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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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a very warm welcome to you this is our see live from moscow greece is engulfed by more public protests as it comes under scrutiny by a team of senior european and i.m.f. officials who are assessing if the country has implemented enough or seriously measures this comes as german lawmakers vote on whether to release further bailout cash desperately needed to stay out of trouble correspondents are furthest following the situation from mountains. this is really going to send a message not just to the same countries but globally as well that the leaders are going to be willing to pull the year is in countries increase especially out of this deepening crisis to remember germany's already the biggest single contributor and this is going to increase their contributions even more a lot of the german public say that's simply not fair now for what a lot of people have been saying a lot of analysts we spoke into has said that it's not really a question of whether or not this is going to go through most people think that it
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will get a three the after effects of that are going to impact what happens here in greece moving forward again with the funds and the next tranche of money that they'll be needing before they run out of money altogether we've called the choice called it seem here at the moment they're going to be holding talks looking at how greece is dealing with the debt crisis whether they're meeting the demands that was set for them now we know the property tax was passed on cheese day night that's. been the way for the choice it's a come back and again another signal that the greek government trying to do everything that they can but again that's a den prefix to me unpopular here amongst the greek public they say these increasing taxes these very severe austerity measures are simply crippling them and there's no way that they can live with them and not only that they're not going to be able to pay it again and alice i was speaking to is saying you know this property taxes and the greek government have made to show that they're on the right track but actually. supposed to raise about two billion euro
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a deficit in that budget and realistically the people i've been speaking to said you know people simply can't pay that so the actual money that that will raise is going to be more in the region of the millions. well the commission president insisted that greece will remain in the euro zone and called on its members to join forces and the union faces its biggest challenge in history but an economics professor dr marcus campus says the german taxpayer is the fed out with being europe's cash cow eighty five percent of the germ population pose to any further money so we are in for a very very strong better than additionally there is the chose against. in the european court of justice he faces a challenge by our group that he has. european central bank to buy to put chase junk bonds from italy spain greece ireland and portugal. before. the
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split has been greater than today and. such is going to lose the popular support it has always had in germany till now the fundamental problem of greece. is divergence of competitiveness by putting more debt. money to. increase the competitiveness of these two countries of the country you keep them in the same monetary question they are monetary imprisoned and the you. after having consumed. the cheap money for more than ten years so alice you give them the freedom to leave the euro they will not be able to catch up with other competitive countries. well the deepening of the downturn has revealed some painful truths. that
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governments don't rule the world goldman sachs rules the world media is in shock after a trader exposes what song called the world economy caps. the palestinian bid for u.n. membership which is progressing through the security council despite the looming threat of a us military. yes nick standoff continues in kosovo as nato reinforces its presence on its contested border with this came a day after at least eleven people were injured in clashes throughout the area where the violence flared out when on tuesday nato peacekeepers tried to dismantle serb barricades during the dispute rubber bullets and tear gas were used by alliance forces serbian hospital officials claim some of the injured were shot with live rounds the barricades are set up in july one cause of an authority has tried to seize the checkpoints to enforce their unilateral trade embargo russia's foreign
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minister has called on the peacekeepers in the area to stay neutral but the russian envoy to nato. saying the alliance taking sides could inflame the conflict. it seems my new colleagues don't have a clue what the consequences of their involvement in the conflict could be instead of taking a neutral position in accordance with the un security council resolution they took the side of constable albania basically nato is blocking the only road of life between the cost of an serbs and serbia it's the international peacekeepers who are involved in the civil conflict in the north of the region according to our sources there are badly wounded people among the cause of an serbs and those wounds are not from rubber bullets or from stones they are from real bullets fired at these people need to refuse to answer that question it's another mistake that nato is making and provokes another conflict in the balkans. or seven dead three of it is the serbian foreign affairs a writer for america's chronicle of magazine says naysay forces have acted beyond
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antacid of law let us imagine for argument's sake that bashar al assad's sent his security forces against a group of syrian demonstrators that those troops were met with stones they fired live ammunition back and then claimed they did it in self-defense i think that we can already hear that the rise of the laughter of west implications and western media and here today would have us believe that they were acting in self-defense when fighting first radical it's and then live ammunition at rock throwing surface but what were they doing there in the first place the notion that they were actually helping touchy called a snake impose his control on the border between costs of uncertainty which should be properly called administrative dividing line means that they have exceeded their mandate and they're no longer acting in accordance with resolution twelve fifty
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four which is just about the only legal basis of their presence. to russia itself the republic of the go stand where a car bomb has killed one police officer and seven civilians among them an entire family while the bomb went off and security officers approached a suspicious vehicle parked by the road a civilian car driving by at the time of the explosion was caught in the blast or of the passengers were killed instantly officials say the attack would likely a local leader who was also called from through the area russia's north caucuses have the spike in terror attacks recently over seventy people have been killed in the republic of douglas stan. we're coming your way later this hour meet space exploration new kid on the blog someone is preparing to launch a unmanned space the board three dubbed heavenly palace the month of perth step towards building its very own space station. says it could support
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a compromise draft resolution on syria that we do unites a russian and european positions on the conflicts this comes after hours of talks at the security council is to veto wielding members russia and china rejected the initial european plan calling for immediate sanctions of a softer version presented earlier by the e.u. states favors the measures of the violence doesn't stop moscow has long insisted that the restrictions are simply a strategy to pursue regime change in syria and you nichols actually resolve the crisis russia's envoy to the u.n. however sort of compromise could be found if the rest of the security council was united in their commitment to end the violence meanwhile fighting in syria continues with the army supported by tanks and helicopters now locked in street battles with the opposition city of our stan. the palestinian bid for recognition at the un is moving through the security council it's been passed on to the group's admissions committee which will consider the application on friday but the us has
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vowed to veto the variation in support of its allies israel meanwhile televisa been slammed by the international community for deciding to expand its settlements on occupied palestinian soil poor not reports. so far there is about six security council members on record that have thrown their support behind the palestinian bid a total of nine out of the fifteen countries need to support the application and there has to be no vetoes none of the veto wielding members of the security council should cast a veto as we know the united states a staunch ally of israel has vowed to veto the palestinian bid for u.s. membership if it house to israel is very much opposed to this the us president barack obama said the only way that there can be independent palestinian state is if the palestinians and the israelis get back to the negotiation table and discuss the middle east peace plan that comes to fruition so at this point some critics say
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the palestinian campaign for you another ship is doomed to hell but the palestinians are very appreciative that security council is moving so quickly and at the very least this is bringing to it bringing attention to a problem that has lasted for decades and has not yet been solved there has been condemnation coming from the international community against israel's plan to expand its settlements russia has said it's deeply concerned with the plan and hopes that it would be revised the united states and european union also voiced criticism of this plan and some critics say that the settlement expansion is actually a violation of international law and if anything israel's actions can be seen as provoking and already sensitive circumstance not helping to reach a. peace agreement the palestinian authority say that israel clearly with this move is not serious about peace whatsoever and we can imagine that
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a lot of diplomatic negotiations will continue taking place to make sure that maybe israel will. take its plan on expanding settlements because if those settlements do . and the palestinian president said there will be no kind of business as usual and no with direct talks with the israelis. aussies where to put an earlier she sat down with prominent academic professor chomsky he thinks countries that still oppose palestinian independence should be forced to reconsider. the truce between security and expansion a very clear truce israel has like other states is preferred for since your early seventy's it's had a choice between security and expansion and have peace but not with expansion into the territory which incidentally is recognized to be criminal but everyone they get
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away with it as long as the most powerful street will back them and as long as europe goes on that's where we now stand and it's up to the people the advanced industrial countries to compel the governments to go along with the world. and you can watch the full interview with professor noam chomsky in just a few minutes here on last. china is just a few hours away from launching an experimental model of tangoing one also known as heavenly palace into space marking the first ambitious step to building the country is a very space station well the space lab will be testing a technology such as life support systems if all goes well it'll be a thick one african step towards china's own space station which is planned for the end of the tech eight years of the news of the cosmonaut six and magazine you go to . china as its proration space is fueled by its side to catch up with all the countries. right at the get go to reprogram china has been approaching it
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in space exploration program with few but very precise steps every launch for them is something new but for now they are really the point we had reached thirty years ago as for technology they may well have borrowed some of it both officially or unofficially from russia the u.s. and europe all over the place but one of the reasons the chinese are developing their own space program is that they weren't invited to join the i assess they were even refused permission just to visit the station so russia and europe had nothing against it so we have to bear in mind that trying there is a different civilization it was once willing to go hand in hand with us and the americans but will simply go their own separate way so this launch is the first step into their own module based space station which they plan to start building in two thousand and eighteen. and elsewhere in the galaxy attend the centimeter piece
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of daybreak may not seem like a big deal on less of course it's careering around earth's orbit three people on the international space station are now preparing to take evasive action to avoid an encounter with the runaway space john let's get the details on all this stuff from marty's piece are all over peter so is the crew of the station in any danger but the crew themselves are prepared for this type of eventuality. it actually happens around six hundred times a year the average is that they have to make a vase of maneuvers on board the i assess to avoid bits of debris that are flying around now there are an estimated twenty thousand pieces of space junk being tracked going around going around the planet at the moment this particular piece of space junk is a a ten centimeters size bit of a rocket that was launched in one thousand nine hundred ninety one to send a satellite into orbit now what happens if the eye assess detect that they are on
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a collision course with a piece of space junk that they try to make emergency maneuvers if they can to try and get out of the way however if they can't make those those maneuvers and be one hundred percent sure that they can get out of work out of the way there's only one course of action left. the crew take shelter in the most protected area of the ship the safest place is the capsule in the so use module so that's where the entire crew hides when the station is considered to be in danger but it blogger mars version that bit of it under the satellite in orbit plus a manned space station what can actually be done to tackle the dangers posed find space john well unfortunately as it stands at the moment there is no viable plan in place to to try and clean up space to clean up space there is no method of giving space a spring clean all of those theories that have been put forward are either too expensive to outlandish some of been done
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a little bit too side by or they're just not workable they just basically the technology isn't advanced at this present time now the big problem comes is as i say around twenty thousand objects are being tracked at the moment the most recent one you can see a shot of just right there that came down to earth the most recent large object was the usa r.s. . research module that was a nasa satellite that will be monitoring the the atmosphere that came down to earth last week and part of it went through the atmosphere and all the the reason that we have so much space junk in the big problem comes is that the space junk is growing exponentially due to something called the kessler effect now what this is one piece of space junk crashes into another piece of space junk and makes more space junk so the scientists and those who are are monitoring the pieces of debris that are up there the big concern for them is that and around six years we might not be able to
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actually get. to it there might be as much enough space junk up there to cause problems from launching will anything from earth into space due to the fact that there simply isn't any isn't any room around the planet so at the moment there is no way of tidying up all of this debris to make sure that we can continue the exploration of space. he said they have that r.c.s. piece for all of that. and we've got some news just in now here at r.t. german the lawmakers have approved expanded powers for the euro zone a bailout fund m.p.'s took part in a vote today in berlin the fun could now be extended to a total of four hundred and forty billion euros now mainstream media is thrown into a tailspin after an independent trader tells the b.b.c. how the world of big money in politics it was from the inside here's our report now
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from washington on why this was such an eye opener. the governments don't rule the world goldman sachs rules the world it was the comment heard around the world one that generated widespread reaction from papers and pundits alike we appreciate your candor however it doesn't help the rest of us does it but instead of talking about the comment itself most everybody at least not to shoot the messenger alessio responding crisis forbes calls him a psychopath c.n. b.c. suggests it might be a hoax new york magazine wonders if it is a hoax or perhaps our worst nightmare well regardless of our intentions the bigger question has been largely ignored was he wrong about the power of goldman sachs and why was everyone so shocked after all right here at r t in our studios we've had several guests bona fide traders even former goldman sachs employees who have said the very same thing washington is not the biggest player in this the global bankers
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are the biggest players the global hedge fund managers that's where the action that is determining the outcome of this mass not the players in washington they have already ceded control to the global banking industry wall street has been pulling the strings in washington from the get go it is the largest sector of campaign contributions and that's to both parties but for the mainstream media who don't share views like these are studies honesty was unexpected survive and thrive t.v.'s george hamon jury when they asked him nice questions on b.b.c. he just let it all hang out and the actual truth came across. recently also sent shock waves around the world when he told the b.b.c. that most traders don't really care if and when the economy is fixed personally i've been dreaming of this one for three years i have a confession which is i go to bed every night i dream of another recession the b.b.c. interview has now gone viral if you could see the people around me jewels have
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collectively dropped that what you just saves perhaps there. it wouldn't have dropped they only read july two thousand and nine a rolling stone article the great american bubble machine in it he famously described goldman sachs as a quote great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money tavi discussed with us recently how although people are unaware of it the big bank has profound power in society how much you're paying for gas how much you're paying for electricity how much you're paying for your credit cards. your mortgage how much you're paying in taxes and how much of your tax dollars are going to debt service. unlike the mainstream media a few here would be shocked by rest on his comments was shut down for nearly two weeks these protesters have been out every day hoping to bring an end. or at least
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awareness to what many call a corrupt system really was. and still others have argued for years that the government's actions are dictated by the big banks the very special interest in on wall street the insurance industry these guys these are the people who are writing the laws that obama is passing they are keeping him in power they are the ones that have financed this campaign and the laws are being written for their benefit. as anger builds here perhaps better questions need to be asked here so that a different message is sent to decision makers here that the system that has been sustained and protected for decades might need to change in washington christine for our tea. ok let's take a look now at some other world stories this hour america needs to vote for the twenty six year old man and charles taylor plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol and pens you can using remote controlled model aircraft packed with
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explosives f.b.i. investigators have been monitoring the suspect for months undercover federal agents provided him with fake c four explosives as part of a sting operation and arrested him shortly afterwards he was also charged with attempting to support al qaeda groups. several egyptian up polish school parties have threatened to boycott the november election unless the country's rulers amend the current ballot tools the announcement was made in a joint statement on wednesday is activists prepared to stage another protest in the capital cairo reports say thousands of people dissatisfied with the military rulers who took over when president mubarak was ousted in february are expected to turn up to the rally. a man who's been sentenced to death in bahrain for killing a policeman during the rest of the country's capital. manama sorry earlier this year doctors and nurses have also been sentenced to prison terms of up to fifteen
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years for treating protesters injured in clashes with government forces in february and march this year in the wake of the arab spring uprising in the country was harshly repressed with numerous claims of human rights abuses. former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss comes confronted a french writer who's accused of sexual assault police are currently investigating pleased as i think is a shame before the prosecution decides whether to press charges that ban long says plus can attempt to break when she was interviewing him in paris in two thousand and three the case comes just weeks after another assault case against the former i.m.f. chief was dropped he was arrested in new york in may after a hotel maid claimed he'd attacked. that's where the news this is our hero last year let's get a business update now with kareena. oh
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welcome to our business object this hour thanks for joining me russell took a heavy blow in the last bout of financial market turbulence last week the country's indices lost over ten percent making russia the worst performer among emerging markets but does this recent weakness presents an opportunity for bargain hunters and associates apollo from what critic capital police it does but investing now would be risky. taking into consideration prices and level this. is very attractive but the main point is that there is a significant flow of money supposed to hit the place right now according to the recent i.m.f. research paper around eight point two billion dollars from emerging europe and particular russia supposed to be get all so there is a big opportunity for emerging market being on the top level right now for big
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funds but unfortunately more trying to be conservative and still be in cash and bind us treasuries and rather than looking to emerging markets. let's take a look at the markets know all about sparing its biggest quarterly drop since two thousand and eight. german lawmakers will approve a measure to increase the eurozone bailout song which they did branch blend is trading at around one hundred five dollars per barrel while the is that eighty two dollars per barrel and russian markets recover from one of the losses pointing upwards enough to the trading session of the the beyond he has just a notch in the my six is heading point seven percent in the black let's take a look at some individual. acts right now and as you majors are on the rise with almost two percent of banking stocks are no exception would spare bank pointing nine percent and russia's flag carrier air flight is two hundred percent supported by use its passenger traffic rose twenty three percent in the first eight months of
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the year. european stocks are mixed this hour which he still losing point three percent germany's dax is up point six percent up to travel to stock approved the lodging european financial stability facility shares of russia's top search engine the for the biggest fall since listing on the nasdaq a thirteen percent plunge sent the shares two dollars below the list price during the company's i.p.o. . may analysts say confidence has been knocked as the company continues to know its position and its home market to go. well that's our business up that for best buy don't forget you can always log on to our website dot com slash business and read more business stories.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a repeat. it's .
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a german makers have approved new powers for the year is. designed to help the struggling economy meanwhile more public protests erupted. assess the country's progress in implementing the national. alliance nor to take. credit. hours away from launching an unmanned space to have a. step towards building a space station. next we sit down with a.


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