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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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the. eight thirty am in moscow these iraqi headlights pushing the purpose instead of pulling out quickly america's cloudy afghan exit strategy overshadows the nation's tenth anniversary with a deadline expected to be broken the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan says the war will drag on beyond twenty fourteen . anti wall street protests that have grown in new york over the past few weeks are spreading to other major cities including washington thousands of americans are joining demonstrations against poverty and corporate greed as the country struggles
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to deal with the ongoing economic crisis. five years after the murder of russian journalist anna politkovskaya police say they've reached a turning point the investigation no one's yet been convicted of the killing but her family is hopeful that progress will see justice a bench release or. tossed out with martin andrews coming up next stay with us. great. to. you. soledad.
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hello i welcome to the must go out show on this week's program of exploring the famous pushkin museum but cases right in the heart of the russian capital that opened in one thousand and twelve and next year will celebrate his one hundredth anniversary so join the most numbers as we take a look at the stunning collection of often representing centuries of creativity the strength and culture. the kooyong which you see here is a reproduction of the not of class a body general in florence the spin the blockade has incredible examples of jama medieval art and italian medicinals of the fifteenth century highlights the michelangelo's famous stage at sculpture the museum was founded by the us it is on spec tires the main building was constructed
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from eight hundred ninety eight i don't attach for my client christian names off to complex on the stand that it was late to change the nine hundred thirty s. in honor of the russian car it is hues of the museum a bull's eye breathtaking just like thousands of exhibits on display look a sea close to the kremlin and across the road from the christ city to see for the complex a building this is also known as museum village and how the among the has turned the whole area because comes time at church is a thriving cultural person. when bills losing was the first of its kind in russia it was officially open this past the sense that it was celebrations in the polish defeat and so on the drive second himself it extends to the revolution the soviet times in the break about the. us a song the museum the food the tumultuous times of the last century during world war two for example the greater positive museum resources to novosibirsk a city chomsky is major events and celebrations plans for the one hundredth
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anniversary next year museum can now look forward to the next one hundred years. when the museum was founded one of its main objectives was to become an educational institute for local students many of the exhibits on display inside the museum are exact copies of original masterpieces from all around the world commissions and created specifically for that cost him his ear in this room for example you can see replicas of some of the most famous quick statues a sculpture is between the fourth and first centuries they say. in the form of a shoe grease here you can see terrorist boss religious models and gold on the copies all designed to introduce you to this and this is just to them a stages in the history of the last dozens of team to pass the cost of on display in the room featuring heads of several great philosophers afraid a breeze in science is glad to see creativity thousands of years ago.
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the house of ancient greece is why even the sense of museums and the untitled the greek young is one of its highlights it showcases examples of architecture from the fish and first centuries b.c. when the art and culture in new york at the time flourished. to serious issues and exhibits need a full day to make around the museum but we are interested in sculpture post-impressionist asked for egyptian artifacts you'll find wonderful examples here some are copies yes but the museum also holds many originals too. easy and has a substantial collection also original vases featuring ancient greek culture a from the six to six. centuries b.c. the black and red figure techniques to keep various images created to showcase ancient rituals connected with feasts will fuel ceremonies. i think while a little shabby to push the museum is
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a considerably more peaceful place to contemplate great art the many who hides in hex the big carries in the west. i really enjoy the city and i wanted to spend my day in a post can museum and i'm really impressed about what these this year has also because there are so many different artists and it's just beautiful i enjoy this music made this wonderful way by next door. you have one thousand things god and all things and just beautiful. other valuable objects from a greaser display or regional high seas that was found by the german enthusiastic are actually working in a lighting century the armature of eulogist famously helped excavate the city of troy. here in a museum there are over two hundred fifty items of the century b.c. mainly jewelry.
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the collection of awful ancient egypt in the christian museum is the largest of its cards in russia defeat these pieces of cotton also objects used by the egyptians in the every day large spending thousands of years but the oldest items come from the fourth millennium b.c. . one of the highlights in this room is the cosmetics pool as it's called take it from the end of the fifteenth century b.c. made from all every it features a naked girl swimming in the sacred lotus flower for the most splendid examples of egyptian decorative art the conservation egypt was a p.c. as animals with features of an animal like birds heads for example egyptians view death almost as a cult and here in the museum there are many items connected with. some of the most interesting coincidence in the museum represent the flemish hours of the seventeenth century created many to decorate l'arche interior the palaces and
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to see jewels the features paintings are religious the portraits and landscapes large scale paintings by such artists rubens dyke and rembrandt are all featured in a collection of. students from now as he's come to study the museum's various odd pieces many programmes elections for lovers of all ages are also regularly old allies as an establishment at the forefront of moscow's op scene no wonder you'll see lines of people killed out of sight every day so why is the museum so popular the cost of parts and forests. because of the i'm in love with the museum jock itch it's like you're looking back to the days of old the place is a temple to the oxen a regular rest from every day life from the worries of a big city that has this museum is my favorite as it gives a great fear on our history depending on the media interest you can explore various ages of schools about his clothing russia without going to moscow in moscow without going for the first especially the impressionist parks the artist over here from
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the paintings are very well cared for and exhibited well so that you can see the whole thing on snow blair. the museum is constantly altering its public display which gives the public a chance to see more of the enormous collection. they're also tempi exhibitions which often include collections from a good tricky five salvador dali countesses are currently on display here until the middle of november says only dolly's graphic works have been demonstrated in moscow before this exhibition off is a unique opportunity to see his paintings the items on display a courtesy of the dalai state's museum display putting together such exhibitions crys great vision and passion with tools new collections and consumer innovation the team at the museum can. leave look at ways to cruise is just experience and you discuss the history person and future of the museum to meet the street sketch well it's lovely to meet you oh nice to meet you thank you for your time let's help me
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why is the push the museum of fine arts so popular well you know it's a tradition firstly we have such a nice collection first the museum was initiated as the museum of lost is mainly for educational purposes but a great religion beloki into a stand picture gallery with. a number of very famous must take pieces of. a mixture here is a very large year for the museum as it's the one hundredth anniversary yes indeed it is very remarkable because it has a liberating our centenary and there he is it is a nice time to look back. to the whole age it was not at all so. calm in the rush i would say yes it was really dramatic in some periods and not to forget to take music was established just at the coast while the warm and by
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the way no were there to be asked so much it cost him today exhibitions in our rooms the but it was never planned for temporal exhibition and it's not just the odd but it is stunning a breathtaking here and museum but indeed the actual building and hall indeed our residence here it is one of the most remarkable buildings in moscow i would say look and we have much in depth here to kill it creates. a clay in the hole was the one also leading. off a period of thank you very much feels her very welcome and all the best here are the music. filling me with ideas building houses steam your shipment of impressionist your precious and. many experts agree that museums question. trisha's must be found in its collection of paintings. there was some spray here we saw just to spew your pee and ought to lose contain fascinating what spike in supine goes picasso renoir in the museum
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a second was by me t's eleven not on display looking through such beauty is quite as well made especially amongst famous cut pieces that cost millions of dollars the push museum is definitely one of the world's great cultural institutions why the similes eons in paris or london or new york going to visit is something you would suggest. wow absolutely breathtaking the original on canvas why more families pay to buy my in a city in a nice you know i knew full well of course he doesn't somehow on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew at the safest museum of fine arts by now.
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monitoring. his time in cold. friendly. dynamic. to friends but he'll. months go. on. the book.
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the book. on. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening up a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. problems you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet that you told me that that sells what democracy's public opinion versus f.c.c.
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broadcast blues the archies. fixed for. the first few. pushing the purpose instead of pulling out quickly america's cloudy afghan exit strategy overshadowing the mission's tenth anniversary with a deadline expected to be broken the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan says the war may drag on beyond two thousand and fourteen. anti wall street protests have grown in new york over the past few weeks now spreading to other major cities including washington thousands of americans are joining demonstrations against poverty and corporate greed as the country struggles to deal with its ongoing economic crisis. five years after the murder of russian journalist anna politkovskaya police say they've reached a turning point investigation no one's yet been convicted of the killing but her
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family is hopeful progress will eventually see justice served. in the trees up next with all the latest action from the world of sports stay with us here on r.t. . hello there welcome to the sports. stories this hour. i just one day will wash or go to europe twenty twelve will not will get balance is by the end of friday. mr. moore on penalties and fails to go top of the what some call. titles on the allied knowledgeable world heavyweight boxing champion body mcleish announces face to face former cruiserweight great john locke moment in december. so let's start with football and
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russia face the barca to night in a match which could go a long way to determining their hopes of qualifying automatically for next year's euro trying to top finals in poland and ukraine a point should be enough or they could have got side with their final match against rock bottom dollar but as richard one four for reports they will be up against slovakia team which has nothing to lose. it's been a topsy turvy group campaign for the russians plenty of alt sundowns however which is too much to go to camp because men find themselves in a very healthy position two points clear at the top of the table and three ahead of friday's opponents of i can. still only hint than slow go north so it still does important for us to get a good result would you still need the points and the super slow work or slow work or get. the result of the dutchman has a clear bill of health with you does your calls and alexander and you cause of
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recovering from sight not however you will have to find a new partner under your child in the time i was on the case record has been the preferred time in that role of the last couple of months proceed forward hasn't made the trip due to injury to his right to leave the drama public change will get a rare starts one point will be good enough for the russians but some of ikea must win to preserve their hopes of qualifying automatically love the car doesn't believe the visitors will look to attack from the first whistle. would you mention that we are from the also quite quick so we can demonstrate that if they change the way of playing. i think they will start. doing it will improve meanwhile some like his position could have been so much different spot for a shot for no defeat at home to armenia last time around but means right you know vice aside have to be russia to keep their chances of making it to poland and ukraine alive however young. applies his trade look mighty moscow and russian
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premier league doesn't believe his side are under any extra pressure and the fact that so many of their players have played in russia could work to bare advantage and that was as good as a good thing is that we know the russian players very well as their manager had a stint in the premier league was such a tour and from two thousand and six to two thousand and seven he always watched this guy in the needs games world so we've got plenty of scouting done in our own lives now we just have the measure of confidence to talk with her actions on the page although everything is in russia's favor going into the game survive he installed up a massive shock against the russians last time outs spawn russia dominated from start to pinochet going to slosh talks excellence trying to be the only gold the game which gave a slow by surprise victory for russia or of only managed to keep a central european omens once in six competitive matches what was six years ago to the baby's two countries played an equally important qualifier here in slovakia about occasionally and this is firmly on the russians to win of apelles get all
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three points and we did and the parents of qualifying for the two thousand and six world cup six years on his roles reversed the complicated side of a two point lead for example the group as a black you know only victory will do it one of the same pair hopes of qualifying automatically for euro two thousand and twelve richard reid r t so back here. in the kontinental hockey league says carr had failed to go for the western conference after suffering a two three defeats more it was the visitors from bias to the late at the start of the second period to zadok made the test because it's a late with with those great shot. he has maybe six minutes to get an equalizer profile of making the most of a power play to level matters for the game which it's russophobe summer in france for the second time and again after scoring on a powerplay the muscovites managed to take the game into extra time with less than three minutes to go in the third period through surrogate pasha the additional five minutes were not enough to define the winner so it went into
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a shootout lottery where the crowbar sides wrote. mikhail youzhny will fight for a place in the semifinals at the china open his today's opponent is about to be change of creation start the match in time for a three more but final match is fragile for friday with thomas which will be a trip to problems from taking on benetton out of exhaust south african kevin anderson plays. of great seed frenchman joe wilfred entertained on the straight. in the women's game both russian that is married and. had chances to progress into the same place qualify wanted to. start that clash on cities but which after all will be examined for see. germany another match this is nasty place. and ivana which takes an admission of
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problems. in the meantime top seeded rafael nadal has only had to book one early to get home from the tournament all the spaniard getting into the quarterfinal stuff pays for two tall months out of fifteen this year in tokyo canadian most running the best he could alone to try and fail to turn right first run of success the second grand splendid came away with the first set seven five surprise for the rough in the second as it began terminating his usual groundstrokes seven five six three one and it's out there. sixty for victory or for trying to leaven in talk of columbus into our group rather than next for the twenty five year old last night. and had an even bigger weight in japan sweet revenge against american. born american american this year the scot set the tone in this one but taking the first set six one world number four taking less than an hour to close out the six one six
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to win twenty four year old brick faces david will go into the protestant. but there are political will be putting it all in the live before the end of the year the thirty five year old boxer is set to defend his w b i beer and w b o heavyweight belts against former cruiserweight champion john not normally on the tenth of december which goes thirty nine year old of our own advance how the w.b.c. and would be a unified world was a weight belt but we were over a year since moments last friday by the time the french most stepped into the ring with. himself stands a full fifteen centimeters tall of them the man who has worn all his heavyweight flouts since moving out of weight in two thousand and nine which called last fourteen july between david haye the younger big brother sicking to make it when number fifty seven sixty about to switch off. american sprinter shaun merritt
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is cleared to defend his four hundred meter tidal at the london olympic games that's after the course the arbitration for sport overturned a disputed coping rule which bars an athlete suspended for more than six months to compete in the following summer or winter olympics says the rule invalid saying if it's a knowledge it second sanction doesn't comply with the ball ages it goes where it was suspended for twenty one months after drugs in a cobra twenty ten by the time the london games begin before hundred meter a live picture. world cup because that. it is one club benefiting enormously from. three time n.b.a. champion tony parker to set up for the learn team a club in which owns twenty percent the twenty nine year old will make just two thousand euros a month the minimum required by the french league's lead because they got the part
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to put the spotlight on in his home country i'm helping my team i invest. a lot of my time alone on my you know with the team and i want to. try to help french basketball to have a better place in france. ok or to do more sports news from around the globe put into ice time who not you know whether. there is that so much. more which is the distance we need arab spring in the arab democracy some people of the middle east have demonstrated they can rid themselves.
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from our bureau. we hear it because our patch out states. that god promised them this millinery long stuff.
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will if they are still going to be thinking the. culturalism people will not believe that god is real estate agent say look at this that is this for you guys and this guy is as we. understand this is a. different my than the. problem you. cut. the close of this good to the spitsbergen archipelago. for the world's northernmost joshua glenn presides over a ghost. town archie goes to pains
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a group of religious volunteers for the drills of policy from roots. for technological breakthroughs save lives. and where people are forced to take. the pens or reach much of close up on the party. british. let. the global economy.


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