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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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welcome back you're watching our live from moscow and here's a recap of our top stories now deadly situation develops in northern cost of zero as a nato implements shoot to kill orders to break the law killed by local service near a disputed checkpoint the border crossing seized two weeks ago by all some of these aided by the alliance and since then it cautious some left several serbs injured. people of tripoli take to the streets angry at the former rebels still carrying guns in the city thousands flee one of the few remaining gadhafi strongholds the
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city of sirte that's facing a serious humanitarian crisis. and the operation occupy wall street and the inequality and corporate influence grows in the u.s. as protests headed to their third week at a furious turned towards the police pollard a series of arrests and allegations of brutal behavior. now a spear is valid at the greek crisis will end in a default artie's of max cars around stacy herbert discuss why the greek government seems to be so reluctant to face reality because a report is up next to marty. max keiser this is there is a report talk talk is dangerous place here max it is so
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dangerous i wore my hummingbird today a very very quiet little bird here let me get a close look at it. because you know the e.c.b. the f.s.f. the i.m.f. the world bank the fed would be o.e. all agree there we can't talk to theory in the financial world here's a little video clip i want to turn to and this is the former greek finance minister yeah no papantonio and he is that talking about this rumors of a fifty percent. haircut and greek debt will this solution or could a solution should a solution require a fifty percent haircut as as i believe the current finance minister suggested. you know the government but it's moves as has or has refuted this and he said big students of a dangerous position for greece because default of equal to three percent will second most from c.b.s. it will make the most of the financial crisis in greece and there are very serious bajan of facts to the rest of the eurozone think discussion and such options is not
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that it's not prepared for the truth is trading down it's in a bear market lies are trading up it's a bull market in lies and silence about yes so the talk is dangerous he said it's not the actual financial and economic system that we live in that is the danger it's the talk that is causing the c.d.s. spreads to widen it is the talk that is causing greece to collapse under it has nothing to do with the austerity measures or anything like that but one. tonio financial harpies i mean that's and he doesn't want to talk about it understand. the boy but the cure for financial herpes yanis pump antonio is you've got a pocket about it you've got to go to the doctor or whatever and you go take care of your financial herpes i realize it's embarrassing and he should have been fornicating with the i.m.f. they gave you the financial harpies now you're a pariah so of course max the finns never talk they're very famously quiet
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and low and behold finished parliament approves stronger s.f. what was up as european financial stability fund this is yet another financially engineer pool of toxic financial junk that they have birth in do existence through glycine masters birth canal to neil liberal claptrap and they're hoping that this is somehow going to wash away their sins but it exacerbates the sins it makes it much worse and the finish parliament shame on you because you were have the right idea at first but saying no because you're against financial terrorism but now some somewhere in the parliament somebody took a proud but actually they had to be quiet they were told they had one guy who spoke up and he was dangerous he said the wrong thing he was put away now all they had
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to do is raise their hand and be good little bailout artis that's what they did out artist con artists they're all the same poor finnish people terrible let's move on to what is not considered dangerous talk by these financial elites a used were oh so calls on the e.c.b. to do whatever it takes in crisis there years that little picture of jose manuel barroso the european commission president standing at the podium free to speak to the world this garbage he says we trust that the european central bank will do whatever is necessary to ensure the integrity of the euro area and to ensure. it's financial stability ober also wants to consolidate the banks they want to create a euro bond they want centralization of power they want loss of sovereignty of the euro countries to increase the power of brussels and the european commission these completely spewing nonsense he's answered competitive let me explain something
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stays there but the solution is begging problems is the big pro competitor that would mean fostering competition in the banking sector not creating more too big to fail banks that by definition are not competitive that's a brussels talking about he doesn't understand a thing about economics finance or markets he should be removed immediately given x. your talk is considered dangerous and yet we hear this man's talk is not considered dangerous and yet hundreds of years of history have shown and demonstrated without a doubt they centralization is dangerous he is putting us in a more dangerous position the thought of it that the he c b can rescue the financial system that was birthed in its own image there forcing a collision in the eurozone between different countries france and germany will be out war germany will be out war with the rest of your a zone this is exactly what the euro was set up to avoid or also is saying no no we
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want world war three and we want a huge enter scene in war in europe that would make us all rich one that well barroso is celebrated because he's saying we must trust in the e.c.b. only the essential banks can save us so let's go to the other major central bank in the world and that's the u.s. federal reserve here comes fia tack watch then big brother bernanke he goes watergate prepares to eavesdrop on everything mentioning the fed yes the fed is apparently seeking the creation of a social listening prop form so they can see who's talking about them and importantly know when they're. making negative comments and perhaps intervene and prevent this negative comments from happening but this is some of the an unintended consequences of the patriot act this is the paranoia of the fed there breaching all kinds of laws again another unintended consequence of barack obama giving blanket
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immunity of arisan another telecom companies when they were caught spying on people so number one he wasn't just to wholesale spying on people to try and figure out who out there is trying to get rid of the fed in this paranoid schizophrenia delusional mind set he's got let me just point one thing out ben bernanke i am volunteering to come to washington to help you straighten out your problem if you read everything i've ever written and you eavesdrop on me all day long and stick a video camera up my strange thing you'll find out that everything i'm said can only help you do your job better as a responsible person if you want to get out of the business of financial terrorism but i don't think you want to get out of the business financial terrorism because you're not ideologues and you are part and parcel with those very elements that are destroying economies using suicide bombs your suicide banker he doesn't need this fancy szymanski expensive software only has to do is go to google dot com enter
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ben burnett oh look the third search ben bernanke he drunk oh ok well there you have it i mean they're going to spend millions hundreds of millions building a spine platform and they just answered to google ben bernanke he and it's clear the problem is that he's an alcoholic that's what people are saying about him let's look at twitter max i'm going to do a search there rhonda benz writes has anyone seen ben bernanke he owes me money ben bernanke he gives wrong got bent back but let's look at this tweet here mark says the federal reserve is a criminal organization. that didn't take too long did it ben you just happened to bring to this episode of the kaiser report. and give us how much tell us you think they're giving away for the software program well i'm flying to washington for free and sort them through their problems but you know if you're going to put me through changes i'm going to charge a accordingly like fifty or sixty million bucks now let's move on to another one of these international financial institutions these masters of the financial universe
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who say you would little people down there speak only kindly of us otherwise the system will collapse here is timothy geithner geithner says new democracies need inclusive okada me so this was timothy geithner speaking before the annual meeting of the i.m.f. and world bank and he said the fate of democracy in north africa and the middle east depends on building economies that help the youth of those nations democracy counts on this. unemployment america has a twenty five percent amongst the us exactly and in egypt it's. the same in tunisia it's a little bit more thirty percent so he's saying democracy counts on including the youth now we know that the u.s. and all of europe they've excluded the so what is he saying what is he telling us i
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think what he's saying is democracy according to tim geithner depends on creating a hitler youth i think he's saying he in fact there is no more democracy we do notice that we see that when we were saying earlier barroso wants integration consolidation more power in the authority of the european central bank and the european commission there openly telling you the ingredients of a democracy means you have to have jobs well there's nothing coming along that lines they have no jobs for you max keiser or the people out there were ninety and they chose an america when they confronted with the crisis of two thousand and eight to bail out the creditors and the underwater mortgage holders instead of trying to help the people who are working or saving money in a capitalist system we know where the bread is buttered for them we know whose side that they're on they're on the side of the speculators and the terrorists geithner's words mean nothing he's a pathological liar well let's google tim geitner right now max google dot com
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enter kim oh i see kim geitner tax evasion very interesting for the man who heads essentially the i.r.s. in america that's right he cheated on his taxes turbo tax to me he said oh the terrible attacks my software for going my taxes most of us but it also says to me geithner grew up next to max kaiser it's true i used to play in flint park so a little park in larchmont new york and i can see the eyes of the devil all the mothers of points i stay away from tim geithner he's the devil so far i don't have i don't hear max speaking of tax evasion greece wrong out of ink can't print tax forms so this is your. and they couldn't give a piece in the financial times article about the austerity measures and they know that conservative opposition new democracy party said a shortage of ink had prevented the computerized pac center at the finance ministry from sending out claims to taxpayers over the last ten days yes this resonates
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throughout history doesn't it because remember after world war one. between the world war two they ran out of ink in germany when they were printing the rice mark they only had one side printed similarly today there's burbank there's geitner they can run those parts in prices all day long but eventually they're going to run out of ink they're running out of gold and silver despite all of the machinations of j.p. morgan said artificially keep those prices down they're running out of the basic supplies that one needs to run an economy you see commodity prices are with out of reach for the companies that need these things to create a functional o'conner me and there's a guy. running out of ink now as our friend gerald celente says most of it's electronic and what he would say of course is that the electronic money is not worth the paper it's not printed on so they're going to run out of out of that some
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point because why they just discovered that some neutrinos travel faster than light well if geithner and bernanke you have their way that means we're going to print money faster than light itself my final comments on this max is that it looks like this is the hyper inflation of all of these elaborate schemes and acronyms meant to bail us out there's hyper inflation and taxes and new taxes and nickel and dime ing and we see that just like when the right's mark ran out of ink to print the rykes mark here we're running out of ink actually print all the new taxes that are required to pay for the bankers but remember don't talk about it. so you never thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you max so go away much more coming away so stay right there.
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welcome back to the kaiser report on max kaiser time now to go to new york speak with actress comedian writer director producer roseanne barr roseanne is an emmy and golden globe winning performer for her role as a fierce working class domestic goddess on the hit comedy show roseanne roseanne barr welcome to the kaiser report hey thank you very much now roseanne we met on twitter via hashtag occupy wall street tell us how you a.o.l.
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get how do we how did you end up speaking at occupy wall street and what is the mood there i ended up speaking there to announce my candidacy for president of the united states as well as prime minister of israel it's a coup for and so i went over there in to give my speech and i've traveled all over the country giving that speech now for about a year the mood there it was pretty fantastic was very calm very peaceful a lot of deep thought a lot of solutions being put forth a lot of really cool young people some older people but it's kind of a real by. reminds me of the sixty's when we all. kind of tried to do the exact same thing ok now listen when i was in square in cairo during their protests i noticed that their demands of the protesters were very clear now one of the demands of the occupy wall street protests
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while as far as i could tell you know you know that people have made the connection between foreclosures banks war and but that's why i'm here max because you said you had solutions and that's why i've followed you and tweeted you back and i thought your solutions sound pretty brilliant so i'm here to ask you questions as well you know i saw you on twitter twit tweeting from the occupy wall street you were there down in the trenches and one of the tweets that you posted you said roseanne barr of corporations are people then goldman sachs needs to be executed for premeditated mass murder terrorism. and grand larceny yes absolutely would this be your platform running for president and it's part of it is part of my platform is of course at the guilty must be punished and that we can no longer let our children see their guilty leaders getting away with murder because it teaches children that
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you know they don't have to have any morals and as long as they have guns and are bullies that know when and i don't think that's a good message i do say that i am for the return of the guillotine and that that is for the worst of the worst of the guilty you're singing to the choir on this show we've been advocating the idea for years and our fantastic way think alike and i'm in many ways i first would allow of the guilty bankers to pay the ability to pay back anything over one hundred million personal wealth because i'm going to maximum wage of one hundred million dollars and if they're on and live on that amount then they should you know go to bed. reeducation camps and if that doesn't help then be headed now we just recently saw the beauty rolled out in a huge protest in israel five hundred thousand people in the streets basically they are part of this global what some call or i call the global insurrection against banker occupation has there been any communication between let's say the tel of the
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wall street athens cairo tunis this is a global uprising do you see any of that belong to all communication happening because of the twitter and other sites or just in any way yes i receive e-mails and messages and letters from all over the world especially israel and turkey and even iran everywhere i i see it all and i just encourage everybody to get together so fast you can stop all that lefty faction ing stuff that leftist men want to do when men come together and it's ours and we'll take it and we'll fix it in a heartbeat ok on the twitter o.c.r. fronts we have some questions from twitter i'm going to ask you a few twitter questions what this one's from bloated lesbian asks via twitter. i've seen her out it's a funny name she asked if given the opportunity to confront lloyd blankfein or jamie diamond what would roseanne barr say to them you're under arrest certainly ok
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next question from bill twaddle on facebook he asks would you support an occupy the fed protest seeing as without the corruption there that banking fraud couldn't continue so this is a question about getting a little more fine tuned and it and maybe occupying the the nexus of this problem the federal reserve absolutely they've got to go they're out of here since i'm alike and that will be my first pack first first i will make war illegal i get rid of the war on drugs and all other fake wars that we were losing in the united states and i'll kick out the fed. and and and all legalized marijuana and all american working bad ok now those positions wrongfully similar to ron paul yeah but i'm not against i'm not against big government i love big government because if it was not for big government we never would have built a middle class in this country so i advocate a return to farming and i have put all most of my personal wealth and to returning
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america to be the bread basket of the world because that is exactly what built a middle class in this country and so i'd like to see a return to that and you know i advocate organic farming heirloom seeds and two months a corporation which is poisoning the web of life and just commonsense solutions to what seems like insurmountable problems but are actually very simple but i don't want to know talk about solutions because we started out the interview saying we would get into some possible solutions for occupy wall street and we promised people in the occupy wall street that we would talk about some solutions now let me put something out there which is that the the blood that makes the occupation of the banisters work their stock in trade is their stock price so therefore in the in order to attack the banks toure's first house to accept that you need
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to de capitalized not decapitate them that could come later but initially they need to be decamped they need to be capitalized that is to say drive their stock price down in some way i see we're on the same page there and i'm not talking about natural capitalism that's based on like things that grow out of the earth that we can actually have actual value that aren't about fake money and pretend. currency i think we're on the same page there aren't way i think so and other campaigns in the past that have been more narrow in their focus kind of gone after let's say companies that were involved in. all rights being a attack by animal rights advocates for using animals in testing they brought risk to the balance sheet of those companies i'm thinking of stop huntington life sciences and that stock price went to zero and it had a tremendous effect that seems to be a model that could be transitioned to the occupy wall street thinking process what do you think i love that's why i came on to hear more from you do you break it down
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unlike say it simply tell people out there the dive you know they you know that may not just give them the simplest thing to do well what do you suggest the simplest thing we all could do would be go through j.p. morgan's books with a fine tooth comb find out where they're breaking the law and then make it known to the money managers in the world how they're breaking the law thus putting risk on their balance sheet and driving the stock price down clearly they're breaking the law but the money managers still hold the stock because they have been told most are told they have a legal responsibility to act it's all about putting risk back to them were came from ok all requires just a simple analysis of their s. their ten-k. their ten kids their s.e.c. filings where they're hiding their criminality their criminal be eighty or their financial terrorism make a big issue of it and their money managers by law must sell the stock and then the sit to add a kicker to this you can actually encourage hedge funds to attack the stock also by
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selling it short so you leveraging the system against the system instead of being victimized that's fantastic that is fantastic i think that you know there's one big company that every everybody should that should like it's on and we all know who that is all right now finally last question as you head back to los angeles roseanne barr are you taking the occupy wall street fight with you and if so how so i just continue to encourage people and to join them when i can i'll over the place and a f. i can't like being in egypt or in tel aviv i have friends there and i send them encouraging heartening messages that you know to continue because. we're fighting an enemy i think that can go down easily and the more people know the more aware they are the easier it's getting and people are getting aware and
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more aware every second of how interconnected and how small the group at the top that one percent there are not very many of them right there's only a few hundred actually and yeah so just to get this train some of them could actually i think be shamed into doing something different because a lot of them have souls and are human and you know they could come over to the side where you don't make blood money anymore because i mean we're not this this world is beyond living as one blood cult at war with another one we're in a whole other world now and so we encourage them to you know become aware and join the land of the living all right and finally another of our facebook question from luis borg it's a question about how did you come to your current thinking politically was or to events in your life or how did you first get into your political point of view well
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i was always political because my father my grandfather they were very political i lived in so i grew up in salt lake city utah as a jewish girl and that was a little difficult but also my family were socialists so they were i was like a red diaper a little late for that but i always was political because my family was always political so you know once you see it once you're trained to see everything in it which to me means you just see how things are connected that's what political means to me it doesn't mean like taking a side or voting or any of that stuff it just means being aware of how things are. interconnected ok and then on the economy front now we're saying the exact same thing about the global economy how are things connected and i will be getting abused while we're going to have to figure that out and i think we will figure it out and i think we are figuring it out but of course i just if i was president i just get rid of all currencies and begin a new currency based on barter and actual value of vegetables and i've said that i
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would i would you know replace all dead systems based on war and blood cults with a new kind of thinking about you know getting the food to the hungry because that's a simple problem actually and yet we never you know politics and and government prevent us from doing even the most basic things to save ourselves so i think we just need to let it go because i think it's falling and it'll be it'll fall no matter if we come up with. our own ponzi schemes and push it over it's already fall and i think we need to get something new real quick because one currency all that means food shortages come next and you know it's not looking pretty so i think we need a whole new way of backing off from a dead and dying system and creating a new living one alright roseanne barr that's all the time we have thanks so much for being on the kaiser report banks right now is going to do it for this edition
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of because a reporter with me nice keyser and stacy herbert i will thank my guest rosanne barr if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report r t t v dot are you so next on this is max guys are saying oh oh.
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