after only six months of battle libya's three forget about the fact that there is still a civil war that's going on there but all in all his speech sounded much like what we heard when the war in libya has begun we are given the u.s. could not stand idly by and that's why we have to act now of course we've been pointing out for months that logic doesn't necessarily fit when you launch a war in libya and then sit idly by while civilians are killed by their own governments in syria yemen and bahrain only recently we saw the stance on syria change around economic sanctions we solve on a call for u.n. security council sanctions and yet in the most that we've heard is a call for a movement towards free and peaceful elections so we can't outright just turn
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against yet another leader that we've propped up for decades in yemen sali because let's face it he let this kind of drone strikes on its soil we have far too many interests of our own there to take any real action so we have to be soft with the rhetoric after all we're building drone bases in the region so that we can continue bombing campaigns for years to come but now when it comes to bahrain that's when it really gets ugly scene a speech at the united nations this week president obama took a very subdued tone when it came to this country especially in comparison to the sanctions in the harsh words that he had for syria he said steps have been taken toward reform and accountability but more required he also said that america is a close friend of bahrain and we will continue to call on the government and the main opposition bloc to pursue it. meaningful dialogue that brings peaceful change that is responsive to the people a meaningful dialogue of our research close friends but we can't criticize bahrain for not recognizing the will of its people or killing its people who are bringing saudi arabian troops in to suppress their own people and it's
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a perfect example of our picking and choosing our an even policy towards democracy and freedom we support it when it's convenient and seeing as how we have a massive naval base in bahrain i guess that i make that not so convenient you know this isn't just a case of being timid of not saying enough it's actually a case where our government is going far in the opposite direction here's something that glenn greenwald put out today a pentagon news release from september fourteenth apparently congress was notified by the pentagon of a possible foreign military sale to the government of bahrain armored high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles telling missiles and associated equipment worth an estimated fifty three million dollars it's not only are we not criticizing the monarchy we're actually giving it more weapons with which they can surprise people it's interesting that obama didn't mention that little detail in his speech but he was talking about how hard pieces don't listen and many of the surprising know is it disappointing yes it's
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a hypocritical most definitely but next time let's just mix the speeches let's make the moral arguments for our actions unless the entire picture really adds up. friday and it's time for happy hour and join me tonight is our t. web writer andrew blake and my critiques of the editor of reason magazine and reason dot com. all right. there is a giant satellite hurdling towards earth and i kill us all take a look at. the ad. it's warning pilots to keep an eye out for pieces of a falling satellite now debris from that satellite is expected to hit sometime this afternoon the pieces could be anywhere from ten to one hundred pounds and that this
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is it it's not likely the pieces are going to hit the united states but still they don't know where it's going to. now i don't think goes what the hell they're talking about because all week we've been wanting to do this story and they've been saying don't worry it's not going to hit the united states for sure or you know for a while they're saying it could in the united states then this morning it for sure was not going to hit the united states and we were clear then suddenly we became a target again come on get your act together i don't know where the satellites going to land so you've lost your faith in government i would say because you have a lot of slavery. i mean this is the most exciting thing that's probably going to have from newsweek is one of the worrying about the incident if yes otherwise it was going to be the new ryan gosling movie and get drunk so i'm really excited because yesterday you could do all three. gods only one out of the three thousand that you are so you know no way am i going to want thirty truly i want another three thousand two hundred that if someone is going to. look ok well then i thought you know that's is there you would not be modest for
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a sign ok whatever it is impossible don't don't believe me it's not i'm not an astronaut are you sure. i do. around wondering if you might get hit by a satellite and you take my life and most of the thrilling it will happen to me this week ok all the more reason to live life to its fullest go big or go home. there is a professor out of pittsburgh that's suing the police department there and anyway i'll get into my personal experience with this but when they have the g. twenty in pittsburgh there are protests that were going on they use this crazy sonic device that really pierces your ears so we have to plug your ears for a second because what it sounds like. yeah that's a i'm talking about even here. i mean i love the video of people running just because it's like a very nerdy like this is
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a good only way to go but i know i was there covering the protests at the time and i was the reporter that was assigned to go do the story about the protests i was standing like ten feet away from this big and it really is just as such a piercing miserable horrible sound like you feel like you're just getting attacked by birds and satellites are falling on you and make you want to run and hide and cry and so happy that somebody is you know suing them yeah i don't i think most of our crowd control methods are like sort of overly militaristically but having to run from a loud noise is like a first world problem i mean like i was watching these videos in greece. because yemen syria thousands of people dead in a week so we get to sue over a lot of people i don't hear but it's worse elsewhere that's you know it's my mantra has been to pittsburgh i wouldn't say it's a first world. i'm going to pittsburgh i don't ever have a reason yeah exactly i have noise now so i got
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a totally wrong impression of pittsburgh because when you were there for the g. twenty the entire city was shut down like all of downtown was shut down it was a weird crazy ghost town even to get to the convention center i first had to go through security at like the baseball arena take a bus over the bridge so you're sure that was just for jeter and then you had to hear noise. and read me if i just. point. ok now i think you might like this video personal pale and that would be sarah palin's daughter and a bit of our fights not a physical altercation but just. which was such. was. their choice was.
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ok. i mean if somebody talks bad about your mom then by all means go and defend your mother that is what you were supposed to do so i almost was going to give her some credit for going and defending her mom because you know who cares what i think about sarah palin like it's her mom so go ahead defend her but they don't say are you all the yelling i'm all because you're a homosexual yeah like a good story you're suppose you're yelling because you're gay you know i mean he uses homosexuality more right i mean like maggie gallagher and maybe i don't i think you're usually did your family values that i grew up with brought booze in babies out of wedlock you know every time the palin family makes the news i love them a little more aware of this actually you know part of this is ok so yeah that it sat on ranch on sunset i mean i don't know. ok there you can see i have a rush job as a mechanical bull it's not
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a white trash i know it because it's on sunset boulevard so this is like l.a. and you're saying oh and you can have like why do you like me like real american and i hate the whole real america thank us for america not last anyway starting to really get. your tickets if it's wrong how do you take us ninety seconds to talk about the mechanical bull to that was like the funniest part not that yes he called his mother mama whore that was a really great school district you know i think i've seen some people go off those things in all directions. all right. this last one ok so hausler magazine publisher larry flynt is trying to offer one million dollars to anybody who can prove that perry has had an illicit sexual liaison i was actually not the first person to do this because remember there was also the support that yeah put it in a newspaper but the reason we found this so funny is because the news decided to cover the story and their headline just said liberal smut peddler offer him cash
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for. some but he says i'm sorry it's not a problem with that when he ran for california governor his whole i was on the smut peddler that cares he's a small problem here not sure though like i mean the thing that like one politically is most known for a morning thing else is being a first amendment advocate and that's not like a liberal issue you know i mean like so and i'm sure would defend like all these the rights of christian fundamentalists to spout their sort of crazy stuff you know so i mean he's just saying if you happen to know any illicit affairs that he's had no you know he had to do probably why you want to add that this is a weird thing for people really going after perry for of everybody who's on that stage why why why is perry's thing sexual or sexual hypocrisy was with the wrong supporters said yeah why not i mean there's so much other stuff to nail him on i'd rather like i'd rather find out about mitt romney ok so. our wives right you guys i have to wrap it up unfortunately brad time to thank you for joining me i think for a night show thanks for tuning in make me come back on monday their conference
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going to be here for happy hour i'm going to get to be the fan of the latest on facebook followers on twitter this anything if you could that contrast the live show and coming up next. loads of the earth weapons grade plutonium is turned into a vital new recently nuclear waste becomes a fuel friendly to the environment and energy outposts among the ends of the earth russian science is leading the way in making these innovations our reality to true free from fears of nuclear facilities the peaceful revolution atomic energy phone technology obsolete we've got the future coverage.
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