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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 12:01am-12:31am EDT

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good to have you with us here on r t our top story the war in afghanistan will stretch beyond thirteen years according to washington's top military commander what began as a decade what began a decade ago as a mission to get the perpetrators of nine eleven has now transformed into an open ended campaign with an unclear end date as jason malard reports the growing american bases indicate that the military's in a little hurry to move on. would you asleep forces over at the telepathically two thousand would feel just a little more than a flight of a cracked roadway since then the former soviet base in the plains north of the afghan capital has grown into a small city that's helped over twenty five thousand full time personal fleets of military cargo aircraft with enough equals to cause traffic jams that expansion is no way it is by scores of contractors u.s. military engineers are constructing new housing and storage facilities to make room for even more bidding war where. there are plenty of home comforts for soldiers
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staying on for tell a few more deployments they can shop for everything from flat screen t.v.'s to fine jewelry enjoy a cappuccino to grab some take on the new pizza hut franchise and if they're tired of working out in the gym they're free to go to the salon for a haircut inside which although some officials have tried to limit such amenities calling them a distraction from the war the troops are happy to have them and these are extremely. useful if enough to leave this planet or have a case that the right. local afghan merchants are also glad to have the extra business both inside and outside the wire without agreement a soldier's my business would be nothing we like having them here but not everyone agrees deadly taliban rocket attacks are on the rise and as the base becomes more and more crowded the threat to those living inside multiplies no matter how high its walls become every rock it's a close call when you this can just get this much equipment personnel it's all into
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one tight spot get close it's going to destroy something or someone easy as it may be to forget at times this is still a war zone jason muckler in bagram for our team. it's some former u.s. military officers are growing disillusion with the afghan war lieutenant colonel karen quite koski is one of them and she thinks the true way with the invasion was to create a platform for keeping an eye on or even invading other possible targets. in many ways american people have not been told what we came to afghanistan to do and that mission is to build bases which we have done and to man those bases and to operate militarily from those bases against other countries in the region that mission has actually been somewhat successful and quite frankly don't think we ever intend to hand it back to any of the afghan people we put karzai in charge in december of two thousand and one as they suppose it democrat of course never never elected back time a friend of
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a patsy of the american government and he remains there to this day you know we had no intention of allowing the afghan people to choose if they had if they were allowed to choose i think we would be long gone. you know this is not about the afghans and it's unfortunate because a terrible terrible things have been done to that country by by americans and by nato but it's not about this is about big power they can't kick us out and we're going to stay we've got permanent bases and we want to terrorize pakistan iran and you know be there to look out over the mountains into china the u.s. led campaign in afghanistan that failed to meet most of its original goals because they are ship the shifting as the war drags are according to our his military contributor who now assesses the situation from the afghan capital. the initial intent was crystal clear to catch or kill osama bin laden no strings attached period but from the outset the operation has gotten the wrong turn
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and today ten years later it's painfully obvious bad it has diggin aerated into the mission creep be very open ended commitment and no graceful exit inside for the united states forces or peace and security for the afghan people the w. bush administration. has ignored the key principle keep it simple stupid advocated by the u.s. special operations command and undermined. their efforts in the pakistani afghan. tribal battles otherwise. today we would have celebrated the tenth anniversary of the mission accomplished. stay with us here on r t still to come libya's ex leader lashes out
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an audio message seemingly from gadhafi tries to rally his loyalists while nato bombs continue pounding the colonel's hometown it's coming your way. but first the banker backlash in the united states is spreading with major rallies held in the capital los angeles and several other cities thousands and joining to express their anger at economic inequalities and high unemployment the uprising started last month when protesters started pitching tents in front of the new york stock exchange under the banner occupy wall street earlier this week heavy handed police were film using batons and pepper spray to disperse demonstrators the aftermath of years of financial strife are causing people's patience to run out and they're angry at the banks for triggering it in the first place one journalist who joined the campaign says the protesters. will not stop demanding social and economic justice. the police did receive what is it four point three million dollars from j.p. morgan chase just a couple days ago to help secure downtown manhattan and they're really hurting
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themselves and their image and they're showing what oppressive force there is to people who are just trying to peacefully walk down wall street i mean all these people want to do is they want to walk down the iconic new york stock exchange they want to walk down wall street and they're treating it they're treating us like we're dangerous terrorists so i do see the police being manipulated by these elites they're given the money and of course they're using tactics to try to squash us but that's only going to build us and make us a lot stronger. the strong strong arm tactics used by the officers spread beyond dispersing the angry crowds one independent reporter trying to cover the events says she got anything but police protection as an independent journalist i actually had my own sort of run in with the play as i was arrested on the brooklyn bridge last weekend with seven hundred other people as i was filming and so where our live stream clears i was also knocked down by a police officer on the front lines in the in the union square protests and i think
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it's raised a lot of interesting questions about what the role of independent journalism is you know as we sort of move forward. i mean i know that on the brooklyn bridge there were a couple times reporters that were arrested as well but you know it's it's a little frustrating that we are have afforded any of the protection that the mainstream media would it would be given because ultimately we are there documented something that is happening for americans enduring rising unemployment and falling standards of living you can feel like capitol hill is talking a different language sometimes the rallying calls and optimism are a far cry from the once mighty cities which are now all but close with their people on the poverty line as artie's marina port reports. these are difficult years for our country but we are americans we are tougher than the times we live in the u.s. great recession began as a real estate crisis in two thousand and seven today it's expanded into
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a national job emergency impossible to ignore the purpose of the american jobs act is simple. to put more people back to work according to the u.s. government nine point one percent of americans are unemployed yet experts say deceptive measures and statistical shenanigans are being used to mask a jobless epidemic that's far worse they even not count or time workers who are working full time or and they also don't count long term unemployed people people who've been unemployed for over six months maybe they do or something and they're not consistently looking for back in time those people would have been considered unemployed but the government constantly changes the definition of who's unemployed and they do that so that the unemployment number looks lower than it otherwise would have been so the numbers over the years have been massaged so that if the
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economy will appear to be in better shape than it really is when part time workers and the unemployed who have given up hope are factored in the real u.s. unemployment rate increases to more than sixteen percent a more telling but often ignored statistic if they were included then you know the government would have to acknowledge that they truly have a major crisis on and on they have you so you know this is part of their problem and the campaign it'll oust them to continue the status quo and society starts completely breaking down broken down and in ruins the city of detroit is feeling the full force of america's economic decline one in three residents live below the poverty line half of the city's public schools are closing and crime is skyrocketing can they. but all of the country's motor industry now has an official unemployment rate of just under thirty percent but city officials and residents legs in o.b. a jeffries say the real figure is close to fifty how how do you describe it it is.
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i think it's. indicative of what's going on in the rest of the country and they're just now feeling it to heal america's economic suffering experts say u.s. leaders need to abandon exaggerated optimism for the ugly truth unemployment is going to continue to get higher inflation is it going to get higher and rather than trying to pretend that the situation isn't as bad as it is we need to accept how bad it is a because then we have a better chance of recognizing the mistakes that were made and that the policy is at fault and that more of the same more stimulus more government regulation is not going to make the situation better u.s. president barack obama has proposed a four hundred forty seven billion dollars plan called perceptor tape america's workforce but just like any life saving procedure recovery can only begin to take place when the police said it's fully understood during
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a port niamh artsy new yorker. friday marks five years since the murder of russian journalist anna politkovskaya gunned down in her apartment block in moscow in two thousand and six the case has drawn international attention and while police believe they've arrested the chief suspect strong evidence appears thin on the ground as artie's a cattery a grouch over reports her family wants to see justice finally served. for police who worked on this day five years ago it was a march of a woman huff way through their shift at around four pm for a very political it was hard way through her pregnancy when she got a call her mother had been shelled out side her apartment it was a watershed moment and there is life before and after. when you might have seen you i was well aware what kind of journalism my mother was into she would ok janelle they say if something happens to me documents are the money's here here are
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all the numbers to call but we never really took it seriously i was four months pregnant the family was full of hope and my mother promised that after her first grandchild was born she would still go into chechnya and take up quite situational istic work. but quiet journalistic work is not something you would associate on the political scale with investigated corrupt security officials and exposed to human rights violations she help people when there are cases in the highest courts in russia industry but the irony is that five years later your own murder still remains unpunished. there have been different periods in the process both busy winton people were arrested almost simultaneously in two thousand and seven and passive when nothing was happening however the events of recent months give us certain optimism for a successful ending successful in terms of finding the mastermind of the murder i can tell you if the investigation was as active five years ago as it is now by this
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time we would have had more evidence on your. order of twenty eleven has indeed been a turning point in may prosecutors named a man who is believed to have pulled the trigger the stomach moved of was arrested in chechnya off to years on the run and belgian and shortly afterwards investigators announced they were closed just solving one of the most high profile slayings in recent brushed. mammary bush. a former high ranking police official dimitri publishing co was a middleman for money agreed to organize a criminal mob consisting of four people to carry out the assassination he kept. provided the perpetrator with a gun and would organize other members of the group we also have other information about the alleged mastermind of the killing but it's too premature to release that information. not with the. not very good as yet aware on the political worked up until her death has been carrying out its own investigation into the journalists
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manta the newspapers deputy editors says it's good that interest in the case is so high both in russia and abroad but it's bad when it turns into pressure on prosecutors but it's much more with your friends period before we still believe that the four people were brothers on their friend who were in were acquitted in two thousand and nine with little or in some way going to this murder but you cannot really mccord's jury for the record it was a lack of solid evidence presented in court and always happens because there was a public pressure on the prosecution to rush to judgment we think that even their races were too premature dominico. the russians supreme court unknown to the verdict of two thousand and nine and ordered every opening of the investigation it's a significant part of the johnny but it's certainly not the end one of the biggest challenges for investigators at this point is to find other suspects who are now on
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the run outside the country but just like on the political square herself her family and colleagues will never give up as they strive to find the truth it takes very little to describe someone's death in case of on the political just a dozen words on a piece of stone but these journalists life and her legacy could never fit in a forty by forty marble plates it's even the actual art team. libya's fallen leader moammar gadhafi has apparently released an audio message calling for people to rise and resist the country's interim leaders the colonel's whereabouts have been unknown ever since the capital was overtaken by the opposition in august the transmission came as fighting between remaining loyalists and the former rebels aided by nato airstrikes intensified and cut off his hometown of sirte. the libyan civil war was joined by nato in march with an objective to protect civilians under
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a un resolution but as the president of the arab warriors association tells our t.v. overwhelming death toll proves that nato did not have peaceful intentions from the start. we have to remember that the resolution of the u.n. was in fact only come find to a no fly zones to imposing a no fly zones it was there to protect civilians at the end of the day we end up with nato actually going to war against the people of libya obviously the dictatorship which prevailed there is no reason to declare war on the people off libya by nato i think the usa britain france and the western powers are hiding now behind nato so that no one can point a finger but the figures of the casualties caused by nato bombing is really mounting two weeks ago and the human rights council in geneva the commission which was asked to investigate the situation in libya came with their report saying that
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they have discussed with nato but nato has confirmed to though call it that they have not had any targeting against civilians i think nato is continuing its war against the libyan people albeit that they got rid of the big data ship but we seem to be heading to the same exercise they have done in iraq and i think russia was right in taking the position of this of the syria because we don't want a repeat performance whereby the un took the position in iraq and then took the position. the u. n. is not there to change regimes it may protect humanitarian purposes it might protect civilians it might stop wars but it is definitely not to change regimes. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe a pakistani doctor accused of helping the cia in the run up to the raid that killed osama bin laden could be charged with high treason state investigators claim shock
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he'll afridi operated a fake vaccination program to gather d.n.a. samples in the city where the terror leader was eventually killed pakistan is furious for being kept in the dark over the u.s. mission to wipe out in a lot of the saying it bali violated the country's sovereignty. there's been a fierce clashes between police and students in the chilean capital a day after education reform talks collapsed at least thirty people were injured including police as they used tear gas and water cannons to break up demonstrators a head of several demonstrators of several thousand activists the student leader said the violence was unprecedented in the five months of contentions of confrontations since the demand for education changes emerged. time now for russia close up to take you deeper into the culture of the world's biggest country.
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we continue our journey through the panzer region which is six hundred kilometers southeast of moscow the capital is also called founded as a small fortress in the seventeenth century on the banks of the river but it is also high tech within its rich heritage it's also home to a unique heart valve factory saving people's lives around the world every day. no one check it out. both inside and outside of russia. ordinary russians and also the state of the russian medical profession often seen as something of a mixture between a joke and a horror story but there are facts that challenge the. pair of producing officials in a company that's just over fifteen years ago and have been so successful for the. country. lifesaving surgery the doctors are sodium an artificial valve that will
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allow this man's heart to function again the construction of the deceptively simple mechanism will determine how he lives the rest of his life and if he survives it all twenty years ago all these valves have to be imported until this company opened in pens and originally this was meant to be a huge flaw in producing holidays the soviet made p.c.'s but then when the u.s. saw collapsed of course there was no demand for russian made computers so that the empty shell of a building and turned it into something else by far the biggest producer of artificial heart. started by a single russian physicist middling sprung up without government support none of the small team of inventors that worked with the medical equipment manufacturer before now seven in ten implanted in russia come from here it may look like an over expanded workshop but the quality of its products has allowed this company to supply them to over twenty countries so here they know. success can be fleeting.
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we know we've had our successful invention but technology moves on we are small compared to our international rivals and so we know we have to keep making new models just to survive. and usually for russia every new model was developed together with plans local hearts and doctors here admit that at first there was skepticism about the russian made piece of medical equipment which is so what doctors are very conservative very nature and the first day and their patients were very mistrustful of devolves to make people try something new on themselves it was difficult but i'll tell you this twenty years ago up to one in five used to die during the surgery now the figure is around one percent of. the surgery was successful so again i retired army officer will be discharged within a week. i look forward to the rest of my life i can feel the cuts but i feel my
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heart working better as to the i researched everywhere in the internet about it and it's fine i trust evolve that is inside my heart. either party pens or. your weekly guide to the russian capital coming your way shortly but first a business update with kareena stay with us. good morning from moscow welcome to our business update with. russia central bank is calling on the government to ensure it maintains a balanced budget deputy chairman alex. europe's debt crisis is pushing up borrowing costs even if a countries like russia which is running a virtually zero deficit. those who are really. so lucas and her to be very careful about that. but of course is very much should be general fiscal situation.
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budget deficits in that case will do some called for and the only way to form is the budget deficits come to the markets. and not go into the three so that the good news for her kind of. budget office. turning to the markets numbers oil has raised early decline heading for the first weekly gain in three branches trading at just below one hundred six dollars a barrel while is it almost eighty three dollars a barrel. now asian stocks rise following a strong performance in the u.s. up to the release of better than a forecast unemployment claims claims data japan's nikkei gaining one point one percent in hong kong's hang seng is up over three percent banks are notable gainers up with bank of england and european central bank announced easing measures so me telling its financial group at about one point eight percent and mitsubishi financial group rose two and
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a half percent in tokyo commodity related firms rallied as well after search for oil futures in new york on thursday now were two hours ahead of trading here in russia the indices bounced back on thursday following the shops sell off in the previous sessions both e.l.t.'s and m i six were up more than four percent at the close investors were inspired by the european central bank introducing a new uniquity measures to support the banks and also announced a program to purchase coverage bonds but it's being seen as only a positive blip with no sustained backup. there's another nod towards the end game for greece and other countries survival in the euro zone saxo bank chief told r.t. that there are no sovereign debt solutions which members are prepared to stop. we need to deal with the root problem which is that these guys do not have the ability to pay back that they do not seem to have the you know the will show the ability to try to generate a balanced economy so how do you how do you solve these issues when you also lose
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competitiveness you have internal deflation meaning that people have to go down twenty thirty forty percent and so rich that's a very difficult for any politician or you to external devaluation which means you have to leave yourself some of the things that greece will have to leave the eurozone and potentially other countries from. russian energy holding into iran has agreed to build hydro power plants in ecuador the deal is estimated to be worth one of the half billion dollars of money to be alone by russian banks it's the second is around project in south american country expects more to come next year. that's it for now our headlines are next so stay with us.
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on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street center they are. ladies and gentlemen your child gets a chance to sit together with for example the status of the human experiment is it splitting or will. we put your programs in this rap music or dick's goes to movies
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alertly trying to make sense of global economy and its arcane trends and us financial templates each of the research clambering to maintain our confidence in markets and thinking on the primitive wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look cheap emissions close to collapsing a subprime loan foreclosed homes people. to fail switchblade banks again feel level i think if the us crash and imminent smashed ceiling thing feel just like all the classes in athens three the i.m.f. constructionism just programs increasing the total economy. under attack america lost out target. comes to. asia. the food the food the u.s. more mission. the mission to bring peace and stability to the war.
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ten years old. dangerous.
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eight thirty am in moscow these iraqi headlines pushing the purpose instead of pulling out quickly america's cloudy afghan exit strategy overshadows the nation's tenth anniversary with a deadline expected to be broken the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan says the war will drag on beyond twenty fourteen . for anti wall street protests that have grown in new york over the past few weeks are spreading to other major cities including washington thousands of americans are joining demonstrations against poverty and corporate greed as the country struggles to deal with the ongoing economic crisis. five years after the murder of russian journalist anna politkovskaya police say they've reached a turning point in the investigation no one's yet been convicted of the killings.


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