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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep is if you understand it and then you glimpse something else here sees some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here in the lead i think iraq the bombings eatable and one hundred twelve. whenever the government says they are keeping safe get ready because of the your freedom.
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for. for. the so. i have time for showing talent tonight's program the last time we told you about the souring relationship between the u.s. and pakistan but for the two countries ever really go to war that is for treason essentially. find out what you have to say. we've all heard it before the question
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of pakistan's commitment to aiding the u.s. in its war on terror and the stories that pakistan has been playing both sides or mike mullen chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff had stirred the pot once again claiming pakistan supported militant groups in attacks against americans and afghanistan but this past friday the u.s. appeared to back away from the public accusations saying it is not clear on the exact relationship between the i.s.i. and the commies but these same questions are being raised over and over again and in an increasingly public setting so with the u.s. want to extend the war into pakistan so on to things that the u.s. has a lot to lose militarily and economically it would not happen a million agrees saying the u.s. cannot afford another war we are on the brink of an economic collapse matter said judging from the u.s. track record yes we would go to war with pakistan and there will be consequences the military industrial complex in america will not care because there is no profit
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in peace most of the comments we received word of on the same economic lines can the u.s. afford another war or is it just that we need a boost and a failing economy well judging from the recent backtracking out of washington maybe the us has come to realize the same thing that the here who lives in pakistan wrote in to tell us he said please don't come to make war sure we will lose a lot of things but i think both sides will lose a lot. as always we thank you for your responses and here's our next question for you earlier in the show we spoke with david dana firedoglake about the goals of the occupy wall street protesters who would accuse of lacking a list of coherent demands so what do you think what do you think the occupy wall street protesters should it be fighting for you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube i don't know if your response just like me. now is rick perry trying to invade mexico no no he isn't but his remarks at a recent campaign stop are raising a few questions and drawing
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a few laughs when talking about the drug war that's raging across the border there he said it may require our military in mexico working in concert with them to kill these drug cartels and keep them off our border and destroy their networks maybe somebody should inform perry that in fact we don't officially have boots on the ground in mass our military as well as our cops have been very much involved over the years in training kamila terry and mexican cops take for example the one point six billion dollar meridia initiative and that the during the bush administration which trains mexican police and provides equipment like helicopters and telecommunications here an initiative that state department officials announced in august will continue throughout two thousand and twelve and about which there was a hearing on capitol hill today looking at be increasing violence across the border if this method even working join me to discuss it is mike riggs associate editor at reason magazine and reason dot com my thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you now. but let's look back at some history here that our elite teams go when
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decide to train some people in mexico yes some of them decide to the. members of cartels an. incredible training and one that really sucks for us how about this trading the cops thing how about going. well as of right now also the first are usually narrative initiative all technically form in storage and. seven days hearing they talked about in fact one of the questions asked by representing connie mack at this security hearing was. ninety percent of the funds were. sending to mexico or going to the military and the nationwide police which don't have great prosecution powers they don't have great protocols for gathering evidence to put cases together. under secretary of state william brownfield who is pretty much running the show down there said that the plan going forward again this year was supposed to be over last year it's clearly not the plan going forward is to try and empower local police and the state department has said that if the local and state police in mexico could be as efficient as the military and national police that all
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our problems would be solved i'm not sure that's true but that's because there are problems though with having because our police don't know what it's like to fight drug cartels right the right to have gangs but that yeah that's a different beast so are they necessarily the right people who are doing i think what they can probably do pretty adequately is go over protocols for gathering evidence making arrests searching a house putting together a case to go to court i mean if you look at. juarez for instance one of the wiki leaks cables that came out that been circulated within the u.s. embassy in mexico was that juarez had a prosecution rate i think of four percent from so clearly the state police and the military a really good a bus and no doors really good at inciting violence really good at burning drug crops not so great at building cases or prosecute at the same time if you have the threat of you know execution of somebody oh basically just leaving your house and telling you if you dare to go to the police and you know what do you expect from
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people yeah and i think the most notable thing about that is certainly caught the eye of republicans in congress i mean today's discussion which featured members of the d a d h s and the state department's witnesses was the biggest thing here wasn't is the drug war useful should we continue doing this it was republicans connie mack and michael mccall from texas and florida pushing we want to declare them terrorists i mean that is that is the kind of. shock that the violence in mexico has sent into the u.s. system i mean all of a sudden this is gone from being a sort of third world problem and not ours to you know we're having decapitations in mexico city which is very new i mean mexico city up until this week had been spared a lot of the violence from the drug war so there is a big push especially on the u.s. side to declare this war on terror brownfield is with the state department doesn't want this mexico definitely doesn't want this they do not want to be part of the u.s. is war on terror they see this as an organized crime problem i i don't blame them
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but i mean what would actually happen if they were to declare the drug cartels a terrorist organization that somehow change the way that they can deal with i mean i'm going to see you know going into mexico now the time how do we fly everything else the surveillance drones we have right here armed or not but what would the u.s. where. it would be within the authority of congress and the white house does sort of determine what to do i mean as of right now i mean one marquee difference for instance is that the cia the u.s. military pretty much running operations afghan stand in pakistan the system here operations are being run by the way in the state department so it's completely opposite i think internal politics maybe they don't want to give up their sovereignty they think this works brownfield takes credit and honestly takes credit for what's happened in colombia over the past ten years he was sort of that was his brainchild setting right wing and left wing revolutionaries to slit each other's throats and he you know he's convinced that what he's doing in mexico is the right
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thing he was so insistent today he in fact he even knew the other fascinating about the war on terror is even though brownfield doesn't want to make mexico a part of it when asked why is them out on a sheet of running over he said you know american security is too important to leave to arbitrary timelines i mean where we heard that before iraq and afghanistan so there's this there's this weird cognitive dissonance here with people saying should we declared war on terror because look at how violent they are we. have the state department da saying no what we're doing is just fine and then you have mexico saying oh my god what would it mean to have the u.s. made what i'm telling i mean how do you turn your home for the morally back on your drones to book schools and hospitals you know are we going to how are we going to be occupied so i think that that's. that's in the future you know i mean what do you think because obviously you know it's incredibly bloody it's incredibly violent incredibly dangerous over there but the longer that the u.s.
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has been involved at least the great initiative has been around has only increased violence you know and especially with the current president that's involved you know blame him in his policies i think what we've seen a radical shift in just the last year or so the marathon initiative is almost four years old calderon has been in office since two thousand and six and president felipe calderon and i think the best example actually came up in today's hearing two years ago hillary clinton in a speech in mexico compared mexico to colombia twenty twenty years ago which had these narco terrorism problems she was chided for that by obama who went on spanish language only news outlet and said no we don't feel that way at all fast forward to today when brown field essentially running operations in mexico compared mexico to colombia over twenty times and said what we did in colombia we should do in mexico . that it's been hearing over here again it's just more you know i don't think you're right this is not the most public expression of foreign policy we have actually you know it is but i think that calderon who's coming up for election
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reelection the same time obama has recognized that. he's been saying some stuff lately that almost makes it seem like he doesn't believe in america issue anymore he keeps using the exact same phrase we need to think about market alternatives so i although it almost seems like the us has mexico in a house no nelson on this i mean calderon wants to be reelected president the us is willing to keep doing this and pouring money into it i don't think mexico could retain its stability if it lost u.s. support without legalizing and decriminalizing drugs i mean they're in this position now where they are an all out war with the cartels so these are considered something out for america or they break with america completely do a radical policy revision and pray for rain i'm just wondering so you know because as you mentioned of course they'll be having a presidential election as well you know if they're on a warrant when you know that because the u.s. have certain concerns there as to who might be the next leader if they do want to cooperate with them or not if they want them or it initiative gone out although i guess you don't really want to say no. i mean this is also
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a thing on which the same person said she said everything's going brownfield again who is testifying today gave a statement two months ago in which he said when he announced mad i was going to continue indefinitely it will continue regardless of who is elected president of mexico and thousand and twelve not to mention united states then today i wouldn't call it walking it back because the question he was asked wasn't a direct reference there but he did say that everything the u.s. has done in mexico is done with absolute from mission from mexico that there is there are no us operations in mexico that are done without the knowledge of the actions orders we know from fast and furious that that wasn't true there are some other allegations floating around from border state law enforcement officers who also suggest that's not true but as of right now both sides have a vested interest in creating the impression everybody knows what everybody else is doing well we also know that you know it's a little bit like the pakistan thing in terms of that they try to downplay it necessary and i was i so much cooperation very as i got to wrap it up mike but thank you so much for joining us tonight on this one and hope that we don't start
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another war on terror and war in mexico ok thank you. the thought of guns and i we have our tools i wonder which involves the media and those are politicians that unhappy hours in starbucks actually save the u.s. economy plus already cost network hank williams jr comments getting takes off on monday night football practice not so. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here. i think the rock the bombings be the one to well.
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we never got the look says they were there keep him safe get ready because you give the air freedom. get some closure see the story of the siege so surely sleep is if you understand it and then he lives something else here's some other part of it and realize that everything is just you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. see. you just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old and just you know lived through. it . i confess it i am
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a total get of french that i love rap and hip hop is second. and. i'm very aware of the role the agency has played. out of time for sites tools i'm awards night because of the mainstream media and i know that i kind of already did that at the top of the show but this one really takes the cake it also involves new jersey governor chris christie seasons being elected office twenty months ago the republican governor has been at the center of
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speculation will he run for president next year it's a question the pundits never ever ever seem to tire of asking you the g.o.p. establishment they just love it he's their modern day ronald reagan and let's face it if the current g.o.p. field is it's pretty blah rick perry is currently polling at the exact same level as herman cain and that tells you anything so much shocking that people been trying to convince christie to run but i think that is number one fan or obsessive stalker or whatever you want to call it is the media the last week they worked themselves into a literal renzi over a speech that was given at the ronald reagan library in california we finally give in to pressure and run it turns out he said no again like he's been saying for months now the next day the media was still trying to convince everyone that there might still slightly be a chance. why do republicans love the new jersey governor chris christie and the only thing we know for sure is many republicans want him to run desperately a big event for new jersey governor chris christie last night what he said to any
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passion supporter he said on several occasions that his heart simply isn't in it i thank you for what you're saying and i take it in and i'm listening to every word of it and feeling it. now chris christie joked of a california event about a clip of videos that politico put together showing him saying no repeatedly the clip is almost two minutes long but here's just a tiny little sample of the nose. the way going around you know not going to happen here still saying categorically not running well i'm not running amok hundred percent certain a marker well i don't want to run i don't feel like i'm ready to run first in your heart you've got to want more anything else or anything else i want that that will you have to believe in your heart and in your soul and in your mind that you are ready and i don't believe that about myself right now you have to believe as a symbol for your heart and your mind that you're ready and i don't believe that i you know. so you would think that after numerous denials flat out knows the media
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would leave the governor alone just let him do his day job but that is not the case you see over the weekend sources began telling the new york and d.c. media elites the governor was taking a second look at the race but i'm calling b.s. on this just because what a christie's friends is playing with the media to feed his enormous ego does not make it true or even a story let alone of the time story on every network for days and days and days on end it's the media's job to detect the b.s. something that clearly they're not capable of when it comes to chris christie case in point today when christie announced that he would hold a news conference the mainstream media shifted into hyper mode they quickly began coverage of speculation rumors about his political future and it reached a fever pitch when he walked in front of cameras this afternoon and new jersey. as we await a major announcement from new jersey governor chris christie republicans on happy with their current lineup of candidates had urged christie to jump in the speculation is swirling after christie scheduled a surprise news conference i've been told that the new jersey governor gave
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seriously reconsider getting in over the last two weeks the guessing game has gone on for months will he or won't he he's been dodging questions for days on whether he'll launch a run for the white house we're awaiting a news conference a statement from the new jersey governor chris christie his face he is ending the guessing game about a potential white house run in just moments new jersey governor chris christie will hold a news conference on a possible run for the white house in two thousand and twelve for me the answer was never anything but no. so once again chris christie held the news cycle hostage this time to announce that nothing in change fox and as n.b.c. c.n.n. they also took the news or live they stayed with it we counted for forty eight minutes he said he was running the first three minutes of the new york d.c. media forced everybody to watch the political circus already breaking minutes you know with all the issues facing this country and less wars shadow wars record unemployment
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a possible trade war with china occupy wall street the media would rather focus on a made out d.c. beltway story literally made up so that's why we're getting fox news c.n.n. and as n.b.c. and i was told i work for wasting our time with his trivial crap and chris christie next time just say no and be done with it holding a press conference or forty minutes to say one word is a little bit overdramatic. for happy hour and joining me this evening as artsy web writer andrew blake says the other reason i'd seen and reason dot com so i've been a savvy back of the dangerous combination over here that we have talked so let's talk about starbucks that has a new plan to save the world take a look or think economies are. we have to get at starbucks to kind of get
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underneath the couldn't understand couldn't we create this risk there and as an opportunity create donations in our stores with the millions of people that come to our stores and as a result of that. millions of dollars back into the community with community lending organizations. so starbucks apparently recently just finished closing seven hundred branches is what i read so i guess they have a little bit of guilt maybe that's why they want to join in keeping laptop hobos out of their seat. i also saw that story but you know you get a respect and you go i think it's a really nice idea is that you know we're going to go they said. maybe start with stop charging people like seven dollars for a cup of coffee and then they'll have more disposable income then they can hire more workers i feel like people are committed to live strong bracelet can cure cancer i don't know why we would give the starbucks bracelet a try also the micro lending thing is like really interesting you could use that to
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open like a hot car like a nail salon i don't know i don't think i deserve to chance you know why not why not i mean if it's voluntary and they're honest about it i don't see why i want to poke fun at it but everybody's broke you know yeah and they're asking to. you know people donate to try to help others out about me when i don't like to help anyone and that's been a five dollars on a coffee i'm not going to spend six dollars on a room five sitting next to the register going to buy jewelry to images that are not church today twelve thirty five that's a deal that is i know you'd like to see the whole seriously thank you so much to some of the players you know very about it let's move on to our next story so hank williams jr got a little bit of trouble over the following statements that he made on fox and friends take a listen. remember the golf game ladies and gentlemen number the golf game one of the biggest political mistakes ever what did you not like about it it seems to be
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a really pivotal moment for you. come on or be like we're playing golf with. ok ok not hardly. hitler playing golf is a word i want to have everything to do the you know the end of the story or the culmination of years of all of that oh yes p.s. decided to kick him off at least temporarily i don't know he's not going to be the beginning of monday night football anymore do you think that was a fair punishment there i can't get my head around the fact that somebody actually said something to make the fox and friends crew shot. that was just absolutely incredible i mean they gab incessantly about the stupidest stuff and then bring him . problem solved hello why don't we rewarding this man you should get the halftime show at every super bowl for the rest of his life and what he did to those what are they called fox and friends jokers ok this is not a i don't know show hosts we just call it a comedy. box you go see if it's imposing their own show this is both gone fox and
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friends and it's fantastic he also you know he started hitting on gretchen going to how good it is to her he was all over the place getting it to play that clip was grass is going to be pretty dark. no one should reward hank williams jr with anything he's been disgracing the williams name for decades now not sure that sank the third you know i was going to i'm just the citrus here i'm talking about you know you know if william sr was alive right now he would do a bunch of morphine to get drunk in the back of the limo and just not talk about politics because that's what hank williams does and not wake up ever because that's also what he had a good run he had a good run a good run here you will operate unfortunately i don't hear fairly say robert nearly five million here yeah we were supposed to do this after the show yeah you can take that off air. into this larry a little clip from joe biden another somebody that plans to paris ministration
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america whatever you want to call it. we have been administered where there's just nothing exciting and so you have on the wanted ben jones you guys were for years talking about used to be a ministry yes used to be. paid. i just love it so much i think this may be my favorite biting gaffe yet it's real as i've already told everybody not to fly you have to travel on your last years and i intend or another is based on that one liar is what. got van jones whoever that guy is he was in there are greater stories right and he's a very public figure not just a random person you know like a two thousand yeah i mean i don't know who he was i don't want to buy yeah i read that stuff although you gotta wonder what is going astray go you don't blame you for not knowing who he is i look looking at you i merely club leg exit why do you
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think i forget that i know i forgot to say and you know it was this coming i know i'm missing but it is like a wind up gaffe machine like one of those little monkeys a clap cymbals together across the floor despising it is fantastic is wonderful we also have to wonder like what makes them capable of like swallowing up that i don't know all star wars dimentia. whatever it's cool joe you know it's cool yeah i like this like i'm hoping i want to get. my words or demand to hear i'm going to such a sad person but it's right now it's really funny whatever it is of medical conditions stories of aids you know so it really is not the first time this ever happened but a giant breast implant saved a woman's life and this actually happened in russia two was a woman in moscow who was attacked by her own husband but saved when he stabbed her in her breast implant ironically one that he made her to because he asked her to enlarge her breasts five years ago and that's a fair life. for the present time they save lives this is this is their marketing
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material right there i think i think the whoever makes breast implants are. balls of shit should just plumb those steps actually you know what i found a significant other who had breast implants and before she got them the dr drove his s.u.v. over the implant sure that it would not explode that he she was over run over by an s.u.v. that's pretty that's a guy for real or fake woah i think we're out of time i'm just kidding i don't know freddy time but yeah that's a bat's mind that's my full thought on that. you guys are very wise very very wise words i want him back no i'd rather to sleep like a like that yeah well yeah sweats ok you know i'm happy that i made you awkward i guess i achieved something thank you so much for joining us tonight guys that's it for tonight so thanks for tuning and making to that tomorrow and despairing of getting back on the shelf in the meantime governor has become a fan of me a lot of still on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's or any of the nightly. plaquenil on the show we'll find the interviews as
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well as the challenges and next is a myth. we'll . bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've gone to the future of coverage. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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fifty. five. it's. so.


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