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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 9:31am-10:01am EDT

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next we put the spotlight on the palestinian ambassador to russia and his people statehood bid is being considered at the u.n. fiat mustafa tells us why recognition is so important. today. you know as a nation security council discussions over the palestinian. prison. is not expected soon. the application but the palestinian. recognition is the only way to protect its. state be able to maintain
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peace amidst such strong disagreement. even more. we're talking to. the final decision to. be made with the security council's approval. before a final decision is made. fifteen council members are ready to support. the big. speaker. thank you very much for being with us. well first of all the
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u.s. veto may happen. security council. what will it mean if it's implied what will it would mean for the relations between your country and washington and for the image of washington on the streets of the arab world. the key to this thing this is something we never want to shop and we palestinians have always cared about building good relations with america and we think we have succeeded in building improved relations with the american administration over the years. what we are heading on a peaceful track with the support of the united states russia and other member states of the quartet i wonder how will we always endeavor to coordinate our political steps with these supporters if the united states tries to veto or bid as
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stated by many american officials think such a step would greatly harm the expectations and dreams of palestinians in having their own state one of the. only palestinians who would be influenced by such as the us pretty ability would be shaken because america itself adopted the two state solution and endeavored to find an end to the conflict in the middle east three stablish in a palestinian state living in peace and security side by side with israel and said ma'am and. think this step we have taken is in line with the gold the american administration wants to achieve we also believe the american veto would be directed against the many friends of the palestinian people as you know the palestinian bid has got the support of the vast majority of the un general assembly and in the world. therefore we think if america vetoes our
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vision it would be painful blue to the palestinians to u.s. credibility and policy but it has. to friends of the palestinian people for these reasons we wish u.s. administration reconsiders its position and takes a more positive position in the discussions that will take place in the security council regarding our. look at the start of with. an englishman in new york mr tony blair the quartet representative criticize the palestinian bid for the place in the united nations by saying i quote you can parse whatever resolution you like at the united nations or the security council but it doesn't actually deliver you as state on the ground in the west bank or the gas strip and quote do you still consider mr blair to be honest mediator after after
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side he openly with the israelis now. definitely we haven't chosen tony blair to be the quartet representative. he was chosen by the quartet itself you know we agreed to deal with him since he was chosen by the quartet. however we do have some observations on the performance of mr tony blair as well as the statements made by which we conveyed to him directly that. for instance he has made some statements which differ from the one you just mentioned. he stated in some meetings that go into the un is a legitimate right for the palestinians and no one has the right to argue against
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them about it. anyhow the quartet itself has to decide whether it's approved performances in school ordinator in the. steve are not going to sit there. although we think that some of its members also have some questions on his performance. say. well today it's a decisive decisive days for the fate of the palestinian state well he water the investor in moscow in russia how important is your position today what does palestine expect from russia in this situation and what i do confirm here is that we palestinians are proud of our historical relations with russia you know i look at that if when c.s.i. but we also have a great respect for the russian policy which has shown to be
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a rational way and in line with the international laws and take a selfie of the philistines. and as they tell us the an ambassador in russia i always consult with the russian of france coordinate every step we take with them. be a lesson. with respect to many issues relevant to their work and the policy will be court said or other positions related to the russian rule as a peace phone service and keep clear on the international arena. because i confirm that the russian position is essential to the highly respected and appreciated by both the palestinian authority and the palestinian people. and we consider russia the conscience of the quartet because it always clear is that its position must be in line with the international legitimacy and laws that.
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we want nothing more than the application of the international laws with respect to the pal. and this is something russia has always cold for. for this than what and that's why we highly appreciate its position here to have a clue consultation with it about all the ships. that the flossy one of the impossible decisions it seems to me and many observers in all this situation is the status of east jerusalem which which is supposed to be part of the palestinian state but it was officially next by israel off to nine hundred sixty seven war and now is enclosed in israeli territories so is it realistic i know you have the right but is it realistic for palestine today to claim this part of the city as your capital and do you think there still may be room for negotiation
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surround these tools. i think jerusalem is a very important and sensitive for palestinians and muslims around the world. from the legal aspects of this case. jerusalem is part of the palestinian territories occupied in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven that. therefore the law applause to it is a de blas to all other arab territories occupied in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven including the west bank and gaza strip. therefore the issue of jerusalem is a koori shoe i said and there have been agreements between oss in these releases this case should be negotiated as part of the final agreement with the forward such as the refugees the borders of the settlements issue as well as the water issue. therefore our demand for east jersey to be our capital the legal limit and
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humanitarian and the moral demand. we agreed jerusalem is to be divided into two. parts of the eastern part as the capital for the palestinians and the west as the capital of israel and this is what the international community approved also. for this reason. should not be subject to the mood and. life we care to sterilisation everlasting peace in the region. should be done international legitimacy the application of international laws then returning the rights to their own or in this case. i that this is a legitimate ride for the palestinians that it is going to have east jerusalem as our capital. after the vote in the general assembly on down the status of the
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palestinian state. after the vote will take place even if it's in favor of your country do you expect may we expect all a new flow of violence from the settlers on the west bank now. we palestinians have always cared that our moves should be political moves. and the moves to it is carried out by the palestinian people and support for the political decisions here are all peaceful and completely nonviolent and now. we have taken a decision that the violence would never and should never be our means to get our legitimate rights and. that's why we shall exert every possible effort to keep all staffs and popular activity is
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a peaceful and nonviolent. this is because we believe violence would never bring us closer to our of the character of. today's. anniversary of the first intifada your so that broke out on september twenty eighth . do you remember very well. these events as a pretext to destroy the compliments we made in the previous years therefore we are keen not to repeat this experience less know how to see an island or indeed there's little but a say rather we endeavor to continue negotiations to come back to negotiations order for us both to find an end to these conflicts one to cool a shall be a key and that all popular activities are peaceful city me and within the peaceful that is the nonviolent framework of our struggle that on earth. says that
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mustafa populist investor to rush spotlight will be back shortly after we take a break stay with us we'll get back in no time to continue to. wealthy british style the stock. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines and tune into kinds a report. even the wrong place and should land
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a sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or shamanistic mccue. crossroads of religious. faith history spirit is hard. welcome back to spotlight i'm all grown up in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is fired mustaf on the palestinian ambassador to russia you actually see but how about. well many people say that today the arguments of palestine in the united nations are the same that the
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arguments of israel many many years ago when when they were joining the un is it true. times have changed. and the thought of the one with the had today when we knew within the framework of the united nations we do so on the basis of frist solution one hundred one approved by the un general assembly in nineteen forty seven for the. for just the media which divides pelosi time into two states one for the palestinians and another one for these religions that. fits them in your brain while there might be some similarity between dam time of the foundation of the. nine hundred forty eight you know our demands to be. good. for this the need so for the start of it there is some truth in this movie however so feelings have changed since then and now we
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are in our sixty third years suffering from occupation. that city and. many clashes and wars bloodshed and talking has taken place since the first round of negotiations in nine hundred ninety one and a month at the said. what after all these years we want to go back to the united nations and to the general assembly to the world and to hold the united nations succumb to mow for the injustice done to the. woman but that it was the united nations which divided tell us time into two states . and at this we yet established one. our state. still waiting to be established in.
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that way for the state well the did mornings maybe. may be different but the standards within the united nations should be the same and here today we see another case of double standards at least that's this is what it looks like let's take a look at how israel was accepted into the un six decades ago here's a story from spotlights the demitra. of the jewish state proclaimed independence and applied for e.u. when membership in one thousand nine hundred forty eight however at the time it found itself a war with its arab neighbors to be accepted into the year when it had to prove itself a peace loving nation following two failed un bids israel succeeded in becoming a you were a member only after it signed armistice is with egypt jordan and lebanon no peace agreement with the palestinians was required of it at that time however when israel
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applied for you want membership it argued that it would be easier to resolve issues around palestinian refugees and the status of jerusalem if it was awarded statehood palestinians use the same arguments these days this term the us is not convinced it condemns the palestinians unilateral application and demands peace talks with israel be completed first a bomb is promised to veto palestine's you indeed lead to the arab world accusing him of double standards these two recall a bomb a speech in cairo in two thousand and nine where he was addressing palestinian suffering. well so we have a part of the story at least. what is likely to happen. is that the un general assembly will grant the stay this. member states
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this may add this is probably will happen how important is it for the past. to get a fool un membership with veto. and we consider this membership our legitimate right. it is being vetoed. then the second option for us is to return to the un general assembly to get this member state status. of this would raise the status of the palestinian issue and partially it would improve our status internationally so for. giving us the chance to enroll in the organisations affiliated to the un. however this would not prevent us from going back once again to the un security council to apply for food membership. and we consider the status of an observer nonmember
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state as a partial victory for us that would make us even more ambitious to acquire food membership in the united nations. why hasn't palestine. apply for this for example for a nonmember status before i have heard an opinion that your form of government they want stated it all they like the way it was like status quo is that true. we consider that. observe a nonmember state status does not need a great effort at the. available at the un general assembly. however we believe the international community. he should help us acquire membership which means for us the basis of any coming negotiations would be different from the current ones if we get our state recognized by the united
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nations. said leave alone at this time dealing with the palestinian issue would become different. because one of the nicest the chiesa would become is such. a philistine depend. fool member of the united nations is being occupied by another state and israel which is also a member of the united nations. consequently you go she would move on these basis. member states one. occupying the territories of another un member state that hell is tying done. and moreover getting international recognition it would determine all borders which are the nineteen sixty seven borders which include east jerusalem and. in this case
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any further negotiations between the two parties should be based on the legitimate right of palestine it's independence. hence years a core issue for us since it's new commitments if any goes to be held between the parties in the future if it. i mean best or mr. palestine will get even members status it will give you rights is it true that the first thing palestine will do is to see you israel to take israel to the international court this is true and no this is not. we don't plan to use the international organizations to change the israelis so this is possible is it possible. this is all right that we have the right to do that. but if your question is whether we are going to do it in the way you've just
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mentioned the answer is no. that we are responsible people to read and we shoulder responsibility towards our people for this the need we don't want to start a crisis and it was so fun at the we would behave with the international community with big responsibility meaning that we don't want to confront these release or the americans. all we want is to be keen for our people the right to step their own state. who are an independent palestinian state within the nineteen sixty seven borders in order for us to improve our economy. that would enable us to secure a better future for our people. confrontation is not our objective is that all. those who object to. these release and the americans can try to use this issue as
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a means to frighten others. palestinians would escalate the situation by making use of the international organizations. here i confirm that we would never behave in such a manner. and that we are going to fully respect all international laws that. implement our commitments. there is a word that israel and the united states are planning to sort of punish the palestinians for a stubbornness and then seeking recognition is palestine ready for the toughening of the of the financial aid for example as you know the palestinian. poor economy because it is connected with these really common needs you to the occupation then therefore we can assume that your any economic and financial
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blockade however a question may be raised illinois are the palestinians punished for taking such a. i was always was not an aggressive war criminals. now all we do it is that we turn to the international community to claim our legitimate rights and we wanted the united nations to consider our peace which has been suspended for over sixty three years. people be punished because. the united nations to claim it's a legitimate right so within international law called the it oh what i think this is unfair and unjust with and so that was genius should not be punished for such a step will be in those countries that might impose sanctions on the palestinian people who would do injustice in people and would punish the palestinian citizens for a mistake they did not commit therefore we hope that those states threatening to impose
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sanctions on the palestinians would refrain from such a step and we also hope that the international community would not allow israel to use economic sanctions against the palestinians for taking such a step the shah but for the state here absolutely thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that on the show was fired was tough on the palestinian ambassador to russia and that's it for now from all of us here if you are in town of your sales spotlight you can always drop the spotlight will be back with more face then comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay on r.t. and take.
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ah. protests against wall street and corporate greed nationwide in america demonstrators accusing the mainstream media of ignoring the rapidly growing campaign. finance ministers put off a decision on a crucial bailout loan for greece where angry people claimed. measures imposed by the government are untenable. libya's transitional leaders name a new cabinet as troops continue to bomb the stronghold of it's all amid accusations there are civilian homes. a very warm welcome. from moscow with.


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