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putin for president in two thousand and twelve is the prime minister's greater popularity the interview to the russian media has sparked debate about the country's political future. and in the besieged the libyan town of syria to the humanitarian situation it remains critical people are dying because they lack vital medical supplies amid fierce fighting between pro and anti gadhafi factions and thousands have already fled the battle as forces loyal to the interim government claim that they are slowly winning the battle. party's interview with it no mid chomsky a linguist author and the mit professor is coming up for you right now. r.t. sitting down with for over an ounce scholar at linguist author and mit professor noam chomsky professor thompson thank you very much for taking time speak of r.t. glad to be with you the first issue i want to speak with you about is the recent clashes that have taken place on wall street between americans who are turning out
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to demonstrate and police officers from what i read you recently sent a message to support the activists of this group called occupy wall street you've called them courageous and honorable you can you talk to me about your take on occupy wall street wells in that wall street is just a short hand to the financial institutions the banks are bigger and richer than before corporate profits are retreating record levels and for much of unemployment about the level of the great depression real unemployment these people are saying no let's blame the institutions behind them so fiscal policies like taxation rules of corporate governance deregulation and so on it does set in motion a vicious cycle which is getting worse and worse in new york so the walk down the streets you can see it very serious poverty on the other hand phenomenal wealth
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right side by side the much like a third world country what you see if you go to so if there are enough with it meanwhile infrastructure is collapsing and schools are collapsing and all of that increases the. keeps the cycle going and then it's like rising well. it's about time for some protest what may be in there in the coming year for the twenty twelve election is that many including yourself have speculated and assume that campaign spending for the u.s. election in two thousand and twelve will exceed one billion for each friend of canada that isn't massive you know pretty much money where does that come from well you know basically a lot of it comes from financial institutions but if you look at the two thousand and eight election and what's one obama what gave him the election was primarily financial institution contributions they preferred him to macand they
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expected to be paid back when they were. on the next will be even worse and certainly that's only a part of it in parliamentary systems including our own up to old maybe twenty years ago. positions of influence in a functioning part of a parliamentary system what's the chair of the committee. comes from principle at least from experience seniority. legislative contributions and so on that's gone now they're bought if you if you want to become chair of a committee. in the house or the senate you have to pay off the party have to pay for it where do you get the money to pay for the same pocket you don't so it. provides even more influence to the your already overwhelming flints of concentrated capital so it's harder and harder to distinguish between the elected
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officials and. economic concentration it never was easy to distinguish i should say this is not something novel but now it's reaching the extreme level but what's left of america's democratic system if this is the process that has been cemented in place and what is really left if from every angle there's these very mandolin from just take a look at public opinion they'll tell you. about two thirds of the public thinks the entire congress would be thrown out. without doesn't mean that it's going to happen no but it means that the system isn't working and the public knows it. the popularity of favor ability rating for congress and single digit president not much higher in the same month across all other institutions it's a very widespread sense that everything is going wrong that tells you the democratic system is just not functioning now in fact i don't want to suggest that
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this is totally new so you go back a century and you can still predict throughout all this period pretty well the outcome of elections by campaign funding but there are degrees and now it's gotten extreme. the levels to which the u.s. has departed from other capitalist societies are pretty remarkable you released a book recently. called nine eleven was there an alternative focusing on the us assassination of osama bin laden and that continuity you say between george w. bush and barack obama. the killing of osama bin ladin is an interesting case it was done. in such a way as to infuriate the pakistanis which is extremely dangerous that's the most dangerous country in the world and go into it but you have a professional army committed to the sovereignty of pakistan the pakistanis were
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already. overwhelmingly at a american this shoots through the stratosphere the army is bitterly angry not only at the invasion of the country and the murder of someone on their soil but also that they're being pressured forced to take part in an american war in afghanistan some of the conservative military have a list soon wrote about the bin laden assess nation i quoted some of them pointed out quite accurately that there's a shift between bush's policies and obama's and this bush bush policy was to kidnap people. whatever you thought about them. take them to guantanamo or bob graham or some other torture chamber and try to extract some information out of them we know what that was like to describe it obama's policy is
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just to kill. killing them all over the world is target of assassination attempt and you know to kidnap them and torture him you're still in. the bin laden assassination was a case in point it's hard to remember but there used to be a system of justice in the west which said that a person is a suspect until he's proven guilty of until then he's a suspect he's innocent until proven guilty well that's one night you just kill him if you think they're guilty so he was apprehended. no resistance he was alone with his wife the defense doesn't. highly trained commandos could certainly have apprehended him and they didn't they were under orders to murder him and then toss his body into the ocean acts that are almost designed such a way as to increase. the hatred throughout the
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muslim world in fact and when anybody has got their eyes open you talk about the obama administration and how the u.s. actually is right now could be in fury the muslim world the arab world the obama administration has supported the tunisians has supported the egyptians has supported the libyans and the so-called arab spring the palestinians have officially submitted an application for u.n. membership and statehood the u.s. says that they will cast if you go against it if they do because they believe that direct negotiations should take place between house and israel before there's an independent palestine first of all i have to make a qualification of the united states and its western allies did not support the egyptian museum revolutions they opposed them they sit back to pick them up and turn as it was mostly france it's their call and fix going to need to use the united states and britain their support of the dictators until the last minute and
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when. the army turned against them and it was no longer possible to support them then they said ok one democracy is wonderful and then they moved to try to ensure that the regimes would stay pretty much as they were and cites a very old pattern but putting that aside it's true that the united states announced that it would cast of the for about thirty five years the united states and israel have been rejecting a political settlement that is supported by virtually the entire world the arab league the organization of islamic states which includes iran and hamas supports it but almost no relevant party disagrees with it except that the united states and israel won't let it happen to have the fact that egypt right now and turkey have really suffered their relation to israel so that's an effect of the arab spring what that what's happening there are changes in the world what's happening is
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israel is getting former isolated i mean the u.s. is getting four isolated for example a couple months ago there was a meeting of the the all the gore people are pretty much on the economy they've warned the government that they'd better accept something like this resolution because that is it otherwise israel will be as they put it south african artist even more isolated boycotts refusal of ships and so on and our economy will collapse now it's interesting that israel is reacting korea much choice of africa did if you look back at the history by about one thousand nine hundred sixteen we have the records of south african foreign minister called in the american ambassador described this to him and said we don't really care as long as you back us because you're the one that matters and that's how it worked out right through the nineteen by the one nine hundred eighty s. you when you went to barca the corporations were pulling out. sanctions all over
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boycotts they were doing fine. the reagan administration was backing them. as long as the u.s. was supporting them nothing happened then the u.s. withdrew support almost instantly apartheid collapsed saying it's in israel's best interest and the us still allow this palestinian un membership stay with us for thirty five years the same scenario which a murderer is now that has been for almost forty years there's a choice between security and expansion a very clear choice israel is like other states is preferred for since the early seventy's it's had a choice between security and expansion can have peace but not with expansion into the territories which incidentally is recognized to be criminal but everyone including israel. they get away with it as long as the most powerful state in the
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world backs them and as long as europe goes along and europe is remarkably cowardly them out like this but they don't like to step on the opponent also the masters so they go along so you know it's the quartet has backed the united states they picked tony blair you know i don't have to comment on him but then i might as well pick george bush to. bring the message you do what the united states tells you to stop this nonsense about statehood and go back to negotiations with that's where we now stand and it's up to the people then just industrial countries to compel the governments to go along with the world the rest chomsky thank you very much for your time. very first verses of the bible all human beings are created but sentimental came.
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in god's image it doesn't say just jews or knowledge is. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier needed to buy territories was to do with the turds doing what we call making our presence felt to go out should somebody so they hear a knock on some doors run to the other corner and they don't know how religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want to bomb guys and kill. a thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect until a few you have to be either extremely naive or extremely stupid. to hear a religious jew calling another joe and not the way they really did it.
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mass arrests in new york as police forcibly dispersed the occupy wall street demonstrators in an aggressive security operation that carries echoes of the arab spring more than seven hundred people were detained after marching onto the brooklyn bridge many protesters claim police used excessive force. while in the u.k. anger at budget cuts and forced redundancies and more than thirty thousand people on the streets of manchester demanding prime minister cameron resignation the rally was time to coincide with the conference of the conservative party that forms part of the governing coalition. and in our view of the week's top stories president medvedev says the main consideration behind his choice to back lead near putin for president in two thousand and twelve is the prime minister's greater popularity the interview to the russian media has sparked debate about the country's political future. and in the besieged libyan town of syria to be humanitarian situation
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remains critical people are dying because they lack of vital medical supplies and amid a fierce fighting between pro and anti coffee factions thousands have already fled to the battle as forces loyal to the interim government claim they are slowly winning the battle. sports news now with kate. hello welcome to the sports news and these are the top stories. top drawer validation returns to grab the late equaliser as ten months apart like for two two at home to leaders in that big russian premier league clash. while feeding the blues front while the part that's a hat trick is chelsea go third in the english premier league a fine one triumph at bolton. and testing times island wales and argentina grab
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quarterfinal spots with all black star dan carter is out for the tournament the rugby world cup in new zealand. but first football and valid in return from his three game banty snatch the late equaliser as ten months apart and drew two two with table toppers and bitter rivals in it in a thrilling russian premier league clash in moscow i was under a new call of put through his own nets to open for the fourth place home side after twenty three minutes want to go down a level to poison eat after forty six and because of course playing through a nifty cross to beat the offside trap but the striker would soon be left fuming and sparred technical last but they had apparently punched him in the face and saw a straight red card with half time fast approaching however there is a goal of the seam to fully restored after the interval and the league's top scorer made sinnett extra man count just two minutes into the second half but he would later pick up a leg injury which could jeopardize him being called up for russia if they travel
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to slovakia for their euro twenty two of qualifier on saturday however it was the returning velour son who had the last say off the bench let him with ten minutes to go and to tear it finished. elsewhere taste i missed the chance to capitalise on the results the army men would have gone level on points with city at the top beaten down. the trust used to burn in closet are a goalless draw was all the moscow club could manage though they did overtake cross city rivals dinner into second spot two points adrift of the summit. while the earlier italian in their salvatore book getty's scored a second half braces twice former champions rubin ground to nowhere bottom side tome that victory all but securing rubin's top eight finish at the end of the regular season the teams in the top half of the table want to compete for the title in european places while the defeat for tom was their eighth in their last nine matches. and in the late game reverts
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a call us took charge of angie as player coach but he couldn't prevent his side from losing one nil at home to look at what if i say those fifth minute strike prove decisive and sure the moscow side moved to within seven points of the top and still unbeaten since the arrival of coach jersey crucero three months ago dug a stone club slipped to eighth. wow over in england frank lampard was struck a hat trick and daniel sturridge netted a first half brace as chelsea we gained third spot with a five one triumph bottom side bolton andy johnson also scored a hat trick has fallen claimed their first victory of the season a six nil triumph at home to q.p.r. in the west london derby swanzy preserved their unbeaten home run with eight to know when the stoke and co workers seventy third minute shot gave tottenham's a two on win a time to ask not in the north london derby. moving to rugby and ireland have progressed to the quarterfinals of the world cup for the fourth time and set up
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a clash with wales after thrashing italy thirty six six in pool c. it's really put up a lot of resistance in the first half medical burger moscow hitting both of their penalties to keep get sorted in contention early on but ronan o'gara scored three penalties for the irish to give them a nine six lead before the break and it was all. all island in the second half he sells running in two of their three tries no mean feat for the center to mark his twenty fourth birthday islands have taken part in every world cup since the tournament began twenty four years ago but it's the first time they've talked to their pool thanks to the run through the great face. that was the best yet it was just to see green everywhere you knocked on. our jobs to give them something to cheer about in the cup our interest in spades. was really incredible to play here well island have never made it further than the quarterfinals and standing in the
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way now a wales who thumped sixty six nil to finish second behind south africa improve day while argentina defeated georgia twenty five seven to progress from pool bay at the expense of scotland call a winners new zealand finished off with a seventy nine fifteen thrashing of canada but that win was overshadowed by the news all black star fly half dan carter will miss the rest of the tournament after damaging his growing chairing a practice session on saturday. i just feel for this young fellow. he is already up to this world cup probably maybe it wasn't it is it was a vision two years ago got chewed me out the last few years and it was a big stage for him twenty nine at the peak of his powers and that's been taken away so that's very. well i look at the quarterfinal draw season eight team line up with that scotland for the first time in the world cup his favorites new zealand face argentina south africa take on australia england will play france and ireland
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take on wales those games will be played next weekend. now russia's debut world cup campaign has ended with the team flying back to moscow on sunday the bears might not have managed to win a game but as richard found poor feet reports they were warmly received by a very appreciative and sometimes fanatical local support. over the last month or so russia of made a lot of friends around new zealand for vast majority of a team they have never experienced such a level of interest from the general public if league matches in russia only attract a few hundred spectators it is fairly surprising for the squad top similar numbers attending the training sessions or even autograph sessions. were not really used to this level of attention from the fans in the t.v. and san marotta groups here that have done throughout my life here everyone follows both russian and global rugby it's great it's inspiring and it gives you the
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motivation to work even harder this wasn't most of the players first experience of new zealand the team had been here on a training camp just after the new year. the squad would take the opportunity to see the science as well as taking time off to take their minds away from all things rugby. this was by far the biggest events russia's players ever played in and in terms of experience it will take something special to beat the memories the bay of hide from this world cup been awesome it's really good to be to be here at the heart of the world is a real being being that the world cup stage is just it's just an amazing experience and very welcoming from from from the local people and we've already been to quite a few towns and cities so it's very interesting but sealy did mention that russia had to do plenty of travelling and this was perhaps fear only downside of the trip being new boys to rugby's biggest event bears were given a very tough schedule which would see the team have to travel more than seven times
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to different locations unless for the mum of the critics of the russians there were hardly ever any complaints and they always had a smile on their face while they would pick up an army of unexpected followers along the way who went to rather extreme measures to show their dedication to a new found heroes. were only got enough supporters rush's day they probably are going to have many supporters so we go for and say my russian fare so well kept and a great tour and a sale and thirty plenty for russia to build on over the next four years they will have to find a new head coach after nikolai nero she resigned however at the moment it is likely that kingsley jones will take up the reins of the bears on a more official basis before the moments for russians can be turned proudly back home in the knowledge that they have played some excellent rugby over the last month or so here in new zealand for russia as the world cup campaign has come to an end of one experience that has been for the bears players over the last month or so i was great a lot of friends around here in new zealand and around the world were very
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exemplary behavior off the page as well but i'm spirit in which. richard on board with r.c. well for. now danny for jersey has claimed his third win of the season with a victory at the dramatic japanese motor g.p. it was an action packed race on the first lap to cathy's valentino rossi crashed out forcing ben speeds to run off the track as well then championship leader katie stone i started on the pole and was in front had a rest left up brake failure saw him run into the gravel on lap for. seized his chance to head the field yet in his wake there was more drama at that barbera tumbling on the mark taking circuit and breaking his collarbone while nicky hayden also hit the tarmac recovered to finish seventh however pedrosa stayed after trouble for victory seven seconds ahead of fellow spaniard jorge lorenzo stone at managing to finish third at the australian championship lead with cuts to forty
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points by lorenzo with three races left. and i snuck in and have bounced back from their defeat by city rivals spartak to comprehensively beat syria three one in moscow the horse had to wait more than a quarter of an hour for the right man for alexander it was converted a power play to finally break the deadlock and then the army men proceeded with confidence netting a goal in each of the three periods who shared. their names to the score sheets to skat looked well on their way to completing a shot science but finished forward yardy later saved some point for syria with his goal in the dying seconds but it was too little too late as the visitors felt their fourth straight defeat. had finally defending his world crown is not enough for extreme kayakers some sudden as the daring new zealand plans to take three titles from as many attempts next year the extreme kayak world championship took place in
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austria and sutton was in terrific form in the cheer old body. the twenty three year old broke his own course record order to reach. the coveted piece of silverware he first shattered the mark in the semifinals and then went on to lower the fire that in the decider of a championship winning run fifty five point eight four seconds russian supplies by kitch. had to settle for a ninth place prevailing qualification however such was a happy mom trick of titles is what the young dare devil is really quite. a pretty hefty and well i mean. it's hard to over for our british margolin after work to mix to the next and celebrate. and that's all sports news by phone.
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mass arrests and an aggressive crackdown in new york as police of forcibly break up a protest by the occupy wall street movement which some say is reminiscent of the arab spring. and we'll look at why the u.s. media presents the rest across the world as headline news but thousands marching in one of america's major cities is a push down the agenda. while in the u.k. anger at budget cuts and forced redundancies brought more than thirty thousand people onto the streets of manchester demanding prime minister cameron's resignation. and in our review of the week's top story president medvedev says the main consideration behind his choice to back for president in two thousand and twelve is that the prime minister's greater popularity. and in the besieged libyan town of sea are to be humanitarian situation is a critical people are dying because of a lack of vital medical supplies amid fierce fighting between pro and anti could.


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