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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EDT

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police have reportedly used pepper spray. to wall street protesters who tried to break through a barricade so the stock exchange demonstrations keyboard spreading across the country with rallies now entering the food week. brings us the latest from new york the most recent events that took place was when the protesters that were gathered down on wall street tried to push through barricades and the police that were there as you can see in the video started swinging baton at the protesters and also using pepper spray against all those that were closest to the police officers clearly i'm not there clash taking place as occupy wall street demonstrations have entered its third week now this was the pinnacle of the largest demonstration that has taken place thus far between ten and twenty thousand people were down in lower manhattan to come out to speak out and support the activists of occupy wall street we saw
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more than thirty different unions we saw transportation workers nurses teachers students not only in new york city but throughout the country walked out of school to take part in these demonstrations and what these people are saying is that they are sick of the corporations and financial institutions and the u.s. politicians working hand in hand while the majority of americans are suffering under an economic crisis they don't like the way that corporations are influencing politics and they believe that their elected officials need to begin working for all americans not just the richest ones they're not just taking place in new york we've seen them in boston l.a. chicago they are spreading and there is clearly a sign because u.s. president barack obama held a press conference at the white house and he addressed this issue this growing movement straight on it's a movement that he cannot even. nor he said that the u.s.
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economy needs. the financial institutions to help the economy grow he did criticize the republican led congress for not imposing more regulations but he did speak directly to the frustrations of americans here's what he had to say i think people are frustrated. with the protesters or. giving voice to a more broad based frustration about how our financial system works is not just about the financial systems this is about as i mentioned corporate influence over u.s. politics and this includes us president barack obama himself when i spoke to many of the demonstrators out on the street cited the campaign contributions that banksy made to president obama when he was a candidate in two thousand and eight goldman sachs contributed one million dollars more than that morgan chase contributed to obama more than eight hundred thousand
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dollars to his campaign we should mention in two thousand and ten j.p. morgan chase made seventeen point four billion dollars in profits and made no taxes these demonstrators out on the streets know their numbers they have done their research they see how the campaign contributions. and the corporate rewards are going hand in hand they know their numbers and they are holding everyone accountable and that includes the u.s. president so he needs to sort of at least pay attention to what they're saying because the the frustration is not solely to the financial institutions. trying to start a bit more was pushed crowds of the streets across the u.s. . she's director of the global company organization thanks for joining us from chicago good to see you this morning now we've seen these mass protests revolutions taking place of a number of companies have brought in reserve foods of all. other all the shear
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thing about the arab spring with frustrated people taking to the streets to the demonstrations we're currently seeing in the us bear any similarities definitely there another flame in this movement that's growing across the world and spreading like wildfire where people from syria egypt to india to spain and now the united states they're calling for real democracy for a government that's not held hostage by the richest elites and one that's accountable to its allies. we've witnessed some of those changes that were ruled by the protests particularly arab spring let us focus on what's happening now in the u.s. . these demonstrations moment i'll be having that the u.s. president said that he understands the frustration of the people who hadn't come until late tonight but you know these protests hitting a third week doesn't appear that an awful lot changed do you think the people are actually trying to achieve something or is this just a statement. this is a protest about government corruption and it's not going to be tomorrow that the government and the corrupt practices that happen in the united states as well as all over the world but we saw in india very recently huge protests that basically
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brought the government to its knees and forced into past anti corruption legislation that stopped in some ways the capture of that government by the elites it's the same thing in the united states this is a movement that's rolling it's popped up in hundreds of places across the country present has issued a statement it's only going to grow russian is not sustainable in a true democracy and americans are out there on the streets like the rest of the world has been for over a year demanding true democracy so the protests that we get this straight the venting their anger at social injustice also corporate greed is there anything else so that you know. it's all united by this idea of real democracy by the idea of countability by anti corruption it's about a government that's accountable to its people that means that you have a governmental system an electorate an election system that doesn't allow corporations to literally buy all their politicians and your reporter explain very clearly how those corporate campaign contributions the ready to. many of the people
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who are out there it's illegal americans forward in a sustainable economy we see this all over the world in countries like syria where the government was again captured by a small elite where the dictator is cousin on sixty percent some say the entire country's assets this is a system that's unsustainable these are this is what the protesters are protesting and all the other demands they're all part of this one large problem where there is a corrupt governance system in many democracies across the world and the people are saying enough is enough ok but all the voices really being heard of the demonstrators say the power is currently concentrated in the hands of the bags of the corporation main gripe is really at the end of the day any chance that's going to change anytime soon. and take you back to the example of india where literally thousands and hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets across the country and got legislation passed that undermined the interests of ninety nine percent of the politicians that were elected in pass that legislation about as
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campaigned on that issue in india and we won we campaign on the same issue in brazil an anti corruption issue that stopped the corporate elites from really capturing government the movement is just starting in the united states it's reading quickly this is a long fight to end russian in the us the market and us democracy but it's one that we're going to win just like we won in brazil just like we won in india and the world is behind them and as dot org right now thousands of messages of support are coming in from our members across the globe and people are signing pledges of support saying that they stand with those on wall street this is just one more great movement sometimes it doesn't happen in three weeks this is just the beginning but we're confident that this kind of corruption in government in the u.s. as well as across the globe history and thoughtful approach. to advise is a global company the organization thank you. several people are reported dead in the latest clashes between anti government protesters and security forces in syria human rights groups continue to sound the alarm of a multiple arrests and killings but what are high profile victims made it amazing
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reappearance of bennett reports the media's quickfire reaction to a dramatic story at the expense of checking the facts first. she was hailed as the flower of syria the symbol of the suffering under president bashar assad's brutal regime at least that's what much of the western media said after the apparent butchering of zeinab. we viewed pictures of what was done to xen apps corpse and they are simply too gruesome to air several western media outlets were quick to report al gore's knees gruesome death apparently the first woman killed in government custody but now it appears she's miraculously back from the dead even being interviewed on syrian t.v. . i came to the police station to see the truth this what i see to those line channels i'm now still alive not dead human rights groups like amnesty international jumped on the bandwagon to reporting out hosni was tortured murdered
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and mutilated it even claimed a mother found the body in a morgue last month all assertions is now being forced to backtrack on this we will endeavor to be more cautious and phrase things a little bit more nuanced the state broadcaster says the interviews to dispel what it labels fabrications by foreign media to serve western interests and stories like this that have been used to prop up calls from the u.s. britain and france for un sanctions to be slapped on syria but their foundations are now looking shaky or the never has footage or allegedly shows are naaman to pro assad civilians being targeted by gun toting rebels say perhaps not the peaceful opposition they're often made out to be by the west that only seems to look one way this notion that the us has is now part of the pro-democracy receipt regime is ridiculous they are jumping on their way again is an opportunity to get out front of it and create this deceptive appearance while at the same time there's
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a porting the dictatorships that are aligned with them in the united nations and it's part of their empire russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution for syria seeing through it as a potential cover for another libyan style intervention may not be any oil this time but there's always an ulterior motive it's important to use as a geopolitical factor right next to israel a country which obviously america and britain and the other western powers strongly support so that would be the altar into a political motive the vetoes of followed by a security council walkout from america over remarks during the syrian envoy speech but the u.s. promised to be back with another resolution and undoubtedly more dramatic evidence to drive the point home. on the bennett artsy london. elsewhere the world a nato led campaign sparked a decade long war still ahead for you on this channel this american troops of the afghan conflict where the u.s.
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soldiers are hunkering down now for an extended stay in the war torn country as top military commanders admit their mission will be much longer than expected to come. first as concern grows that the eurozone is falling deeper into recession finance chiefs are hammering out plans to try to safeguard the region's banks let's put it down still receive forty billion euros of emergency loans from the european central bank and will continue to get as much money as they need for at least a year. of the next installment for greece will actually go ahead and the fallout from the country's resulting to fall could do a severe blow to europe's banking sector in greece itself the latest twenty four a nationwide strike to violent as police fired tear gas what i'm very crowds of anti austerity protesters the government imposing more cuts on its people trying still to cap that massive debt of some three hundred fifty billion euros the country ground to a halt as workers walked out of a general strike leaving flights grounded and hospitals relying on emergency staff party sarah firth witnessed the greek capital as it boiled over. in
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syntagma square once again bearing witness to ugly clashes between riot police here as protest is very likely that background you. feel that for larry. and the pensions really be my thing as a police moved in to clear the crowds some shocking thing one point the police seem chasing protests is into the station many others hit kicks by they supposed to be keeping control of the message being sent by the government is one of repression and fear. scenes like this are very serious questions about the level of force being used. to prior's is a full. three year old journalist has reported from many conflicts but it was in his own country where he sustained his worst injury. i just remember thinking is this really happening increase i took shelter in an enclosure just or syntagma and
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one policeman who i think was a commander in a very rude taking pictures i told him i was a journalist but he gave an order and i had one of the flash bangs thrown at me these are some pictures i took. the place he taken shelter amplified the sound of the flash bang causing always takes all deafness and injury which is called his job . after which i won't call it an accident it was an attack my life's been like a small. investigation was launched into the incident but progress has been slow a famine a list tells us the countless cases both against heavy handed police tactics and need to have any kind of results we witness for ourselves the lack of discrimination when the police lash out when journalists flung with his camera to the ground the rise in the level of aggression seen by the police and the more extreme groups of protesters is causing serious concern with the government continuing to implement severe austerity measures in
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a bid to receive further cash tensions looks set to keep escalating i think. the impact of the financial crisis is being played out blow by blow on syntagma square there are now fears that the financial crisis turn into an economic recession could bring the entire usa not just the greek people to the. surface r.t. . washington this. we're going to leave you nest without american cash is the world's education and heritage group move closer to a loan palestine the joint us gives tens of millions of dollars to unesco but can't legally fund any un body there's mit's a nonmember culture groups agreed to put the palestinian bid to its members for
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approval by the end of the month now that's a key diplomatic victory for the palestinians at the u.n. ahead of the vote on it stated however the still fierce opposition from washington which says a legitimate state could only be achieved through direct talks with israel. more news in brief millions around the world mourn the death of apple's co-founder of genius steve jobs the man behind the iconic mac the ipod the i phone the i pad he died peacefully aged fifty six after years spent battling pancreatic cancer and he led apple to its position as the world's biggest computer and presided over an empire that revolutionized computing mobile phones and even listening to music the sad news sparked the biggest online reaction for years reaching ten thousand tweets a second at one point. the nobel prize for literature has gone to swedish poet thomas strums promo was praised by the academy for his quote condensed translucent images that gave
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a fresh air exists to reality his real books explore the inner nature of life and they've been translated to devolve in sixty languages the eighty year old literary master will receive the award at a ceremony in this. when i heading into the tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan it was on october the seventh two thousand and one when the war there began after the ruling taliban refused to hand over nine eleven mastermind osama bin laden but a decade on the troops are still there the top general suggested the current withdrawal deadline of twenty forty may be just too soon former cia officer phil giraldi says washington infighting over the withdrawal of troops is having a toxic effect on the decision making process well i think. there are two different assessments taking place here. the one assessment is a political assessment where the president of the united states who is up for reelection wants very much to make it look like the war in afghanistan is ending so he was the one that basically was pushing for twenty fourteen now if you if you
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look at the assessments that the military has been making for some time now those assessments have always been much more pessimistic they have basically been in some cases said that the u.s. would be there after twenty fifteen and other cases they've said the u.s. will be there for many years with that without any date being suggested for example the british commander in afghanistan has suggested just that this is a war that cannot be successfully concluded so i think this is a question of the military giving its assessment which is pessimistic that a politician giving his assessment which is more optimistic for political reasons. the time for change it's going to take more of russia close up today where on a health kick. and to do that as you see on the map we're taking you six hundred kilometers from
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moscow to the pen's a region famous for its natural beauty and strong cultural traditions in fact the capital. it was founded in the seventeenth century is a small fortress in the narrow strip of. today the city sets a shining example of healthy safe and happy lives so we sent. there to try and find out the secrets of its success almost every day the government is telling us that we should eat more fruit and vegetables drink less exercise more of course many people ignore these recommendations in fact working for the government will be very frustrating always telling people to do stuff but having no way of enforcing it now what would happen if you could actually make people follow through and be more healthy well officials are no longer have to wonder because and turns out that's exactly what the government has done getting healthier whether they like it or not every weekday morning attorney am the tannoy in state institutions across plans
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begins a familiar announcement. cheerful voice or so it's worked out by now familiar exercises of the governor's instructions no one is allowed to slack off. some go beyond what's required in the room all this it has returned to my youth and my use to me all of our governors initiatives. officials in this district have been told to leave the company car in the carriage and get on their bikes now all government business has to form from the saddle. the head of the local administration says initiative has not only improved health but brought officials closer to the people. i asked the governor can we have one more car to help us with our gc's he said you can have three to scooters under by so the tree officials can observe people see who is up to what who is leaving rubbish outside for example.
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some critics have said the government's compulsory initiatives reminiscent of those in soviet times violate people's rights but a sports form of motor bike rider denies the accusations and i abusing human rights but the only way i am abusing human rights is by not giving people the opportunity to do even more physical exercise. as the clock strikes ten. the police are out in force. looking for bad children the governor has imposed a curfew for unsupervised under sixteen i do not think it is a waste of police time tell those children were arrested and returned to their homes we haven't seen them out on the streets again and this day there are no violators at all as the troll wraps up with. the citizens of the can sleep well.
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safe in the knowledge that. they are healthier. and the streets are increasingly free. one twenty two am moscow time next to the program uniform a british ambassador to syria gives us his take on events in the troubled country what he knew so well. today i'm talking to basel eastwood's he's a former u.k.
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ambassador to syria he was serving in damascus between nine hundred ninety six and two thousand the situation's changed a lot since then and we're going to talk about what the situation on the ground is like now mr eastwood thank you very much for talking to us today now russia believes that assets deserves at least some credit for trying to instigate some kind of reform do you agree well if you will seriously trying he tried to little too late and his efforts have been totally undermined by the. violence that is being used on the peaceful demonstrators so that for every. death it becomes that much more difficult to conceive of any solution which leaves him and his coterie in power so from hey you don't think there's any way back for us that i think frankly . the best one can hope for is some sort of negotiated transition. might give him a way out. but it's very difficult to see how he can stay
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in power in the long run in the short run yes by increasing repression he can stay there. but in the longer run it's not viable transition to him though i mean if assad is that a genuine opposition that could feasibly take control in any kind of facts way. that is the the major problem the nature of the opposition is or the demonstrations is that they have been so largely spontaneous that there is no very coherent leadership and the various attempts to bring together. a leadership behind a unified proposal for an alternative have so far failed but it's becoming clearer and clearer i think to the man in the street in syria that they've got to have a good alternative proposition if regime change is to be. not only
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credible but to happen without massive bloodshed and destruction so that the pressure is on the various. aspects of the opposition to come together and form an alternative proposition so you think that the opposition in syria is less organized than cohesive than it is in libya it's much more complicated certainly. because whereas in libya you have an opposition that is has come together to fight a military campaign in syria you have an opposition. that is come together behind calls for peaceful demonstrations with the sole aim of now of moving the regime but that has not required the same sort of coordination that the opposition has to acquire in libya
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and what you think of me down from the outside since specifically we've already seen you in haste oil embargoes on syria with threats of further action if the situation doesn't praise what form do you think they sanctions could take in and who do you think that affect the maze depends what the sanctions are i would hope that the sanctions will be rather carefully targeted. at particular individuals. and that's the course that has been followed so far except for the oil sanctions basically as the net is expanded to capture more of the to big business men who have worked alongside the regime and who have probably tacitly supported it in the past. so the tendency will be will be increasing pressure on them. to ditch the regime and find some other way of securing their interests how likely do you think it is that syria could tell into another nuclear
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type situation i sincerely hope that it won't what is remarkable so far is the extent to which the opposition has remained nonviolent there have been episodes of violence. which is understandable in a country where there's quite a lot of weaponry around. and violence is being used against the people. but so far it has been largely nonviolent there are increasing calls amongst the opponents of the regime saying you know we've got to use violence i sincerely hope they will those calls will be resisted so i don't think it's going to turn into that sort of . civil war type of confrontation i also think it's inconceivable that any outside powers would want to intervene militarily in a situation which is so complicated on the ground it's very difficult to see how
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any sort of outside intervention would help indeed it would probably hinder because it's the one thing that might bring all the syrians together in opposition to outside intervention so i just don't see that happening i think that's well realized amongst those who are most large in condemnation of the syrian regime that's a nice trick thank you very much not at all pleasure. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on holds true today at . least in canceling your chance to choose to get a book for example the status of the human experiment is exploding with. problems
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in this rap music or what it snows to movies literally trying to make sense of global economy and its arcane tons of us financial templates each of the research clambering to maintain our confidence in markets and beyond the primitive wants to be seen trade imbalances recession to keep the nations close to collapsing a subprime loan foreclosed homes people. to fail switchblade banks again feel levels might think if the us crash and imminent smash the ceiling team feel just like all the classes in athens greece the i.m.f. constructs me i'm just program to increase the total economy. ok.
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hello this is r t is kevin owen here in moscow tonight taking you through our top stories from new york police get tough on thousands of occupy wall street activists furious that their taxes are being used to prop up corporate america protesters have staged the biggest rally in three weeks after being joined now by the union. woman seen as the symbol of the regime's brutality against his own people reappears alive and well after reportedly having been beheaded it's for several media outlets to back track after giving her supposed death such a ration coverage. and eurozone finance chiefs look to help banks that may suffer a blow from greece's burgeoning debt crisis this is in athens a violent protests erupted against have a tough thing austerity measures.


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