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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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in the report on our. review the latest in science and signal in the us. the future of coverage. and watching our t.v. live from moscow here's a recap of the main stories and the week's top stories in the arab spring echoes of america u.s. police use force to disperse wall street protesters arrested more than seven hundred people taking part in a rally that's gaining of answer cross the country. and also in this week's top stories president medvedev explains his decision not to run for a second term citing that report is greater popularity and his comments come in a surprise interview that stirred up debate about the country's political future.
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adar humanitarian situation in the besieged libyan town of sirte where people are dying from a lack of vital supplies that ongoing by the something experts say makes nato his mission to protect civilians more questionable than ever. and the standoff threatening to turn into an armed conflict on service border with northern kossovo as nato is attempts to dismantle world box in their disputed checkpoint leave several people injured. parties interview with chomsky a linguist author and mit professor is coming up for you next. r.t. sitting down with for over an ounce scholar at linguist author and mit professor noam chomsky professor thompson thank you very much for taking time spent with our to squabble with you the first show or to speak with you is there a recent clashes that are taking place on wall street between americans who are
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turning out to demonstrate and police officers from what i read you recently sent a message to support the activists of this group called occupy wall street you've called them courageous and honorable you can you talk to me about your take on occupy wall street well in the wall street i'm just unsure of him for the financial institutions of the many thanks sort of big before a court reporter for them we were going to level for much of that unemployment rate when he was at the level of the great depression and we'll have an implement these people are saying no let's blame the problem on the institution in hindsight so the fiscal park solution in the rules of corporate governance of the regulations will pose certain motion a vicious cycle which in washington were in the works and work on the streets and consuming a very serious problem on your hands for
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a moment of wealth right for bush and the much like the third world plan from one machine isn't going to and so cannot afford any more infrastructure of corruption moment was a corruption and all of that increases the you know. the cycle going on the rise of will. it's about time for some purpose what may be in there and the coming year for it twenty twelve election is that many including yourself have speculated and assume that the campaign strategy for the us election twenty one will exceed one where we have put each brand it's a title that isn't mass going up will have been with me and where does it come from well it was one of them from a financial instrument but if you look at the thousand and eight election i worked swarm obama what do you think of that option was one that we thought interesting
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from the contributions they put on him that we can expect to be paid back when they were. on that action would be even worse and surely that's what a part of the import of american systems clean our own poor what any pointers in good. position to influence in a functioning part of a parliamentary system looks at the care of a commitment that comes from a principle at least from experience and there are other there's a lot of contributions and so on that's gone on the other board i think and want to become chair of the committee. in the house of the senate you have to pay your supporters have to pay for it where do you get the money to pay for it so important you know sort of provides even more influence than they were already overwhelmed with some concentrated capital so it's harder and harder to pull this thing which
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claim the elected officials the. economic concentration and it never was easy to distinguish it from so it was not something novel but now it sort of became a strain well over what's left of america's democratic system if this is the process that has been cemented in the plates and what is really left if from every angle there's these very nicely we just took a look at public opinion per you. about two thirds of the public finance entire congress would be thrown out. about this to me that it's going to happen no but it means that the system isn't working and the public knows it. anyway popularity in favor ability rating for congress and somebody can be president not on the same runs across all of the instruments as a very widespread sense that everything is going wrong that those in the democratic system is just not front from now in fact i don't want to suggest that this is
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totally new so you want to go back to sanctuary where you can still predict sort of holy spirit pretty and we'll know the outcome of elections but campaign on it but there are agreements. now at scrotum extreme. looking at your own level of them each of us has departed from other capitals and so i thought it was a pretty remarkable you don't easterbrook recently. called nine eleven was there an alternative focusing on the u.s. assassination of osama bin laden and that continuity you say between george w. bush and barack obama. telling us some of them rather than interesting plays it was done in such a way as to make sure that the pakistan army which is extremely dangerous that's the most dangerous country in the world i'm going to give it to you they have a professional army committed to you saw going through pakistan the pakistanis were
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already overwhelming looking at america on this front. stratosphere if you are going to bitterly. going out on a weekly invasion of the country of the murder of someone that our soil but also that they were being pressured forced to take part in an american war in afghanistan some of the legal counsel conservatives military out of the similar group about me and the most estimates and i quoted some of them pointed out quite rightly that it was a shift between a bush response that was obama's about this push bush's policy was to kidnap people . whatever they did for a book on. the take them to one ton of more or better ground more some of the kind of go through it it struck some information out of them i don't know what that was
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so i don't want to grow it alone i suppose it was just kill. i'm killing them all over the world and that's part of this isolation you know to keep up with i'm perfectly still in. love most of us in a different place and want it's hard to remember but there used to be a system of justice in the west and it's a good person as a suspect until it is proven guilty up until the end and the suspect is innocent until proven guilty well that's one now you just hear one a few sinclair people so he was. no resistance when i was alone with his wife one of the friends. a highly trained commandos would certainly have remembered him and they didn't they were under orders to murder him then and already under the roof absolutely or almost preside them securely as through increased under and. that hatred throughout the muslim world on anybody would be
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a better life for them you talk about the obama administration and how the us actions right now could be infuriating the muslim world the arab world the obama administration has supported the tunisians has supported the egyptians has supported the libyans and the so-called arab spring palestinians have officially submitted an application for un membership at statehood the us says that they will cast if you go against it if they fail because they believe that direct negotiations should take place between palestine and israel before there's an independent palestine the first four have to make a core of kerry from the united states and its western allies did not support their clintonism them wherever they are simply opposed not very simply back to pick them up and turn as it was mostly france syria karma fix a problem and they don't miss the united states and their support of the dictators
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in two of the last minute and when. the army turned against them and it was no longer possible support them when they said that they want democracy is wonderful and then they moved to try to ensure that the regime so much stayed pretty much as they were and so it's a very or pattern but putting that aside it's true that the united states announced that it would cast of any progress resizing enters the united states and that israel has been a reject. a political settlement that is supported by the actually the entire world the arab league organization islamic states which includes around my support almost no relevant president disagrees with except that the united states and israel have an effect right now and turkey have really covered their relations and that's an effect because the arab spring what's happening there are changes in the world
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what's happening is israel is getting harmonize with i mean the u.s. is going for isolation because of a couple months ago there was a meeting. with works pretty much only they weren't the government but they better accept something like this resolution because otherwise israel will be quote itself africanized even more isolated boycotts refusal of the trips and so on and our economy will collapse not interesting but israel's reacting will actually so whatever. you look back to tony and strongly about i think six people we have the records so the south african foreign minister called in the american ambassador would describe this to them and said we don't really care as long as you back us because you're the one good matters and that's our we're at right through that i think the one thing this year when. corporations were pulling out.
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some of them were going to boycott what they were doing phone. the reagan administration was right with them. as long as you are supporting them nothing. in the us which were support. almost instantly a prototype put out there saying it's in israel's best interest but the us still allowed this palestinian un membership to say ok for thirty five years the sensor in the chamber is now that it's been for almost forty years there's a choice between security and expansion or a clear choice israel is like oh there are strips of preferred since there are certain forms let's have a choice between security and expansion for nothing else but not with expensive medical terrorism which incidentally is recognized to be criminal what everyone
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including newsreader or they can get away with it as long as thing that's part of his faith in the world back home and as long as you are those want europe it is remarkable that privately they're not right but they don't like to step on the pope and also the minister so they go along with what you know it's the court that's back in the united states that tony blair and. all of the caught up with him but they're going to sort of think we're going to we're going to bring the bastards we do what the united states tells them to stop this sort of stuff study through the bill but i plan to do a few days from that's where we now stand on it's not the people with me that's just people come from the polling of governments to go along with the world has a chance to thank you very much for your time.
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discover it. communicate with the want to. test yourself and become free to. see what nature can give you one on. the.
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line in the ocean soon much brighter than if you knew the old saw move from the sun stuporous you can see. these stones on t.v. don't comb. news all artsy of the arab spring echoes in america of us we see was forced to disperse the wall street protesters arresting more than seven hundred people taking part in a rally for its quickly gaining momentum across the country. also with this week's top stories president medvedev explains his decision not to run for a second term citing that he would put in its greater popularity of home for his comrades called a surprise interview that stirred up debate about the country's political future. a dark humanitarian situation at the besieged libyan town of sirte where people are dying from a lack of vital supplies amid all going fighting something experts say makes nato's
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mission to protect civilians or questionable than ever. ample stuff for them to turn into what are called for god's service border with northern kosovo as lotos attempts to dismantle roadblocks in every disputed checkpoint several people injured and i'll be back with more about fifteen minutes but for now it's sports news you kate. but in the sunday discourse here's what's coming up top drawer ballots and returns to grab the late equaliser as ten months trancelike or treaty with leaders in news recently big russian army clashing here in moscow. while testing times ireland wales and argentina grabbed hold of final spots that blackstar down because it is out of the tournament rugby world cup in new zealand. and begin to panic but
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those experiences the third win of the season with a dramatic victory clash that these boats are cheap in. the first football and violets in return from his three game ban to snatch the late equaliser ten months sponsor through two two with table toppers and bitter rivals in it in a thrilling russian premier league clash at the stadium alexander a new course could through his own nets to open for the fourth place after twenty three minutes. miguel danny levelled zero eight of the forty six on the plane through a nifty cross to beat the offside trial but the striker would soon be left fearing the spotlight nicole asked but there apparently punched him in the face so straight red card with hoffman fast approaching however closure got seeing fully restored after the interval as the league's top scorer made the needs extra man count just two minutes into the second half but he would later pick up a leg injury which could jeopardize him being called up for russia to travel to
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slovakia for the euro twenty twelve qualifier on saturday however it was returning ballots no you have the last day off the bench letting with ten minutes to go so you soon was how exist. elsewhere take missed the chance to capitalize on that result the army men would have gone level on points with the need at the top if they'd beaten down the trustees to burning cars no doubt but at all the straw was all the moscow club could manage they could overtake cross city grounds to number into second spot and points adrift at the summit. all in the early get off the telly independent salvatore booker t. scored a second half brace is try school the champions will be glad to know when the bottom side tome that victory is all but securing rubin's top eight finish at the end of the regular season before the top half to take the gold it's my thought in places that if the tom was there eight last nine matches. me more about the cause has
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taken charge of andre as player coach but there fashionably lot of on t.v. there is the business is he leading one mill thanks to philippe criseyde as it's been it's strike well into the second half which color. you are over in england frankly i'm glad scored a hat trick and former trotter daniel sturridge netted a first half brace as chelsea regained third spot with a five point triumph of slimeballs and under johnson also misses a hat trick at school and claimed that if those pictures of the season with a six no triumph it means you q.p.r. in the west london dog weighed. only penalty and danny graham strike preserves one of these unbeaten her record a two no when i was stoked and called walk is seventy third minute chances but thought it was two on our part which was not in north london darby wins the last five minutes that. will be drug in our diet and have progressed to the quarter finals of the world cup for the fourth time and have set up a clash with wales after thrashing italy thirty six six paul say well it's really
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a lot of resistance in the first. mass though getting both of their penalties keep the attitude intention really on but ronan o'gara scored three penalties for the irish to a nine six lead before the break and it was all ireland in the second half and he was going to three tries again feet for the center in march twenty fourth birthday allan have taken part in every world cup since the tournament inception twenty four years ago but it's the first time i thought there was to be a great states. but that was the past year and it was just to see green everywhere you looked and. our job was to give them something to cheer about. foreigners and spades and. it was really incredible to me it's a great. well i have never made it further than the quarter finals and standing in the way now whiles you thought fiji sixty six nilsa twenty second behind south africa all day argentina defeated georgia twenty five seventeen called big
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expensive scotland call a win as new zealand finished off with a seventy nine fifteen thrashing of canada that win was overshadowed by the news that start flying off dan carter will miss the rest of the tournament. going through in the practice sessions once after that i just feel for this young fellow . he's been building up to this world cup probably maybe wasn't it is there's a vision to ten years ago but certainly i the last few years there was a big stage for him to do you know i had to take it was. totally taken away so that's very. well i look out for the quarter final draw season eight team line without scotland for the first time in the world cup spacex new zealand face part in tina south africa take on australia england france and ireland take on wales those games we've played next week and. now russia's debut world cup campaign has
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ended with a team flying back to moscow on sunday but as might not have managed to win a game as richard reports they were warmly received by a very appreciative and sometimes well article. over the last month or so rusher of made a lot of friends around new zealand for vast majority of the team they have never experienced such a level of interest from the general public if league matches in russia are trying to a few hundred spectators it's very surprising for the squad similar numbers attending the training sessions reveal autograph session. we're not really used to these level of attention from the fans and t.v. i've. done throughout my life here everyone follows both russian and global rugby it's great it's inspiring and it gives you the move to work even harder. this wasn't most of the players first experience of new zealand the team had been here on a training camp just after the new year to score to take the opportunity to see the
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sights as well as taking time off to take their minds away from all things rugby. this was by far the biggest events russia's players have ever played in and in terms of experience it will take something special to beat the memories of being fired from this world cup it's really good to be to be here at the heart of the world's a rugby and whether the world cup stage is just a just an amazing spirit something very welcoming from from from the local people and we've already been to. quite a few towns and cities so it's very interesting but sealy did mention that russia had to do plenty of travelling and this was perhaps the only downside of the trip being the boys to rugby's biggest event of bears were given a very tough schedule which would see the team have to travel more than seven times different locations in less than a month according to the russians they were hardly ever any complaints and they always had a smile on their face while they were pick up an army of unexpected followers along
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the way who went to rather extreme measures to show their dedication to their new found heroes. only zero is going to have supporters russia is they they probably are going to have him and his supporters so we're going to go for and tame iraqi affairs so oil cap and a greater n.a.c.o. and thirst plenty for russia to build on over the next four years they will have to find a new head coach after nikolai neeraj resigned however at the moment it is likely that kingsley jones will take up the reins of the pairs on a more official basis before the moments for russians can be termed. proudly back home in the knowledge that they played an extra rugby over the last month or so here in new zealand the russians are world cup campaigns come to an end of one experience that has been for the best players over the last month or so i was great a lot of friends around here in new zealand i am around the world exemplary behavior coverage as well where i am spirit in which very very rich from what we are to nelson is even. that any progress that has claimed his third win of the
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season was victory at the research of and dramatic japanese noted it was an action packed race on the first lap you katty valentino rossi crash that forcing ben species to run off the track as well then championship in that case the stone started on pole and was in front of the rest break i saw him run into the gravel a lot for that sees his chance to head the field in his wake there was more drama though at the barber tumbling on imitating circuit of breaking his collarbone. also hit the timelike recovered to finish sevens however he drives the state out of trouble for a victory seven seconds ahead of fellow stunned jorge lorenzo stoner managing to finish third the strains championship lead was cut to forty points by the end zone with three races last place he made a mistake and here. to beat sure you know i had the freeway so i concentrated
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to. good and i was working way sure that it was not a bad day and we could do a good race. two hours of you know there's going to have bounced back from their defeat by city rival sparta because they are men comprehensibly needs to be a three one on home ice the hosts had to wait more than a quarter of an hour for their opener example to scoff at a power play to find break the deadlock and then they proceeded with confidence in this new goal in each of the three periods the e.g. who share. the railings to the score sheets this looked wrong no way to compete in a shutout but city's in the short yardage later that saved at least some pride for the visitors with its goal in the dying seconds that's it was too little too late a severe felt their false defeat literate. and finally defending his world crown is not enough for extreme kayak or some such as the very new zealand plans to take
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three titles from as many attempts next year the extreme kayak or championship took place in austria and was in terrific for twelve the boats or the twenty three year old broke his own course wreck or to retain the company piece of silverware first shot of the mark in the semifinals and then went on to lower it further in the decider a championship winning run of fifty five point four seconds russian surprised by a good little boy because actually settle for the right place were failing in qualification though while sutton was a happy man the country book titles is what the young daredevil really craves. but very. well i mean to do studio one. is our children there are the british my goal directed me to do i mean i can feel the same. and that's all sports news but i think that.
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