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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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new york police got heavy handed on thousands of angry protesters demanding social and economic reform in the u.s. . back from the dead the syrian woman reported as the first female victim of the government's pro-democracy crackdown turns up alive and well forcing several media into backtracking. greasing brians to halt the biggest twenty four hour nationwide strike in months terms violent as the cuts and big deep while the cash is slowly running out. and in business russian markets jumped at the opening following strong
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gains in asia and wall street. adding over two percent this hour join me for more on that in our business bulletin twenty minutes. eleven am in moscow why not trends are going to have you with us here on r.t. our top story police in the u.s. have been filmed beating back protesters out of mass demonstration in new york in the biggest event yet in a three week long rally dubbed occupy wall street there's also reports pepper spray was used on the crowd at least confirmed they've made dozens of arrests at the rally thousands have been taking part insisting protests to the man social and economic pain activists say they're fed up with breaking their backs at work by wealthy bankers can seem reaping big bonuses like these marine a fortnight more will. not explain how it was seen demonstrators for hours. on the
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street but what we're being told may have actually broke out when all of the crowds part of the crowds that formed in lower manhattan by wall street surge has to be barricades around the new york stock exchange and officers moved in to contain the protesters trying what we saw on the video cause officers swatted protesters with the times story them with mace pepper spray according to some reports even one local news reporter who is a story with pepper spray his camera man who was hit with a baton things clearly getting violent down the whole street as this demonstration was carrying on all day long cops how were arrested dozens of protesters at the final tally is not yet known or t. has checked in with the new york city police department and they don't have a final tally yet now let's remind our viewers this is not the first clash between
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police officers and anti wall street protesters who saw last saturday nearly eight hundred of them were arrested in one day when i'd be working hard in a peaceful protest against corporate influence on u.s. politics that is what they call corporate greed wall street greed the week before we thought we also saw several anti wall street protesters that are part of this whole occupy wall street thing where meese in the face by a police officer police officers had orange netting to cop to get to these protesters that they say are acting disobedient civil disobedience is the term the police have used here in new york but before one of these clashes took place we should inform everyone that this demonstration that took place in new york was on the president it was the biggest one does for a job i thought he was. i think that now it's because he doesn't believe for unions
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joined occupy wall street we saw transport workers we saw in nurses we saw teachers students from universities in new york city and throughout the country all walked out of class at a certain time to join the movement that is being held in high in new york by occupied wall street now this this movement we should remind our viewers is not just limited to new york it is caught on in cities throughout the country such as boston was angeles chicago boston gets just to name a few we know one is being planned in in in washington d.c. in the next few days now this is this is clearly gaining enormous momentum but it's not just a group of activists these are and how frustrated americans coming together we've grievances about the way the u.s. system is structured and it way the economy is in decline and not benefiting from
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the common gay marriage. more closely following the protests in new york on our web site go to our column and find latest articles that are constantly updated blogs and videos from the scene and be sure to head out and check out our you tube channel. four news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a chatroom today. in syria at least six people reported killed in latest clashes between protesters and security forces human rights groups continue to sound the alarm over multiple arrests and killings but one high profile victim made an amazing reappearance
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archy's ivor bennett reports on the media's quick fire reactions at the expense of fact checking. she was hailed as the flower of syria a symbol of the suffering under president bashar assad's brutal regime at least that's what much of the western media said after the apparent of zeinab we're viewed pictures of what was done to corpses and they are simply too gruesome to air several western media outlets were quick to report on these gruesome deaths apparently the first woman killed in government custody but now it appears she's miraculously back from the dead even being interviewed on syrian t.v. . i came to the police station to see the truth that's what i see to those line channels i'm now still alive not dead human rights groups like amnesty international jumped on the bandwagon to reporting out hosni was tortured murdered and mutilated it even claimed a mother found the body in
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a morgue last month all assertions is now being forced to backtrack on this we will endeavor to be more cautious and trace things a little bit more nuanced the state broadcaster says the interviews to dispel what it labels fabrications by foreign media to serve western interests in stories like this that have been used to prop up calls from the u.s. britain and france for un sanctions to be slapped on syria but their foundations are now looking shakier than ever this footage allegedly shows an armed pro assad civilians being targeted by gun toting rebels so perhaps not the peaceful opposition they're often made out to be by the west that only seems to look one way . this notion that the u.n. has is now part of the pro-democracy series game is ridiculous they are jumping on the barrel where it is an opportunity to create this deceptive appearance while at the same time there's a dictator's lives that are aligned with them and united nations and it's part of
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their empire russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution for syria seeing. brute's is a potential cover for another libyan style intervention say may not be any oil this time but there's always and in syria motive it's important as a political factor right next to israel a country which obviously american britain and the other western powers strongly support so that would be the political motive to be to use a followed by security council walkout from america over remarks during the syrian envoy speech that the u.s. promised to be back with another resolution and undoubtedly more dramatic evidence to drive the point i didn't it's see london. on the way one step closer to being part of the u.n. we track the palestinian bid for full recognition of the world body where they've just been given the nod to join its polter or branch. but first greece's latest twenty four hour
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a nationwide strike turned violent with police firing tear gas and i agree crowds of protesters the country all but ground to a halt as greeks made their feelings known about the extra cuts they face so the country can try and plug the massive three hundred fifty billion euro debt sarraf earth has more for. anger in athens untidiness square once again bearing witness ok clashes between rightly here is protest is very good. but here again. and the factions really been writing as the police moved in to clear the crowds and shocking scenes at one point the police in chasing protesters into the metro station many others hit and kicked by they supposed to be keeping control of the message being sent by the government is one of repression and fear. scenes like this a very serious questions about the level of force being used. criers is
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a forty three year old journalist he's reported from many conflicts. it was in his own country where he sustained his worst injury. i just remember thinking is this really happening could use to shelter in an enclosure just or some target and one policeman who i think was a commander in a very rude. pictures i told him i was a journalist if you give an order and i had one of the flash bangs these are some pictures i took. place he taken shelter amplify the sound of the flash bang causing always takes all day this injury which is causing his job. after the attack i won't call it an accident it was an attack like a small. an investigation was launched into the incident the progress has been slow day and the nameless tells the countless cases against heavy handed police tactics they need to report any kind of results you witness for ourselves the lack of discrimination when the police lash out when journalists along with his camera to
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the ground the rise in the level of aggression seen by the police and the more extreme groups the protest is causing serious concern. with the government continuing to implement severe austerity measures in a bid to receive that cash tensions looks set to keep escalating i think we are approaching fast. and easy to explain in. the first reaction to. describe your. experience. of the press and the impact of the financial crisis is being played out play by play on some tightness where there are now fears that the financial crisis turn into an economic recession could bring entire year is a look just to greet people to their knees. and see the.
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various financial paralysis is being worsened by the admission it won't hit its budget targets economic analyst mark martin headachy thinks the only way the country can survive is to default and start fresh. if they default it may actually not be the thing and not just greece i would think the father may also not be the same because then they are after that and start again debt free they don't have to increase taxes they can take and revalue their currency is everyone has become more competitive again saw. there may actually be potentially the best solution on the other hand if that there are everything you would sacrifice in their currency is the village of the year or two or the thing is the most likely cause or b. if the leaders for example in germany are managing to sell their closer to the public. is their most likely to print and sacrifice currency stability in order to avoid this uncontrolled collapse which would be quite difficult for politicians to tear people your money in the bank is gone. stay with us here on r t still to come
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keeping fit officially your report from pens a region where the governors keep fit keeping the population healthy by law. but first palestinians have made another inroad at the u.n. by moving a step closer to joining the e.u. heritage group unesco they can now submit their bid for approval by the end of the month it will then allow them to try and get their monuments listed as world heritage sites but it was given a green right despite opposition from the united states it's a key diplomatic victory for palestinians at the u.n. and comes ahead of the full vote for its statehood palestinian leader mahmoud abbas applied to the security council for the world body membership in september it's now working its way through the process. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe. the iconic co-founder of apple steve jobs has died after an eight year battle with pancreatic cancer he led apple to becoming the world's biggest computer firm and presided over an empire that revolutionized
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commute computing mobile communication and even how we listen to music jobs he was fifty six only stepped down from apple a few weeks ago leaving the company with a bigger pile of cash on hand than the u.s. government built on the back of pioneering products from the i pod to be i phone to the i pad. mass graves containing the remains of some nine hundred got bodies have been discovered by authorities in the libyan capital they're believed to be the victims of clashes between former rebels and gadhafi loyalists in tripoli a new government's fighters are now pushing toward the center of sirte the colonel's hometown and one of his live strongholds the conflict has taken more than thirty thousand lives since it began in february. russia says it's concerned over the u.s. move to deploy four warships with ballistic missile defenses off a spanish coast the u.s. has also sealed deals with poland turkey and romania the station ground based
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missile defense elements washington claims it's to counter threats from iran and north korea russia feels it could neutralize its nuclear arsenal moscow has repeatedly asked for written nato guarantees but has received nothing so far. time now to take more of russia close up and today we're on a health kick. we're visiting the penza region in the east european plane although most of its territory lies in the volga highlands the capital is also called panzer it was founded as a small fortress in the seventeenth century and has been growing over the since its day the city is striving to be one of the healthiest and safest in russia by order of the governor or he's eager or groden of going to find out more. almost every day the government is telling us that we should eat more fruit and vegetables drink less exercise more of course many people ignore these recommendations in fact
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working for the government will be very frustrating always telling people to do stuff but having no way of enforcing it now what would happen if you could actually make people follow through and be more healthy well officials there were no longer have to wonder because in pens or that's exactly what the government has done is introduced a new ambitious and not a good pulse three program forcing people to be healthier now for the results see my report. getting healthier whether they like it or not every weekday morning attorney am the tannoy in state institutions across plans or begins a familiar announcement. cheerful voice or so it's sort of by now familiar exercises the governor's instructions no one is allowed to slack off. some go beyond what's required. so more all this this has returned to my youth and
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my use to me we all have our governors initiatives you might. officials in this district have been told to leave the company car and a carriage and get on their bikes now all government business has to form from the saddle. the head of the local administration says initiative has not only improved health but brought officials closer to the people with little i asked the governor can we have one more car to help us with her duties he said you can have three two scooters and thereby sort of a true officials can observe her people see who is up to what leaving rubbish outside for example. some critics have said the government's compulsory initiatives reminiscent of those in saudi at times violate people's rights but us toward some form of motorbike rider denies the accusations of my abusing human rights but the only way i am abusing human rights is by not giving people the opportunity to do
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even more physical exercise. as the clock strikes ten. the police are out in force. looking for bad children the governor has imposed a curfew for unsupervised under sixteen i do not think it is a waste of police time tar those children with arrested are returned to their homes i haven't seen them out of this train so yeah. and in this day there are no violators at all as the troll wraps up with pride all round. and well. safe in the knowledge that with. healthier. streets are increasing all free. that's more of a rush or for you to discover on our website archie dot com here's what else is a click away right now. a king of talk shows american larry king speaks with
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authority about one of his final primetime interviews with russia's prime minister vladimir putin. joel could be the would see the world's longest running sitcom this him since brought to a close. it's been at the forefront of russian classical music for two centuries and now saying here's a bird's mirsky orchestra is opening the jubilee season for new york's carnegie hall. it's the second time the recession's a bit invited there this time they'll perform at the opening of one hundred twentieth anniversary season program under the baton of marine ski maestro valery guarantee of future is a number of works by celebrated russian composers the artistic director says the
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visit to new york demonstrates the orchestra stature as a leading global musical institution. russia remains country music and movies keep he's maybe the most active institution and not only russia maybe been globally will perform roughly seven hundred fifty times a year you know both thirty countries every year collectively will go to the liquor company orchestra the little people chorus a little and all of these wonderful groups moving of course polygamy. through old russia but globally and all of them do consider all names and quite i can see how many young singers young dancers able to join and grow quickly it's because he was from every season so this is a bit of a scene that i look at so we have another four or five wonderful singers who proved
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that we were for and doing something very important on stage dunces the city because city and musicians and that's how you see a future cemented that success. staging the olympics is a big bucks event but among the grassroots preparations in the russian city of sochi as an army of volunteers and winter games are still way off but already a band of intrepid intrepid interpreters are warming up to welcome thousands of visitors to the day games or he's tennis polonsky went to meet some of them. but. greetings quite an introduction and listen three years from now during the cinci winter olympics these people will be on russia's special dream team and army of enthusiastic will provide guidance and translation for all visitors. than usual because with. all the tears trickled to syria first meeting of the algerians a great chance to get to know each other to share their stories see for their good
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fortune and their skating chips on the games to come under east for most kids from southern russia he's new to the world your movement she started doing the one nine hundred eighty moscow in pics and even though there are generations apart here equally excited about the job. she was. experienced. i think. he was a good chance that. he took my language skills shall live with religion itself next year part of this group will go to london for the twenty twelve summer games and then one of the pillars of the of the are seeing what i try interest costs on knowledge from games from organizing committee to organize a committee so i think still expect the such a font is polonius to some out from being possibly on the fence twelve. the cowboy greetings is likely to remain a secret handshake for sochi volunteers they say it won't be used to greet guests
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but chanting and dancing apart the voluntary helpers are taking on the task of meeting the game's unforgettable event for all dinners lawsky r t sochi. more on the u.s. banker backlash in a few minutes when max and stacey take on the global insurrection against her but first the business headlines with korea. hello and welcome to this is the south thanks for watching us russia second largest lens of the sea the cakes off its russia calling investment forum event as part of russia russia's effort to attract foreign investment this comes at a time when the country's tough and heavy capital. and the national side as the world wide this is our tease and the closer it is for us marina so is the financial asserting making life difficult for events such as this to attract new capital. it is making life difficult for investors especially considering what
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we've seen happen with revulsion at markets plus a ruble drop so it's weakest close against the u.s. dollar and over the years also according to the latest reports across the us so and eighteen percent increase in foreign direct investments that last year were worth around thirty five billion dollars at the same time since the beginning of this year up until now fifty of billion dollars has already left the country and this already three times more than in two thousand and side well to discuss this further i'm now joined by the director of the new economics what is your city gabler different you very much for joining me for an item in your piece tell us now russia was among the hardest hit in the recent market volatility this is why you know it's the weakness of the domestic economy to even doesn't really mean that russia is weak it just means that russia is fulfilling the risk you place for investment because russia does depend on the global oil price in the global financial system and we've seen that three years ago as well and we'll see that now and i think the
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good news is that the central bank russia understands that there's going to lessons from the three years ago and doesn't want the broke operable in boston market three and so the world as little as we can pull in the village you look in the markets i think i think russia is going to have a good chance to. do the bone reasonably soon but even the government can minimize its dependence on the oil. well that is a long term project and so far the government's been talking about it for twelve years now and failed to do that i think that the major things are fighting corruption ensuring property rights bill in fact in judiciary system improving investment climate for investment in oil businesses so far government has failed to do that if you're talking about that we'll see the whole of a new government which is the old government building and how do you think the recent political announcements will apply process economy and of course referring to the finance minister in the event and prime minister putin say that he will run and upcoming elections here as you mentioned investors are not convinced investors
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and that's that investors are should iranian away from russia so i think i think they're not convinced that these political changes or not changes i should say a little creative investment climate fashion here and i think i think today's announcement by mr putin stressed secretary bed with him being compared with brezhnev is a good thing i think this announcement doesn't help at all investors don't like britain its economy so i assume that you do believe that we will see more capital flight in the run up to the election both depending on what kind of actions are undertaken if we see the populist speeches in which see. we could placement for the finance minister if we see that government is very deplete postponed in any form sort of been undertaken commission put forth i think there will be more capital outflow on the other hand as global market volatility it sends a very strong signal to russian government and russian government should change its
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course maybe we'll see it reinvented to put in the full does reforms. it waits till. it wakes it is a wake and will it through the need for change and maybe it may be investors will look at them come back and just be thinking this us what the consummate the mess the market more attractive. old all those things fighting corruption i mean. protection for investors joining the. billions will do in fact introduce you to people to say sure hope we get government companies there's again there's been announced for many many years now and then eventually looking really from state capitals wolf we can invade and sense the people it was a bad idea but the government keeps growing here and there can more and more coming in kind to make on the. floor and sitting here british thank you very much knows that right there over new i can almost schoolmistress regain good air and of course there's lots more coming up here outperform later on we'll hear from prime minister vladimir putin actually this will be his first speech after announcing that he will
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run in the upcoming presidential election some we'll bring you all the updates as soon as we get been. ok thank you marina and thank your guest for importing from russia calling investments and thanks very much. let's take a look at how the markets are doing or is trading near for a day hi investors bet that low include stockpiles in the u.s. indicate that fuel demand playing crease in the world's largest economy brant is trading at two dollars per barrel while w t i s is almost eighty dollars of our japanese stocks jumped on thursday on the back of overnight gains in the u.s. tech exporters and financials swarmed leading in bad says sony was up three point two percent computer memory firm hoping to gain six point eight and tech firms advances those five cents on the financials in the move holdings this up three point eight percent type of securities rose by hong kong stock struck choppy as well with a bang sang. rising four percent the russian markets ago put in the black following
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strong gains in asia and on wall street both the r.t.s. and the mice it's as you see are adding over it suits for set this up and take a look at some individual channels of them isaac's energy majors is on the rise with both castle and loco over two percent now and banking stocks are also gaining was never called the percent black. so for now we will be back with more in about forty five minutes. the closest she has been to the spitzbergen archipelago. for the world's northernmost statue of lenin presides over it comes to. town are chico's depends on the group of village volunteers rebuild the palace from roots. where technological breakthroughs.


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