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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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commander in afghanistan says the war will drag on beyond two thousand and fourteen . coming up stay with us. great. to. come to. germany. so different but the a little. moscow. hello
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i won't come to the must go out show on this because out i'll be going the famous pushkin easy i'm located right in the heart of the russian capital that opened in one thousand and twelve and let's see if we'll celebrate his one hundredth anniversary so join the market on greece as we take a look at the something collection of all on off representing centuries of creativity history and culture. to kooyong which you see here is a reproduction on teens here you want to pass a bunch of influence to spin the blockade has incredible examples of german medieval arts and italian missiles of the fifteenth century. being michelangelo's famous david sculpture the museum was founded by the pheasant it's on spec tires
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the main building was constructed from eight hundred ninety eight by all accounts for my client which means. named after him products on the stand that it was late to change in the thirty's in honor of the russian power it diffuses of the museum and breathtaking just like the thousands of exhibits on display located close to the kremlin and across the road from the christ save the cathedral the complex of building this is also known as museum village and beyond mark has turned the whole area. is with thriving cultural currency. bills losing was the first of its kind in russia it was officially open as part of the centennial celebration of the polish defeat the second himself in attendance through the revolution the soviet times in the break about. the. times of the last century during world war two for example the greater part of the museum resources to
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novosibirsk a city chomsky is major events and celebrations plans for the one hundredth anniversary next year the museum kalak forward to the next one hundred years. when the museum was founded one of its main objectives was to become an educational institute for local students many of the exhibits on display are exact copies of the pieces from. commissions and created specifically for the post. in this room for example you can see replicas of some of the most famous statues in sculptures between the fourth and first centuries place. in the final days of greece here you can see various boss religious models copies all designed to introduce you to this and this has to them a stages in the history of iraq dozens of team to pass the costs are on display in the room featuring heads or several great philosophers a friend
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a brilliant insight into the artistic creativity thousands of years ago. the ass of ancient greece is why even presented in the museum in the untitled the greek yard is one of its highlights it showcases examples of architecture from the fish and first centuries b.c. when the art and culture in new york at the time flourished. with so many tools and exhibits beautiful day to look around the museum but we are interested in sculpture post-impressionist art or egyptian artifacts you'll find wonderful examples here some are copies yes but the museum also holds many originals to. the museum has a substantial collection of original vases featuring a greek culture a from the six to fifty centuries b.c. the black and red figure techniques to pick various images created to showcase rituals connected with feasts will funeral ceremonies. i think while
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a little shabby to push the museum is a considerably more peaceful place to contemplate great art the many of them will heighten hexie big galleries in the west. i really enjoyed the city and i wanted to spend a. really impressed. also because there's so many different artists and it's just beautiful and so it. is wonderful next door and then. you have. dutch. and just beautiful. other valuable objects from asia greece and display all regional items that were found by the german enthusiastic actually went in the century the how much of a geologist famously helped excavate the city of troy. here in the museum there are over two hundred fifty items those third century b.c. mainly jewelry.
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mission of art from ancient egypt in the push to museum is the largest of its cards in russia defeat these pieces apart and also objects used by the egyptians in the every day life span thousands of years but the oldest items come from the fourth millennium b.c. . one of the highlights in this room is the cosmetics bill as it's called daisy from the end of the fifteenth century b.c. made from all every it features a naked girl swimming with the sacred lotus flower for the most splendid examples of egyptian decorative art the gods of age egypt or is it pictured as animals with features of an animal like birds heads for example egyptians view death almost as a cult and here in the museum there are many items connected with us. some of the most interesting paintings in the museum represent the flemish art of
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the seventeenth century created many to decorate lavish interiors of palaces and cathedrals the features paintings are religious the portraits and landscapes large scale paintings by such artists rubens and rembrandt are all featured in the collection. students from now as he's come to study to museums various pieces many programs elections for lovers of all ages are also regularly organized as an establishment at the forefront of moscow's op scene where one day you'll see lines of people queued up outside every day so why is the museum so popular the mosque invites and foreigners. especially i'm in love with the museums architecture it's like a look back to the days of old places or temples of the oxen sharing interest from everyday life from the worries of a big city new to this museum is my favorite i think gives a great fear an art history depending on the media interest you can explore various ages of schools at heart he says contain russian without going to moscow in moscow
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without going to the first especially the impressionist parks there are so beautiful the paintings are very well cared for and exhibited were also. you can see the whole. place the public a chance to see this collection. of issues which are. twenty five. currently on display here. being demonstrated in. this exhibition is a unique opportunity to see. the space putting together such a. great addition compassion. collection. look at ways to destress experience. history person. meet this week's guest well it's lovely to meet you. tell me why is the.
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tradition. developed authentic picture gallery. and number of. pieces. is a very. bad . was. yes it was. and. was established just. how much it cost
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him to. our rooms. but it was never planned temporally exhibition and it's not just the odd that is stunning a breathtaking here and museum but indeed the actual building in a whole amazing to see is one of the most remarkable. and depth is it kill. at the whole. of it thank you very much feels heart of very well and all the best here at the museum. finally with your life in a separate building the house is stunning assortment of impressionist poster precious and most know many experts agree that the museum is gracious trisha's to be found in its collection of paintings. the works from display here we saw just to screw over your piano. to use contains fascinating works by consider buying gold
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picasso renoir in the museum a second was by me to use all of them not only on display new through such beauty is quite overwhelming especially amongst famous pieces that cost millions of dollars to push the museum is definitely one of the world's great cultural institutions widening similar museums in paris london or new york and a visit is something you will miss she gets. wow absolutely breathtaking a village you know all along combis white more families painted by my in a t. in the night you know i youthful but unfortunately that's how we have on this beach party must see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew of the state christian museum of fine arts for now.
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maundering. historical. friendly. dynamic. friends feel. moscow. the little. this has. to. come.
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home to. even the books this game should land the sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic which. is crossroads of two religion. safe and strong a spirit is hard. for . if.
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yeah anti wall street protests that have grown in new york over the past few weeks spreading to other major cities including washington thousands of americans are joining demonstrations against poverty and corporate greed as the country struggles to deal with its ongoing economic crisis. piece suspects in the killing of russian journalist anna politkovskaya five years ago to be formally charged with her murder investigators also say they found new accomplices her family is hopeful progress in the case will see justice of venture. pushing the purpose instead of pulling out quickly america's cloudy afghan exit strategy overshadows the mission the tenth anniversary with a deadline expected to be missed at the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan says the war may drag on beyond two thousand and fourteen. petris up next with all the latest sports headlines stay with us.
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hello there this is the. it's a bit complex get in schools. judgement day will russia go to your atlanta twelve knots will get by the end of friday. and fail to go top of the bicycle friends. and topples on the line multiple world heavyweight boxing champ. announces face to face former cruiserweight great john locke moment in december. but start with football and russia face the locket tonight and i'm not sure which could go a long way to determining the house of qualifying automatically for next year as you are trying to twelve finals in poland and ukraine points should be enough for dick advocaat side with their final match against iraq bought some on dora but as richard porter reports they will be up against slovakia team which has nothing to
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lose. it's been a topsy turvy group campaign for the russians with plenty of op sun diamonds however with just too much to go to come to coutts may find themselves in a very healthy position two points clear at the top of the table and three ahead of friday's opponents of i can. have still. so but still just to get a good result we still need support and this is. not the right result. the dutchman has a clear bill of health with you richard calls and on exam time you called recovering from slight knocks however he will have to find a new partner from the shower the time i was on the case or called has been the preferred mine but roll of the last couple of months for what has made the trip due to injury so it's likely. but roman public will get a rare start while a point will be good enough for the russians slovakia must win to preserve best
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hopes of qualifying automatically but of a cat doesn't believe that visitors will look to attack from the first whistle. would you mention that we have from the also quite quick so we can demonstrate that if they change the way of playing. i think they will start. doing that will improve meanwhile survive his position could have been so much different but for a shot for no defeat at holmes armenia last time around that means v.m. advice aside have to be russia to keep their chances of making it to poland and ukraine alliance however young who prizes trade would look mighty moscow in the russian premier league doesn't believe his side are under any extra pressure and the fact that so many of their players have played in russia could work to very vantage. a good thing is that we know the russian players are very well as their manager had a stint in the premier league was such a tour and from two thousand and six to two thousand and seven he always watched
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this guy in the needs games of the world so we've got plenty of scouting is done on our opponents now we just have to measure confidence talked with our actions on the page although every thing is in russia's favor going into the game as a vikings pulled off a massive shock against the russians last time outs spawn russia dominated from start to finish minister off stocks excellence trying to be the only goal of the game which gave the slovaks a surprise victory for russia or of only managed to keep their central european opponents once in six competitive matches over six years ago today these two countries played an equally important qualifier here in slovakia a lot occasionally emphasis was firmly on the russians to win but they failed to get all three points and with it ended their hopes of qualifying for the two thousand and six world cup six years on that his roles reversed the complicated side have a two point lead at the top of the group and so back you know only victory will do they want to maintain their hopes of qualifying automatically for euro two thousand and twelve. really no. stay with football germany are
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preparing for their penultimate group. the germans have already won all eight. books that tickets for the european championships and then they beat the sittings charges last october. that germans are alike. to be relaxed this time as they could take another step towards history no german side has ever won all of their qualifying games for a major tournament when the same is it from strength for the tie and have the likes of real madrid do and. in the schools. yet to qualify for the key football event of the next they have a very strong motivation for the wayne is that desperate to finish second in the group to retain the chance of qualifying for the finals in poland and ukraine for the moment as they sit second two points ahead of their closest rivals belgium but any mistake could bury their hopes qualifying for europe trying to topple. england
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play their last qualifier against montenegro of the evening. top of group g. six points clear of their closest rivals and need only a single point to secure a direct ticket to poland and ukraine next year with a full squad available for this fixture doesn't look so hot to achieve. during. the last three days i selected twenty four players for him. feet. when the kontinental hockey league had failed to go top of the western conference after suffering a two three home defeat it was the visitors from home through took the lead at the start of the second period you have made the capitulates with this close range shots that has made it six minutes to get an equaliser yack afraid of making the most of
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a power play to level matters for the game. in france for the second time in the game scoring on a power play the muscovites managed to take the game into extra time with less than three minutes to go in the third period. of the dish no five minutes were not enough to define the winner so shoot out lottery where the couple of side wrote their luck. mikhail youzhny thought for a place in the semifinals at the china open his opponent right now is the one lubitsch of creation the russian dropped the opening set on a tie break. but it is already through i see only one game in the match against spend it cannot of it just go right to more quarterfinal match the shadows for friday's south african kevin anderson place to the top seed frenchman will take on carlos. in the women's game record lanka has been knocked out by remaining qualifier morning in three sets only one of which is also out of the tournament.
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failed to finish a second set against agnieszka advanced of poland due to an injury the match. is not secure place to tell and while the only remaining female russian under stress it was a chunk of hope to progress into the same issue will be examined by seat hundred. jumps. in the meantime top seeded rafael nadal has only had to book one early take it from a tournament all the spaniard getting into the quarter final so the tournament. fifteen this year in tokyo cannot. milla charlotte did the best he could go on to try and put her down into rock first run of success that second rank spend it came away with the first set seven five the surprise factor for rough in the second set began dominating via his usual power groundstrokes seven five six three was that one and get his sixty third victory of twenty eleven in tokyo columbus in childhood
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is up next for the twenty five year old in the last. had an even bigger win in japan sweet revenge against american alex to come out of junior the last two born american america this year scott set the town in this one by taking the first set six one the world number four taking less than an hour to close out the six one six to win the twenty four year old faces david in the quarter. now jenson button was fastest in friday's practice for the japanese formula one grand prix the mclaren driver setting the question time with one minute thirty one point nine zero one seconds ferrari's fernando alonso lost to the bridge while less than one tenth of a second while defending champ was third fastest just by taking a tire there and spinning off the track near the end of the season of the session
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but there were klitschko will be putting it all in the live before the end of the thirty five year old boxer is set to defend his double b. and w. b. heavyweight belts against former cruiserweight champion moment on the tenth of december klitschko thirty nine year old opponent wants the w.b.c. and be unified cruiserweight belt but it will be over years since moments last fight by the time the frenchman steps into the ring when. the ukrainian himself stands a full fifteen centimeters tall or you have a man who's worn all he's had with since moving up a weight in two thousand and nine which last fought in july beating david haye the younger of the klitschko brothers to make it when number fifty seven from sixty pounds in just a. one club benefiting enormously from the n.b.a. lockout three time n.b.a. champ and tony parker to sit up for their own team club in which owns twenty
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percent the twenty nine year old will make just two thousand euros a month the minimum required by the french league's labor code the goal for parker to put the spotlight on the ball in his home country. helping my team i invest. a lot of my time and on my my you know with the team and i want to you know try to help french basketball to have a better place in france. that's all the sport news for a moment i'll be back in two hours time with more life. issues that so much. more what is the distance between the arab spring in the arab democracy some people of the middle east have demonstrated they can rid themselves.
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we hear it because of our patchy outs that. god promised them this milind belongs to our. will if they are still going to be thinking. and goal chosen people will believe that god is. ok the stand is this for you guys in disguise this is it is for you. this is. this for my band.
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against wall street gathers momentum spreading beyond new york into other major cities as thousands of americans invented against poverty and corporate greed. he suspects in the killing of russian journalist anna politkovskaya five years ago or to be formally charged with her murder investigators also say they found new accomplices plus. really. pushing the purpose instead of pulling out quickly america's cloudy afghan exit strategy overshadowing the nation's tenth anniversary with a deadline expectation to be missed. and from on business desk russia's energy giant gazprom gets a license to explore one of the country's largest undeveloped gas fields along that in our business bulletin randi.


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