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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the. backs against the wall street brutal crackdown supporters for social and financial justice parsec is ations that us democracy is just an illusion. world markets are in a panic driven freefall as severe as terry fails to save the greek economy with athens admitting it won't be able to meet critical e.u. dictated deficit deadlines. russia's orbit ambitions grow as another satellite for its global tracking system glonass launches into space to rival the us produced g.p.s. systems. do you officials have searched the offices of
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a number of gas companies across the continent including subsidy risk of russia's gas from one business and for twenty minutes. this is r.t. line from moscow with joshua welcome to the program a wave of public discontent in the us shows no sign of abating following saturday's protests were hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were arrested sparking accusations of heavy handed policing to finance a wall street activist refused to back down saying more marches against corporate greed and social inequality are in the pipeline artie's more important i caught up with some of those involved. a new season in a different nation the arab spring has become america's auto and on saturday new york sparkling bridge reminded many of a scene from egypt to here square. nearly
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eight hundred protesters were trapped cuffed arrested and jailed as thousands of activists continued their second week of occupy wall street demonstrations the grassroots movement. campaigning against social inequality and corporate influence over u.s. politics in the interim police conduct against peaceful protesters has come into question. just last week a new york city police officer attacked occupy wall street protesters with pepper spray prompting public outrage and an internal affairs investigation many didn't believe there would be another dramatic confrontation this weekend after what happened last weekend after four women were pepper spray while they were corralled by the police after the n.y.p.d. used heavy handed tactics punching some protesters i think many people didn't
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expect that there would be something like that again this weekend though no reports of pepper spray being used there were thousands of people stopped and hundreds arrested arrested activists were charged with disorderly conduct and summons to appear in criminal court. by sunday hundreds of people back on wall street determined to continue their fight against corporate domination but you are right about it free to be arrested any more the whole enjoy or control of the police state disappears when that happens there are credible possibilities that are open to us and certainly you can imagine a different world if you believe you can be an agent of change the group says it aims to raise national awareness and change america's economic disparity occupy wall street describes itself as a resistance movement inspired in part by its counterparts we can volunteer believe our brothers and sisters all over the world carol springing greece and spain so we
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can see that it did send a powerful message ordinary people are not going to stand for corporate greed anymore and that we're getting out we're doing something about it. and the reason these activists are doing something on wall. street rather than washington is because they say you have to follow the money begin where the largest campaign contributions donations and lobby groups come from its corporate presidencies we were told obama was for change for more you know maybe four years old boy. bush. before that his father the bush dynasty any corporate greed goes all the repeal president i think this is war that they are doing to be impulsive it charges that it is true that these demonstrators come here with a variety of different messages but what is uniting that what unifies them is a growing far shore he should call for the u.s. economy social inequality and corporate influence on u.s.
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politics these protesters say if american leaders can act it will be to have their insistence that stand up for their rights reporting from wall street more importantly party. but also crack down on wall street and the way existing financial institutions are ron show that us democracy is just an empty phrase that's according to you kate based investigative journalist tony gosling. i think we're dealing with people who are absolutely in denial they're not interested in what you ordinary people want and i think this tells us the scales are fully from our eyes this shows us that america is not a democracy they're not listening to what the people have got to say i need ordinary people coming up with their solutions because those people charged with running our financial system have not just made a mess of things they have actually orchestrated that system in their own interest it's absolutely inexcusable for the police to be wading in in a democracy note in a democracy the police do not waiting to peaceful demonstrators as they have been
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in new york so i think this is another indication that americans democracy is actually failing a certain moment is failing the world and it's absolutely not on for them to be going around the world so-called spreading democracy when they haven't even got democracy in their own country you know in their own government institutions they need to be listening to what these people have got to say and of course they're not listening james editor of an apparent news website says the main question now is whether the largely supported and sour wall street movement is likely to turn into a strong political force. as we see now of course these protests are not just taking place on wall street are now starting to spread across the country which is a sign that they're in that there really is something going on here and that will start to spread even further i see that there is there could be that possibility of escalation at this moment i would say that the momentum and the probably the p.r. win is on the protesters side because no one likes to see the police going in and breaking up a peaceful protest movements like that and especially now that we're getting
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reports that the protesters were actually lured onto the bridge and then trapped so so it's very interesting to watch how this will play out and i think at this point as i say the protesters are probably waiting in a p.r. game but them but again i think there is a there is a much larger political movement at stake here and it really does remain to be seen whether there can be some sort of coordinated action on the on the from the federal reserve and the privately owned banking set of central banking system of the united states. and another showcase of public anger is bubbling in the u.k. . people post well you know usually local shits like you. tens of thousands of people to stand on manchester to take part in a march against government cuts also a little later in the program identity crisis parents and teachers across france are enraged by a new school books that revise a story called council named after political correctness. the greek debt crisis has taken a sharp turn for the worse as world markets react to athens admission it won't be
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able to meet key mandated deficit deadlines for both this year and next the revelation signals that the shocking degree of a steri posed by athens honest people has failed sending the economy into in a manageable contraction it's especially worrying given that e.u. debt inspectors in greece are currently deciding on whether to release more bailout funds for the country the country's government has said that unless it gets that money it won't be able to pay its bills for this month artists are first looks at just word of this now puts embattled country. greece now default that's the million dollar question with a more exact the four hundred fifty billion a year a question the table that greece now. but could never be let's be. greece ever for. europe's government you need to be
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if you are or or i don't know what to believe. the greek government is running out to vote they can keep trying to impose these vehicles very few that would likely lead to more of the violent clashes between riot police and protesters and the last week for months all they can to kids to default that year is they need to have insisted that default is not an option. concern that led police to do you say it could spark a financial meltdown in the usa there's now a growing recognition that behind closed doors other options are being considered. called different cards has been on the cards now for a year and a half or two. because when you have a bad overhang of a very exorbitant science but we have here in greece it is impossible to imagine that disturbing story because i mean suppose. so the default was always going to happen as it's a full speculation rumbles on it's become clear that there are fundamental flaws in
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the u.a.e. things operation i think europe's citizens have the right to know what the causes are at the moment they're being be flipped out from very real causes and they're being asked to blame little greece little greece however idiotic it may have proved in the past. and never was incapable of spearheading a global financial crisis see just who is to blame for what we are experiencing in greece would be inclusive. if using new kind of war using international of. the international financial crime syndicate for the past eighteen months the greek government has cut wages raise taxes just pensions and in return received billions of year in bailout funds now as they await the next eight billion cash injection many are left wondering if it's all been worth it just
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to give you another number when we first. met it was. it was a one. hundred fifty. five. series the next year one. so just two years after all of this for good. of course not but. then when i was with protests and strike action now it almost daily occurrence government faces a huge crisis of confidence amongst the lecturer it's financially in the red politically in the dark greece's population leasing their patience if greece does the thought the future of the eurozone like fix dreamy uncertain indeed but many people here feel but not to the say is to risk their country sinking deeper in
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financial and economic ruin. athens and coming up later today r.t.s. peter lavelle asks he's crossed our guest whether social prosperity and a strong economy are still pillars of western democracy here's a taste or we have governments that. hinder creation they hinder innovation going to sleep but steve it's not clear to me it's fair to say that it's a very serious someone better educated to the point and say i'm going to go into everyone on the panel is that you know we have electric state voted for these kinds of programs for decades ok so don't say governments i mean if we're talking about people voting for politicians that say give me more and more and more and make other people pay for it later or maybe we can surprise some commonality that i agree with that i didn't think i mean to really make sure you want to raise your up here rich go ahead i want richard in new york to go ahead yeah let me just respond
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to one thing this notion that governments act as if they are the origin of what they do governments are elected and under enormous pressure from their constituencies and to explain what governments do without and that'll izing who's pushing them to do what is a very strange logic. case. and . russia has launched another satellite into orbit as part of its global have a geisha project line us this means the system is now fully operational and can provide global coverage here all over tells us more about the new arrival to that you ask previews g.p.s. system. well this is the twenty fourth satellite that's being launched as part of the glue loss system twenty four the number the minimum number they glow nasa needs
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to be able to provide full global coverage now we will see four more cloner satellites launched throughout the rest of the next year and not meet the required amount which they set out to provide the best service to customers they'll be looking to use this now it's been a long old road for blowing us from its first development back in the eighty's as a. development project by the u.s.s.r. it was then taken over by russia and they've been trying to get it up to speed to make it a valid rival to the g.p.s. system produced in the united states well it has been a rocky road as well just there last december three grown our satellites plummeted out of the sky into the pacific ocean now the twenty four satellites are in orbit the specialists say that glowed us can provide precise coverage up to six meters on the ground now take this for example with the g.p.s. technologies they can place you accurately within seven meters the target for
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glowing us now is to convince consumers and convince manufacturers of products that nice global positioning technologies that glowed us is the one for them and that they should move away from g.p.s. . all reporting there andy still curious we've got tons of material covering every aspect of the human race to the final frontier both on our website and at youtube dot com slash our team all from all the manned space launches of the last three years to the final missions of the now retired american space shuttle bus all the failed hands along the way all that more at you tube dot com slash r.t. . if you.
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tens of thousands have marched through the northern british city of manchester in another protest at a stare and cuts to public services and passions the rally in opposition to the governing coalition and organized by trade unions coincided with the ruling conservative party's conference in the city artist laura am it was there. oh and i do that to mean that the sea thousand people are turning out for this march through the streets of manchester to protest what the coalition government is doing in the way of talks and you've literally got boots full of people here you've got the older generation saying hands off of pensions you've got the sort of middle aged generation who fear that their job because as money to public services is slashed you've got to very very young who are worried that things like necessary means that
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provision so i took a single because and of course magistad the population got a lot of student turns out much like in all the marches that we've seen across the country turned out to protest against the rising cost of education i spake to some of the people who are heads of the just why they thought it was important to turn out take a simple no we send a message to the woman she goes forward and particularly the people on the road suppose we. push the police so this is an. absolutely government no the majority of people post what you post the really cool shots i think you judge the pages to show that if you join the give a choice course that what you're trying to move you up to bring this government down and bring in a government that doesn't offer working people now look to the fine is that you can see here around me are calling for a strike on the first if they've made them but they calling for a general strike the public sector was to town leave why should the government just
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exactly what it would be like if public sector like it didn't in fact show up in the mornings if that's what they're planning to do a lot of the biggest events in the country unison yes they have all turned out here today to say we were down to the that's it today but unless you promise that you're going to make these deep cuts in public sector funding that you'll put paid to you the rules say to your prime minister david ignatius. loran is reporting there now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world. he has resumed the views besieged city of syria after a two day truce to laos civilians leave the battlefield expired nato warplanes have carried out new airstrikes while revolutionary fighters continue their offensive against defined could after loyalists on the eastern front lines the cities facing a humanitarian crisis with people being driven from their homes by fierce fighting a lack of essential supplies aid agencies say those are in desperate need of
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medical help. pakistan a strongly denied afghan claims that the state's spy agency was involved in the assassination of former afghan president rabbani called the allegations baseless and sever body was pakistan's friend he was chief negotiator with the taliban and was killed in a suicide bombing last month afghan officials suspect is behind the murder and claim they have already provided pakistan with supporting evidence. the palestinian bid for statehood is being considered in the u.s. security council a total of nine out of fifteen votes are needed to push the application through meanwhile u.s. defense secretary leon panetta during his trip to the middle east war and israel that is becoming increasingly isolated in the region he urged the jewish state to restart peace talks with the palestinians and restore relations with turkey and egypt palestinian leader mahmoud abbas told r.t. arabic he fears the u.s.
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will pressure of the u.n. security council members to vote against the bit before interviews coming here in our team but here's a preview. of this for the right to veto we knew in advance and we were viciously notified that washington will use its veto joining the voting in our bid it's curious that the u.s. as the dominant world power wants to extend its support to israel what concerns us most is that the u.s. wants to force all the countries that took part in the general assembly where they can small like secure the members of the u.n. security council to vote against palestinian membership in the un is the key concern for us all the member states of the security council have the right to use all as i would put it misuse their right to veto of course such a decision will be regrettable. whether they realize it or not french school kids are learning a serious lesson in the power of political correctness across the country parents
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and teachers are enraged by new textbooks which carry revised historical accounts to avoid insulting minority pupils and as artie's daniel bushell reports many french fear of their identity will soon disappear along with their history. twenty pages on the history of black slavery and just six on the time of napoleon shown here sitting on a toilet from says new history school books are in paris the new teachers and cool it's political correctness gone mad this author's bestseller on the band because of frumps words of boy lives ahead. if we're doing teach our own minorities the history of their adopted country they don't feel french we are already seeing riots in our streets the crusades the called in thought thing to muslims the thunking louis the fourteenth to imperial and the act as the colonel gadhafi of his day
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focus is now on the previously little known king. of thirteenth century west africa . the purge even extends to grow to study it rumbled world including les miserables all the fictive hugo france is already breaking things professor casale because it's young people have no sense of identity parents are concerned we have thirty even the worth of our history because you can't understand what happened what politics now in france you cannot understand the history. they want to understand and to avoid properly legal action seen as the only way to stop the removal of national history. schools now give ten percent of their share the old to the medieval african mullein point i studied it and what exactly that contribution to world development. thousands of signed a petition of the french revolution lessons were replaced by the african kingdom of
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more than once upon which many say they've never heard of the ministry of education refused to be interviewed but gave us this statement. where a change in the school curriculum sure reflect globalisation one of our time has been taught because it's important to have a view. another world cultures such as egypt china and india the new european parliament report back to compulsory school lessons on the benefits of the e.u. from quote a very young age critics want kids are learning less and less about their own country states which stop teaching their polls they say consume themselves to history the new bush or team paris. we're up to date on what's happening in business is here. thanks that's right time for the business update there were some spike in economic
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uncertainty has resulted in a heavy so long in the russian market fear of risk has been hitting it even harder than other emerging markets course with or from troika dialog believes that's due to structural weakness in the country's economy. we have a relatively weak domestic economic base compared to other big emerging markets are just we are much more vulnerable to a global recession because of the potential weakness in the oil price and the price and demand for other commodities under second reason why we see more volatility is because russia doesn't have a strong enough domestic capital base. you know because we don't yet have you know very extensive structured pension funds and unstructured sedating schemes as is the case in most other markets we are very reliant on foreign capital flows to a much greater extent than other emerging markets so when there's any reason for investors to be nervous about global events they will take their money out of emerging markets and we do not have the substitution of domestic money which
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countries like brazil india and china do have. which brings us to the markets courage is extending also is from a one year low on concerns slowing u.s. economy and europe's debt fuel to mont investors expect reports to show manufacturing in the u.s. barely grew in september a light switch is trading at seventy seven dollars per barrel while brant blanch is that over one hundred and one dollars a barrel. and european stocks are feeling sharply on monday after the greek government took more short the weekend that it will miss its deficit targets this year despite austerity measures and call ahead most of the markets not trading deeply in the rest wrecking those losses overseas are reported quiet merchant books full of funds research says the phones investing in brushes stocks have seen cash flow almost triple in one week weighing on the sentiments are concerns the shrinking global economy could hurt the country come out of this produces it's a look at some of the individual should move so much since most energy majors the down this hour with gas from losing over two percent the company has just announced
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that it plans to stop gasoline for its europe via the north stream pipeline on the eights and financials also under pressure for the country's biggest lenders verify . more than three percent in the road though bucking the trend is drugmaker father son dart the company says it could take over one or two of its rivals by the end of the year. in other news russians are rushing to sell the country's currency as the ruble gets weaker sales reached one hundred forty five billion rubles equal to four and a hot billion dollars that's the highest level since two thousand and nine hole weather is still much lower than the during the financial downturn and the rubble has dropped from the chiyo low against the dollar as economic uncertainty investor appetite for risky assets. u.s. officials have searched officers of gas companies across the continent including subsidiaries of russia. they believe the forums might have broken anti cross rules
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from the c.e.o. alexa miller says the such as well not that gas traffic from russia. gov conditions . just of these events were an unpleasant surprise gazprom has always been and will remain open for dialogue and we hope that legal interest in our company will be respected we will continue for filling our contractual obligations with our european partners and we are ready to defend our position legally if needed. because all the business news for nothin more stories you can log onto our website archie dot com slash business.
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