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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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oprah. sedona sweet. tour of. hotels in the ninety's available in resort and spa. in broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is our team glad to have you with us and take a look trump at lights mass arrests in new york as police of forcibly dispersed in the occupy wall street demonstrators in an aggressive security operation that carries echoes of the arab spring more than seven hundred people were detained after marching onto the brooklyn bridge many protesters claim police use excessive force. while in the u.k. anger at a budget cuts and forced redundancies brought more than thirty thousand people onto
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the streets of manchester demanding prime minister cameron's resignation the rally was timed to coincide with the conservative party conference that forms part of the governing coalition. and in our review of the week's top stories president medvedev says that the main consideration behind his choice to back bloody me or prudent for president in two thousand and twelve is the prime minister's greater popularity interview to the russian media has sparked a debate about the country's political future. and in the besieged the libyan town of syria to the humanitarian situation remains a critical people are dying because of a lack of vital medical supplies amid fierce fighting between a pro and anti kadafi factions thousands have already fled of the battle as forces loyal to the interim government claim they are slowly winning without. him coming up next to israel in a land of divided we follow the story of the left wing israelis of fighting for peace in the middle east despite being perceived as a trader's by their own people that's in our special report coming up next on r.t.
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. i think breaking the silence is all about telling the story of the occupation. we're here to tell you how you conduct an occupation. if the palestinians will be afraid that the i.d.f. is all the time everywhere will be afraid of acceptance. so what do you do together this year you make your presence felt. i would say sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier territories was to do with the turds you know doing what we call making our presence felt. to go out.
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should some bozo here not concede or surrender the other corner invade another house. just to let the palestinians feel that we control the city we are the bosses we know what's going on we are everywhere all the time. when you're just charge you understand. this is the way to. to occupy civil society civilians. not talking of doubts guarding the borders of israel and i joined the army and went you know to protect my country starting about protecting five hundred soldiers. inside a palestinian city. in hebron well inside the west
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bank hundred and fifty thousand palestinians and five hundred israeli settlers nowhere else is the hatred between palestinians and israelis more palpable than here the settlers have taken over central parts of her. palestinians are hindered from moving freely. checkpoints military installations. blocks. in hebron one finds the most extreme and aggressive israeli settlers there is no palestine everything is a frail. arabs get out. their
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children are protected by israeli soldiers and paris. the patriarch abraham is said to be buried in hebron the city is one of the holiest places in judaism was the closest one must realize that hebron historically has always been a jewish city can give and found his kingdom here in hebron the little. our forefathers abraham isaac and jacob and their wives are all buried here in hebron peace so it has been a jewish place for thousands of years because of the. the closeness
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the book will come into for the stone the future would be this state is a jewish state thank you list and we are here to stay it's a medieval because four thousand years ago promised this lambs to the jewish family live will. we have a divine right to this land seeking need or through war nor violence but as a gift from god. well. you're a trader. may your name be forgotten was. was . going a little there we are from jerusalem today. the former soldier in hebron informs journalists diplomats and others about the situation in hebron if someone is willing to listen someone is willing to syria i don't have the right not to
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think the reason why i wake up in the morning and i go to sleep at night and then the next morning i wake up and still do what i do is because i don't have another option because if i'm not part of the solution i'm part of the problem. i can do it in a different way i can do it in a different place israel is my home this is where i live. i just don't see. that you have. a good deal you know there's no look up the you hold the shoulder you are traitor. you are a terrorist jewish blood is on your hands. you should be ashamed of your criminal lives or. the lives of more should.
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you look at this boy would you be happy if something happened to leave you murder. when i was a soldier and when i served in hebron we used to say cynically but that's a sign that we are ready then we understood that something is wrong in this reality we used to say that and israel people shouldn't get the right to vote before he has and for. once you understand her once you confront her broom you are confronted with the most important question and that is would be to choose the land of israel or the state of israel whether it was imported is equality the marquess the raids or land and since those are afraid that speedball the state of israel above the. law of the . now you are with the europeans who also sponsor hamas. we soldier family and i am on. the.
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unfortunately. throughout history religion and nationalism but not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed. and. the count was from my point of view just a creation of god's name. the judaism that i grew up with. teaches me something different judaism has to be part of the solution. when i first spent time here. and started to realize that the vast majority of religious jews in this country understands judaism in a way so different from what i learned from my rabbis and my teachers and my
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parents my family. you know there were times there are times when maybe i'm the crazy one but then you go back to the source and you see what's there. and. now it is true of course that if you look in the bible you cannot escape the fact that god . promises the entire land of israel including the west bank the occupied territories to the jewish people intrepid to it but that same biblical theology makes very clear you see that in the bible is it in the prophets and the editorial self that how much of that land we will be living at any given point in history will expand or contract our moral behavior and so there may be a paradox here at the very acts that are necessary to continue the occupation of the wherry ones that make as morally unfit. to be there.
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as holy as the land of israel or us human life is more holy. so if you can prevent bloodshed by territorial compromise as painful as it is to give up part of. the places there is no kind of your history to god's promise to to the place where it came from prophets walks human life. with hands down trumps it's so much more important.
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i think i've been better educated than. the majority of the fifteen and struggle is a civilian it's an insurrection. when a child throws a stone at the soldier it's just a fight. when you wage a war against a civilian population with an army it is incredibly stupid to believe that the violence is not going to. go back at you at some point i'm not going to tell you
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that it's that it's right or legitimate or or morrow to move to blow up a bus with civilians but if you want to. bomb gaza and kill a thousand four hundred people in. in in a month and you want to expect that this will have no fifteen their feet. you have to be either extremely naive or extremely stupid. sometimes in some cases you choose unjust means because there really only means that you i'm not in that situation i can tell you i do not support suicide. but i'm not in the position where i have luckily i'm going to solution where i have to make a choice in my position i make my choice and it is just or it's the civilian insurrection. against it's really of oppression violence different does have an
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effect. i mean i think you'd have to be very naive to claim that you exist in a very violent situation where a lot of very extreme violence is a directed towards you in your environment and for people you care about and to say that it doesn't affect you. and we see everyone's afraid to die and is afraid to get hurt but. being part of something of a struggle worth dying for is something worth living for. get out of here. there is one very sensitive issue for israeli peace activists family discussion
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about the occupation. rarely if ever are outsiders allowed to know about sensitive political discussions within the family. my mother in. law has their activities which i'm in favor of i mean i don't think that muslim which is a bad. urbanisation they're there to try and hold the roadblocks to be more humane. and as a political statement to oppose occupation it says from now it can't. have a condo isn't brame then. you know because i was so close to seized by the palestinian people exactly like we've come out i was said let's say never really leave. and say the situation was easy i said that when i look at
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my son and i imagine him when he's eighty i don't think the situation will be so they say they're going to be there without any human rights you know they can live there that's something but there they can be that i must is country no rights no no get out of here there's a jihad against it's. december two thousand and eight israel attacks the gaza strip one thousand four hundred palestinians and thirteen israelis are killed most of the casualties are see below us. breaking the silence has interviewed several strays soldiers giving testimony about abuse and excessive use of force. this is the testimony of one two three four five hundred people. one after the other this is ready to. do using the palestinians on
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a daily basis looting destruction of product of you know the strong property killing machine whatever comes up in the testimonies. you can come from a different world in and started describe stories as work rhymes as. i know one thing. i did this is what we've done what's wrong. with the. testimonies about excessive use of force are met with silence and denied in israel . i don't think silence is an israeli disease silence is a human sickness and there were not the you know when you don't look good you don't confront and there. the
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eucharist in your life runs. supporters of this war you're killing children. shame on you shame on you. nobody shouts nobody kreiss we refused to be murderous here all traders hero traders shame on you shame on you these really attack on gaza according to these really press was supported by ninety percent of these raids. jonathan polak participates in several demonstrations against the. oppressing the population is a war crime and people are dying. traitors traitors. just three arabs.
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i. respect on the palestinian flag. i think are going to stand at. this moment if israel does exist there fascist extreme right and it's growing and strengthening but. there really is a democracy for jews in israel it's being limited more and more with time but for. as we speak now there really is a democracy for jews in israel but it's not really a democracy it's. because if you're jewish you have certain income credit rights and if you're not sure your deeds these rights are much lesser and if your. residence in residence ok territories. you're under a completely different legal system. from.
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the. israeli right wing extremists and nationalists from the organization. are demonstrating against jonathan polak and other activists during a demonstration against the wall. members of him to encourage soldiers to shoot anti-war protesters he had. come on guys use live ammunition give them one of the heads. go to hell get out of here i know you're going to do no harm these are the energy of the anarchists are bold israeli and international activists he called himself peace
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a mistake to visit them nothing to do with the. they are a bunch and they didn't. look at beijing is a very bad war i mean of course they use this word because it's a it's a very extreme terminology we're not occupants we're not your parents. it's . still.
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i. i. i. i. i. i. i i. i. i i the current clear as we speak there are i'm facing six indictments and i've faced be more before. you know if i love
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a little bit you know i dare i get acquitted or i get convicted i dare say for you i spend some time into a c o. o but it's part of the once part of reality. you want to call me nothing or anything that's understandable. but if you want to get out and i think. for wanting to live. you have to get out and do something about what you see in the world around you. are very here and now this is what we have. my concern is whether something is moral or. whether something fits with l.
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and i my more barriers or whether something is right or wrong. and i think we'll have a very important thing to understand for us. as a people who have done very very bad things don't have horns they look like they look like you and i fired every night dozens of grenades and some neighbors of people with i used palestinians as human shields i thought you know all the things that i can tell you and then you will be shakira. and we're sitting now in the same room.
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you know if you want to put in jail every israeli soldier who's the palestinians who i ration should go to jail than a one to hang wind left right marching in the gita because we don't think this is just the levels of different ways and different. but nowhere was there a cave now three. no one who serve there has clean hands. wealthy british style wholesome that's not on. target.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our t.v. . it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlets but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption on a winter's night. stand on even in front. of the crowd you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet can you tell me that that
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sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on archie.
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feel. the urge to me is just such feel sick. sick i am a. sick safe. today violence is once again.


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