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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2011 10:31am-11:01am EDT

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why those are the headlines for you now the north caucuses remains russia's most volatile region with terror attacks happening almost every day corruption and a poor quality of life are often blamed for causing violence next we talked to the president's special envoy to the north caucuses about how the situation in the region is being improved. well christopher pyne in thank you so much for being with us today thank you what will the president did and said that one of the key problems many countries including russia face today is interesting tension and criminality many russians associate the root of these problems with the kook face you were entrusted to think of by what can we do about it. so it works i strongly object to your putting it
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this way that the caucus is the epicenter of the ethnic crime unfortunately and it has repeatedly been stressed crime has no national identity i would support those of the opinion that the criminal group in question is of no particular ethnic origin and another important issue we have to tackle today is migration migration on fortunately or perhaps on the contrary locally is an economic process strictly speaking modern russia has two major centers today moscow and st petersburg perhaps another two or three cities and liberations that abandon competitive business opportunities jobs and everything related to this these centers attract people from the republics of the north caucasus siberia and the far east stimulating migration towards big cities this is the first issue and i repeat it is of purely economic nature but the same can also be said of education today the most popular and prestigious higher educational institutions are the universities of moscow and st petersburg therefore it is only natural that young people are eager to enter these
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universities above all others we should focus on the issue and take all the necessary steps a government level to provide for similar competitive educational facilities in the north caucasus and many other russian cities of if we want to develop our vast country another really great problem is the unrestrained inflow of cheap labor from the former soviet union this is a huge. the problem today is we are getting a cheap and uncontrolled workforce that is not always civilized and cultured and cannot always adapt to living in the capital and other big cities we should concentrate on this problem when. i have to interconnected questions for you the first one is about the outflow of the russian speaking population from the north caucuses in fact it's not only students that migrate to the big cities but also all types of common citizens who can't compare this process to that of siberia or the far east because unlike these regions the cuckoos it has to do with ethno cultural insulation as a result of internal russian migration that could eventually split the country what
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can be done to reintegrate this population back into the north caucuses. let's look at this problem from another angle who benefits from the migration of the russian speaking population if you think the republic of dagestan or the chechen republic or any other constituent entity benefits from it you are fundamentally wrong they need a russian speaking population like bread or air because the russian language is the link between various nationalities co-existing in the north caucasus so there is another thing here you know the notion of population mobility and the russian speaking population is far more mobile than the caucasians who are more devoted to their homes and roots their land and traditions of the state should deal with this by creating new competitive jobs we believe that the state development program for the north caucasus should focus on creating conditions that would facilitate an inflow of russian speakers into the region it's in our immediate interest to work on this and what is particularly encouraging the republics are interested in creating such conditions to go with you in august
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a high ranking french delegation visited the north caucuses and announced their decision to invest considerable funds in developing two reasons that could this result in building a cluster of two or three disconnected from the rest of the region where many of the rate and lawlessness still persist are you saying that there will be a zone where a lot. an order will be installed and chaos and misery everywhere outside that zone i'm asking you this in audio was possible. of course not it i want you to understand that we are not reinventing the wheel here we are not inventing constructions that have never been heard though it is perfectly obvious that unless the local population is integrated into the tourism cluster development process all our attempts to build ski lives and five star hotels will inevitably fall flat if we disenfranchise the indigenous population the local population must be involved in all of these developments for us how do we do that we get you first of all we must gather what i call the starship troopers that's up to ten thousand young
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people who will be employed in the tourism and service sector these people must be locals and live in the areas where these mountain skiing clusters will be developed second from any residential areas located around those skiing coasters we are going to select young people teach them and do our best to help them set up small and medium businesses sometimes with the help of the state they may open small hotels for tourists we want people to be able to make money if people feel involved and integrated in this process i see no problems at all austria had the same experience a while back austria's vice chancellor said at a conference that there were also explosions in austria while infrastructure was being built the local population he said was also terribly obsessive until authorities managed to involve locals in what was going on before the project had incurred great difficulty i can go through this to flip on and you said the piece through to many in business people and even state officials to terrorists to ensure their safety and then that money later of used to finance terrorist attacks what
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can be done about dot com and even state officials and civilians have to pay terrorists. are good for first of all i would say it has to do with a certain lack of trust the business people have in the ability of federal authorities to protect them from criminal extortion networks recently active in the caucasus this situation however is. changing now we're working actively to explain to people that aiding and abetting terrorism is a crime just as destructive as terrorism itself and that any money given to terrorists can be seen as a crime equal to carrying out a terrorist attack today we have many cases of local citizens and business people cooperating with law enforcement the results are improving gradually but again this is a long process but i've talked to several leaders of north quick this republic and their opinions differ on some of them say negotiations with terrorists i'm necessary on a thing that there is no talking to terrorists do you think authorities must negotiate with terrorists. i believe there's nothing to negotiate with terrorists
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but we should talk and negotiate with parents of those children who have left for the woods and haven't committed any crimes yet if there's a chance to bring them back in the woods with the help of our religious leaders or their parents and families elders councils and any other social institutions we should be doing our utmost to take it serious we should encourage those who look for to us and inform on these people those who are willing to lay down their arms and start living a peaceful life we should consolidate our efforts because once they take a gun and commit a crime there's nothing to talk to them about. how many terrorists operate throughout the north caucasus today. we like giving numbers but it's actually very difficult to make a difference between bandits and terrorists or the overall number that i usually give to media agencies for both small groups of five to six members and large groups of twenty to thirty four is up to one thousand people in all the north caucasus republics the women we're aware of these gang leaders and we've been working thoroughly on their cases. and they funded from within the concha by all
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the country. was a. recent analysis shows the abroad domestic funding ratio is about ten to ninety the latter being russia they don't need to support of international organizations and other worldwide terror networks such as al-qaeda the money they extort from business representatives. inform them that this actually means that it's not so much terrorism as banditry at the same time i want to stress again that there is indeed a funding inflow from western foundations charities and human rights organizations these funds are used among other things to finance radical religious literature and a number of branded leaders who exploit children for profit in the caucasus. mystically point in many in the with cook says residents go to muslim countries such as pakistan and saudi arabia to study by the time they return home what is this subtle line for them between their spiritual freedom and the realize ation that the citizens of a secular state with or with that. at the greatest. unfortunately this
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line becomes blurred we are indeed facing this problem until recently we were unaware of the number of young people who travelled for religious education in saudi arabia pakistan egypt and a number of other countries having lived and studied for five years in a country like saudi arabia which is an absolutely non secular state a person returns to our country to secular authority institutions and laws and feels lost amid these realities these people require a special approach and out of protection program in essence various countries have different ways of working on this matter for instance turkey and particularly azerbaijan have practically made a decision on providing active adoptive work for these people to go until these people are really fully adapted to secular laws and to particular rules and principles of behavior until they are prepared to follow these laws because they have no right to take any position in any state unit simple or regional structure
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nor to do business they have to go through a certain out of tension system first unfortunately there is no legislative base for this it's a very complicated process it requires a lot of patient and tedious work on the part of families for example on relationships with parents we need to keep track of children who travel abroad to study as we can prohibit them from receiving religious education at the same time we should certainly develop our religious institutes to train experts of examine studies in the north caucuses i believe a key aspect will be to establish a secular islamic institute through the north caucasus federal university or another regional institution. in macwrite for a lot has been now said about democracy and i bent of mind to not country and most people believe that sooner or later we'll reach the western style democracy in the cookies but centuries that have been in the fusions which have very difficult to be rooted out these institutions that tend to lean comprehensive with the with the mentality that is that tape fifth them islamic to me
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a particular new. does this kind of a society really need a western style democracy. i don't know what a western style democracy is the west itself has various kinds of democracy in the political interpretation of democracy everyone wants to impose their vision of democracy on other countries i'm totally against it i believe russia has its own form of democratic development for our republics i wouldn't dramatize the situation regarding the peculiarities of the north caucasus but there is perhaps one significant difficulty which we should gradually give up if this is a certain activism which over the past twenty years was reimpose in the caucasus for some reason i'm talking about the fact that executive power structures of our regions are being established according to make identity this is a most acute issue which subsequently brings up speculation about clans and corruption of executive power bodies should be stopped or supporting to professional rather than ethnic principles and as for ethnic features traditions
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culture and religion are these aspects should be manifest in the parliaments or people should generate laws on that and reflect the diversity that exists in the republic and in the caucuses generally mystical upon him thank you very much for the thing to be. please. to a litmus tests
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pits tsai us. s. x. x x. x
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. the headlines on t.v. and police fired tear gas at demonstrators in athens as the nation is brought to a standstill by a nationwide strike state services paralyzed thousands of civil servants walked off the job in protest of social. pressure in china u.n. resolution against syria i wish i did have european backing moscow says the targeting of damascus is based on confrontation and not a push for peace. thousands across the united states a voice their anger of corporate money and its influence on the government at a time of soaring unemployment labor unions have now joined the chorus of disapproval. you know you're up to date on the headlines though but i want to get up to date on your world of sports and what i'm hearing is a massive week for russia's football is long a head exactly right rory funs in russia football fans have been waiting for two years for this chance to get to a major championship and one week we will know whether they're going to euro two
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thousand and twelve or not the rest of the sport lies ahead breanne just a second here come the hooligans. good to have your company this is sports today i'm you know the only one these are headlines this hour. gearing up to russia's football team for her for a muscle we auction wins against obamacare on the door it will guarantee them a place at your twenty twelve. clear power a host of the n.b.a. with guns including kobe bryant meeting with league commissioner david stern to try and save the twenty eleven twelve she's. bridging through bubble the soviet originating sport of some bo riches are two new practitioners with an afghan soldier demonstrating their skills in moscow. it's make or break time for
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russia's footballers this week with euro twenty twelve qualification wrapping up dick advocaat charges take on slovakia in julian on friday before a home clash with dora on choose the evening automatic qualification will be made shirton by winning those two games monitor of account saying if the game is achieved the players can quote drink as much as they want afterwards that statement coming in response to criticism from levelled out some of the players reportedly doing just before a world cup playoff in slovenia two years ago advocate also saying he will quit his post should russia fail to make next summer's poland and ukraine finals. a lot resting in those two games let's move to the ice on the kontinental hockey league we're seeing a mosque or well and truly beginning to live up to their pre-season hype the second in the western conference following a three one home win over mesler novokuznetsk the victory because fourth in their
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past five games to the must buy time to wait until the start of the second twenty minutes to seize the initiative. dimitry going to show sliding home here one nothing. about a hundred koosman finishing off beautiful pasta dimitry. but that would only spur on c.s. yeah. netting ripped right before the end of the period dimitri manya then putting the tie to bed five minutes after the break do you want to help deal. with all this delete the legal role with. now the tennis one seeded russian is through the quarterfinals of the china open world number three on the real with oh how didn't quite the same fortune us her compatriots former world number one on the front page has been looking good of late and she certainly didn't wait around in beijing at the bottom of your screen you can see the drop just three games on
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route to a straight sets win. over three matches wrapped off before the out on the chinese hard courts rumanian. soft shalmi schaeffer's in the first second seed victoria azarenka to me at the quarter the expense of. her pasta with victory over. the. title charge meanwhile has moved up a gear in the men's side of things the russian booking his poor final birth of the expense of spain's feliciano lopez earlier. who did keep the spanish flag flying. to. the event was made to work hard in his opener else he defeated grigor dimitrov. that twenty year old suffering plenty of resistance but tsonga prevailed to see that seven six seven five the frenchman
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needs the points to boost his bid for a place at the tour finals in london next month. also in the running for that season ending eight mom event is thomas burdick the czech supporting his quest for victory over austria's you're going melzer a break in each of the two sets on the day getting the job done for the thirty seven five seven five the final score verdict reached the quarter final stage at least in their day in tournaments thus far this season. the national basketball association labor dispute between owners and players shows no signs of resolving anytime soon the league counseling the rest of their preseason games with the proposed november start a series start boston celtics star paul pierce attending these negotiations he was joined by m r e stoudamire a host of other stars derek fisher one of the more vocal players representatives but reporters were all awaiting the arrival of his high profile lakers teammate
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colby bryant though rumored to be working extensively to sign in italy with belong yeah no common ground between those big names on the owners know as yet. today world be you know announcing the. cancellation of the rest of the exhibition season by monday we will have no choice but to chance of the first two weeks of the season . that's where we are we. are engaged in more. intense discussions today to see if we get close you know where remains to be a. very large gap between. you know the n.b.a. and b.p.a. and today was not today. on the baseball diamond new york delivered when it mattered most in the m.l. b. american league division series against the tigers the yankees handing out a ten one shellacking to detroit on the road forcing the best of five series back to the big apple for the cider yankees pitcher a.j.
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burnett swatch in his teammate curtis drum machine saved the day after john kelly had a line drive in the first inning. time to step up to the plate in the fifth and again the thirty year old would deliver an r.b.i. double making the score three one with troy feeling the creasing going to moralize the feistiness visitors they continued to point on the tigers making an eight and one in the inning. on those runners taking the opportunity to move the score into double digits with an r.b.i. single ten one young priest the final score the two sides head to new york on thursday for that crucial series decider. the texas rangers will be watching that game closely the see who their next opponent will be first though they have popped open the champagne after closing out their own series against the tampa bay rays texas were shocked nine nothing in the opener before bunting back to win the next three edging the final game four three the rangers taking
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a second straight american league title. diamondbacks they produced a great last gasp effort at home to stay alive against the brewers and the national league divisional series phoenix pride and joy dominate one victory in game three which holds two straight losses by three or more runs full goldsmiths night highlight reel after not the structure of a grand slam in the fifth which made the score seven one the rookie also contributed a single in the first inning or is oh no we'll still enjoy the comfort of their home crying game for us they look to tie the series a two piece later on. to formula one we go where with sebastian vettel all but securing this season's forward. in the money sits second in the standings house garden team his long term future with current team mcclaren thirty one year old jenson button who won the formula one crown and zero nine committing his driving future by signing what the team called the year contract the driver's current
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contract was set to expire the season button currently battling against insurmountable odds essentially for this year's drawn that britain would have to win over five remaining races with red bull's vettel not scoring a single point so it's really all but two thousand and twelve and beyond for the summer said. huge day of cycling at the so-called bike capital of the world the tour of beijing getting its inaugural start with tony martin the fastest to lop the city's lawn more bird's nest olympic stadium the opener perfectly suited for a twenty seven world time trial champion martin the twenty six year old showing the same form that earned him the world title in the dishpan in copenhagen a fortnight by david miller's run seventeen seconds that won the day the pritish veteran settling for the middle round on the podium german martens thirty minutes thirty three seconds the top. alex was third martin thus becoming the first ever
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stage win over u.c.i. world tour event in asia will. finally sport has once again proved the way for united nations russia's somebody's greeting their opposite numbers from afghanistan the last in a move mutual goodwill here in the russian capital. filed this report. this magnificent seven have traveled all the way from kabul to moscow all to hell in their sandals skills in the land where these martial arts was created a friendly tournament the pinnacle of their state the fighting to compete was crafted to the soviet union as a mixture of the world's toughest styles around eighty countries across the globe practiced the sport now including afghanistan but there is still no better place than russia to learn and you treat or to. somebody is the same back in afghanistan as a tear in russian but unfortunately we don't have such good conditions at home if we
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had similar equipment we would produce results which had just as good as is often the case with meetings like these competition was not the only goal well a bit of attention doesn't do any sport any harm but with all the cups and medals handed out bridging the cultural gap was their other important message as the organizers revealed. this was not only about sport but also about cultural exchange already going to guests not only wrestled but also there's a the kremlin and central moscow so we hope they will have happy memories of this trip for the rest of their lives. the small tournament dubbed together we're stronger is being deemed as a local success and hopes are high it could become the first event of many which will strengthen at least the sporting ties between russia and afghanistan and even the country's. tough guys all right and there that is all the sport i'll be back in just under two hours time with more but that's all the sport for an
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police fired tear gas at demonstrators in athens as the nation is brought to a standstill thousands of civil servants walking off their jobs all in protest of new social austerity. riot police and protest is still at a standoff here in athens we'll bring you all the latest details in just a female mintz. russia and china block a u.n. resolution against syria saying the european back draft was based on confrontation and not a push for peace. unions are joined by thousands all across the u.s. voicing their anger at corporate money and its influence over the government all the time of soaring unemployment. under spight strong performance in the u.s. and european markets russia's r.t.s. m i six and the day on a negative note with the obvious down point six percent of my six point two percent or more of that.


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