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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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is currently witnessing the sewage infrastructure construction in the somali region special economic zone promises exceptional of the tutsis debility you'll business in russia will come to the somalia region for more information log onto the boat invest in some models of you. eight thirty am in moscow here are the headlines we're following breaking news on our team new york police get heavy handed with crowds of angry protesters demanding social and economic reform in the u.s. thousands are rallying in the biggest gathering of a three week long demonstration called occupy wall street. back from the dead the syrian woman reported as the first female victim of the government's pro-democracy crackdown turns up alive and well of course in several media is a backtracking after of giving her supposed death saturation coverage. in greece
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grinds to a halt as the biggest twenty four hour nationwide strike in months turns violent with police resorting to tear gas to disperse crowds in apple's latest protests come as austerity cuts and deep deep well the cash is slowly running out. and it's turned to syria next is the former british ambassador to the stricken country explains how he sees the events unfolding. today i'm talking to basel eastwood's he's a former u.k. ambassador to syria he was serving in damascus through nine hundred ninety six and two thousand the situations changed to not since then and we're going to talk about what the situation on the ground is like now and streets that thank you very much for talking to us today now russia's been the stats assets to at least some credit for trying to instigate some kind of reform do you agree well if you was seriously trying he tried to little him too late and his efforts have been totally undermined
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by the. violence that has been used on the peaceful demonstrations so that for every. death it becomes that much more difficult to conceive of any solution which leaves him and his coterie in power say from here you don't think there's any way back for a start i think frankly. the best one can hope for is some sort of negotiated transition. that might give him a way out. but it's very difficult to see how he can stay in power in the long run in the short run yes by increasing repression you can say that. but in the longer run it's not viable transition to him that i mean if assad tells go is that a genuine opposition that could feasibly take control in any kind of forensic writing that is the major problem the nature of the opposition
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is or the demonstrations is that they have been so largely spontaneous that there is no very coherent leadership and the various attempts to bring together a leadership behind a unified proposal for a return of things have so far failed but it's becoming clearer and clearer i think to the man in the street him. syria that they've got to have a alternative proposition if regime change is to be. not only credible but to happen without massive bloodshed and destruction so that the pressure is on the various. aspects of the opposition to come together and form an alternative proposition so you think that the opposition in syria is less organized and coping civs than it is in every other it's much more complicated certainly. because whereas in libya you have an opposition that is has come together to fight
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a military campaign in syria where you have an opposition voters come together behind calls for peaceful demonstrations with the sole aim of now of. moving the regime but that is not required the same sort of coordination that the opposition has had to acquire in in libya and what you think of me down from the outside sanctions specifically we've already seen a u.n. paste oil embargoes on syria with threats of further action if the situation thousand and prayed that what form do you think they sanctions could taken and who do you think that affect the maids depends what the sanctions are i would hope that the sanctions will be rather carefully targeted at particular individuals.
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and that's the course that has been followed so far except for the oil sanctions basically as the net is expanded to capture more of the the big businessmen who have worked alongside the regime and who have probably tacitly supported it in the past. so the tendency will be will be increasing pressure on them. too to ditch the regime and find some other way of securing their interests and what about the ordinary man on the streets is there a way to avoid functions or facts on him the problem for the ordinary person is that the whole syrian economy. is going to be more and more affected by the disruption and the insecurity and total collapse of the tourism industry for example which is increasingly important in syria. so it is those things that are going to harm the ordinary man in the street rather than targeted sanctions how
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likely do you think it is that syria could tap into another maybe a tight situation i sincerely hope that it won't what is remarkable so far is the extent to which the opposition has remained nonviolent there has been every sense of violence. which is understandable in a country well is quite a lot of weaponry around and violence is being used against the people. but so far it has been largely nonviolent there are increasing calls amongst the opponents of the regime saying you know we've got to use violence i sincerely hope they will those calls will be resisted so i don't think it's going to turn into that sort of . civil war type of confrontation i also think it's inconceivable that any outside powers would want to intervene militarily in
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a situation which is so complicated on the ground it's very difficult to see how any sort of outside intervention would help indeed it would probably hinder because it's one thing that might bring all the syrians together in opposition to outside intervention so i just don't see that happening i think that's well realized amongst those who are most large in condemnation of the syrian regime's activities how do you think this whole situation is going. pay outside for what kind of timeframe for example very good question and i have to say i don't know the answer . the. short term i think the regime will probably survive. through increased repression and shown itself willing to do whatever it takes and so far there are no signs of the the core of the regime crumbling. but as the economy deteriorates as the. big business which has supported the regime seems that its future
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cannot live that way i think you're going to see more. defections from the regime and there will come a point i would think within months rather than years when things quite rapidly fall apart. if the opposition can get its act together. then. firstly it may happen slightly more rapidly as people see that the recent trend and secondly when it does happen it may sound a better chance of being relatively peaceful rather than bloody chaos when we talk about opposition in syria what kind of people are we talking about what or it's very difficult because the the activists who have. led if that is the words the demonstrations on the streets are largely unknown people.
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with. tremendous courage. and determination but their political views more positively as to what should happen to syria a largely unknown. but i think you can assume that it will not be. sectarian it will. have a. a role in it for the muslim brotherhood. but the syrian muslim brotherhood are relatively modern minded and will be i think prepared to play along with coalition politics. it will i think. be a regime which. is why put it. mainly concerned
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with its internal problems it is not going to be a regime which indulges in adventurism these are very israel or anyone else. but it will be a regime that is finding its way under very difficult circumstances if you thought that big business supporting the regime in syria or practically all say some support coming from the outside particularly from iran how do you think that will play out in such an unstable region well it's one of the things that i think has been spelt inspired e.g. the saudis to come out in criticism of the regime that. they many of the governments in the middle east are profoundly worried about iran. and don't like the extent to which what is happening in syria might increase iranian influence but i have to say that. the iranian government itself does not like to be seen.
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as being the principal supporter of a secular regime that is using violence in this way and there have been signs of a ring in embarrassment. so. i don't know quite how this one's going to play out but i don't think it's a clear cut situation then leading emerging market economy personal russia india china south africa they all of a western approach to what's going on in the maintenance do you think that the arab spring in general will result in division between the old arms a new economic powerhouse many of the states in the united nations representation in the u.n. . feel unhappy about the way in which. the resolution of the security council which authorized all necessary measures in relation to libya. was used by nato to clear france and you. with american
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support as justification for. activity and support which has in fact led to regime change and i think a number of other governments feel that this is a worrying. precedent. but it does not mean to say that they in any way faydra either could after this regime in libya or what. it is doing in syria. thank you very much for the top pleasure.
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breaking news on our team new york police had heavy handed on crowds of angry protesters demanding social and economic reform in the u.s. thousands are rallying in the biggest gathering of a three week long demonstration dubbed occupy wall street. back from the dead the syrian woman reported as the first female victim of the government's pro-democracy crackdown shows up alive and well forcing several media into the back to try again after giving her supposed death saturation coverage. of the violence flares up during a twenty four hour nationwide striking agrees with police resorting to tear gas to disperse acme's crowds the latest protests come as workers grow increasingly angry with fighting austerity cuts. more news coming your way in less than
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a quarter hour first me trees up with the sports news. you know they're welcome to do sports updates you know three things putting us a piece of first let's take a quick look at the top stories. hearing of russia's football team prepare for a massive we've got action wins against the clock and will guarantee them a place at your expense it's well. on top of the west and they're all big three folds in our portfolios notes man at the summit of the conference. player power ahead of the end they stopped dancing couldn't cope with drive to meet with the commissioner david stern to try and save the trying to level twenty two off season . so it's all so hard for russia's footballers this week with your return to twelve
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qualification. charges takes on slovakia in june in our friday before home clash with dora on tuesday not so much qualification will be made certain by winning those two games to manage at the top saying if they achieve that aim the players can't quote drink as much as they want the thoughts that is in response to criticism levelled at some of the players reportedly doing just that before a world cup in slovenia two years ago advocaat also saying it will close his posts should russia fail to make next time most parents and ukraine funds. went to the us now where in the kontinental hockey league's a number more school have gone sort of the western conference following a narrow two one home victory over scott st petersburg that opened the scoring midway through the first period a measure of brilliant stars their easily beat their defense and on the back of the net straight to the second period where the muscovites doubled their lead through
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captain alex it with a thoughtful left to keep and no chance for a base precise shot from post. range criminate stated the visitors had a chance of a message of a free power play which was successfully converted by tony mortensen to one the final score here in the russian capital exposed to man on top of the western conference. now to tennis where russia's ladies will fight for the last quarter final sports of the china open honest people chant go and marry kurylenko still in action thought russia suited for the gene pool the czech roommate second seat and world number three victoria azarenka prepares to play to mira possible after beating to eleven years open champion so not the store in the second round it's enough to take something like it's a book about screwball and current world number one can remember it will try to overcome its own cause on the way to the last. in the men's game the only russian
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representative with her usually is arrested today she's a really good to the last eight but there are some players who are yet to put a fourth of the quarter finals spin it's on called for and not so good no this start the day that sophie jo will fritz and guard will test the shame of china now the second round match is quote more interesting states are far the the name of its alleged finally in the latest clash of the day south african kevin anderson world play which went on both. america's national basketball association labor dispute between owners and players shows no signs of resolving anytime soon believe canceling the rest of the preseason games with the proposed to them to start now a series don't force and celtic star paul priest attending lives in the station's. a nice to do and the house there are the stars derek fisher one of the more vocal players representatives but the reporters were all awaiting the arrival of his high profile lakers teammates kobe bryant rumored to be working extensively to side with
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italy no common ground between those big names and owners as yet though. today we're all being you know announcing the. cancellation of the rest of the exhibition season by monday and we'll have no choice but to cancel the first two weeks of the season. that's where we are we. gauged in more. you know in tuesday's questions of clothes you know we're remains to be you know very large gap between. you know the n.b.a. . today was not to get. to formula one now where with the best of all but securing this season's crown the man who sits second in the standings has guaranteed his long term future with current team mcclaren thirty one year old jensen boxen who want formula one in two thousand and nine commits think it's driving future price signing with the team called a multi-year contract traverse carnatic was set to expire at the end of the season
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is really baffling for p.c.'s drown to win all five remaining races with freckles not scoring a single point so it's really now all about trying to twelve and beyond with me. over to go off no way tiger woods is going to make another return to the sports he'll take part in a p.g.a. tournament in california remember woods hasn't played since missing the cut at the p.g.a. championship earlier this year but the former world number one says he had a lot of time to practice during his absence it's always easy to come back from one of your you know what to do. it's very simple. i've done it before i don't bunch of times but i'm implementing a new golf swing. you know i do that you have to get the reps and i haven't got the reps them. piles of balls and do the work feels natural.
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but i've done that now which is good. and finally a russian professional golfer maria virtue on the work tees off the latest l.p.g. event in south korea this weekend point and consensus got up with a spin finding out about her colorful life during training here in school. my evil trauma is arguably one of the biggest commercial attractions in women's golf center turned professional in two thousand and six but he wanted five year old muscovite remains the first and only russian playing fi time on the lead european tour following an impressive amateur career that included three trees in the russian austrian led team and slovenia and championships. because a girl i got on tour and i was the only russian player and i was there all the girls or half of them were english british and a shallow i was quite kind of tough to get myself good mates and you know in the end of the day they're playing and say that your emotional great improvements in
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her second year on the tour with his career best finished tied for chiefly since beans and possibly a career little round of sixty six and white as a result which almost finished fifty feet in the jaw rankings in two thousand and eight to have been releasing some four and despite having some injury problems just too ambitious and has lots of goals to achieve with her new coach their players play for another five years because of my bad i don't know how well my bike will give me a chance to play golf but we set out some goals. and hopefully get to wind down there with a major i can go. professional golfer who spend most of their time travelling from one tournament to not which can be the hardest part of the job however while in search of success on the ladies' european tour many funny stories have a reason they're said to make area i don't mind to say that here is a cheap hotel and i put my pajamas on i went. to the bathroom came back and my
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room was completely locked so inside they had to go because it was going away out so i went outside and all the guys were like go through this not who. despite bringing mortars to results a little last two years. the chairman stays optimistic and focused on goal however the one near seventy six stalled gruinard threats a lot of potential not only with her performances on the freeway but obviously also because of her appearance i'm not trying to attract more attention i'm trying to bring something more in go. girls who are low play females that live here and is getting better and better now so we go as attractive girls beautiful girls get into girl their chawner it isn't in a sport which is widely considered to be a hobby for wealthy people in the home and there is still a long way to go before being accepted as a mainstream sport in russia but with the likes of which you want to work country
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couldn't ask for a better ambassador to lead the way. very cheap. ok that's all from me for the moment not sports news from around the globe in two hours time here in r.t. i think.
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pleasures and i would print certain these splendid hotel in touch with a hotel in touch or a good chunk of guru gold how would international house flood to choose evergreen lowell had told him. on. a very warm welcome she had this is your news today protesters on the walls survey of. lee's intense a good chance a chance to set a good mood for example the status of the human experiments. at sea we've seen this rap music or to expose movies lately trying to censor global economy and it's on changelings us financial temples to the research family to maintain a confidence in markets and. wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look even
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the nations close to collapsing a subprime loan foreclosed homes. to fail circlet banks again feel a little like things us crash seven and smashed. seems to dislike all the judges in athens three feet from me i'm just programs increase the total economy. the mission is. going to take should free. chargers free arrangement free. free. free. free media. the turf the latest.


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