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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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top stories on our team here the forceful break up of a rally address don't stop bouncing wall street protests from gathering steam in the u.s. as people frustrated over the state of the economy say it's time for an american spring. storming the boys from the t.v. series get off the strongholds where witnesses say live history of illusionary forces are attacking civilian homes randomly in their bid to take the cities and mosques. and russia's latest launch of an allegation satellite uplinks that's gone our system up to full strength and gives it global coverage for the first time in fifteen years.
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she suffered ten pm in the russian capital you're watching r t thanks for joining us now our top story protesters continue to gather on the streets of new york following saturday's brutal showdown on the brooklyn bridge that saw more than seven hundred people arrested the movement called occupy wall street is promising more marches against corporate greed and social inequality a large is made of court i caught up with some of those involved. a new season in a different nation the arab spring has become america's autumn and on saturday new york sparkling bridge reminded many of a scene from egypt to here square. nearly eight hundred protesters were trapped cuffed arrested and jailed as thousands of activists continued their second week of occupy. street demonstrations the
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grassroots movement is campaigning against social inequality and corporate influence over u.s. politics in the interim police conduct against peaceful protesters has come into question. just last week a new york city police officer attacked occupy wall street protesters with pepper spray prompting public outreach and an internal affairs investigation many didn't believe that there would be another dramatic confrontation this weekend after what happened last weekend after four women in. raleigh were corralled by the police after the n.y.p.d. used heavy handed tactics punching some protesters i think many people didn't expect that there would be something like that again this weekend so no reports of pepper spray being used there were thousands of people stopped and hundreds arrested arrested activists were charged with disorderly conduct and summons to
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appear in criminal court. by sunday hundreds appeared back on wall street determined to continue their fight against corporate domination once you are not afraid to be arrested anymore the whole entire control of the police. disappears and when that happens there are credible possibilities that are open to us and suddenly you can imagine a different world you can be an agent of change the group says it has to raise national awareness and change america's economic disparity occupy wall street describes itself as a resistance movement inspired in part by its counterparts we can follow. the lead of our brothers and sisters all over the world the hairspring in greece and spain we can see that it did send a powerful message ordinary people are not going to stand for corporate greed anymore and that we're giving up and we're doing something about it. and the reason
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these activists are doing something on wall street rather than washington is because they say you have to follow the money begin where the largest campaign contributions donations and lobby groups come from it's a corporate presidency we were always for. only four years old billy. bush. his father the bush dynasty corporate greed goes on to repeal president i think this is going to mean parts of it started. it is true that these demonstrators come here with a variety of different messages but what is uniting about what unifies them is a growing thrush three shit hole for the u.s. economy social inequality and corporate influence on u.s. politics these protesters say if american leaders can't act it will be the american citizens that stand up for their rights reporting from wall street more importantly artsy. and on our website r.t.
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dot com we're interested in your opinion on the occupy wall street protesters and so far the majority believe we're witnessing america's own arab spring plus a quarter of consider the protesters are victims of police repression fourteen percent think they are rather a crowd agents and of minority feel they are nothing more than troublemakers. r.t. dot com and have your say. also discuss the ongoing protests in the u.s. i'm now joined live from new york by alex a by tali was an associate professor at brooklyn college and a solid who actually took part in the a weekend's rally to survive here in new york oh what's the feeling in the streets right now well i think there's a lot of interest in what's going on down there on wall street and i think in particular people are going to be interested to see what happens on tuesday when really you know you were unions and well known non-governmental organizations since agreeing to join the protests ok but you're also organizing another protest the some against the police is true. protesters what do you expect it to achieve and
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isn't that veering away a little bit from the original grievance against. well actually the demonstration about the policing issues took place last friday and a couple thousand people demonstrated one week. and that demonstration was not by the occupy wall street protesters it was organized by well known academics and lever leaders artists writers to tell the police that they're being watched and they will be held accountable for their treatment of the occupy wall street demonstrators ok as you probably heard our correspondent there on the ground covering the protests there are a variety of grievances being aired but what exactly are the protesters calling for i mean do they know what they want. well i can't speak directly for the demonstrators but today the issue a statement that outlined a number of who are principals and i think the american people or some other lot of mystery about what's going on down there there's a clear sense the united states that the power of wall street is completely out of
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control and that they're responsible for a reckoning merican economy and i think young people in particular deal with their futures have been. before the outrageous salaries and bonuses by these wall street executives. grievances that i think there were they doing the protests during opening and closing it a symbolic way to show their anger but then what cocky actions are they expecting from the government. well i think they're looking for long term solutions i don't think they have a set of short term measures and they are healing government to address i think in large far what they're trying to do is to create a political climate where a number of political actors can start to talk seriously about some really good reforms that hopefully can break this kind of corrupt marriage between economic and political elites in the united states ok and the rally has already been dubbed the american spring protesters are holding posters their course it derives its name from a. the arab spring it was primarily
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a frustration about the government again going back to that why are they protesting at wall street that i mean it was the government who had provided. through the bailouts and given backers a lifeline. i don't think it's analogous to the arab spring i think it started more like the indigenous movement in skiing with the young people who felt alienated from. politics and from the big political institutions labor unions and cetera but what it's more thing into i think is something more like what's been going on in greece which is a kind of movement against a politics of austerity that benefits wall street and so that's why we're seeing more labor support more support from community organizations who feel that they're being asked to take cuts and services wall street can continue to enjoy all kinds of tax breaks and giant bonuses ok let's talk about the media coverage show do you think that this story has been getting the media coverage. but i think in the last
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week or so we've seen certainly an increase in the volume of media coverage but unfortunately so much of the media coverage has focused either on just the police repression or on saying that this has no demands it's not well organized center which i don't think it's really true i think if the media want to know what the demonstrations are about they should go and talk to demonstrate and they seem reluctant to do that ok just very quickly since you are in new york mayor bloomberg had said that he had not given a definitive answer on whether he would allow the uncapping to go on how do you see that panning out if the protesters will not be allowed to continue doing what they're doing. well first of all it's not entirely up to the mare our constitution provides guarantees for free assembly and speech and they are in a public space that is not directly under the mayor's control however if you do see extensive. to see the square you know one possible outcome will be the retaking of
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other species with the support of an even broader group of demonstrators so i think that's part of the reason that the city has been reluctant to stronger enforcement action. for analysis there alex that's how the associate professor at brooklyn college talking to us live from new york. thank you. her next hour our teams are peter lavelle and his cross-eyed guests discuss who if anyone is influencing the decisions taken by governments oh here's a preview for you. government now with is not doing what its public wanted doing what its interest groups want at the moment those interest groups are the labor unions and this person or a big corporation is who pays well. everybody is treated differently it's an actual steve go ahead steve. what an extraordinary. year let's remember one simple fact right in the united states today in the private
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sector that dominates our economy six point nine percent of workers are represented by a trade union ninety three and point one percent of our working class in the private sector has no union to explain government policy based on a union movement as tiny and powerless as this is a soon to see. now as the forces of libya's new rulers continue their siege of the two remaining gadhafi strongholds we spoke to an eyewitness a woman from tripoli who asked that we call her was in bani walid a day ago and speaking in a low voice in fear for her life she said the former rebels care little about the well being of civilians. were. acting out.
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because. if you want to. run it will be practical because you believe it. could be. well for more we're joined live from allotted by author and journalist. mr at time we spoke so i witness as you heard there from but he will give you claim that civilians are under attack by both nato and x. rebels but isn't that just the collateral damage we see in any any conflict what you're reporting is certainly backing up what human rights watch found after interviewing detainees who were tortured that alone in the bombing of
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a hospital i was in a hospital in this is what nato are involved in an action which is obviously contrary to the u.n. resolution which is supposedly mandated to go in and overthrow the government of gadhafi we're getting reports of electric torture electric shock torture being used by these revolutionaries who exactly other people that are fighting nato because they may not like gadhafi they may not like the nato troops very interesting that the most advanced arsenal in the world of nato is six months on and they still haven't won the country here six months of it nato says there is no plan to end off relations soon do you think the alliance is going to stick around for years perhaps . well i think some people already have their eyes on the bigger prize of course libya's oil and certainly the living he calls himself the president but anyway julio and jabril these two people on the transitional council already saying they intend to move on both of them big advocates of privatization and that's really
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what this seems to be about it doesn't really matter of whether or. no that was the real me and or any of the others who were being tortured by major back troops don't like it what's important here is is the oil and with your contracts goes with very disturbing picture of the world with i think frankly they wouldn't care for you play for little in any case one addition to the disturbing picture of a jewish man quoted as being banned from opening a synagogue in libya who exactly is winning with the beauty of talking about who is winning i mean there is appears to be a rift between members of the national transitional council mainly between as long as and moderates who do you think is likely to win this power struggle and albeit they will be able to form a government i mean isn't that the goal. but what is worrying is that islam mr may be being bought off and they will go into some sort of government the privatizers
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the schools the hospitals the education system the water supplies and basically we will become like most african countries i.m.f. privatization and world bank invested except as a question of does. does bring we think these twenty thousand sam missiles that america lost in afghanistan the last time around we could bring down a commercial airliner there you can see from that the radio and the revolutionaries are just driving in the country without very much care for the future as regards the people they want to as well contracts that sort of the crown ok well going back to what's happening on the ground i mean these civilians being killed or you were mentioning earlier torture is being a violent things are happening namely you mentioned electrocution electrocution why is a world of silent about that and is there perhaps truth to back that. electorate torture and it was found to be the case by human rights watch which is
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a pretty well accredited n.g.o.s good isolation after maybe interview we were able to name the detainees who were being tortured because they were afraid of reprisal attacks where the nature backed revolution and. their silence about that. well i think there's been silence about africa in fact because a lot of the rich a lot of the intimidation some people say is against black africans we had this in the beginning days of the war people saying these are black with some reason i think some people are even saying they're going to resemble some sort of apartheid state the african continent had nothing to do with this this is all about the idea that these great powers as a rule can divide up the resources and the future of the libyan people why they're quiet about it the media kind of go forward after the initial explosions and so-called attack that they don't even know reporting the bombing of hospitals in serbia and of course the two day cease fire is approaching because it's ok there's
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a lot of things going on in libya right now it's quite hard to predict the future but maybe you can try do you think it will be a united nation state or perhaps split by tribal differences just briefly i think i think certainly the threat of civil war is ever present but even if even if the united states you know if you can do in france and italy want to be the country split up and the oil resources to be worked out for the rest of the country why does it even matter if the fighting continues but of course these plans of these powers make as we've seen so many times in recent years don't always go to plan and the worrying thing for president obama and prime minister david cameron and mr conference actually is that. they don't go to work in recent years as we see in afghanistan and iraq and this could be a long haul in which case there are going to be any ground troops. but they're all going to be these twenty thousand the last missiles and we do about low could be
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libya how many commercial airliners do you think the rebels against these rebels may take down over north africa thanks very much for analysis there as always author editorialists response we thank you. all right well though this news just in the a former vice president a former oil giant you cause has died in moscow at age thirty nine but city ehrlich sanjana once a partner of my head had a cold sleep was convicted of the vessel magic two thousand and six he was released on bail two years later as his health significant he's worse and it has been reported that nixon jaan had aids because of his ongoing treatment in two thousand and ten the court dropped his case due to the amount of time that had passed. also ahead for you this hour whether palestinian statehood bid out the u.s. is really about r.t. ask the man behind it but abbas who says he's challenging the existence of israeli subtle that's not the fault of israel. russia has launched another grown us
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navigation sound like into orbit bringing the total number to twenty four it means it now has the same global coverage as the widely used g.p.s. system a large and peter oliver. well this is the twenty fourth subtle eye that's being launched as part of the glue nurse system twenty four the number the minimum number the globe us needs to be able to provide full global coverage now we will see four more cloner satellites launched throughout the rest of the next year or the required amount which they set out to provide the best service to customers they'll be looking to use this now it's been a long haul road for blowing us from its first development back in the eighty's. as a development project by the u.s.s.r. it was then taken over by russia and they've been trying to get it up to speed to make it a valid rival to the g.p.s. system produced in the united states though it has been
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a rocky road as well just there last december three grown our satellites plummeted out of the sky into the pacific ocean now twenty four satellites are in orbit the specialists say that glowed our skin. by precise coverage up to six meters on the ground though take this for example with the g.p.s. technology they can place you accurately within seven meters the target for glow das now is to convince consumers and convince manufacturers of products that meet global positioning technologies that glowed us is the one for them and that they should move away from g.p.s. . well if you're eager to discover more on trips into the final frontier a log on to the special section dedicated to space exploration on our website because about plenty of spectacular footage that you tube dot com slash our take. from the final missions of the now retired american space shuttle fleet two mysterious footage of u.f.o.'s or you tube channel it should be your first stop.
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is. to. see. the arab league says it will compensate the palestinians after the u.s. cut its aid payments america froze two hundred million dollars in response to palestine statehood without the u.n. officials say though that they want to follow suit the state application was submitted to the un last week and is now being considered palestinian leader mahmoud abbas told r.t. out there the bill should not be seen as something the quest for israel's right to exist for the full interview is coming up on archie in about ten minutes five but here's a preview. and then one of the we do not want to challenge the legitimacy of the
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state of israel israel is of granite state and we have recognized it of the arab peace initiative had been adopted when the fifty seven arab and islamic states would have followed suit and recognized israel that means that we support the existence of the state of israel and do not want to challenge its legitimacy or seek its own solution the only thing that we want to challenge the legitimacy of the policy of occupation the legitimacy of israeli settlement activities is all right and we demand that. a brief look at some other international headlines now a massive fire is raging at the u.s. chemical plant outside dallas in texas you can see dramatic pictures of the blaze sending black smoke into the sky there's believed to be eighty thousand gallons of potentially hazardous liquid stored appliance where the blaze is spreading quickly putting surrounding areas in danger residents and students at
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a nearby elementary school were told to stay inside as possibly dangerous gases could be released. the nobel prize for medicine has been awarded to a canadian born scientist three days after he died the nobel committee only found out ralph steinman had passed away from cancer after the announcement was made and the word is not given post-human sleeper people organizations this time it will stand simon was recognized alongside two others for research to be human immune system. about the knox was launched it's here full appeal in the italian court against her conviction for killing her british roommate the court will give its ruling within the next few hours that's correct asians are high but knox will drop free from court after d.n.a. evidence in the case was challenged knox and codefendant rafael solicitor were convicted of murdering meredith kercher in two thousand and nine but they've always insisted they are innocent. i'll be back with
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a recap of all our top story shortly but first it's nice and korea. welcome to business thanks for joining me the recent spike in economic uncertainty has resulted in a heavy selloff in the russian market here of risk has been hitting it even harder than other emerging markets because we've heard from talk of dialogue believe that structural weakness in the country's economy we have a relatively weak domestic economic race compared to the other big emerging markets in history are much more vulnerable to a global recession because of the potential recruits in your price and the prices and demand for other commodities and the second reason why we see more volatility is because russia doesn't have a strong enough the mystical capital base. because we don't yet have you know very extensive structured pension funds and structures that if you schemes is the case in most other markets we are very reliant on foreign capital flows to
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a much greater extent than those are emerging markets so when there is any reason for investors to be nervous about global events they will take their money out of emerging markets and we do not have the substitution of domestic money which countries like brazil india and china do have to take a look at the markets now you're going stocks ended lower on monday with banks leading losses on reports greece will not meet its deficit targets this year banking stocks among the biggest fallers on concerns about their exposure to weak government debt in the u.k. shares in barclays fell four point seven percent of world bank of scotland last five percent germany commerzbank fell seven a half percent while daughter bank last week. and russian stocks and monday's trading session deep in the red after that biggest quarterly decline since two thousand and eight when all the sentiment concerns a shrinking global economy could hurt the country's commodities producers a report by emerging power for you fund research says the punks investing in
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russian stocks i've seen cash flow almost triple in one week now let's take a look at some in the. vidual shambles of the noise six most energy majors fell with gazprom last losing over one percent the company has announced that it plans to start gaston of reaching europe by the north stream pipeline on the ground for a financial as were also under pressure with the country's biggest lenders a bad bank machine over two and a half percent in the red and drug maker standard it raised money against the company says it could take over one or two of its rivals by the end of the year market analysts are unanimous downward trade fearing the eurozone crisis. continued concerns about the european debt problems. has been resolved and i was the ministers. of history in mind of. deliverance from european authorities were quite bearish on the on the for these meetings of the e.u. for us ministers expecting nothing to really come. from that for that meet some of
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what was a pretty subdued we would have stocks down anywhere between two and five percent across the board in russia that's all the business for now for more stories check our web site r t dot com slash business.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlets but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. from. the san antonio ways and sometimes. probably you can indulge in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspapers radio stations television stations the cable outlet you told me that that sounds like a moccasins in the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. on. morning news today violence is once again flared up the
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film these are the images gogol has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations or the day. in the czech republic he's available in a hotel and science central hotel premier and then he sent most mustafa aida which showed him a taste in bosnia and herzegovina. in. children of each color.


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