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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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margaret why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because a record. breaking news on our team russia and china have blocked a draft resolution on syria at the u.n. security council saying the text doesn't rule out foreign military intervention. it's a really a case of our boss should be to the un as most scofield's of cost to prevent yet another style scenario joining me to do the actually in just a few minutes from will still. braces itself for a twenty four hour nationwide strike in response to the government's latest round of a stereo measures. like being canceled in and out of the country public child's school if that is still the schools of plays as we head out on the streets of athens to
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say that just about their drug of the year is a day like this will bring you the latest just people. and collective anger sweeps coast to coast across america as the movement and support for protesters grows by the thousands. watching our team coming to live from moscow i'm marina joshie and we begin with our breaking news story russia and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution on syria they were g.m. backdraft called on damascus to and its crackdown on protesters or face targeted measures of moscow and beijing said this could open the door to alleviate style military intervention r.t. is worried about it now has the latest from new york. russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin said the draft was too one sided he described the
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resolution as a confrontational approach taken by the european delegation and against the peaceful settlement to the crisis now this draft resolution was proposed five france with the support of portugal the u.k. and germany but the one part of the text that many countries seem to have disagree with was that called for syria to comply with the resolution within thirty days and it if not comply then the council would quote consider its options including unspecified quote measures and many council members including china russia brazil south africa interpreted these vague terms as leaving the door open to sanctions now of course russia's one is one of many countries that has been opposed to international sanctions against syria ambassador churkin says
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believes the violence should be stopped through internal reforms and political dialogue not external sanctions or military intervention such as the case of libya you put in your. draft resolution which was not to be was based on an entirely different philosophy the philosophy of confrontation we cannot agree with its one sided accusations against a master we believe the threat of implementing sanctions against the syrian government is unacceptable this approach contradicts the principle of peaceful settlement prices based on common serious national governors should brazil india itself africa and lebannon of stained from voting on the resolution but it was the united states that voiced. stream disappointment that the security council did not
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alternately adopt the resolution moving forward russia and china said that they will be working on a resolution to gather that they say will be more balanced in the case of syria we do know that some council members lines of not only the syrian government condemn for the violence but also a condemnation against all the government protesters that may have been inflaming the violence that has been breaking out over the course of six months but that is a measure that the europeans did not want included in this resolution. now reporting there from new york now the veto by russia and china follows three months of heated debate in new york and disagreement has split the security council but moscow certain its action was justified let's get more from the russian capital earned our correspondents you and your child is following the story for us here now to many see the power of veto as a last resort in the u.n.
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security council so why has russia chosen to use it now. it's actually a rare case of russia using its veto at the u.n. security council russia has only used its power of veto seven times since the collapse of the soviet union and in case of syria russia feels it has to prevent similar scenario in yet another arab state to what happened to leave after the u.n. mandate to protect civilians wasn't the amount of that resolution was passed in march with russia abstaining from the vote but the mandate was picked up by nato which sided with and to gadhafi forces in libya helping them to topple the town and russia claims that in case so if the u.n. mandate was misused and has vowed not to let that happen again russia is actually the only prominent member of your security council which is actively trying to negotiate a peaceful solution to the crisis in syria that it has hosted representatives of
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both president bashar al assad and members of the opposition trying to notch them to word styler and russian lawmakers have also gone on a fact finding mission to see where concluding that damascus isn't fast implementing democratic reforms of promise and that it needs more time to bring them into force all the first issue of this resolution on syria was brought up the truck and estimated up turned out thousand people were killed in in in a crackdown on anti-government protesters fishel damascus claims. it's only fighting so much more sport feeling it's pretty offices and day it claims that they've killed hundreds of security officers since march this year meanwhile the u.s. and its european allies have already implemented a subtle sanctions aimed against president assad and a full team to step down russia claims that such
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a one sided approach that only make matters worse and that it's sending a biased message all strong support for the opposition fighting which is only fueling tension inside the country. ok andrea thanks very much for the object covering the trial reporting there sounds or shall from ram a university in beijing says that the russian chinese veto of the security council resolution on syria will not stop the u.s. taking you enteral action against damascus i say is a very important the right decision for china russia to veto the proposal a certain shows. he's here and demonstrate is those sanctions a certain knowledge of the best way to settle a conflict almost a complicated holding by piece for dialogue we can bridge the beach and peace all right and all the u.s. all you men in case it's always the three dots way or you wouldn't go through
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action so i think there is a very high probability here for us and take action against syria even. told ization by russia tried. the syrian ambassador was given the floor in new york after the security council vote bashar jaafari to the chance to have a go at washington on the more. the u.s. is used fifty times to protect israel but it continues to threaten to use the veto power this could be considered cheating in genocide. the comment saw the entire u.s. delegation headed by susan rice walk out of the meeting in protest the syrian envoy was referring to america's stance on the palestinian bid for full recognition at the u.n. the white house says it will veto any resolution to grant statehood saying that such a move can only come through direct talks between israel and the palestinians. the
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chinese veto on syria the u.n. security council resolution may sour relations with the u.s. even more leverage in the program we report of how washington is trying get back have beijing for allegedly undervalue wing of the law and taking away american jobs . thousands of people who died against the government's latest round of austerity measures in a twenty four hour strike in greece flights in and out of the country are canceled schools closed and hospitals will be working at reduced capacity this nationwide protest comes after eurozone finance chiefs postponed greece's next bailout our correspondent sara firth is an athens. just a couple of hours' time you're going to be seeing the country's main labor unions leading thousands of people on this entire the square behind me. the main parliament building protesting of course against the new wave of austerity measures
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that they see put in place we've had new announcements here in athens the playoffs this big tax hikes recently a really deep distant and amongst the public here flights in and out of the country have been canceled and schools and hospitals are expected to operate on the agency staff the public charter schools going to be stalled and we seeing this happen before outside the policy that in many times the people protesting against these measures there say that pushing the country into an even deeper crisis at this point the situation really is not just to school for greece to quit school for the rest of the year as a as well we're already seeing a lot of concern about exactly how far the contagion is going to spread and he's gates be affected by what people are starting to realize now is that it's not just going to end ted olson tideway in athens we've already seen a sovereign debt crisis now spreading into a many third gauge the another banking crisis and there's been
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a lot of concern criticism as well about the way that the euro is in leaders. this situation about their inability really to come up with realistic measures that are going to stop this crisis in the track and certainly back on the right track but the rest of the eurozone is low we've heard the protesters to be turning as they say much the same as before that they're still dealing with these measures that are put in place to try and please international lenders that really these measures are nothing more than a sticking plaster and even the gaping wound that is this whole going quite is a number of people against you looking to see whether there's going to be anything that can be done now for preventing this. financial crisis spreading it's a very deep recession in the country added the. earth according their investment adviser pat again says they're the european union needs serious spine to the greek debt crisis much quicker if it's to stay intact the european union are trying to
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tick fiscal control of greece because they think that's the only way they can actually control the crisis essentially what is being fought at the moment is a battle for the sovereignty of greece the european union is too slow in case there's too little leadership and there is a pig headed incremental germs particularly amongst the finance ministers but this special amongst the leaders of the european union asians in terms of understanding that they needed to move a lot faster on this crisis they still need to move much faster and ultimately time is running out because greece is leading the contagion that is going to kill the euro by the end of the year if we don't seem to unwrap production realistically but action means that greece needs to leave the euro because the problem is we cannot leave citizens of the european union to starve to death because it suits the troika of international lander. china has expressed its condemnation of the u.s.
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senate's bill on the chinese swan after a volatile law debate on the so-called currency manipulation bill the legislation would make it easier for the u.s. to impose penalties on its trading partners washington accuses beijing undervalue its currency to help its own x. exporters taking away american jobs but china has told the u.s. to abandon protectionism and stop politicizing economic issues the u.s. house speaker john boehner also spoke out criticizing the bill calling it pretty dangerous web journalist edward harrison says america is just trying to spread the blame for the global economic crisis to other countries. well the reason to bring it up is to show that the united states government is. in order to create a self-sustaining recovery and therefore the problem must be elsewhere that is the problem must be in europe it must be in china elsewhere it's not because our policies have failed course. that's really what is going on here the reality is
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that the u.s. government's policies have not been successful and as a result they're looking for other places to place blame or to share the blame for the economic crisis that is global at this point but nonetheless really the united states the reason that it was a huge trade deficit not just with china but with ninety other countries is because the private sector you see above is low and if the u.s. wants to address the problem deficits that is trade deficit it really needs to look at creating policies that raise private sector seems. levy and forces have vowed to launch what they call a final attack on market out his hometown of sirte several strategic areas of the city stronghold have already been taken over by fire or these national transitional council aided by nato airstrikes that colonel gadhafi is whereabouts remain are no
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more than seven weeks after the capital fell to the fore of rebels the ongoing civil war and media began more than six months ago would with over thirty thousand lines lost their father her a spokesperson for the record who visited the region says the situation there remains dire. we managed to get in the hospital and spend few hours to check on the hospital however the security situation did not allow us to move inside of its own and see the situation of the civilians we managed to talk to presented to us of the civilians to understand the situation they talk about lack of food lack of for sure there is no electricity there is a lack of fuel in the city and there is very difficult access to medical care and no i have the same time while talking to families going out of the city of sirte i have been on the eastern side where i've talked to families displaced these people as well are living in difficult conditions because they are they are leaving just
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their houses to feed the ongoing fighting in the city of sirte and they are being displaced into the desert in hyde living in high difficult hygenic conditions and having no access to medical care and no potable water we have been calling upon all parties to the conflict to spirit as much as possible to civilian people employed always distinguish between military and civilian furthur are gets. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world government troops opened fire arms tribesmen supporting protestors in the southern yemeni city of activists also clashed with security forces in the capital sanaa where over one hundred people were caught up in fighting and killed last month meanwhile thousands took to the streets of yemen protesting the decades long rule of president salih the uprising in yemen started in february and has reportedly claimed lives of over fifteen hundred people. chilean students have continued with demonstrations against the government calling for better public education and it's
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after president sebastian pinera threatened tougher sentences for protesters who occupy schools or university buildings at least twenty were arrested by riot police who dispersed the rest using tear gas and water cannon in the capital santiago and here is law project has been seen by student groups as a provocation which works against five months of negotiations between students and the authorities. and few mexico were security forces have arrested eighteen police officers accused of working with us one of the most powerful drug cartels along with those captured were nine inmates who've been part of a recent mass breakout from prison in the state of veracruz a tip off by locals led troops to a small village where the fugitives were hiding out the gang was planning to join the tories cartel which has ravaged parts of the country with killing kidnapping and extortion since last weekend almost two hundred people one hundred police officers have been arrested for alleged ties with illegal drug dealing.
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thousands of americans are gearing up for and another day of demonstration in the u.s. capitol they have been protesting for three weeks against corporate influence on government policy which they blame for the country's economic woes but even after the police arrested hundreds of that there was over the weekend the movement still picking up momentum across the united states but ongoing there are reports. not just creating more pain we're not bringing more crap and i think people are taking it. more than a thousand people in los angeles. chose to stand in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. at city hall the very visible center of government in power and. demonstrators worry that the one percent who controlled most of the nation's wealth have gained a stranglehold over the u.s.
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government alexander hamilton referred to the people it was so afraid of as the great peace in the great peace as a way people of all walks of life had turned out for this mass ministry scene here in los angeles now a lot of the protesters here say they've gotten their inspiration from the demonstrators in new york and in athens and others are inspired by the revolution of egypt now there's still much debate about whether this is part of that revenue scenario movement here in america but one thing that people can agree on is that some drastic changes need to be made as to how this country runs from the east coast to the west coast and a growing number of places in between a collective agere is unifying people. in the windy city a group has been demonstrating outside the federal reserve bank in chicago for more than a week in boston a tent city in the heart of the financial district means occupiers can voice their
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discontent with corporate greed twenty four seven and. despite dozens of arrests demonstrators intent to show that democracy does not end at the ballot box families have also been marching in denver and san francisco demanding radical change from wahoo to olympia to omaha to orlando according to the occupy together website protests are being organize. in more than one hundred cities points that you place standing behind are worth a revelation i believe that time is that thing that i think it worth is that even if the internet doesn't work despite mainstream media down plain and even really killing the movement supporters have faith the message will be understood and you saw what happened in london they tried to make. people that were just. you know the bad apples that's humanity. something is wrong already bruised by
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soaring unemployment poverty and foreclosures the middle class are now being told to tighten their belts leading many americans to finally put their voices across in the beginning bigger it looks like it is spreading throughout the country you know they had a arab spring and you know hopefully we have with us here los angeles. r t. the decade long war in afghanistan is nowhere near it's and as the top u.s. commander in the country admits american troops will stay there much longer than expected some ninety thousand u.s. soldiers serving in afghanistan have to leave the country in two thousand and fourteen regional withdrawal date led to that line said by nato washington have promised that all foreign troops will be out by them leaving control of the military situation to afghan authorities but author terry vandyke who's written extensively on the subject of afghanistan says the war is only got worse over the years. there are many reasons why the united states and its allies but particular
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united states will stay in afghanistan in the first all is that the war is getting worse the more i ease into the un that is to say mines have gone off in the last few months another one for more u.s. soldiers and marines are dying for more casualties civilian and military than any time in the ten years since foreign forces have been in afghanistan and also. the afghan national army and its police forces are not ready to take over you have a twenty four percent desertion rate in the afghan national army now the united states is letting contracts to american contractors to build barracks and various air bases around the country and she and dad in the in the west perhaps to watch for its air flights over iran in was a sharif in the north perhaps watch former soviet central asian republics in kandahar or in the southeast perhaps watch pakistan the united states does not have
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any intention i do not believe to leave in the short term there are many who feel that they have to surround iran perhaps soft containment of china nato and its allies i don't think are ready to leave this very volatile region united states does not want pakistan to try and make afghanistan a satellite it's a very complicated very dangerous area and i do think that u.s. forces will be there for a very long time and more news videos and the latest updates can be found on our website r.t. dot com here's a taste. out was no longer one of the world's favorite players as the new i phone four s. is revealed company shares dropped by more than four and a quarter percent well in just thirty minutes. online drinking is becoming ever more popular as many young people in america and europe choose to stay at home and raise their glasses to their monitors instead of going out and
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being sociable. and a bit later later on in our interview segment we'll talk to the president's special envoy to the north caucasus federal district before that though let's see what's happening in business with kareena. welcome to our business up at the sol thanks for joining me fresh concerns over the u.s. economy has worsened the spread of the selling spree at the stock markets the u.s. as we said the economic data shows no improvement in the world's biggest economy and merging markets are taking the biggest hit as investors pull their cash out of risky developing countries but analysts believe that if we manage to avoid a double dip recession emerging markets will outperform other global indices
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emerging markets in general are much stronger fiscally they have much stronger growth that is expected in europe in the u.s. and corporations in emerging markets such as russia and elsewhere are also much stronger so you know i think it's one thing for now investors are simply right on the concern that we could get a catastrophe if we can avoid because house for a few weeks now looks more likely then i think once we settle down we will see more money coming back to emerging markets faster than two developed markets global markets maybe entering a state of panic with investors paying little attention to fundamentals but just announced a from merrill lynch says infrastructure projects among the ones investors not ignore. when you look at a lot of infrastructure projects the trunk she notes it was there maybe emerging markets but ultimately they all became a way to global trade where the discussions are trustable for trafficking around the think a lot of the customers see that was what i was able to see on the bones of these projects so we've probably caused whole companies they tend to be great ways to to
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global trade and therefore that's to say not investing in just a good structure but most of us are going to globalization on the open about market to new invest in the new companies overseas so it's an interesting way to play an emerging market but also the to do risk getting progressively competent from audience structure to support both and for the next week right. let's take a look at the markets now all is in the black for the first day four after zero four the u.s. gasoline stockpiles dropped five million barrels last week he controls almost four percent up to forty eight percent in the past three days brands landis trading at one hundred one dollars a barrel while government cia has its at seventy eight dollars per barrel stocks in asia are mixed on wednesday japanese shares are trading in the red there anyway that's retailing companies falling after downbeat sales reports japan's nikkei is dropping almost a percent reversal from opening games tokyo is the next quarter is a down it's only love losing one point seven percent toshiba two point three
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percent in the red touching forty one point nine percent markets in hong kong and mainland china a close from articles here in russia stocks open higher guess is nearly eight percent like the wise x. is up over one percent one a half percent actually this hour heading for the first game in four days. turmoil and the stock markets continues to press on the ruble the russian kanzi has lost thirteen percent of its value against the u.s. dollar this autumn under a deal going from force club russia believes the ruble depreciation is not a fundamental fact. the right now we see that oil prices are quite content to both levels for the russian economy and before robo it means that. russian the ruble has the potential to be a much stronger but. also speculative. trends on the russian consummate is because the. banks buying cheap rubles from central bank they also
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take some money from the budget from news to find homes and then they. pay bad on the stronger dollar but. that's not the business and i'll be back with more in about forty five minutes.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its my sins in case of corruption on. one charge from. the san antonio ways in trouble. with the problem because you can involve in a community problem where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet or you tell me that that sells what democracy's the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching.


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