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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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circle search olympic gold circles are told. greenfield they're skipping this reticence this is really convinced he might go to regency because school told him. no so to. the lines are key arab spring echoes in america u.s. police use force to disperse an adze wall street rally arresting more than seven hundred members of a protest movement gaining momentum across the country. look at why syria's crackdown is deemed more important than the battle of brooklyn bridge by newspapers in the u.s. . and across the atlantic in the u.k. unions angry at budget cuts bring thousands out to rally the madigan david cameron's coalition government resigned. also in this week's top stories president get it says but here it is greater popularity was behind his decision not to run
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for a second term as part of a surprise interview that stirred up debate about russia's political future. and a dire humanitarian situation in the besieged libyan town of sirte where people are dying from a lack of vital supplies amid ongoing fighting something experts say makes nato his mission to protect civilians more possible than ever. to suffer a big night here in the russian capital you're watching our t.v. our top story now hundreds of protesters are back on wall street a day after police violently dispersed a rally on brooklyn bridge more than seven hundred people were arrested and what was a dramatic showdown the movement dubbed occupy wall street consists of thousands angry at what they call corporate domination and authorities made up or explains the
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option of police is likely to bring more anger in the streets of new york and beyond. but about now most of the protesters that were arrested from what we're being told more than seven hundred of them have been released or in the process of being released from prison from where they were being held i spoke with one of the protesters who said he wasn't sure if he could come on camera because he has to speak with his lawyer first all of these folks are being charged with disorderly conduct but as we could tell from the video and the images that were taken on saturday this was quite a clash a clash between thousands of americans that began their demonstration at a park by wall street and then walked onto the brooklyn bridge we can't deny the fact that the media in the u.s. is covering it they are but how they're covering it is a different story for example i just want to show you the front page of the new york times from the sunday ok mind you one new york times reporter journalist was arrested in this protest that took place now here the biggest picture is of one
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protester in syria and right down here is a little picture of all the new york city protesters that were arrested on the brooklyn bridge so you could see the comparison why they decided to make that decision i have no clue but many critics do believe that the mainstream media are either trying to take credibility away from all these demonstrators who are not and give them ample coverage maybe make it a very short story and in the meantime though these protesters that are part of what's called occupy wall street say they are determined to continue to continue. camping out by wall street that's where they have been for the past two weeks now this incident that we saw in new york on saturday was the most recent one but it's not the first one just last weekend we saw cops and demonstrators clashed down by wall street several women were maysoon the fees by
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a police officer others were arrested there was a confrontation. in physical confrontation between police officers and the demonstrators but this occupy wall street group isn't limited to new york city there are demonstrations how taking place in los angeles taking place in passing taking place in other cities throughout the country radio host and author stephen london says the ever expanding protests shows awareness is growing among americans that the country is run by people never elected. who controls the power of money is supremes power that controls everything control war and peace all with serious rows a government j.p. morgan chase they have america and they were only given this task to start people on the streets across america africa understand lives and they have to demand the power of money returned to it congress is article one section eight series all of
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the congress has the power to coin money does it say g.b. morgan this is a big of a very good all year congress those who are very proud of his return to congress they will help the brokers people big boost in the power of money into people were a lot of. james corvet editor of independent news website corbett report dot com says the police brutality may provoke an escalation of violence. there could be that possibility of escalation and to some movement i would say that the momentum in the probably the p.r. win is on the protester side because no one likes to see the police going in and breaking up a peaceful protest movements like that into specially now that we're getting reports that the protesters were actually lowered onto the bridge and then trapped it's quite obvious by this point that the monetary system itself needs reform but i think if we leave there in the hands of the regulators and the people who have been in charge of the system they're really just going to try to consolidate more power for themselves so we see that for example playing out in the euro zone by the
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european central bank arguing for more power rather than less power because if we need more power to him to further consolidate eurozone into a coherent whole town that's the argument that they're trying to use and i think what these protest movements indicate is it is an acknowledgment on the people's priorities that that can't be allowed to continue because if it goes then just more and more of these types of things will continue to happen is the power call us as if you were in fewer hands or the risk of being seen in the u.s. indicates something's going very wrong in the way the country's rules that's a view of prominent author and professor noam chomsky is full interview is coming up later this hour. the. world's. concerns of the public. system isn't working and the public. popularity.
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favorable rating for congress. on the same roads across all of them to conform to the widespread sense that everything is right. that's just not hot for. thousands of march through the northern british city of nashville star in another protest at a certain public services headsets the rally in opposition to the governing coalition organized by trade you has coincided with a really conservative party's conference in the city lore and that was there. the conservative party conference is started ten months is the moment that politicians and delegates starting to arrive this happens. guys estimated fifty thousand people are turning out for this march through the streets of monticello to protest what the coalition government is doing in the way of and you've literally got pool full
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of people hey you've got the older generation saying hands off our pensions you got to sort of middle age generation who feel that their job because as money it's a public service isn't slashed you go it's did very very young who are worried that things like necessary means that provision soy education will be cut and of course much as to the population you've got a lot of students turns out much like in all the marches that we've seen across the country turned out to protest against the rising cost of education high stakes in some of the people who are here to us and just why they could it was important to turn out today and here's what they told me i think a simple no we send a message to the movement to covering all school in particular to the people on the road to poll with these. kids to be sober says. to people see what the government knows the majority of people post what they do you know usually those who should
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shaking just a page should be sure that if you joined the child schools that what it should be trying to move or what the bring this government down and bring in a government that doesn't offer working people now looks at the plan is that you can see here around me are calling for a strike on the thirty fifth maybe they calling for a general strike for the public sector workers to town to leave why should the government just exactly what it would be like if public sector workers didn't in fact show up in the mornings about what they're planning to do a lot of the biggest events in the country unison. they have all turned out here today to say we will turn to the thank you today but unless you promise that you're going to make these deep cuts in public sector for. take your pay day they're all saying the prime minister gave the case. of the discontent in the u.k. is only now gathering pace but protests in debt ridden greece going on for months economic things they moved closer for our survival rescue being had delayed another
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country quickly running out. class strife for statehood the future of palestine is while the entry of the shadow of a given us the till having over its author you want a security council. well this week's headlines in russia have been dominated by the reshuffle of who did the deed of tagore as well as the sudden departure of the finance minister it prompted an unexpected interview from the president as he clarified his decision not to run for office again but art is about getting a graph over reports the pre-election period in russia will hold even more surprises . this week's headlines have been hootin putin advantage and use of the drops war brought in a polemic switch russia hasn't seen for quite some time while some criticized others applauded the tandems deal and the kings of photoshop rolled out some of their best work yet the general mood being that the deal had been done long ago but
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it was an exciting for just a few days until the first rasha full so in the corridors of power began. if you think your views on russia's economic agenda differ from mine as president you can resign. my opinions do differ from yours but only take such a decision after i've talked to the prime minister of almost the political sphere you can talk to whoever you want including the prime minister and the president make these decisions and you're. the surprise right now between the president and putin's longtime ally aleksey could. left many questioning is there a split in the tandem the solution the situation with mr quadrant is a matter of discipline in government service we are a presidential republic not a parliamentary one it implements the president's policies if you don't agree you
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should step down and even while many read it not as a sign of a split but only new maturity in russia's democracy. almost were mostly wishful thinking on the part although cornell's these people probably remember the war patrol where there was a rift inside the corded bureau which ultimately was one of the reasons for the collapse of the u.s.s.r. i remember before coming to power and it gave an interview where he basically said russia will not survive another conflict inside the it's so from the very beginning i didn't believe that there was a serious rift but the big news of putin yet again running for president brought up so many questions let me trim inverted how to meet top t.v. hats to cross the t.'s and dot the ice. of course it's nice to know that people trust me as president and that my approval rating is quite high under current circumstances but i also know that prime minister putin undoubtedly remains the
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most popular politician in our country at this point and his rating is even higher . the election campaign has just started let's ask ourselves a simple question what if our people reject us and permitted what will happen to these decisions by the convention these decisions are merely the party's recommendation to vote for those people that's all the choices made by the people and these are not mere words it's absolutely true any politician and any political force may lose an election but many questions are still in the air like why would a politician like me trinidadians whose approval rating is still so high in russia not seek reelection and what will the face of the new cabinet of ministers look like under him should he become pm immediately after the united russia congress maybe rejoiced in the thoughts of the country's top political quis is finally over and they can go about their usual business but this week has shown that when it
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comes to the chess game of process and politics there are many more moves to be made before the final mea culpa but you got. because no if you don't have children our t.v. will stay. well if you want to see the interview president of ghana gave to the russian media if all you have to do is log on right now for a website that's r.t. dot com. the greek government has reportedly approved a mass layoffs in the latest move to please its creditors athens is planning to put thirty thousand civil servants on reserve and other worlds the words they'll be suspended on reduced pay i want to say the country's government approved a new property tax move or see the badly response from greeks who are already burdened by a sturdy bashers despite all of that the decision on another portion of the e.u. rescue package is still being delayed international inspectors are now assessing whether greece deserves a cash traction the last chance for the country to avoid a default but it's r.t.
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surfer as reports the public remains convinced that the relentless assertive policy is a remaking things worse. greece has been the poster child of the euro thing back right with germany voting to expand the bailout fund the country looks that's to get that much needed cash injection help come with some conditions here in greece the people say the price they're being made to pay simply too high earning that. is deadline day for the first to be hit with the greek government's new special tax it's one of the measures they put in place to try to secure the next tranche of money the country needs to avoid bankruptcy the extra tax which is about another three percent for people. supposed to help plug some of the massive deficit in the budget bill for more than a year's salary cuts rises in living costs people here already breaking point the last three years almost everybody has ruled out the grocery bill is sorry for
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all. people's desperation has become increasingly evident on the streets of greece the violence is repeatedly breaking out between riot place protesters. even more clashes as parliament faded in yet another austerity measure and the fall of any property tax many people in greece now question just here it is it's in control our fortune our. very own leaders in europe are the bankers. if mr can see from your. bank. shareholders being. called again and again and again are going to. despite germany having dated positively to expand the size and power of the year to fund already critics are questioning whether that will be enough insights now turn
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to the many challenges the euro is in still faces he. will move from. the german banks to the end for sure even germany. will be you know. will be affected. not just. because measures failing to have the facts it's political leaders continue to struggle to convince the public the truth. still hangs in the balance of these protests over street just that to continue many people here because he says the country now at risk of having not only a financial but the democratic deficit as well so r.t. outside the parliament building in athens. or out of the british demand to see
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parliament is forcibly whether the movie should hold a referendum on the future of membership to the european union or one hundred thousand people signed a petition can find out more about story on our website r t v dot com. egypt's ruling military council has given it to the demands of protesters and political parties have agreed to make changes to the election law there were fears the current rules could enable supporters of ousted president mubarak to come back to power in three elections the decision comes after friday's massive protests. yes thousands drawn to her square attempt to quote reclaim the revolution demanding a transfer of power to civilian rule as well as an emergency law artie's abuse of power to cairo to see what else is driving people back onto the streets. we knew that change will come to egypt a new chapter called freedom and democracy to book by its cover when reading post
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mubarak egypt it's pretty tween the lines where you'll find the new chapter hasn't been published edited or slightly revised we still have the supreme council of the armed forces those rulers or i can all see. it in any sense this country towards democracy or a community gone but his policies are not the most new mubarak's cases ongoing at this tried you know new figures from human rights watch claims more civilian courts face military trials six months some twelve thousand during the entire thirty year rule of mubarak average civilians are giving rise to you know seven years in prison a lot of torture has occurred since the staff has come into power. actor. doesn't clown around when it comes to the supreme council or skaf he has
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taken part in protests since day one and still has scars from being detained because the locks are much worse for you so very long they told people they had to stick it holy for a night after that i shot for the struggle and peter with the pattern ahead released only because i'm well known now i'm not allowed to leave the country for thirty years according to law if i have to i will seek asylum but also stay and fight for freedom like mubarak's staff gets the support it needs to rule egypt for . grant. that we get from the u.s. that one point five billion a year easier to see is from from the us say. most of it entirely goes to the to the supreme court to the to the army or the scouts and one of the last boost history books we change for the better the arab spring is a massive opportunity to spread peace prosperity democracy egypt sions
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are left reading the writing on the wall in many areas the same as before don't want to paper and some areas you getting more worst he's now a r t congress i live in the city of sirte his fledging deeper into a humanitarian crisis the battle for one of the remaining strongholds shows no signs of abating on saturday revolutionary forces claimed they completely surrounded the colonel's hometown and his loyalist forces were being a slowly forced out meanwhile thousands are fleeing the besieged town driven from their homes by thier spiting a lack of fight will surprise aid agencies save those injured and trapped or in desperate need of medical help with people die in the main hospital because of oxygen and fuel shortages antiwar activist brian becker says nato has declared mission to protect civilians is now more questionable than ever. clearly they're
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not protecting civilians when they're by i mean cities that are considered to be pro khadafi when they're killing people now because they've done something wrong or because their own political beliefs are contrary to what nato alliance in terms of the kind of government they want for libya so i think that they need to be brought to justice i think though unless there's a very strong international movement for human rights in this instance i think it's unlikely they will be brought to court but the goal of the nato powers is to carry out regime change so i think government is gone once and forever and there will be a new government that will not necessarily be more democratic or more humane but will be an ally or i would say in fact a proxy a client perhaps a puppet of western powers in this country that has the largest oil reserves in all about africa the ninth largest oil reserves in the world syria is another country
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still suffering internal conflicts but this week western countries did drop calls for immediate sanctions on the syrian regime it follows criticism from russia but says negotiations are the only way forward that we cannot support the project that is being pushed through by western countries and it is among other things to do with the libyan experience for is going to serve sort of a lover of criticize proposed sanctions say they wrap certain perspective on the recap of how things unfolded in the united nations out and i'll drive site r.t. dot com. the violence flared up again this week around possibles northern border as nato troops attempted to dismantle a serbian roadblock several serbs were wounded amid claims the alliance that forces were using live rounds local serbs have barricaded the road to disputed checkpoints that are being a seize earlier with the help of k. four troops that actually are starsky has the story from. in some parts of the
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world this walking road probably be part of an extreme safari of course the world it is now quite. ever says july's border dispute many lives have been dependent on this godforsaken grable road through the mountains now this is the only way that belgrade can use to deliver food and petrol to the tens of thousands of serbs living in northern kosovo the course of the serbs have been barricaded in the road since july in response to the course of the police checkpoints which enforce the trade embargo between belgrade and the meeting of itself on tuesday the situation turned critical again clashes between the very caring serbs and the case for troops led to multiple injuries on both sides ok for blame the cause for starting the violence but injured alexandre a father of two saw it differently. we were standing by the barricade when the soldiers started shouting and shooting at us i didn't know what they were shooting with so i got scared and started running away when i was hit from the shoulder and
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it turned out to be a perforated wound of my lung nato forces also claim they used only rubber bullets and tear gas against the protesting more this was quickly rejected by doctors in need of its fuelling speculation as to who brings the theater. or seven man and have a condition gunshot wounds fractures and bruises all those wounds were caused by a regular bullet which we extracted from their bibles make the troops weakly set up a derivative of their weapons that journalists and issued should do for anyone. they've totally and openly stepped out of their un mandate and they're really really now just like during nine hundred ninety nine during the bombing when the air force for the albanian separatists are now out there infantry belgrade has reacted with indignation and halted negotiations with calls. civil until the dispute is resolved meanwhile good for refuses to comment on their actions and goes
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to the border barricade the brewer is. sure of trucks built here breach just meters away from the destroyed block suggests this battle is far from over betters like this one are scattered all across northern core civil war and they pretty much reflect the mood of the local serbs it seems they would never give in and accept the fact that they're living in a self-proclaimed state and in this book a near melting pot nobody knows where this standoff go or why the troops ordered come here and other frozen territorial disputes let's see ourselves see reporting from kosovo. alexei is of bringing constant updates on this developing story from possible you can have darkies twitter feeds about the latest from ever on this or just a lot of these tweets he says there are reports in western possible that all being us have killed a serb and ruled that his son making of the first ethnic pride like this in seven
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years. at the u.n. security council started considering the palestinians bid for statehood on friday it was officially submitted by the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas last week a total of nine out of fifteen votes in the security council are needed to push the application through the u.s. already said it will use its veto power to block the process but even if washington blocks the bid the palestinians could still get a bell of a good legal status of the u.n. general assembly where they have a majority of support policy and leader of the where the bus is told r.t. arabic he's concerned the u.s. will pressure u.n. security council members to vote against the bit o. the full interview is coming up at four am g.m.t. here on our chief. we knew in advance and we were officially notified that washington will use its veto journey in the voting in our bid it's clear that the u.s. as the dominant world power wants to extend its support to israel but what concerns
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us most is that the u.s. wants to force all the countries that took part in the general assembly big and small alike in particular the members of the un security council to vote against palestinian membership in the un peace is the key concern for us all the member states of the security council have the right to use or as i would put it misuse their right to veto of course such a decision will be regrettable. others say with us or r t r recap of our top stories is coming up in a few it's. all .
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