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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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welcome back you are with r.t. live from moscow these are the top stories that's against a wall street brutal crackdown supporters for social and financial justice sparks accusations that u.s. democracy is just an illusion. athens prepares for the plunge as severe austerity fails to save the greek economy where the government admitting it won't be able to meet key dictated deaths of deadlines or this year. russia's morbid ambitions grow as another satellite for its global tracking system washes into space to rival u.s. produced g.p.s. systems. up next r.t.
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says down with a man who read night of palestinian aspirations for in the panels on the world state president mahmoud abbas to discuss his views on the future of his bed and that of palestine. the that i see in light of the recent events in the arab world that have come to be known as the arab spring even as an arab leader president have declared at the listing in spring the united states is against this move and what is your position in regard to the current stones of the us. talking about the arab spring the palestinian spring the palestinian spring is happening even before it was declared opposition was unambiguous the palestinians want the occupation to end they want to put an end to the divide these are their demands that they've always put forward we went to the u.n. security council tomorrow. in palestine be recognized as
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a un member state we have had that right since one nine hundred forty seven since resolution one eight one was adopted forming two states israel and palestine sixty four years later we want the states to actually be formed the state of israel has been created but not the state of palestine today sixty four years later we want that state to be formed israel and the us a calling our actions unilateral much when we address the entire world community all one hundred ninety three states i don't think they will see them as unilateral. actions cannot be compared to the construction of settlements on the palestinian territory this is unilateral action whereas our bids to the un is not furthermore we do not want to challenge the legitimacy of the state of israel israel is a valid state and we have recognized it if the arab peace initiative had been adopted fifty seven arab and islamic states would have followed suit and recognized
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israel that means that we support the existence of the state of israel and do not want to challenge its legitimacy or seek its isolation the only thing that we want to challenge the legitimacy of the policy of occupation the legitimacy of israeli settlement activity this is our rights and we demanded the u.s. and israel say our action is unilateral this is exactly why we have applied to the security council let's just wait and see. so mr president if the u.s. goes ahead with easing a total blogger palestinian bid and your numbers ship and there have been attempts to prevent a vote in the sense of if the u.s. suspends aid to the palestinian leadership as it's rumored what will be tourist holds. i'm aware of the speculation over suspension of the us aid but so far i've not received any official notice on that so i can't comment on it either in a positive or negative way we don't know if it's happened already on. not we'll be
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able to issue a comment only when we get official confirmation as for the right of veto we knew in advance and we were officially notified that washington will use its veto joining the voting in our bid it's clear that the u.s. as the dominant world power wants to extend its support to israel what concerns us most is that the u.s. wants to force all the countries that took part in the general assembly big and small alike in particular the members of the u.n. security council to vote against palestinian membership in the un this is the key concern for us all the member states of the security council have the right to use or as i would put it misused their rights to veto of course such a decision will be regrettable but we will comment on it only after it's taken not today. mr president some say the latest steps they have taken mark any era in the settlement process he has monopoly and decision making in this region has been shattered and the palestinian issue is now open to
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a broad international discussion how do you comment on that could lead to threats undermining plans and what have. we took to the floor at the u.n. general assembly to declare that we are a state in fact an occupied state they say we must first hold negotiations but swe don't see why the two things i mean the palestinian bid for un membership and the talks on a peaceful settlement cannot go on in parallel as session to the u.n. will mean the recognition and hammerstein is a country and a state of occupation that will make our position absolutely clear we are an occupied country that seeks to hold negotiations on all the issues including an end to the armed confrontation with israel i believe this is the right way to move forward of course provided that the other side has a genuine desire to go the right way. so that the public on the historic speech has resonated to melissa in society. that's how most has express
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a difference and how did you to see their stance. and. i would not like to speak on the negative effects resulting from the position of a mass they say this was unilateral action taken without prior consultations with them but it's a totally different story you may have skipped the consultations but you have to come out with the right initiative then any talk of unilateral action will play into israel's hands but they're also voices within hamas both official and unofficial that have a different view and we're aware of though it's been a week since my speech it's a done deal so i would not want to discuss the negative consequences and i want to point out that we need to come together and start the reconsideration process the decision on that has been taken and hopefully in the near future it will be reached . you have been talking about all compassing negotiations with us what does the term goal and conversely negotiations mean. everything we cannot forget about
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how mass whether it is in power or in the opposition like it is now if we manage to achieve national reconciliation and conduct the elections that is shared will for a neighbor but we're hoping they'll take place earlier and have mass remains in opposition to the current government then as it is done in all democratic states the government will have to discuss all significant decisions with the opposition and the two sides will coordinate their actions that was what i mean when i talk about all encompassing dialogue the future may turn out to be difficult and we might be forced to seek a deep mutual understanding to resolve the problems of our people together this is not my personal struggle and is not a struggle of a mass and mass and i both have to answer to our people that is why any plan we adopt or any actions we take should be clear and transparent to everyone it will have to see where we are going where we'll stop and what our goals are. well the
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length of the media as the allies a speech tend to emphasize you call for government reform is the main precondition of national reconciliation in what ways will the government be reformed. i did not say i wanted to replace the government but there is a lack of understanding of the principles of governmental constitution that we had agreed upon and we talked about a transitional government comprised of independent members and technocrats it is not a government of national unity a transitional government has to organize elections in the country and i'm responsible for that as head of the palestinian liberation organization at present we can discuss candidacies for transitional government membership i think any candidates nominated by fattah the people's friends or any other movements are suitable as long as they fit the description of independent technocrat if they don't fit i cannot approve their candidacy i need people that correspond with the
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transitional period and they need independent technocrats socialists the transitional governments will not have to solve any major political problems the p.l.o. manages negotiations and forming the government is one of those responsibilities the government will represent a callus to any people in palestine or the p.l.o. will represent and be responsible for palestinians on the global arena if everyone understands that then the issue will not become a sticking point we will negotiate if it candidacy cannot be approved nominates another candidate that is all there is to it being stubborn in this matter would only bring harm i'm declaring this openly i will do. so i. mr president you have said several times that china is going to run for another term in office is it possible that public opinion might force your position to change after you had given your story extinction. or thought that taking part in presidential elections is not
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a matter of popularity. i have the people support today but that might change tomorrow i said before that i will not run for another term another politician whom we shall all support might come into the spotlight he will gain popularity and the love of the people that will be a result of his work and his achievement for my part i will not change my position and i've decided that i will not run for another term in office today tomorrow or in the future. thank you very much for the interview mr president thank you. even in the book sophistication plan the secret. magic is the customs supply. whether it is a produced press. or
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a shamanistic which. comes from sufficiently jobs. safe and strong of spirit is hard. to come from our dear. we hear it because our patriarchs that's up the god promised them the cylinder long stops. will if they are still going to be thinking that. and gone chosen people will lead them up believe that god is the real estate agent say look at this that is just for you guys and disguised as for you. on the corner this is a. different might not that. some of you. look up to.
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cut. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or god just. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier in the occupied territories was to do with the turks doing what we call making our presence felt to go out should some bozo they hear a knock on some doors from the other corner invade another house religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want to. kill i fell in four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect until
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a feat you have to be either extremely naive or extremist can be not just here and still religious jew calling another jew i'm not doubting the way they really didn't amount to anything. it was traded to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when just from. san antonio ways i'm trying to be. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations a cable outlet or you tell me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus
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f.c.c. broadcast blues on a large wealthy british style seinfeld's sometimes. i know what's really happening to the global economy for no holds barred look at the global financial headline news good news move. on. move move move move move move to the.
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mass against the wall street crackdown on supporters for social and financial justice sparse accusations that democracy is just an illusion. athens prepares for the plunge a severe austerity fails to save the greek economy or the government admitting it won't be able to meet keep the e.u. dictated deficit deadlines for this year. russia's orbit ambitions grow as another satellite for its global tracking system launches into space to rival u.s. produced g.p.s. systems.
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hello there you're watching the sports and these are the top stories top drawer ballots and returns to grab the lady equalizes ten. draw to see with home to lead a zanny. while from grandpa that's a hat trick is chelsea gates in the english premier league of life one prime of both and. i'm going to hammer nor does leads green bay to an easy win i would super bowl chance to be in the n.f.l. . started the football though and ballots in return from his three game ban to snatch the late equaliser this time and spark that treaty to a table toppers and bitter rivals any and the thrilling russian premier league clash in more sky alexander a new call put through his own net to open for the fourth place i sighed after twenty three minutes but danny levels is an eight after forty alexander because you
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called playing through him if he crossed the plate the offside trap of the striker would soon be lefty me as this but rather apparently punched him in the face and source great red card with half time fast approaching however kirchick of seemed fully restored after the interval as the league's top scorer made their needs extra man can't just two minutes into the second half. but he would like to pick up a leg injury which could jeopardize him being called up for russia's state travel to slovakia for that twenty twelve qualifier on friday however it was returning vets and you had the last guy off the bench netting to ten minutes the guy didn't see is how it finished but elsewhere it is gone missed the chance to capitalize on that result the army men would have gone level on points is an age at the top of it beaten down trustees to ban in crowds in the dark but a goal or straw is all the more stark club could manage they did overtake crosses the rivals the nama into second spot two points adrift at the summit.
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and italian defender salvatore chatty scored a second half braces rubin grabbed the senior winner side saw not a victory all but securing rubin's top eight finish at the end of the regular season before the team's top off of the table go on to compete for the title and european places where they think that was their eighth in their last nine matches. in the final game of the day we're going to call us took charge of angie's play coach but he couldn't prevent his side from losing one nil at home to locke a mighty philippe to see this fifth minute strike proving decisive to be sure the moscow side move to be in seven points at the top of the still m b this is the rival jessica sierra three months ago while the dagestan club stick to. so i bringing in chelsea was going to spot with a five point triumph report inside bolton frank lampard with patrick while andy johnson also scored a hat trick is full and fresh q.p.r.
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six nil i suppose they preserve their unbeaten highly run but the two know when overstaying hi greg knapp praised his side for that c one victory over blog on the spot ask him very well tom and first band about should not have been allowed. it will make you know we have a good. chance of winning which is which is good we've got a problem first of all the way they played you know we we played with two midfield players i played with a player one up and two white and male wish we had position in midfield because i get tremendous service difficult only change of john to be honest you know becoming one new up there i was still wasn't i still didn't feel comfortable with the way we were going to from. the moment i just want. to keep to much of the result. frustrating as well because the first goal.
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in the situation. let's turn to the rugby world cup where england will miss the quarter final with france after being banned for one match he pleaded guilty to a charge of foul play for dangerous chad tackle against scotland this is how the quarter final line up plays out a few days before the north and stage begins then on saturday england play for anson island face wild sunday's new zealand against argentina and south africa is a straight here. and. while the russian team are flying back home after their campaign ended last week but although the bears did not win a gang they did win a lot of support and. reports. over the last month or so rusher of made a lot of friends around new zealand the vast majority of the team have never experienced such a level of interest from the general public it league matches in russia earlier trying to a few hundred spectators it's very surprising for the squad similar numbers
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attending the training sessions or even autograph sessions. were not really used to this level of attention from the fans and t.v. . groups here that have gone through a lot of the everyone follows go through shoot local rugby it's great it's inspiring and gives you the motivation to work even harder. this wasn't most of the players first experience of new zealand the team had been here on a training camp just after the new year the squad would take the opportunity to see the sights as well as taking time off to take their minds away from all things rugby. but this was by far the biggest events russia's play is today to played in and in terms of experience it will take something special to beat the memories the bears have from this world cup it's really good to be to be here at the heart of the world. being at the world cup stage is just it's just an amazing experience and very welcoming from from from the local people and we've already been to quite
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a few towns and cities so it's very. but sealy did mention that russia had to do plenty of traveling and this was perhaps purely downside of the trip being new boys to rugby's biggest events the bears were given a very tough schedule which would see the team have to travel more than seven times different locations in less than a month the critics of the russians were hardly ever any complaints and they always had a smile on their faces while they would pick up an army of unexpected followers and on the way who went rather extreme measures to show the education of a newly found heroes. we're learning is going to have supporters russia is probably not going to have a chairman issa told us so we. say my russia first cap and a great tour and israel and first plenty for russia to build on over the next four years they will have to find a new head coach after nikolai neeraj resigned however at the moment it's likely that kingsley jones will take up the reins of the pairs on
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a more official basis before moments for russians can be turned proudly back home in the knowledge that they played some excellent rugby over the last month or so here in new zealand the russians welcome brains come to an end of one experience that has been for the. last month or so i was great a lot of friends around here in new zealand i'm around the world exemplary behavior as well but boy bands periods in which a british man who played r.t. . now twice talking to scott have fans back from their defeat to city rivals spartak to comprehensively their three one day moscow the hosts had to wait more than a quarter of an hour for their for their opener before alexander a call from the path they found great. and then the army men proceeded with confidence letting it go in eighty three periods week with here and week one year adding their names to the score sheets and see as well on their way that but. let's
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hear their say some prior. it's a big his goal in the dying seconds but it was too little too late as the visit spells their fall straight to fate. now over in the states in the n.f.l. defending super bowl champions the green bay packers remain unbeaten after a forty nine twenty three round of the denver broncos that's their fourth win in a row and it was a fabulous day for pac is quarterback aaron rodgers threw for touchdown passes and ran to move schools iraq is on fire then on sunday this fifty yard pass to the nelson to give a seventh really at the end of the first quarter. and early in the second the packers were twenty one three when rogers scrambled and the eleven yard touchdown run him self. for the broncos to come back to make it twenty one seventy raja's gave his thing daylight again this time hooking up against guys by which time the pack is out of sight brought it to a career high four hundred eight yards green bay ran forty nine twenty three
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winners so a look at some other games there and there were victories for san diego new england new york giants and the city. new orleans and washington while atlanta for an era when i was seattle elsewhere on sunday there were victories for chicago detroit houston tennessee cincinnati baltimore san francisco just the philadelphia twenty four twenty three school of. now there has been a first time winner on goals p.g.a. tour cavanagh winning the justin timberlake shriners hospitals the children open at the start of the final day in las vegas he was tied at the top of the leaderboard with me whatley what he had his moments this second shot on the seventh setting up of. the wood carter sixty seven in the end and now is able to go see better largely because this forty two foot birdie putt on the par three gave him that two shot lead in the twenty eight closed the par victory and
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a win is check just eight hundred thousand dollars. i mean i went through a lot i mean it's. i've had nightmares for the second and to tell my mother you know it's hard i work in the city you know what i'm going to first one and you know people said they believe me more than i think i believe myself well in scotland or not is michael holmes held off some of the sport's biggest names to win the alfred dunhill championship u.s. open winner roy roy mounted a late charge here five shots off the pace at the start of the day i don't have birdies and that eagle gay themed leader but he kept his cool and a couple of fine approach shots on the fifteenth and sixteenth was enough to hold off michael roy for a two shot picture and accurate as he had been all week and he parted out the birdie for his third title on the european tour. well done to him all the sports moment north into us tough.
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issues that so much of a lot of people are curious as. to the life and soul of social democracy and ideals once deemed to be part of the foundation of values.
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can. be.
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wealthy british style. is not on. the market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds of reports . in the united kingdom all she's available in fact the house bill and monica forty one hotel the old waverly hotel.


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