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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 4:01am-4:31am EDT

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this is r.c. coming to you live from moscow we take a look at the top stories of the week and widely publicized reshuffle in the portman be a tandem and sudden departure of the air trusted finance minister have dominated this week's news headlines this also prompted an unexpected interview with the president as he took the time to clarify his latest political moves but as our. reports the pre-election period in russia may hold even more surprises. i think this week's headlines have been that if hootin tootin meant that the news of the drops was brought up polemic switch russia hasn't seen for quite some time while some criticised others applauded the tandems deal and the kings of photo shop rolled out some of their best work yet with the general mood being that the deal had been done long ago but it was an exciting for just a few days until the first rich shuffles in the corridors of power began. if you
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think your views on russia's economic agenda if you have a mind as president if you can read. my opinions do differ. only take such a decision after i've talked to the prime minister. or most of social skills you can talk to whoever you want including the prime minister but as long as i'm the president i make these. was the surprise right now between the president and sutton's long time well i i exceed. many questions there and splinters in the tandem. the situation with mr cooder it is a matter of discipline in government service we are a presidential republic not a problem entry behind it so it implements the president's policy if you don't agree you should step down meanwhile many read it not as a sign of a split but of a new maturity in russia's democracy i must far more slayer wishful thinking and
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all the bottles out point out how these people probably remember the times for her myself when i was a rift inside the body of the world which ultimately was one of the reasons for the collapse of u.s.s.r. and i remember before coming to power in radio gave an interview where he basically said that russia will not survive another conflict inside the leads the big news of fourteen yet again running for president brought up so many questions that make treatment better if the two to need. t.v. has cross the t.'s and dot the. people trust president and that my approval ratings are going to. the prime minister putin undoubtedly remain popular politician in our country and his rating is even higher . the election campaign has just started. a simple question which. means. well we'll have plenty of these decisions. these decisions are merely the
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recommendation of those people that's all the choice is made by the people and these are not me a word to top saluki true any politician of any political. election but many questions are still in the air like why would a politician like michonne advantage of his approval rating is still so high in russia not seek reelection and look move the face of the e.u. cabinet of ministers look like on to him should he become pm immediately after the united russia congress many rejoiced in the fact that the country's top political quiz is finally over and they can go about their usual business but this week has shown that when it comes to the chess game in politics there are many more moves to be made before the final makeup of the new government is no it's to do that shilpa art. just after president had
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a show to axe finance minister ali seek order in the door fears arose that the dismissal could throw the russian economy into stagnation however a london based russia expert martin mccauley thinks the country has the potential to overcome financial hurdles. russia has a pretty good economic situation at present if you look at the oil revenues if you do that if you look at gold. rushes with very strong position the. british because it has risen to over four hundred billion dollars. it can take some of the but the present economic situation is quite good because the i.m.f. was expecting something like four percent growth this year which is vastly superior to the european union and america still to come on the program here on r t eight months after the overthrow of president hosni mubarak our team looks at whether
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egyptians managed to get what they were fighting for. and following a summer of demonstrations londoners find themselves gadd by their own government after a large chunk of the city's hit by a protest down. and game is rapidly approaching for greece as its government admits that it only has the cash to pay its bills for eight more days after which the only option will be a default in response to ease kicked its bureaucratic machine into gear an all out effort to release more cash for athens this asked french president nicolas sarkozy admits that the much criticized bailout approach is the blogs last line of defense in preventing the crisis from consuming the eurozone and germany's angela merkel also announced a meeting in the coming days to finalize a radical expansion of the bloc's emergency cash for. sarah first reports it may all yet come to nothing as the greek economy crumbles under the weight of precedent
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that austerity. greece has been the place the child of the year. with germany baiting to expand the bailout fund the country looks that's to get that much needed. the health come with some condition here in greece the people say the price that is being made to pay simply too high burning that. is deadline day for the first to be hit with the greek government's nice special tax it's one of the measures they put in place to try to secure the next tranche of money the country needs to avoid bankruptcy the extra tax which is about another three percent for people sign yelling come supposed to help plug some of the massive deficit in the budget nothing more than a year's salary cuts and rises in living costs people have already at breaking point the last two years. of his.
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era cause the knowledge is from the opposition movement entitled pay he tells me how the me expanded rapidly in recent months as more and more people hit the financial wall before. because they want to. know. people's desperation has become increasingly evident on the streets of greece the violence is repeatedly pray can out between riot place and protest as she states and even more clashes his parliament again feted in yet another measure in the fall of any property tax. organizing or. to put on there are. just four. bricks do not.
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many people in greece now question just who it is the thing control unfortunately very very a leaders in europe are the bankers. there. is mr. bunker . shareholders. again and again and again are the. taxpayers in the euro zone despite germany having baited positively to expand the size and power of the european bailout fund the ready critics are questioning whether that will be enough concise now turn to the many challenges. still faces if the problem will move from greece and. other european countries then the german banks. even germany. will be you know. will be affected it will find it's not just
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greece but for all the european union countries with past measures failing to have the facts in this political leaders continue to struggle to convince the public the truth. still hangs in the balance that these protests. continue many people have the greece is a country now at risk of having not any a financial but it democratic deficit as well sir. outside the parliament building enough and. the e.u. may be throwing billions at athens to prop up its economy and create the appearance of stability but the greek crisis has now grown too big to be contained that's according to. a professor in athens. i think that the big question facing us today is not whether we are going to default but we are
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going to default i mean all the measures taking by this throwing up by the european union that is to be on the i.m.f. leads one way or the other to some sort of default some sort of moneths default but this therefore it is going to be accompanied by newest even a concert or stare at the mess of some sort of so somebody give us the interest of the of the productive capacity of this country i mean this is a vicious circle we have that to default on our own terms which means the immediate stop of payment through the debt immediate exit of greece from the euro zone from the euro meanwhile in the u.s. at least seven hundred people have been arrested after police crackdown on the ongoing anti wall street demonstrations in new york dobbs of the occupy wall street movement they say they are protesting against the tremendous influence and misdeeds of corporations and billionaires are very important i has more on this. this clash
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and confrontation between and why he did the new york city police department and thousands of protesters took place on the brooklyn bridge the police showed up and basically cornered off both sides of the brooklyn bridge and started to move in on the protesters to make arrests that's when things got ugly to say the least the protesters were were banging drums and chanting the whole world was watching police moved in there were paddy wagons brought to the scene and things got very physical and this is just the most recent incident that it's taken place in new york in the cost weeks last weekend we saw demonstrators get maced in the knees five police officers police officers using netting to our ras demonstrators that have been camped out on wall street now these protesters have been demonstrating for about two weeks this is a group occupy wall street a group of americans that have called on all those that are frustrated over the
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u.s. economy over the fact that people are losing their jobs people can't get their jobs people are struggling to find money to to make ends meet and these americans are now saying this is their their american spring and there are they are planning to stay down there through the end of the year and i can tell you this week by week this group of demonstrators that you know call themselves occupy wall street this group is getting bigger and bigger there's no doubt about that. how we've got plenty more from new york at you tube dot com slash on from the latest. clash. so let us know what. the others.
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violence flared up again this week. of the border as nato troops to dismantle. local serbs don't recognize the administration as a legitimate authority and have barricaded roads to disputed checkpoints seized earlier with the help of k. four troops. to witness the deadlock. in some parts of the world this walky road would probably be part of an extreme safari in golden kosovo it is now a fighting chance of. ever since july's border dispute many lives have been
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dependent on this godforsaken grable road through the mountains now this is the only way that belgrade can use to deliver food and bedroll to the tens of thousands of serbs living in northern kosovo the course of the serbs have been barricaded in the road since july in response to the cost of the police checkpoints which enforce the trade embargo between belgrade and the beat of its eye on tuesday the situation turned critical again clashes between the barricading serbs and the k. four troops led to multiple injuries on both sides ok for blame the cause of a serbs for starting the violence but injured alexandre of each a father of two saw it differently just as. we were standing by the barricade when the soldiers started shouting and shooting at us i didn't know what they were shooting with so i got scared and started running away and i was hit on the shoulder and it turned out to be a perforating glued to my lung only nato forces also claimed they used only rubber
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bullets and tear gas against the protesting mob this was quickly rejected by doctors in need of its fuelling speculation as to who really started. from forty seven men and heavy condition gunshot wounds fractures and bruises there were not wounds from rubber bullet holes not a single of them had a rubber room all those wounds were caused by regular bullets which we extracted from their bodies on the delegation of us to the region on friday because she gave the barricade serbs but they came too late by the time their trucks pulled up at the border crossing k four had already forced the barricades how exactly nato troops managed to disregard the un's plans is unknown but they quickly set up at the limits to their web. that journalists and issued should do q. who would have for anyone trying to penetrate it they've totally and openly stepped out of the un mandate and there really really now just like during one nine hundred
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ninety nine during the bombing when there were the air force for the albanian separatists. there infantry so this is what we have this is a clear breach of the u.n. charter and of resolution twelve forty four it's totally destroyed their standing as any sort of a mediator belgrade has reacted with indignation and halted negotiations with kosovo until the dispute is resolved meanwhile gate for refuses to comment on their actions and bulldozed the border barricades the border is open now to serve trucks blocking a breach just speech is a way to destroy block suggest this battle is far from over better is like this one are scattered all across northern kosovo and they pretty much reflect the mood of the local serbs it seems they would never give in and accept the fact that they're living in a self-proclaimed state and in this book kenya melting pot nobody knows where this standoff go and or why the troops or become yet another frozen territorial
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dispute lexy or sixty odd sea reporting from kosovo. sir john terrific of it is a serbian foreign affairs writer for the us chronicles magazine believes nato forces have acted beyond international law. let us imagine for argument's sake that bashar al assad's sent his security forces against a group of syrian demonstrators that those troops were met with stones they fired live ammunition back and then claim that they did it in self-defense i think that we can already hear that the rise of a loft of west implications and western media and here today would have us believe that they were acting in self-defense when fighting first radical it's and then live ammunition at rock throwing surface but what were they doing there in the first place the notion that they were actually helping touchy call the snake impose
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his control on the border between costs of uncertainty which should be properly called administered dividing means that they have exceeded their mandate and they're no longer acting in in accordance with resolution twelve fifty four which is just about the only legal basis of their presence. and find more stories comments and videos on our website r t v dot com fields of despair thousands of farmers in india take their own lives devastated by one of the driest seasons and decades. preparing for the great wads knows are sales again thanks to a dutch family who promised receipts for all kinds of emergency. revolutionary
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euphoria in egypt back in february soon gave way to disillusionment with both the people and political forces dissatisfied with the way the country is being run postmen dark many feel led down by the transitional military council which has so far failed to implement promised democratic reform and now we went to cairo to find out more. that was we knew that change had come to egypt a new chapter of freedom and democracy don't judge a book by its cover when reading post mubarak egypt it's between the lines where you'll find the new chapter hasn't been published ended or slightly revised we still have the supreme council of the on poor souls those. i cannot say that they have been all in any sense gearing this country towards democracy barak may be gone but his policies are not the hosni mubarak's case is ongoing at this tribe you
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know new figures from human rights watch claims more civilians have been forced to face military trial for the last six months some twelve thousand during the entire thirty year rule of mubarak average civilians are giving five to you know seven years in prison a lot of torture that has occurred since staff has come into power. actor ali simply doesn't clown around when it comes to the supreme council or scaf he has taken part in protests since day one and still has scars from being detained i do. much worse i said very long they told people they have to stick and hug me for months after that i was shot through the stun gun and beaten with a baton on the head least only because i'm well known and now must not leave the country for thirty years according to you know if i have to seek asylum but all
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stay and fight for freedom like mubarak's kaftans to support it needs to rule egypt from abroad that aid that we get from the u.s. that one point five billion a year the easier krissy is from from the usa and most of it entirely goes to the to the supreme court to the to the army you know the scout and while the west coast . history books will change for the better the arab spring is a massive opportunity to spread peace prosperity democracy egypt sions are left reading the writing on the wall in many areas it's in the same as before don't go into for a friend in some areas is getting more worse and he's now a r t congress. why africa off the stronghold stands on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe a red cross aide workers who have managed to bring vile medicine to the coastal city of syria describe the situation there as dire the team also said they saw the
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city hospital being hit by rockets meanwhile leaving in revolutionary forces say they have surrounded syria and are preparing a final assault on khadafi loyalists there the chairman of the national transitional council said he's fighters called a two day truce to let civilians to leave in the reports that have the rocket and mortar fire continues so concho down from british civilians for peace in the group however claims there are amassing more remaining pockets of resistance and media which are not given enough media attention. there's a few of the there's a few of the issues that the media have left out what happened to the predominantly black town of toward god it's been ethnically totally cleansed by the way to rebels and these are the type of scandalous things that are going on that none of the western media want to report but my sources on the ground and i cross check my sources on the ground in libya tell me that bani walid is still a strong resistance against the pro nato forces and nato itself
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a very important border town between two news in libya and algeria has been captured by gadhafi as a resistance a town called got and also. between the algerian and libyan border is also surrounded by gadhafi as resistance against nato so really what we have in libya is a situation i came to afghanistan but the difference being is that gadhafi is arguably a lot more popular than the taliban's national resistance is and was. and the situation is heating up and nother are restless region while palestine fosters hopes for un statehood israel is approving more settlements on occupied territory coming up later today our special report about israeli peace activists who are taking a stand against their own country's policy which they see as illegal here's a preview. very first verses of the bible is that all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image doesn't say just.
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sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier territory was to do with the turds doing what we call making our presence felt to go out should somebody so they hear a knock on some doors run to the other corner and they don't know how religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed a few one. thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect on their feet you have to be either extremely naive or its terms you need to hear a religious jew calling another jew and not the way they really did it. the right to protest is something the u.k. has long upheld and a fan of but now as the british government slaps
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a month long marching band on several london districts there are those who argue that civil liberties are under attack article or am it has more. the view of work has activists on the home office ban on marching it's clear it's an attack on the basic democratic rights of working people in this country three september in six areas of london anyone marching like these people did last winter is liable to be arrested and fined or even imprisoned. the ban was prompted by plans by the anti muslim english defense league seen here in luton in february to march through tower hamlets the area with the highest concentration of muslims in the country but instead of banning one march on one day. the home office banned all marches in six baros for an entire month activist richard seymour sees a wider motive. doesn't necessarily mean to say that march isn't going to happen it
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just means that. more powers and that's part of the wider problem but if you're restricted to a static demonstration the police have a right to. arrest you very. small doses or not offenses these people behind me are amongst the lucky few they still can march just by pure accident of geography where hit in lumber which is not one of the six affected by the ban but if as many fear the government extend and widen the ban to take in more parts of london the scenes that you see behind me both small and large marches through london and many other cities across the country could be a thing of the past the band comes hot on the heels of widespread rioting in many english cities in august it also coincides with the introduction of government austerity measures which some say amounts to the dismantling of the entire welfare
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state many say public fear of civil unrest is being manipulated to prevent unions from turning out to protest fierce cuts and patrick regan from the workers revolutionary party says it's just the tip of the iceberg. talk about shutting down facebook social network sites. about. measures because what they're doing in britain is creating a historic change inevitably. the majority of the population will oppose freedom of expression and dissociation enshrined in u.k. and european law with the u.k. renowned for its powerful union organizations but the ban gives police the ultimate power to step in and arrest demonstrate. maybe for exercising their right to speak out against the government and that's a dangerous precedent to set. and that's all the
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news for now but i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few moments and stay with us.
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back here with our team here's a look at the top stories of the week fever russia with president may be a force to play are both his power plants with what they were important and the sudden departure of moscow's longstanding finance minister. greece on the brink of debt inspectors scramble to secure more bailout cash for though crumbling economy with just a week to go till meltdown with the french president warning of a new global crisis. seven hundred people arrested in new york as authorities adopt a zero tolerance policy towards a rapidly as wall street movement protesting corporate greed and inequality. and an explosive standoff serbian blockades at a disputed border post in the northern kossovo are hit by nato troops.


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