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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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jones on the violence the grief we heard from the grand jury truly george was to school until you can the words which go to those images which suggested to go on the corners rather since the committee was what's known as used to retreat. for election fever grips russia will present a force to clarify both his power swap plans with why they were important and the sudden departure of moscow as a longstanding finance minister. greece on the brink e.u. debt inspector scramble to secure more bailout cash for the crumbling economy with just a week to go until now down where the french president warning of a new global crisis. seven hundred people arrested in new york as authorities adopt a zero tolerance policy towards a rapidly escalating anti wall street movement protesting corporate greed and inequality. and an explosive standoff serbian blockades
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and disputed border posts in northern kossovo are hit by nato troops leaving several people injured. it is ten am in the russian capital you're watching r t with joshie today we take a look at the top stories of the week a widely publicized reshuffling appointment date of tandem and sudden departure of the or trusted finance minister after an eight of this week's news headlines this also prompted an unexpected interview with the president as he took the time to clarify his latest political moves but as our g.'s a question which often are reports the pre-election period in russia may hold even more surprises. i see where this week's headlines have been on hootin hootin advantage and use of the drops war was not
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a landing which russia hasn't seen for quite some time while some criticised others applauded the tandems deal and the kings of photo shop rolled out some of their best work yet with the general mood being that the deal had been done long ago but it was an exciting for just a few days until the prosperous shuffles and the corridors of power began to move if you think your views on russia's economic agenda differ from mine as president you can resign fifty million what's the. use when it was my opinions do differ from yours but only take such a decision after a talk to the prime minister. or most observers that you can talk to whoever you want including the prime minister but as long as i'm the president i make these decisions here. was the surprise right now between the president and putin's longtime ally aleksey kudrin left many questioning is there a split in the tandem which is the situation with mr cooder it is
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a matter of discipline in government service we are a presidential republic not a problem and for the moment it implements the president's policy if you don't agree you should step down meanwhile many read it not as a sign of a split but when you maturity in russia's democracy. it is almost were mostly a wishful thinking on the part of the point of these people probably remember the perils of a hobo but there was a rift inside the point of view which ultimately was one of the reasons for the collapse of the u.s.s.r. and i remember before coming to power radio gave an interview where he basically said that russia will not survive an article for inside believes the big news of putin yet again running for president brought up so many questions that may trinidad have had to meet. t.v. hat's to cross the t.'s and dot the i's. because it's nice to know that people trust me
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a president and that my approval rating is quite high in the current circumstances we also know that prime minister putin and doubtingly remains the most popular politician in our country at this point but his rating is even higher. the election campaign has just started let's ask ourselves a simple question what if our people reject us with medvedev and putin what will happen to these decisions by the convention these decisions are merely the party's recommendation to vote for those people that's all the choices are made by the people and these are not me a word sometimes saluki true any politician and any political force may lose an election but many questions are still in the air like why would a politician like michonne advantage of his approval rating is still so high in russia not seek reelection and what will the face of the new cabinet of ministers look like under him should he become pm immediately also the united russia congress many would choice the father of the country's top political wheezes finally old
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bread they can go about their usual business but the end of the week has shown that when it comes to the chess game of russian politics there are many more moves to be made for the final makeup of the new government is no. still the actual vote i'd see. i'll just have a president of you have showed x. finance minister as he could ring the door of fear is a rose that a dismissal could throw the russian economy into stagnation however london based a russian expert martha macauley thinks the country has the potential to overcome financial hurdles. russia is a pretty good economic situation at present if you look at the old revenues if you look at gas if you look at gold. group materials diamonds and so on which is a very strong position in the world isn't really affecting russia really so far because it has reserves of over four hundred billion dollars. it can take some
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thing but at present economic situation it is quite good because the i.m.f. is expecting something like four percent growth this year which is vastly superior to the european union america. still to come on the program. the future of palestine is clouded and treat with the shadow of an imminent u.s. veto hanging over its statehood bid at the u.n. security council. eight months after the overthrow of president hosni mubarak part he looks at whether egyptians managed to get what they were fighting for. the end game is rapidly approaching for greece as its government admits that it only has the cash to pay its bills for eight more days after which the only option will be at a fault and response to its bureaucratic machine into gear in an all out effort to release more cash more assets this is french president nicolas sarkozy admits that
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the much criticized bailout approach is the blogs the last line of defense and commanding the crisis from consuming the eurozone he and germany's and angle merkel also announced a meeting in the coming days to finalize a radical expansion of walks emergency cash for what is r t s sarah ferguson reports it may all get come to nothing as the greek economy crumbles under the weight of unprecedented the stary. greece has been the place the child of the year i think. with germany voting to expand the. country look that's to get that much needed cash injection help come with some conditions here in greece that people say the price they're being made to pay is simply the high earning this. is deadline day for the first to be hit with the greek government's new special tax it's one of the measures they put in place to try to secure the next tranche of money the country needs to avoid bankruptcy the extra tax which is. another three percent of
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the it was. supposed to help plug some of the most of the sick in the budget bill for more than a year's salary cuts rises in living costs. people have already at breaking points the last two years almost everybody has lost out least thirty percent of his salary or functional area cost analysis from the opposition even in title pay he tells me how the need means expanded rapidly in recent months as more and more people hit that financial wall before the most of the people who were offering because they want to protest against the unjust situation know there are thousands and dozens of people who will not pay because in most people's desperation has become increasingly evident on the streets of greece but by this is repeatedly pricking out between via place and protest as. even more clashes as parliament
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again feted yet another austerity measure in the form of any property tax. or organizing or. desirous to put greece on r.e.m.a. just for political reasons greece and critics do not need. many people in greece now question just here it is i think control unfortunately very very early days and euro zone are the bankers. yes mr. bunker. shareholders are not being. called. beginning again. and that's. despite germany having baited positively to expand the size and power of the european bailout fund who already critics are questioning whether that will be enough insights now turn to the many challenges. still faces
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the problem will move from. the german banks to the end. even germany. will be you know. will be affected you will find a solution not just. with past measures failing to have the facts in this political leaders continue to struggle to convince the public the future is . still hangs in the balance of these places strict austerity measures that continue many people have the greece is a country now at risk of having not only a financial but a democratic deficit as well. r.t. outside the parliament building in athens the e.u. may be throwing billions and athens to prop up its economy and create the
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appearance of stability but the greek crisis has now grown too big to be contained that's according to. a sociology professor in athens. i think that the big question facing us today is not whether we are going to default but how we are going to default i mean all the measures taking by this throwing up by the european union the e.c.b. and the i.m.f. leads one way or the other to some sort of the full some sort of moneths default but this is all this is going to be accompanied by newest even hans or posterity mess or some sort of social barbarism this is a vicious circle something this must stop and i think that as a society as a country we have the chance to default on our own our own terms which means immediate stop of payments to the debts immediate exit of greece from the euro zone from the euro. meanwhile in the u.s.
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at least seven hundred people have been arrested after a police crackdown on the ongoing anti wall street demonstrations in new york dubbed the occupy wall street movement they say they are protesting against the tremendous influence and misdeeds of corporations and billionaires artie's more important i has more on this this clash and confrontation between and why he did the new york city police department and thousands of protesters took place on the brooklyn bridge the police showed up and basically cornered off both sides of the brooklyn bridge and started to move in on the protesters to make arrests that's when things got ugly to say the least are the protesters were were banging the drums and chanting the whole world is watching police moved in they were having wagons brought to the scene and things got very physical and this is just the most recent incident that is taking place in new york in the past weeks last weekend we saw demonstrators get maced in the these five police officers police officers using
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netting to our rights demonstrators that have been camped out on wall street now these protesters have been demonstrating for about two weeks this is a group occupy wall street a group of americans that have called on all those that are frustrated over the u.s. economy over the fact that people are losing their jobs people can't get their jobs people are struggling to find money to make ends meet and these americans are now saying this is their they are american spring and there are they are planning to stay down there through the end of the year and i can tell you this week by week this group of demonstrators that you know call themselves are our last rate this group is getting bigger and bigger there's no doubt about that. and as the wall street protests again tracked we look at just what's fueling the growing anger. the governments don't rule the world goldman sachs rules the world. resonating
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revelation mainstream media is a vase after an insider tells the shocking truth behind it was really pulling the strings in washington. violence flared up again this week around cos it was northern border as nato troops to tampa to dismantle a serbian roadblock local serbs don't recognize appreciation administration as a legitimate authority and have barricaded roads through disputed checkpoints that albanian seized earlier with the help of k. four troops are just like the one to casa to witness the deadlock. in some parts of the world this walking road with probably be part of an extreme safari in kosovo it is now quite expensive. ever says july's border dispute many lives have been dependent on this godforsaken grable road through the mountains now this is the only way that belgrade can use to deliver food and petrol for the tens of thousands of serbs living in northern parts of the course of the serbs had been barricaded in
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the road since july in response to the cost of the police checkpoints which enforce the trade embargo between belgrade and the beat of it and choose day the situation turned critical again clashes between the very caring serbs and the case for troops led to multiple injuries on both sides ok for blame because it was serbs for starting the violence but injured alexandre beach a father of two saw it differently but. we were standing by the barricade when the soldiers started shouting and shooting at us i didn't know what they were shooting with so i got scared and started running away and i was hit on the shoulder and it turned out to be a perforated wound of my lung nato forces also claimed they used only rubber bullets and tear gas against the protesting mob this was quickly rejected by doctors in need of itself fuelling speculation as to who restarted the. seven men and heavy condition gunshot wounds fractures and bruises there were not
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wounds from rubber bullets not a single of them had a rubber all those wounds were caused by a regular bullet which we extract from their bodies facilitation. to be killed on friday. everything serves but they came too late it's a big trucks pulled up at the border crossing the forehead or with. the barricades how exactly nato troops managed to disregard the un's plans is unknown but they quickly set up a perimeter to the web. that journalists and he should and should do if you would have for anyone trying to penetrate it they've totally and openly stepped out of the un mandate and they're really really now just like three nineteen ninety nine during the bombing when there was the air force for the albanian separatists are now out there infantry so this is what we have this is a clear breach of the u.n. charter and of resolution twelve forty four it's totally destroyed their standing
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as any sort of mediator belgrade has reacted with indignation and halted negotiations with possible until the dispute is resolved meanwhile the gauge for refuses to comment on their actions and goes to the border barricades the border is open to assure of trucks blocking a breach just meters away from the destroyed road block suggests this battle is far from over betters like this one are scattered all across northern called civil war and they pretty much reflect the mood of the local serbs it seems they would never give in and accept the fact that they're living in a self-proclaimed state and in this book a me and melting pot nobody knows where this standoff go and. order can we get another frozen territorial dispute let's see or sense the sea reporting from kosovo . peace now is john laughlin says the situation in costa remain relatively calm
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until the e.u. step down. it's the european union and nato so-called peacekeepers or other in forces who have caused this problem because of zero issue the situation in the north of kosovo is what we call a frozen conflict in other words it's an unresolved anomalous situation which has been relatively peaceful now for more than ten years and it seems that the european union is determined to make it not peaceful anymore in my view the powers of you lex which is the european union body that sent the troops there to enforce the new concentration in i believe that you lex itself is illegal i take the view that it's the united nations which should be governing kosovo according to president bush and to all forty four and not you lex. and indeed i think one can make a case for saying that there are parallel structures now in kosovo the european union on one hand and the united nations on the other but legally speaking it should be
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united nations the european union itself in a state of advanced collapse while there is serbia trying to join it and why is serbia determined to sacrifice part of her own territory a very strict part of her territory so that of that's the reality and i'm afraid for the situation where to improve until belgrade at brandon's this in my view suicidal goal of joining the e.u. . ok be updated on the tense situation in the region of course but and meantime you can always watch the latest videos from there on our you tube channel you'll find they are all the latest news features interviews and and alice's you can also give us your feedback via the common section so that's all at youtube dot com slash r.t. . if.
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the. revolutionary euphoria in age of back in february soon gave way to disillusionment with both the people and political forces dissatisfied with the way the country's being run. many feel led down by the transitional military council which has so far failed to implement promised democratic reform or has any so now we went to cairo to find out more. we knew that change had come to egypt a new chapter called freedom and democracy due to book by its cover when reading post mubarak egypt it's pretty twee no lines where you'll find a new chapter hasn't been published edited or slightly revised we still have the
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council of the armed forces those who. have. any sense this country towards democracy work may be gone but his policies are not personally mubarak's case is ongoing at this tribe you know new figures from human rights watch claims more civilians are forced to face military trials the last six months some twelve thousand during the entire thirty year rule of mubarak average civilians are giving five to you know seven years in prison a lot of torture has occurred since staff has come into power. after. doesn't clown around when it comes to the supreme council or scaf he has taken part in protests since day one and still has scars from being detained
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because the books are much worse i use a very long they told people the hatred stickit holy three months after that i shot for the struggle and peace of the pats on the head i was released only because i'm well known now most of last leave the country for thirty years according to law if i have to seek asylum stay fight for freedom like mubarak skaf gets the support it needs to rule egypt from graunt that aid that we get from the u.s. that one point five billion a year the easier to seize from from the usa and most of it entirely goes to the supreme court to the to the army you know the staff and while the west coast. history books will change for the better the arab spring is a massive opportunity to spread peace prosperity democracy egypt sions are left reading the writing on the wall or in many areas it's the same as before
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don't going to paper and from here and getting more worse and he's now a r t congress. a special admissions committee r.v. u.n. security council has held its first meeting over the fate of the palestinian statehood bid it was put forward for consideration this week with the membership application review period expected to take several weeks. total of nine out of fifteen votes in the security council are needed to push the application through was no veto being cast at the same time at this stage analysts believe america will try to stall the process to avoid rocking the resolution and on the international bodies indorsing the bit as the european parliament which called the palestinian quest for statehood but wait a minute you know israel has yet i can come under fire from much of the world community after at proving more settlements on occupied palestinian territory. a senior official told r.t. that unconditional us support and aid for main
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a major factor behind israel's behavior. is going to construct the one thousand one hundred seven months units in jerusalem and this is actually. the erosion of the international bring the two sides to the negotiating table even for companies that has the jewish settlements in the but as you know there is an obstacle to be's. so on we all see them to be the european union the united states israel is announcing the use of a month and what are you going to do about it so i think this is the question for them to the national community the israel is a very very be violating the months by evaluating international legitimacy of. that mission the question is what is it that their international community is doing about it we hope that the national community does not want to you deal with israel
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as this board could be a wash. some european cup becomes. an eye opener for those struggling to make ends meet in the current age of stared came from the financial world this week and in japan traders revelations went viral after he had better volatile markets play right into the hands of people like him and that's not the only reason why his confessions are causing uproar. the government's going to rule the world goldman sachs rules the world it was the comment heard around the world one that generated widespread reaction from papers and pundits alike we appreciate your candor however it doesn't help the rest of us does it when instead of talking about the comment itself most outlets immediately start to shoot the messenger alessio forbes calls him a psychopath c m b c suggests it might be a hoax new york magazine wonders if it is a hoax or perhaps our worst nightmare well regardless of intentions the bigger
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question has been largely ignored was he wrong about the power of goldman sachs and why was everyone so shocked after all right here at r t in our studios we had several guests bonafide traders even former goldman sachs employees who have the very same thing washington is not the biggest player in the us the global bankers are the biggest players the global hedge fund managers and that's where the action that is determining the outcome of this and us not the players in washington they have already ceded control to the global banking industry wall street has been pulling the strings in washington from the get go it is the largest sector of campaign contributions and that's to both parties but for the mainstream media who don't share views like these are studies honesty was unexpected survive and thrive t.v.'s george chemistry when they asked him these questions on b.b.c. he just let it all hang out and the actual truth came across. were sunny also sent
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shock waves around the world when he told the b.b.c. that most traders don't really care if and when the economy is fixed personally i've been dreaming of this one for three years i had a confession which is i go to bed every night i dream of another recession could even see interview has now gone viral but you can see the people around me jewels have collectively dropped that what you just say perhaps there. johns it wouldn't have dropped and they only read matt july two thousand and nine a rolling stone article the great american bubble machine in it he famously describes goldman sachs as a quote great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money t.v. discuss with us recently how although people are unaware of it the big bank has profound power in society how much you're paying for gas how much you're paying for electricity how much you're paying for your credit cards. your mortgages how much
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you're paying in taxes and how much of your tax dollars are going to that service i . unlike the mainstream media few here would be shocked by rest on these comments because. for nearly two weeks these protesters have been out every day hoping to bring an end. or at least awareness to what many call a corrupt system. and still others have argued for years that the government's actions are dictated by the big banks and very special interest on wall street the insurance industry these guys these are the people writing the laws that obama is they are keeping him in power they are the ones that are going to use this campaign and the laws are being written for their better. as anger builds here perhaps better questions need to be asked here so that a different message is sent to decision makers here that the system that has been
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sustained and protected for decades might need to change in washington christine for our team. we are up to date here in r.t. objects shortly with mark. if.


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