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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the be. welcome back in watching are to you live from moscow and these are the headlines the arab spring echoes in america u.s. police use force to disperse and to wall street protesters are a single than seven hundred people taking part in the rally that's quickly gaining momentum across the country. and across the atlantic in the u.k. you know the sad real budget cuts bring thousands out to rally the mounting and david cameron's coalition government resign. also of this week's top story
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president of instead of explaining his decision dr robert for a second term citing above here which is a greater popularity had paul that all those comments common a surprise interview that stirred up the base about the country's political future . and a dire humanitarian situation in the besieged libyan town of sirte people are dying from a lack of vital supplies amid ongoing fighting something experts say makes nature's mission to protect civilians more questionable than ever. coming up next israel allowed divided we follow the story of left wing israelis fighting for peace in the middle east the spy perceived as traitors by their own people that's in our special report coming your way next.
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please. i come here because i live in jerusalem. i am in shock and in the rage step. what is happening here. no democracy without freedom to demonstrate. that it's not a break between religion and nationalism. as it is as a little person together they can be a very volatile and dangerous mix of fight here is the worst possible combination of vessels of illusion none of it. a bit of a little bit of banter you know we don't know if we are not
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a cure religious jew calling another jew and not the way they realize that i'm not that the earth is. not like this is my. son this is my land go back to america criminal. in one thousand six to seven israel conquered the west bank. and arab east jerusalem. as still today the palestinians live under military distrait control. this is a film about forty stray lists who want an end to more than forty years of israeli occupation breaking the silence as
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a group of ex israeli soldiers who served during the second intifada in the occupied territories and today we work to try to expose the reality of occupation back home. we call it breaking his silence because you have to understand that what's going on in the occupied territories is like one of the biggest it was in israel but people just don't talk about it you don't come back home and see a money these are two palestinians we kill that's the way it just doesn't come over . that people back home people here in israel have no clue of what's going on. it's like there is there's a secret agreements between society and the military. we know there's going on there but please don't forget about you know we we want to live our life without. without knowing what it takes to have
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a peaceful life. or here just to talk about what we did as soldiers because we feel this is the this is one of the most important pieces from the puzzle was missing in a discussion and debate here in this area. and we try to talk about the small stories that make a big problem to make big picture try to talk about what does it mean occupation of the cloaking of the basis. how do you do it as an occupier forty years of occupation according to the un there are today more than five hundred checkpoints and obstacles in the west bank where the strain is soldiers control and hinder palestinians the biggest checkpoints located between ramallah and east jerusalem occupied land.
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the checkpoint is called. group of israeli women and realized nobody knows what's going on so we decided to create a group that's going through the checkpoints and observes in the reports that's why the of solving ai is a lawful even our. vet says that we all postal occupation. our presence here is a clear statement that in the post occupation it's a statement for the army for the qualities of the border parties play anybody and
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for the palestinians to know that there are people actively opposing the occupation . the theory is that the small dialysis she needs to alice is three times a week do you understand it's three times a week there is nothing to do any of the boys sick has got to shards of that hospital it's every time the same problem with getting a child to hospital it counts go on like this. why do they do this. they're doing it on purpose they won't let anyone in. your life everybody here is ill and those that aren't soon will be here yes it's true but. that would i'm only if you look at your own little remarks on this board. and you can see how the they asked all the time finding all the ways how to
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control what's going on more and more so this kalandia checkpoint sees something like four thousand people it was built for letting one thousand people so first of all this. tremendous stress and tension of people who go to work every single day and have to stand there for a while. it's making it difficult for palestinians who live in this area who are so-called to listen reza to. the other group of people who come to the triploid our parish pinions who have permits to go
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to either gulf go to work or to go through the hospitals got. those who go to pray. to visit sick a relative to go to weddings. or to go to gift comix so you if the queue at the checkpoint you'll be able to go to the office which is just a. little . easier.
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in addition to checkpoints and obstacles israel has built so-called settlements in the west bank and in east jerusalem according to the un there are today more than half a million israelis living on occupied land the settlements are old illegal according to international law. the palestinian farmers complex us less and less of their land as the settlements expand frequently there's violence when soldiers are sutlers stop the farmers from cultivating their land.
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grab by american ascherman helps the palestinian farmer. sitting in front of you all have to leave i am asking you we do not have time for this is the red line please leaves it and go if we're ever going to hear everything here is a closed military zone where here there how many meters from here everywhere not able even to. think. and we believe that the one of the most basic commandments is what we read in the very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created with a little came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or not rich or poor it's very it's a point of thing both men and women if we really believe that if you are going to internalize that and we have to honor and protect the human rights of every human
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being including health and. eric ascherman interpretation of the bible is rare in israel. the palestinian all of trees are standing on biblical land and on the biblical hills this land is god's land promised to the jewish people according to the settlers. and back to yesterday they came when i got back here at four pm for they came and stole the letter all the black covers like those are based all the. they still cutters and knives in the all of us over there when you see the all it's. due. to the settlers to this yes the sudras to all of us and did this i have been away for three days they stole everything they did. they stole covers and tools and did this with the all of us.
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so when you came back everything was gone. yes there was steve's how me and i. were. for several years rabbi eric asher little must protect the palestinian farmers when they were being harassed or attacked by religious jewish settlers. both because phil said if you feel this you think that's what you're doing giving me the finger . is lifting his hands to fight. them so do not allow them to find out for the rest of now the rest and now there is. nothing like an arab giving the finger to a jew should have his hand cut off oh now we've gone completely crazy. about coming here to guard the arabs.
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how often i've heard soldiers say well the high court's there we're here our presence here is what's essential not only sometimes sometimes we actually are as human shields. physically to stand between palestinian people threatening them and sometimes it's important we're here to keep the army honest to make sure they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. the settlers are protected by israeli soldiers and the soldiers themselves are sometimes sutlers. there's a set of your image you did you walk in comes down and when anyone tries to work or he tries to stop them but this temporarily says the army. the strategy for the settlers is to take over hill off the hill of the west bank. they do it by building small outposts and then expanding downhill closer to the
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palestinian farmers. legally they can't cross this line. of that i would also like to see this document of his mission they came up with this line one year ago. they tried the same trick last year but in the end the farmers work here. if you don't like it take your questions to the coordination office. simply this attempt to. slowly slowly take over another do not hear another doom here from their point of view this is redefining the land of israel and they'll do it by any means possible. piece by piece. we're trying in some way to help how things have gone and even get some of the lands back. we
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always go by the queues of the palestinians the army wants control they want to go anywhere without a permit and you know i can't you have to make a choice is the best way to hold on to your lives and we back you whatever you do is. and i will bet you if you did be appealing. ok. you didn't. really have to have that lot right then and. they acknowledged this was his land and now he said we don't want you to work here today though because if they did something to come and shoot you. there's a good chance that we will win you're the and maybe it'll be easier to finish if there's no intention here and another there is. in the west bank israel has built a barrier
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a wall made out of fences and concrete it is part of israel's defense it protects settlements and it ties them flows are to israel. the barrier of the wall is mainly built on occupied land in breach of international law according to the international court of justice. for the palestinians in the west bank the wall results in further land loss to israeli settlers. but there are israelis helping the palestinians to resist the construction of the wall what we're doing here right now is trying to tap into was denied trying to structure construction ahead living to me. with any at the top of the war account just about here about four or five kilometers into where the bank i'll check if it's relevant and
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interesting recognize border the international court of justice and the hague and dispatch pictish to construction of barrier geneva if you will continue and continue doing that right now we're in a village called nineteen twenty five hundred about to be confiscated from the village and i think. it was probably one. of the top stories right i. thank. the scale. that i know. jonathan polak has participated and direct actions and demonstrations for many years several times a week. just so he has been arrested and physically injured by the straightness
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soldiers i was i i i. wasn't i was like there was a risk for. things like oh my god my god oh my god it's a very a part of my life and. you know in the after go for a fighting i live here and. you know my life. remark for both the wrong political activism so obviously the political situation affects my life and my future. i. was to keep working until tear you to make a violence over your computer is completely ok if you get the feeling that was.
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i just never be done if you just found decided to ditch a few thanks and instead of never deliciously on me me x. too deep in the stations to dish up writing as if it was a military operating with military tools and if issued to people already been killed here. that. demonstrations against the wall also in turn violent they quickly erupt would stone throwing and gunfire. it is mostly the protesters who are seriously injured
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sometimes protesters get killed. they believe day it's my duty as an israeli what's happening here is completely immoral and it's being done in in our name it's very weak and we agree with it or not a moral obligation if you come here and gently to people it's not enough to state if you oppose something your government is doing when such crimes are being committed i stick people in i think it's our duty to come here and give you just a little much here because just. because you didn't like them there are soldiers over there you'll be surrounded that your boys come to the east do not go west. boys get back here. are we going away just go straight round the ship. come. to see jack.
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are we out of rocks. is everything quiet here. no that's what. i did. say oh no i thought i
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you just know ok i must have backstopped with someone else. what organization are you from. checkpoint so you don't want any more checkpoints. with no. less checkpoints there's of us there not enough to the stage where it against checkpoints and we're here so what about the checkpoints if. you could who are checkpoints it costed millions so you want something respectable to let everybody in who are a checkpoint cost fifteen million it's out of our pockets and then they closed it because of the rule doesn't matter here we have the entrance to notre it should be at the entrance on israel's border not here so write a letter notice checkpoints we have already done that. have a nice day we need people like you to keep camp with tell him to get in line one by
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one closer to the wall. and that. not a. lot. of. money in a line up one by one. stick close to the wall. and . i've been coming to kalandia for seven years so when it comes to ramadan it's important for me to know what's going on for though it's not even my shift on i decided to come and have
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a look the problem is that when you meet the individual people with the individual problems your heart just breaks you know that for some stupid reason that you didn't bring your origin or birth certificate for your sixteen year old daughter but only a photocopy. it's crazy you know it's not only crazy it's very painful to think that there are so many rules and that if you don't fit into the category then nothing out. of the straight out will be acquitted of them out of course she will be able to pray just over there and they will check everything in the computer. and the computer. was with us trying their damndest you know to get into jerusalem because it's such a holy place and it's so important the army and the author does behave as if they did no one will treat them as ne people are not obeying the rules
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ignoring them and i'm of them carrying. them. how i just that's what we are one for learning and you know they're looking at us now the whole world has been watching us so low lifes. i you from jerusalem to the city yes i'm from jerusalem now do you have a permit you know malt i you know places you know she's forty five years old you cannot see. but. i have to do you have coded she says i don't need them and over and over and over the woman you know you're not an old woman. maybe she's twenty five years old because they are ok you're forty five years old was it a match you know life must have been hard for her but. we're not allowed to go and pray but nothing prevents us from praying. it's
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a really good relationships i'm going to. move next to the wall for all of you. that why. do you mean why this space one by one go back was probably one of the top. and it. was thought up. was. the. was i was. was was. was
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