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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the. news and the week's top stories on our t.v. arab spring echoes in america u.s. police use force to disperse anti wall street protesters arresting more than seven hundred people taking part in a rally that's quickly gaining momentum across the country. also this week's top stories president medvedev explains his decision not to run for a second term citing that here putin is greater popularity at home for his comrades comment a surprise interview that stirred up debate about the country's political future. a dark humanitarian situation in the besieged libyan town of sirte where people are dying from the lack of vital supplies made on the go and fighting something experts
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say makes nato's mission to the types of billions more possible than ever. and the standoff threatening to turn into an armed conflict on service border with northern possible as they told the times the dismount of the world walks near a disputed checkpoint leaves subdural people injured. just after eight pm here in the russian capital you're watching r t with the main news today as well as the week's top stories well we begin in new york where police are violently discursive and she was free rally arresting more than seven hundred people after a dramatic showdown on brooklyn bridge thousands joined the movement dogged occupy wall street and protest against what they call corporate domination and inequality rallies started over two weeks ago and it's now gaining momentum with similar protests cells in different parts of the country artist but in
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a fortnight i will join us later from new york with the details. all right over to discuss the latest developments now let's get some insight from jersey city sara flounders of activist group of activists this router so more and more people are joining the protests in new york as well as in other cities of the united states how far do you think this can go well we're certainly hopeful it has grown every day it's really sauza and strong now yesterday friday. i think more than ten thousand people there on friday sal's and there yesterday and then the police attack on the brooklyn bridge and on friday there was a protest about the police attack the week before where hundreds were arrested people badly beaten pepper sprayed assaulted in all manner of ways by the police and caught on camera seen around the world yesterday's massive arrest on the
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brooklyn bridge the number of arrested is up to seven hundred overall talking about those arrested when you were mentioning that there were the pits police brutality caught on video but also the n.y.p.d. had with these are video showing that they were given a warning saying that if anyone had gone to the brooklyn bridge they would be charged with public disorder so they had given a warning what do you say to that they said that it was by choice of the activists were there. well the activists are all over lower manhattan many people were on their way home there is a major pedestrian walkway and also the roadway has been used many times in the past and marches and demonstrations well so how do you assess the use of their actions i mean you're saying that it's a bit too much debate is there any. it's actually too much this is really our police our effort to shut down mass to stand here see u.s. government they claim to speak for democracy all over the world while dropping
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bombs on people and many many countries and here at home when people are involved in democratic protests and demonstrations against the domination of wall street representing really the interests of the vast majority of people the latest polls today show that seventy five percent of the population is sympathetic to these protests and let's shut it down all right that will be activist what they're saying is that they've drawn inspiration from tahrir square revolution in cairo as well as others in the region and so is this the beginning of an american spring you think well we would certainly hope so it's desperately needed here and the u.s. would use a source the center of an empire as its threads in standard calls around the world but how much of a comparison though can we draw from the you the arab spring and when you say you hope it will be an american spring is there a comparison at all the sense. well it's impossible to know because every struggle
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is different but we do know that there is a protest again tomorrow against these police tactics marching to city hall where there is a large labor demonstration projected for a once day and there are many events and and you know in the coming days so this is very much a growing phenomenon right here all right how do you think washington will react to this then. well i think we saw what happened on the brooklyn bridge yesterday we saw what happened last saturday there's many efforts now to shut this down and yet the support for it is coming in from around the country those new people arriving packages supplies food. and so on being assessed from all over the country and of course hundreds thousands of messages people watching it on live stream and so on ok thanks very much there surf around us from the international
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action center thanks again. for it was a metaphor there earlier let's cross correspondent. who's standing by in new york she's are following the protests for us there marina violent scenes that we've been seeing your can you tell us more about the clashes said what exactly is going on there right now. as you mentioned right about now most of the protesters that were arrested from what we're being told more than seven hundred of them have been released or in the process of being released from prison from where they were being held i spoke with one of the protesters who said he wasn't sure if he could come on camera because he has to speak with his lawyer first all of these folks are being charged with disorderly conduct but as we could tell from the video and the images that were taken on saturday this was quite a clash a clash between thousands of americans that began their demonstration at
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a park by a wall street and then walked onto the brooklyn bridge now according to some protesters they said that the police officers working for the new york city police department actually helped them get on the bridge or scored them or didn't stop them from getting onto the bridge and once thousands were on some protesters say that that's when the cops blocked off the bridge on both ends and began to use netting to sort of arrest many of the demonstrators the demonstrators were were handcuffed with these plastic ties behind their backs they were hauled off in paddy wagons or bosses to to a prison a nearby jail and stayed overnight some for many many hours some were suffering from some specific injuries but at this point you know clearly this is this is a big clash one that america is not used to seeing but at the very least it shows that americans are gathering for many many different economic reasons but the
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entire narrative is the fact that they are speaking out against the economic problems they believe that most of state revenues are being funneled to banks and corporations jobs are not being created people are losing their homes people are losing their jobs more than forty five million americans are on food stamps and at this point you see a lot of. americans old and young from different walks of life coming together with one message there when they want their economy fixed we are seeing some of her magic of pictures here what has been the reaction to the events and how is it being covered by the media over there. well what's interesting is that need we can't deny the fact that the media in the u.s. is covering it they are but how they're covering it is a different story for example i just want to show you the front page of the new york times from the sunday ok mind you one new york times reporter journalist was arrested in this protest that took place now here the biggest picture is of one
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protester in syria and right down here is a little picture of all the new york city protesters that were arrested on the group when bridge so you could see the comparison why they decided to make that decision i have no clue but many critics do believe that the mainstream media are either trying to take credibility away from all these demonstrators or not give them ample coverage maybe make it a very short story and in the meantime though these protesters that are part of what's called occupy wall street say they are determined to continue to continue mistreating and continue camping out by wall street that's where they have been for the past two weeks now this incident that we saw erupt in new york on saturday was the most recent one but it's not the first one just last weekend we saw cops and demonstrators clashed down by wall street several women were maced in the face by
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a police officer others were arrested there was a confrontation physical confrontation between police officers and the demonstrators but this occupy wall street group isn't limited to new york city there are demonstrations now taking place in los angeles taking place in boston taking place in other cities throughout the country unions are now joining these activists scholars and actors actresses stars are putting their name behind this movement because at the end of the day they want to hold their government accountable they want to know why corporations are making profits or bringing in bonuses that exceed. any previous year and why the common american that bails out the banks in two thousand and eight is now suffering worse than they ever so this is a movement i believe is going to continue it's going to expand whether these confrontations get bigger we don't know but of course we will be following the story of keeping our viewers up to date. thank you very much for bringing us up to date on this
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developing story artes and a live there from new york. all right now moving on the discontent of being seen in the u.s. indicates something's going a very wrong of the way the country's rules well that's a view of prominent author and professor noam chomsky has full interview is coming up in about twenty minutes time from now. on the. right. problem for congress. and the public and the. popularity of severability rating for congress. to put him on the same branch of course all of them and also a very widespread sense that everybody is going. to hear the credit system not just
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from. this week's headlines in russia have been dominated by the planned reshuffle in the woods in advance of terrorism and a sudden departure of the finance minister well it prompted an unexpected interview from the president as he clarified his decision not to run for the office again result he got that you know growth over reports the pre-election period and russia may hold even more surprises. i think this week's headlines have been all that if putin putin would that it and use of the drops what brought up polemic switch russia hasn't seen for quite some time while some criticize others applauded the tandems deal and the kings of thought oh shock rolled out some of their best work yet with the general mood being that the deal had been done long ago but it was an exciting for just a few days until the first rich shuffles in the corridors of power began. if you
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think your views on russia's economic agenda differ from mine as president you can resign from. what you suppose my opinions do differ from yours but only take such a decision after a talk to the prime minister and. you can talk to whoever you want including the prime minister but as long as i'm the president i make these decisions you're you're putting them the surprise right now between the president and putin's longtime ally aleksey could rent left many questioning is there a split in the tandem apostleship the situation with mr cooper it is a matter of discipline in government service we are a presidential republic not a parliamentary one it implements the president's policies if you don't agree you should step down i mean while many read it not as a sign of a split but i mean you maturity in russia's democracy. these are almost were mostly wishful thinking on the part of the portals these people probably remember the
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perils of the cold war but there was a rift inside. which ultimately was one of the reasons for the collapse of the u.s.s.r. i remember before coming to power interview where he basically said russia will not survive. even so it's so from the very beginning i didn't believe that there was a serious rift the good news of putin yet again running for president brought up so many questions that mutually burdett had to meet talk t.v. hants to cross the t's and dot the ice. of course it's nice to know that people trust me as president and that my approval rating is quite high under current circumstances but i also know that prime minister putin undoubtedly remains the most popular politician in our country at this point and his rating is even higher . the election campaign has just started going to ask ourselves a simple question what if our people reject us with me and putin what will happen
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to these decisions by the convention these decisions are merely the parties recommendation to vote for those people that's all the choice is made by the people and these are not new words in time saluki true any politician any political force may lose an election but many questions are still in the air like why would a politician like me trim advantage of his approval rating is still so high in russia not seek reelection and what will the face of the new cabinet of ministers look like under him should he become pm immediately after the united russia congress many rejoiced in the fact that the country's top political is finally over and they can go about their usual business but this week has shown that when it comes to the chess game of russian politics there are many more moves to be made before the final me but then you got. moment is no if you got children or t.v.
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. or if you want to see the interview president of bet of gave to the russian media and for all you have to do is log on right now for about site that's r.t. dot com. now on tuesday rev increased its belt even further to please its creditors the country's government approves a new property tax and the move receive an angry response from greeks were already burdened by austerity measures meanwhile the decision on another portion of the e.u. rescue partition is still being delayed international inspectors are in athens assessing whether greece the serves a cash injection the last chance for the country to avoid the defaults but as artists are firth reports the public remains convinced that the relentless story policy is only making things worse. greece has been the poster child of the year. with germany baiting to expand bella the country look that's to get that much needed cash injection to help come with some condition here in greece the people
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say the price they are being made to pay if simply too high earning that. is deadline day for the thirst to be hit with the greek government's new special tax it's one of the measures they put in place to try to secure the next tranche of money the country needs to avoid bankruptcy the extra tax which is about another three percent for people's annual income is supposed to help plug some of the massive deficit in the budget bill for more than a year's salary cuts rises in living costs the people here already at breaking point the last two years almost everybody has rules are clues for to. control people's desperation has become increasingly evident on the streets of greece the violence is repeatedly breaking out between riot police and protesters. even more clashes as parliament again feted in yet another of the measure in the
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fall of any property tax they are organizing all of this. to put grease on our your math just for political reasons grease and bricks do not need. many people in greece now question just here it is i think control our fortunes are very very a leaders in your resume are the bankers. from european central bank bankers our shareholders are not being. called again and again and again all of the super pacs in the eurozone despite germany having data positively to expand the size and power of the year to fund already critics are questioning whether that will be enough concise now turn to the many challenges the year is a still faces the problem will move from. other european countries
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and then the german banks will be. sure even germany. and more skilled the economy in the euro being you know. will be affected. not just. with past measures failing to have the facts in this political leaders continue to struggle to convince the public the truth the euro is a still hangs in the balance of these protests a district austerity measures to continue many people his. country now at risk of having not only a financial but the democratic deficit as well. r.t. by the pilot voting in athens egypt's ruling military council has given in to that amounts of protesters and political parties and agree to make changes to the election there were fears current rules could enable supporters of ousted president
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mubarak to come back to power in the parliamentary elections well the decision comes after friday's massive protests thousands thrall to here square in an attempt to reclaim the revolution to battling the transfer of power to civilian rule and to purchase iraq archies and he said i went to cairo to see what else is driving people back onto the streets. we knew that. change had come to egypt a new chapter of freedom and democracy don't judge a book by its cover when reading post mubarak egypt it's pretty tween the lines where you'll find a new chapter hasn't been published ended or slightly revised we still have the screen calls of the armed forces of those who. cannot see that they have been. in any sense viewing this country towards the war. warrick may be gone but his policies are not for hosni mubarak's case is ongoing at this tribe you know new
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figures from human rights watch claims more civilians forced to face military trials six months some twelve thousand during the entire thirty year rule of war an average civilians are giving five to you know seven years in prison a lot of torture has occurred since. has come into power. actor ali sabri gunson clown around when it comes to the supreme council or scaf he has taken part in protests since day one and still has scars from being detained because the looks were much worse he said very long they told people they had to stick it holy from right after that i was shot through the struggle and beaten with a baton head least only because i'm well known now mustn't leave the country for thirty years according to law if i have to seek asylum rules stay fight for freedom
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like mubarak's staff gets the supported needs to rule egypt from abroad the aid that we get from the u.s. that one point five billion a year the easier to seize from our from the usa and most of it entirely goes to the supreme court to the to the army you know the scout and one of the west coast history books will change for the better the arabs. is a massive opportunity to spread peace prosperity democracy egypt since our left reading the writing on the wall and many of them are at areas of the same as before don't want to fire upon a time period it's getting more worse and he's now a r t cairo. the libyan city of sirte to sponging deeper into the humanitarian crisis the battle for what to get off these few remaining strongholds shows no signs of abating on saturday revolutionary forces claim they completely surrounded
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the colonel's hometown and his loyalist forces were being slowly for south meanwhile thousands are fleeing the siege talent for it from their homes by fierce fighting and a lot of vital supplies aid agency save those injured trapped or in desperate need of medical help with people dying in the main hospital because of oxygen and fuel shortages antiwar activist brian becker says nato has declared mission to protect civilians is now more questionable that. clearly they're not protecting civilians when they're bombing cities that are considered to be pro khadafi when they're killing people because they've done something wrong or because their own political beliefs are contrary to what nato wants in terms of the kind of government they want for libya so i think that they need to be brought to justice i think though unless there's a very strong international movement for human rights in this instance i think it's unlikely they will be brought to court but the goal of the nato powers is to carry
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out regime change so that they could die if the government is gone once and forever and that there will be a new government that will not necessarily be more democratic or more humane but will be an ally or i would say in fact a proxy a client perhaps a puppet of western powers in this country that has the largest oil reserves in all about africa the ninth largest oil reserves in the world. syria is another country still suffering internal conflict but this week western countries did drop calls for mediate sanctions on the syrian regime it follows criticism from russia which says. the only way forward for the good we cannot support the projects that is being pushed through by western countries and it is among other things to do with the. experience so i'd minister sergey lavrov criticize proposed sanctions saying a big lapse strategic perspective a week out of how things unfolded in the united nations on our website r.t.
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dot com. now violence flared up again this week around possibles northern border as nato troops attempted to dismantle a serbian roadblock several serbs were wounded and it claims the alliance led forces are using live rounds and local serbs have barricaded the road to disputed checkpoints that all began sees earlier with the help of k. four troops artie's i would say russia has the story from casa. in some parts of the world to this walking road would probably be part of an extreme safari because the world is now have points. ever since july is border dispute many lives have been dependent on this godforsaken grable road through the mountains now this is the only way that belgrade can use to deliver food and petrol for the tens of thousands of serbs living in northern kosovo the course of the serbs have been very good in the road since july in response to the cost of the police checkpoints which in force the trade embargo between belgrade and the meeting of its on tuesday the
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situation turned critical again clashes between the barricading serbs and the k four troops led to multiple injuries on both sides ok for blame the cause of the serbs for starting the violence but danger it looks on the ugly beach a father of two saw it differently. we were standing by the barricade when the soldiers started shouting and shooting at us i didn't know what they were shooting with so i got scared and started running away and i was hit on the shoulder and it turned out to be a paraphrasing wound of my lung nato forces also claimed they used only rubber bullets and tear gas against the protesters this was quickly rejected by doctors in need of its fuelling speculation as to who recently it's. seven men in heavy condition gunshot wounds fractures and bruises all those wounds were caused by regular bullets which we extracted from there by nato troops and we
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can be set up with the room itself to get weapons at journalists and issued a shoot to kill the order for anyone trying to penetrate it they've totally and openly stepped out of the u.n. mandate and they're really really now just like during nineteen ninety nine during the bombing when there were the forest for the albanian separatists are now acting as their infantries belgrade has reacted with indignation and halted legal she ations with all civil until the dispute is resolved meanwhile the cage for refuses to comment on their actions and goes to the border barricades the puter is open now to share of trucks looking at breach just meters away from the destroyed log book suggests this battle is far from over betters like this one are scattered all across northern kosovo and they pretty much reflect the mood of the local serbs it seems they would never give in and accept the fact that they're living in a self-proclaimed state and in this melting pot nobody knows where this standoff go and i don't think it will become we get another frozen territorial dispute let's
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see ourselves speed c reporting from kosovo. of course the mixing is very constant updates on this developing story from possible where you can head to our t's twitter feed to get the latest from him on a supporter of this and one of the streets he says that there are reports in western constable that have killed a serb edwards of his son making a first ethnic crime like this seven year. i will that's all for now but i'll be back with a recap of our top stories just a few. wealthy
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british style fund raising that's not i'm surprised it's a crisis. right. now to hike the. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy.


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