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witnessing the sewage infrastructure construction the some are region special economic zone promises exceptional of the treaties for developing your business in russia will come to the similar regions for more information. about the best in some you. other magyar was r t here's a look at the top stories more violence erupts in northern causes nato troops adopt a shoot to kill policy towards were testers demonstrating against the seizure of a disputed checkpoint and. the newspapers are already getting their teeth into the upcoming political challenges facing russia's president medvedev says its popularity makes him the best candidate for the top job. lot of gadhafi last stronghold stands on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe with civilians being driven out of their homes by fierce
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fighting and a lack of vital supplies. now as he offers you a trip to the picture perfect town of the bork a melting pot of russian swedish and finnish cultures. hello and welcome to the program on this week show we continue our exploration of the old men evil talent d.-bag located in the northwest of russia after st petersburg it's a popular tourist destination because so much harder old cobbled streets and pits
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arrest orthodox cathedrals there's plenty to see and to do in the region. typical it looks like there's a storm coming here soon and with the umbrellas always a good thing for tourists to have joining autumn in russia and weather aside one thing that is certainly right to be big recently is growth opportunity and an increase in visitors leverage is an important transport hub connected by the railway network to same petersburg moscow karelia m finland about one hundred fifty kilometers northwest of the former counsel roughly five express trains a day the from the finance the station and take almost two hours to reach the guard trains also connects here from moscow many distance can come here for now sinking talent further afield by boats on pass the first railway station if you back opens in eight hundred sixty nine was part of the railway track connecting st petersburg i'm guessing force as house and he was trying cools the ground where we station we
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see now is the project of architects from st petersburg built in one nine hundred fifty three in the typical grand stalinist style sieberg is one of the biggest and most beautiful towns in the leningrad region the name consists of two parts the word good meaning a town a fortress and the. many european towns names and the words v. and she said to come from the old german language meaning st the history of the book started in the eleventh century when a small settlement here once part of sweden and finland and now russia every centuries the fusion of cultures and traditions has become too apparent attractions and architectural monuments to vbac a closely connected with its history while what amazing of you now the big attracts many tourists with stunning history and amazing architecture ok some of it is a little gruffly and run down but i think that's what gives this place its character also there are many different cultural events and possibles that take place during the year so if you want to enjoy or leave them to check the dates before you visit. you can easily say the book is like an open air museum walk along
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the cobbled lanes with the birds medieval castle walk around and i still speak a sions or explore the branch of the hematology museum the location has also had many famous guests including russian composer hard drinker and the paul street leader vladimir lenin as one of the most european russian locations locals are obviously proud of their harem and. i think peter the great wisely chose this area to be exposed to fusion as its a focal point for your country with create legal strength. makes up it's time to eat and we've arrived at what's called fast katherina the restaurant located in a large circular tower is one of the oldest in town the tower itself was built in the middle of the sixteenth century and since then as many different pieces first part of a massive fortification we term it became a pharmacy and then i mean action store it was used even as the prison and
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beginning of the twentieth century of the town grew in the tower appeared to be right in the center of the park there were plans to destroy it but the architectural monuments it was in the end preserved and turned into a restaurant. with international dishes can be taken. and well connected only in countries of their origin like sushi in japan or especially can the carcasses so don't try to show off like some restaurants instead offering traditional russian and european cars the end of. the inside missing that he brings here is some interesting blend feynman's. least mommas or wrigley current. is decorated with new orleans to pick from the history of the track with inscriptions in finnish swedish lancing and russian ensuring the water towers close the restaurant reopened in march in some three six
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since then has become of the make instantaneous in the bag. if you're looking for a popular place to eat in the back this restaurant is a great choice not only do they sell finishes food but there's also live entertainment today as are many her tongue cherry there are many dishes on offer to have gone for the traditional residency and the many is are all printed in english russian and finnish which is ideal for a transit. absolutely delicious. so what other tourist sites commuted to sit in the dark there are several museums on the grounds of the bronx castle and one of them is a museum of torture the other dog display features contraptions used to punish interrogate and execute people during the middle ages although the museum founders say none of the actual exhibits have enemies in the caso and they are all replicas . of the letters that are the diesel engines representing each park which is called
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the late middle ages there are also some items from a later period but generally they were last used after the thirty years war in the first half of the seventeenth century we're trying to depict some of the most popular medieval means of execution privilege of the majority of european turns of the time but. there are several restaurants in the back that your pain cuisine caught up is a bit restaurant in the old town its name comes from the legend connected with the first owner paul harvey who also had wine cellars and debug he attracted businesses to his venue by offering the largest portions in town also i was served to every guest and i was promised that the luckiest one could find a pal inside one of them the case with pals gimmick is long gone but the portions in the restaurant a still generous. another restaurant which attracts tourists in the back is called the dual located in a queens area in the old historical part of the city the atmosphere in this art
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cafe as the owners call it is quiet and relaxed. when the weather is nice they have an outside terrace and live music on weekends you can also create additional self choosing from the list of ingredients provided on the menu there are several hotels in beaver granting for most accommodation to more expensive hotels the victoria hotel in business center is a newly built complex in the city center offering current views of the bay and the cost there are sixty rooms of various types including apartments and studios and also several conference souls of our restaurants and a fitness center. moving to nature now and after several hours of entertainment and sizing it's time for some fresh air and relaxation of the mainland moxa debugged and the surrounding area is among repose park and est and now it's all space occupying about one hundred eighty acres of land various species of plants can be found in the reserved it's for the inside verse in the park attracts many wild
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animals and birds but the main natural attraction apart is its rocky landscape and geological formations which can be found anywhere else in the world. i mean the subject is a valuable part of the art of ground parks and estates from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it's a park on the rocks it features a lot of cliff stearns and granite and trees here grow right on the stones. this park is situated on a picturesque islands two kilometers from the city center a number of homes where the biggest estates ensembles of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries preserved in the north and in grad regions of this nature wildlife stalk of buildings and unique landscape a trick here is well worth the effort. funded by the officer in charge of the boat it was soon acquired by the governor of the province he used to sing spectacular feasts it was named monaco french for my rest for my leisure. and
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rest it does provide that with incredible scenery nature. i'm walking l'arche this this is supposed to end the spear in this park is really amazing it's relaxing and invigorating and like a century it's never a positive. a journey back into time splendid example of european russia moving into the next phase of its life medieval castles and historic estates are slowly and surely being renovated one by one. millions might not implode of the village but as an up and coming european destinations this peaceful russian town is certainly one to watch. while there we have it all right the russian the russians how vbac is over i'll see you again the same time next week i will be back in the russian capital it's a loan from the rest of the current by.
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nature and discover its buzy. communicate with the wild. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you the knowledge of the. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created settlement of came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or god is. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a common soldier in the occupied territories was
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a do with the turds doing what we call making our presence so you go out should some bozo the. they are not concerned doors for the other quarter and they do not outs religion and nationalism not to students them have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want to. kill a thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect they're going to feel you have to be either extremely naive fourth from school. to hear of your religious jew calling another job i'm not not in the way they really did it not on the night . but. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening
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a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. which is what. san antonio plays in trouble. the problem is you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations a cable outlet or you tell me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on archie. come on our hero. we hear it because our country out it's our. god promised them this is the land belongs to us. we'll if they are still going to be thinking. and culturalism people will not believe that god is real estate say look at this that is this for you guys this guy
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this is for you. and you don't want to be this is the are you this is my then. up the. look up. that.
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one violence robs a northern cause of those nato troops adopt a shoot to kill policy towards protesters demonstrating against the seizure of a disputed checkpoint. newspapers are already getting their teeth into the upcoming political challenges facing russia's president and yet have says putin's popularity makes him the best candidate for the top job. while going off these last wrong hole stands on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe with civilians being driven out of their homes by fierce fighting lad from miles lives. as they have us here in our city up next the latest news from the world of sports with andrew.
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well i left thanks for watching the sport good to have you company and the other headlines. with pride russia score three tries in a sixty eight twenty two defeat to a stray at the rugby world cup. while time cheering for us the tab is solid as a city focus only it is primarily. fleetwood has a flyer to go join top of the dunhill links championship. that stopped the rugby world cup by russia have bowed out of the tall man with an admirable before once against the strategy of their bad last sixty eight twenty two but the fact they managed to score three tries and around the aussies close in the second half is something they'll be proud of russia has lost that three previous matches in need they were getting high marks to disregard this along an expected to be speaking to have a lead but they only lost the second half twenty one points to seventeen and got
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try stories that i deem it was a denny's simply to pitch and constantine but i'm glad i'm not seeing that as a performance to be proud of that will come up for the q. and a bonus point after scoring for thrice by the fifteenth minute ensuring they only avoid south africa in the quarter finals if a silly island on sunday and then can see by this point in other games today france take on tonga looks set to finish runners up behind new zealand while england and scotland take on each other in a do or die match the english needing a win as a county themselves a place in the last light was scotland need to win why eight points to keep their hopes alive otherwise would have to rely on children to beat in argentina on sunday . tennis russians it is of only over is taking on pilings i can least get advance in the final of the pan pacific i've been in tokyo at the mo you have only what you see to full. petrik could be to vote in straight sets in the semi's and she's
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trailing in the first set their five games to do that in france is playing in the final here in tokyo for the first time as well and. now in the men's store andy murray got through to the semifinals of the tallent open in bangkok and coming gauguin grigor dimitrov six four six will not suffer a loss for a meeting the french reveals to more. some on how to fight on his hands he needed to come back from a set down against germany. and then taking the side he said six to articulate over an hour and a half court. the fact all top three seeds have made it into the semi in this competition gelman feat joyce marion simone after a tough test there against. from the from finland run the first set seven five a match after the second set typewrite. but there is stock in his way next he will face american donald young who be qualified to read that in
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straight sets six one six three the score the strongest names the twenty two year old from chicago into the top fifty of the men's rankings for the first time. let's talk football in the russian premier league today the no one moscow have the chance to draw level with second place to the blue and white face ninth place krasnodar as a number three points behind and the five points adrift at the lead is elite and a number are pleased by the return of kevin could and yet he's back in the squad after being suspended while the nominee only chops like i said a elsewhere terek start life we need a standard stuff just to solve our former spot goalkeeper and coaches they support him side spot and now. to get all we defeated in our moscow last time out and travel to the volga. wining is premier league roberto mancini says he won't dwell on events made on events made week when carlos tevez. refused to come off the bench to play against buying munich and studies focusing on today's game with blackburn
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believes as a manager he will be judged on results. first morning was finished and was ready for. a draw for. the second time to stand. up because it can get. our series on a. starting very well. and now is important the more we do have a job it's better because it will be very difficult. in other games today leaders manchester united are at home to nourish their little trouble to everton from the side darby unbeaten villa hopes we can wolf will try to stop their recent slump when they take on new castle and sunderland entertain west brom. isolated g.p. where danny could throws a has recorded the quickest time in practice ahead of the japanese grand prix standings lately casey stoner though just
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a blink of an eye behind on the monte guitar. uses fourth overall topping the day's time sheets yesterday with a time of just under one minute from forty seven seconds straining casey stoner and italian and. right behind that blistering mark but with rain forecast or rather we can maintain in days leading sports a tough ask the triac. i think the more we have to focus on the right maybe they will change a little bit so we have to be very aware of. any time. the gulf and three plays share the lead after the second round in last vegas seven are charlie way and jonathan vegas are all twelve under par for the justin timberlake shriners hospitals for children open vegas was their leader after the day in the rookie from venezuela at the front with a four under sixty seven a great chip in their game and i had a baby three sixty three which included. went around in sixty six.
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and on the european tour upcoming golfer tommy fleetwood has a share of the lead at the alfred dunhill links championship the twenty two year old shot a nine under par sixty three kings barnes puts in top of the leaderboard with michael floyd are twelve and. while the russian cup finished at the algarve of golf course on the outskirts of the capital of moscow the players playing may not have been household names but there is plenty of talent talent nonetheless as the tournament attracts russia's best is constantly to top off reports. this year's final day of the russian cup to allow it to be a true unpredictable three like thanks to its match play format the first surprise was growing in the woman semifinals where angling the monarchy were called out to one stroke win over anastasia she of course you know. however two thousand and five russian champion questioner managed to limp third sport in
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a battle against senior doing the necessary viet layoff i enjoyed boys. first. because. i was upset but that's ok the best of the second. scene really. really hurt. that was what i had too tough much as it. was just going. into the final where my marker phase got. twenty two year old monarch and i went close to repeating a semifinal success but the school was level up to eighteen holes meaning again a playoff would be needed to determine the new owner of the cup on this occasion it was three time russian champion mr on his shoulder required poised to add yet another trophy cabinet were said i am really happy to and i am glad that i had to
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play against him and after engine two round and match it was a real challenge because my parents were not as a match for a saturday. and i like it meanwhile no one was surprised to see me get up on my own in the men's decider the nineteen year old demonstrating solid pulling in the face of pressure through all of the tournament eventually battling his way to a final with a man he shares his training with your game you walk of the kalash thing tonight on the fourth nine but teenager who was a run our two years ago would finally take the overall victory a strong early on the seventeenth. there's all this in the tournament was very childish especially the first three days i was unsatisfied with my plight but i made the cuts and then felt more confident i like much play as you get the experience of playing one on one with the opponent. golf is a sport which has yet to capture the imagination of the masses here with full ice
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hockey and basketball very much from the roost but with such intriguing to an end says the russian the hope is that next in the west with ronnie concerns them to merge in the tees soon. or a t. but i can say that is all this will for months. legislature undiscovered species even the. lead the communicate with the want to.
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test yourself and become free in a and see what nature can give you the chief. of. police. league. it's just so. it's just so. it's. probably. pick it if i am. i am. coming.
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wealthy british science. that's not the right.
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market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our key.


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