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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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from moscow with me will receive shame protesters continue to gather on the streets of new york following saturday's brutal showdown on brooklyn bridge that saw more than seven hundred people arrested the movement called occupy wall street is promising more marches against corporate greed and social inequality. caught up with some of those involved. a new season in a different nation the arab spring has become america's auto and on saturday new york's brooklyn bridge reminded many of a scene from egypt to here square. nearly eight hundred protesters were trapped cuffed arrested and jailed as thousands of activists continued their second week of occupy wall street demonstrations the grassroots movement is campaigning against social inequality and corporate influence over u.s. politics in the interim police conduct against peaceful protesters has come into
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question. just last week a new york city police officer attacked occupy wall street protesters with pepper spray prompting public outrage and an internal affairs investigation many didn't believe that there would be another dramatic confrontation this weekend after what happened last weekend after four women were pepper spray while they were corralled by the police after the n.y.p.d. used heavy handed tactics punching some protesters i think many people didn't expect that there would be something like that again this weekend so i am no reports pepper spray being used there were thousands of people stopped and hundreds arrested arrested after this were charged with disorderly conduct and summons to appear in criminal court. by sunday hundreds appeared back on wall street determined to continue their fight against corporate domination once you are either
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not afraid to be arrested any more the whole enjoy or control of the police state disappears and when that happens there are time credible possibilities that are open to us and suddenly you can imagine a different world and you believe you can be an agent of change the group says it aims to raise national awareness and change on the. because economic disparity occupy wall street describes itself as a resistance movement inspired in part by its counterparts we can follow the lead of our brothers and sisters all over the world arab spring in greece and spain and we can see that it did send a powerful message ordinary people are not going to stand for corporate greed anymore and now we're getting up and we're doing something about it. and the reason these activists are doing something on wall street rather than washington is because they say you have to follow the money begin where the largest campaign contributions donations and lobby groups come from and it's corporate president
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since we were told it was. for you know we four years old. bush. before that his father the bush dynasty i mean corporate greed goes all the way up to the president i think this is where they are doing to be impulsive it starts on wall street it is true that these demonstrators come here with. different messages about what is uniting not what unifies them is a growing frustration over the u.s. economy social inequality and corporate influence on u.s. politics these protesters say if american leaders can't act it will be the american citizens that stand up for their rights reporting from wall street more important part see if you want to take a first look at the protests in new york city just head over for the free video section on our web site. for the church by all these crews who have been following the protests from the available to you for free downloading free videos dot
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com for much more exclusive material. for the investigative journalist george says the police brutality will fuel the protests that could potentially overwhelm the united states this is just one of many. the n.y.p.d. gone wild last week they sprayed with mace in the face. of women protesting they were well some women screaming i'm a crown they were protesting peacefully and they were mace in the face definitely should be worried i can definitely these protests spreading throughout america and one day be on the steps of powerful hero or possibly from the white house in time sara flounders from the activist group international action center says the u.s. is preaching a democracy all around the world while forgetting about the rights of its own people this is really a police effort to shut down mass dissent here see u.s.
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government that claims to speak for democracy all over the world while dropping bombs on people and many many countries and here at home when people are involved in democratic protests and demonstrations against the domination of wall street representing really the interests of the vast majority of people the latest polls today's show that seventy five percent of the population is sympathetic to these protests. coming up a little bit later today here on our very own people of elena's crossed all guests discuss who if anyone is influencing the decisions taken by their governments here's a preview. government. is not doing what its public wants of doing what its interest groups want at the moment those interest groups are the labor unions and the more big corporations who plays well ok are you sure you really need some actual steve go ahead steve switch to just one of the extraordinary. easy here let's
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remember one simple fact right in the united states today in the private sector that dominates our economy six point nine percent of workers are represented by a trade union ninety three and point one percent of our working class in the private sector has no union to explain government policy based on the union movement as probably me and powerless as this is the same to see. and you can check across the uk throughout the day here on our. greece has admitted its still not able to deal with this deficit key demand of its international creditors that's even taking into account must the layoffs announced yesterday and a new round of austerity cuts which still need parliament's approval to find out what it all means for the struggling country let's cross live to watch the sarah ferguson was in the greek capital sarah thanks for joining us today so does it mean
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that off the old greece has failed on his promises and is now failing to deal with this debt. well. yes the greek government has said that is going to be able to hit these tough deficit reduction targets that it is now that spotify space. that makes cash injection the eight billion years that it needs to avoid bankruptcy. because the troika owed it team. i hear the name in enough things trying to hammer out some kind of deal or not it is worth remembering that at this point what's bad for greece is going to be extremely bad for the rest of the usa it would be surprising were not to get that money because that would have a very immediate impact here in the country as you say greece would essentially be bankrupt it wouldn't be able to pay its wages or any of its bills and we could see that really having a very severe knock on effect not just in the usa but throughout the rest of the global economy as well i mean here it really does just seem to keep getting worse
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another of the measures we saw the greek government approved yesterday with thirty thousand civil servants to be placed on reserve and they'd be over g.'s k. and the end of the year be the potential for dismissal as well and of course that's been met with a huge criticism here from both the public and from analysts who are saying that really what we're seeing greece do once again it's continuing to cut wages to cut pensions to cut jobs was at the same time trying to use a tax based solution to get itself out of this mess to plug but that's the search so it's really in a very tough position indeed all these measures in place to try and avoid default which is many people i've been speaking to here in athens is that really at this point an inevitability. will greece now to fold that's the million dollar question would be more exact the four hundred fifty billion euro question to take to greece now. a vote could move.
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let's be sued you think about greece who over four hundred fifty billion euros of government there you need to be europe or or i don't know what to believe something about the greek government running out of options they can keep trying to impose the state to start the most is that would likely lead to more of the violent clashes we've seen between. riot police and protesters and the last weeks and months all they can instead choose to default here is they needed vince's did that default is not an option their concern that led police to do you say it could spark a financial meltdown. but there's now a growing recognition that behind closed doors other options are being considered a group called is different on the cards has been on the cards and off for a year and a half or two have been on the cards because when you have a dead harvard hanging over the exorbitant size but we have here in greece it is
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impossible to imagine that the state here we can be a means by which you can reduce it so the default was always going to happen as a default speculation rumbles on it's become clear there are fundamental flaws in the euro is a operation i think europe citizens have the right to know what the causes are at the moment they're being deflected from the real causes and they are being asked to blame little greece little greece however idiotic it may have proved in the past. and never was incapable of spearheading a global financial crisis see just who is to blame for what we are experiencing in greece today it is a financial. using a new kind of war using international. financial crime syndicate for the past eighteen months the greek government has cut wages raise taxes just pensions and in return received billions of year in bailout
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funds now as they await the next eight billion cash injection many are left wondering if it's all been worth it just to give you another number when we first. want to. now this over one hundred fifty. so in just two years after all of this for the people. of the. protests in strike action now an almost daily care in government faces a huge crisis of confidence amongst the electorate financially in the red politically in the dark greece's population leasing their patience if greece does
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the folk the future of the year is saying looks extremely uncertain indeed that many people here feel but not to the say is to risk their country sinking deeper into financial and economic ruin. well britain may not be part of the eurozone but it's a colony is suffering the same we report from manchester an angry crowd of thousands came out in protest to say cuts are not the answer. this is russia has launched another glowing us navigation satellite into orbit brings the total number now to twenty four it means the system lost pose a direct challenge to its american rival but a g.p.s. . has the details. well this is the twenty fourth satellite that's being launched as part of the glue in us system twenty four the number the minimum number the
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glowing us needs to be able to provide full global coverage now we will see four more blown our satellites launched throughout the rest of the next year and not the required amount which they set out to provide the best service to customers they'll be looking to use this now it's been a long haul road for glow and us from its first development back in the eighty's as a as a development project by the u.s.s.r. it was then taken over by russia and they've been trying to get it up to speed to make it a valid rival to did g.p.s. system produced in the united states now it has been a rocky road as well just their last december three grown our satellites plummeted out of the sky into the pacific ocean now twenty four satellites are in orbit the specialists say that glow in us can provide precise coverage up to six meters on the ground now take this for example with the g.p.s.
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technologies they can place you accurately within seven meters the target for glowing us now is to convince consumers and convince manufacturers of products that need global positioning technologies that glow in us is the one for them and that they should move away from g.p.s. .
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twenty pages on the history of black slavery and just six on the time of napoleon shown here sitting on a toilet from susan your history school books are in paris and your teachers who cool it's political correctness gone mad this author's bestseller on the banned
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figures of from the worlds of boylan's ahead saw their journey they don't know if we didn't teach are a minority of the history of their adopted country they don't feel french we are already seeing riots in our streets the crusades the called insulting to muslims the sun king louis the fourteenth to imperial and the pony and smoked as the colonel gadhafi of his day focus is now on the previously little known king came kumu thought of thirteenth century west africa. the purge even extends to grow it is studied rumble world including les miserables it was the victim hugo france is already breaking up things professor casale because it's young people have no sense of identity parents are concerned we have the study of and the worth pages of our history because you can't understand what happened for politics now in france if you don't understand the history. they want to understand and to vote properly
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legal action scene is the only way to stop the removal of national history of all of our schools now give ten percent of their share the old to the medieval african moline point i've studied it and what exactly is it contribution to world development. thousands of signed a petition of the french revolution lessons were replaced by the african kingdom of more than multiple which many say they've never heard of the ministry of education refused to be interviewed but gave us this statement. where change in the school curriculum to reflect globalisation one of the thomas being taught because it's important to have a view. on other world cultures such as egypt china and india the new european parliament reports compulsory school listens on the benefits of the e.u. from a very young age critics want kids learning lists and lists about their own country
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states which stop teaching. could soon themselves to history. paris. twenty minutes past the hour here in time for the world update here on r.t. and international headlines from around the world amanda knox has launched a tearful appeal in an italian court against her conviction for killing her british roommate the court will give its ruling within the next few hours expectations are high knox will walk free from the court after d.n.a. evidence in the case was challenged knox and codefendant rafaelle sollecito were convicted of murdering meredith kercher in two thousand and nine but they always insisted they are innocent. most of the militants are freed a filipino american woman after two and a half months in captivity in the southern philippines but is still holding her fourteen year old son and nephew they were kidnapped in july while on holiday the hostage takers demanded a huge ransom but it's not known whether any money was paid no group has claimed
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responsibility for the kidnap. the arab league has promised financial assistance for palestinians to compensate for aid frozen by the u.s. as america stopped the money as a punishment for the bid to have the state of palestine recognized at the u.n. e.u. officials say they will not be doing the same the stated application was submitted to the un last week and is now being considered palestinian leader mahmoud abbas told r.t. arabic there's no reason why the bid should be perceived as an obstacle to the peace process and the full interview is coming up right here on r.t. in about ten minutes time but for now a preview. we don't see why the two things i mean the palestinian bid for you and membership and the talks on a peaceful settlement cannot go on in parallel a session to the un will mean the recognition of a stein is a country in a state of occupation that will make our position absolutely clear we are an
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occupied country that seeks to hold negotiations on all the issues including an end to the armed confrontation with israel i believe this is the right way to move forward of course provided that the other side has a genuine desire to go the right way. toward interest a few moments as business with kareena but for now tens of thousands of martyrs have a city of manchester in the u.k. the main ruling party is holding its annual conference there are angry and public services and pensions all being cut as part of the latest austerity measures laura met as that. organizers estimate that thirty thousand people are turning out for this march through the streets of manchester to protest what the coalition government is doing in the way of cuts and you've literally got food sorts of people here you've got the older generation saying hands off our pensions you've got the sort of middle aged generation who said that their jobs will be cuts as
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money to public services is last you've got it's a very very young who are worried that things like nurseries and provisions for education will be cut and of course manchester has a massive student population you've got a lot of students turned out much like you know the marches that we've seen across the country turned out to protest against the rising cost of education and i spoke to some of the people who are here to ask them just why they thought it was important to turn out to take a simple no we send a message to the good moments in covering you know sport in particular that the people are only really supposed woodies. could still be so this is a place. to put we should let the government. majority of people who post what would you approach the really cool shit taking. a page about to join the to get the child schools that what it meant to try and build a movie what it would bring this government down and bring in a government that doesn't offer working people now look to the finest state you can see and hear around me are calling for
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a strike on the thirtieth that made them but they calling for a general strike the public sector workers to down to leave what say the government just exactly what it would be like a public sector worker didn't in fact show up for work in the mornings if that's what they're planning to do a lot of the biggest deviants in the country are eunice and yet they have all turned out here today to say we will downfield on the thirtieth of november unless you can run and that you're going to make these deep cuts in public sector funding that you'll put paid a lot of them are all state meaning the prime minister david cameron resignation. or i'm a reporter write that and i'll be back in a few minutes with more from the news today first though the business with. hello and welcome to our business update the south thanks for joining me their recent spike in economic uncertainty has resulted in a heavy sell off in the russian market fear of risk has been hitting it even harder than other emerging markets this week for from troika dollar believes that that's
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due to structural weakness in the country's economy. we have a relatively weak domestic economic base compared to other big emerging markets are just we are much more vulnerable to a global recession because of the potential weakness in the oil price and the price and demand for other commodities under second reason why we see more volatility is because russia doesn't have a strong enough domestic capital base. you know because we don't yet have you know extensive structured pension funds and unstructured shooting schemes as is the case in most other markets we are very reliant on foreign capital flows to a much greater extent than other emerging markets so when there is any reason for investors to be nervous about global events they will take their money out of emerging markets and we do not have the substitution of domestic money which countries like brazil india and china do have. to look at how the markets are doing all prices are lower on concerns that slowing u.s.
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economy and europe's debt could curb if you will to the investors expect reports to show manufacturing in the u.s. fairly clue in september light sweet is trading at seventy eight dollars per barrel while brand blend is that almost one hundred and two dollars a barrel and stocks in europe are falling sharply with banks leading losses that some reports greece will not meet its deficit targets this year. and solicitation are all down six percent each and commerzbank is losing over five percent now automakers are weighing on the dax b.m.w. slid seven and a six and a half percent and folks why it is down over five percent here in russia stocks extend losses after the biggest quarterly decline since two thousand and eight weighing on the sentiments are concerns a shrinking global economy could hurt the country's commodities producer a report by emerging portfolio fund research says that the fonz investing in russian stocks have seen cash outflow almost triple in just one week. now let's
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take a look at some individual share moves on the lies it's this hour most energy majors i. with gazprom losing almost two percent the company has just announced that it plans to start gas delivery to europe by the north stream pipeline on the bamber eight financial they're also under pressure with the country's biggest lenders bear bank nearly three percent you know where the drug maker farm standard it raised early against the company says it could take over one or two of its wobbles in the end of the year. russian markets have ended their worst quarter since the financial crisis of two thousand and eight however it's still not the end of the volatility with no clear signs of stable recovery in europe and the us so investors are preferring to park cash in defensive stocks the market's going to try and stay with companies that have a relatively low correlation to fluctuations in commodity prices normally those
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are stocks like mobile telecoms very resilient tests. that have relatively high dividend you decent cash transparent liquid probably stay away from mining very nice that normally if your have relatively high levels of that very high beef supply swings include global commodity prices. and russians are rushing to sell the ruble as it gets weaker last month the transfer has reached their highest level in two years equal to four and a half billion dollars however it's still much lower than during the financial downturn the ruble has dropped to a two year low against the dollar as economic uncertainty tame investor appetite for risky assets. that's a business update the sob out for more check how websites are to dot com slash business or join me in forty five minutes from.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening
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a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. in san antonio ways in trouble. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspapers radio stations television stations the cable outlets that you told me that that sells what democracy's the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues carcieri. commission free critic a should free transport charge is free from a challenge free risk free stooge free. the old free bone cancer cloning video for your media projects a free media oh don carty don tom.
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the headlines now the. street protests gathering steam the us people frustrated over the state of the economy influence and politics. in greece. a key demand of its international time to meet a critical e.u. deadline. brings the number of its. twenty four a system.


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