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he had been convicted of the killing but authorities say they're close to solving it. now when r t r four it's time for culture as we take an excursion through one of moscow's premier attractions stay with us. great. to. come to. germany. so to be a little. moscow. hello
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i won't come to moscow outselling this big plays out it's going to famous pushkin museum located right in the heart of the russian capital that opened in one thousand and twelve by let's see it will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary so join the last numbers as we take a look at the something collection of all office representing centuries of creativity history and culture. the kooyong which you see here is a reproduction of the plants a bunch of influence to spin the blockade has incredible examples of german medieval art and italian missiles of the fifteenth century. being michelangelo
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steam stated sculpture the museum was founded by the pheasant it sounds for tires the main building was constructed from eight hundred ninety eight pounds tax for my climb which means. named off the end products on the stand that it was late to change the nine hundred thirty s. in honor of the russian poet diffuse of the museum. breathtaking. thousands of exhibits on display located close to the kremlin and across the road from the christ city cathedral the complex of building this is also known as museum village and beyond mark the has turned the whole area. this was thriving cultural quarter. when bills losing was the first of its kind in russia it was officially open this past dysentery celebrations the polish defeat boots on the clyde second himself in attendance through the revolution to serbia time to the break about the u.s.s.r. . times of the last century during world war two for example the greater
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part of the museum resources to novosibirsk a city chomsky has major events and celebrations planned for the one hundredth anniversary next year the museum can i look forward to the next one hundred years. when the museum was founded one of its main objectives was to become an educational institute for local students many of the exhibits on display are exact copies of the pieces from. commissions and created specifically for that. in this room for example you can see replicas of some of the most famous greek statues a sculpture is between the fourth and first centuries basis. in the final days of greece here you can see various boss religious models on the copies all designed to introduce you to this and this has to them a stages in the history of the last dozens of teams had passed the cost of on
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display in the room featuring heads or several great philosophers a friend a brilliant insight into the artistic creativity thousands of years ago. because of ancient greece is why even presented in the museum in the untitled the greek yard is one of its highlights it showcases examples of architecture from the fish and first centuries b.c. when the art and culture in new york at the time flourished. with so many tools and exhibits beautiful day to look around the museum but we are interested in sculpture post-impressionist art or gyptian artifacts you'll find wonderful examples here some are copies yes but the museum also holds many originals to the museum has a substantial collection of a ritual vases be shredded great pottery from the six to fifty centuries b.c. the black and red figure techniques to pick various images created to showcase
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ancient rituals connected with feasts full funeral ceremonies. i think while a little shabby to push the museum is a considerably more peaceful place to contemplate great art the many of them will heighten hexie big galleries in the west. i really enjoy the city and i wanted to spend my day in the pushkin museum and really impressed about what this has to offer because there are so many different artists and it's just beautiful i enjoy it this music is wonderful next door and then. you have. dutch. and just beautiful. other valuable objects from asia greece and display all regional items that were found by the german enthusiastic i'm actually in the nineteenth century the how much of a geologist famously helped excavate the city of troy. during the museum there are
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over two hundred fifty items those third century b.c. mainly jewelry. mission of art from ancient egypt in the push to museum is the largest of its cards in russia defeats these pieces apart and also objects used by the egyptians in the every day life spending thousands of years but the oldest items come from the fourth millennium b.c. . one of the highlights in this room is the cosmetics bill as it's called dated from the end of the fifteenth century b.c. made from on every it features a naked girl swimming with the sacred lotus flower splendid examples of egyptian decorative art the gods of ancient egypt were depicted as animals with features of an animal like birds heads for example egyptians view death almost as a cult and here in the museum there are many items connected with us.
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some of the most interesting paintings in the museum represent the flemish hours of the seventeenth century created to decorate lavish interiors of palaces and cathedrals the features paintings are religious themes portraits and landscapes large scale paintings by such artists rubens and rembrandt are all featured in the collection. students from now as he's come to study the museums berries art pieces many programs elections for lovers of all ages are also regularly organized as an establishment at the forefront of moscow's op scene where one day you'll see lines of people queued up outside every day so why is the museum so popular with moscow fights and forests. for the future i'm in love with the museums architecture it's like a look back to the days of old the place is a temple to the oxen sharing it a rest from everyday life from the worries of a big city new to this museum is my favorite i think gives a great fear an art history depending on the media interest you can explore various ages of schools and asked if it's clinton russia without going to moscow in moscow
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without going to the first especially the impressionists parks that are so beautiful the paintings are very well cared for and exhibited well so. the tree can see the whole thing. splayed which gives the public a chance to see this collection. exhibitions which include a good twenty five. commonly on the spot here. what's being demonstrated in. this exhibition off is a unique opportunity to see his paintings. see. the space putting together such a. great vision compassion. collection. look at ways to destress experience. history present and future of the museum
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to meet this week's guest well it's lovely to meet you. tell me why is the. tradition. lost his. developed. picture gallery. and number of. pieces. a mixture of very. and. was. yes it was. and.
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was dead there's just. no. room. but it was never planned temporally exhibition and it's not just the odd that is stunning a breathtaking here and museum but indeed the actual building in whole amazing to see is one of the most remarkable. and depth is it kill. at. the pier it thank you very much feels hard very well and all the best here at the museum. finally we will go live in a separate building that houses a stunning assortment of impressionist poster precious and small know which many experts agree that museums greatest trish is about to be found in its collection of paintings. the works on display here we saw just to screw over your piano. the use
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can take fascinating works by considering ghost picasso renoir in the museum of the setting was by me to use them not only on display. through such beauty is quite as well made especially amongst famous pieces that cost millions of dollars to push the museum is definitely one of the world's great cultural institutions widening similar museums in paris london or new york a visit is something you will need to get. while absolutely breathtaking to deal with you know all along combis white morton and he's painted by mike in eighteen months you know i youthful but unfortunately the time we have on this beach party must see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew of the state christie museum of fine arts for now.
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maundering. historic. friendly. dynamic. to friends. it's. just so.
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party's top stories america's former top commander in afghanistan says there are only half way to reaching their poll and have no idea how to end their mission six that's really the comments come exactly ten years after washington launched what he wore in the country. growing anti wall street protests hit the u.s. capitol as thousands expressed fury over tax dollars being used to bolster big business activists say they're fed up with breaking their back so work bonuses flow into the pockets of already wealthy bankers. and russian prosecutors prepared to hand hand out more targets for the murder of journalists on the protocol. in moscow five years ago no one has yet been convicted of the killing but authorities say they're close to solving them. let up next i should say let's check in with you in
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the sports that he joins us for a live update and you know it could be a night to remember or forget the printing of what happens to russia's football squad a little later. to. anything but a loss and think they can pick their tickets for poland and ukraine next year for euro two thousand and twelve books as you say if they lose it's going to be a very tense choose the next week more in the coming up. thanks for joining us this is sports today here on twenty four hour see plenty ahead in moving these stories and. fight night rushes footballers' perch who all but wrapped up their place at euro twenty twelve this evening they take on slovakia . missed opportunity c.s.k. moscow shootout loss to means they feel to move public
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a child's western conference. rule on the weekend tiger woods returns to the greens for the first time in seven weeks of the fries dot com open but the strides his day one performance of one of his worst putting runs ever . let's get going with football russia's quest of reaching their first major tournament in four years could be justified guaranteed tonight dick advocaat charges are a way to slovakia knowing anything but the fates and euro twenty twelve qualification will be all but secured but as richard reports they are up against the team who've already beaten them in moscow. it's been a topsy turvy group campaign for the russians and plenty of op sundowns however with just too much to go to the cats men find themselves in a very healthy position two points clear at the top of the table and three ahead of friday's opponents of i can govern movie have still. been slow going north
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so it still does important for us to get a good result but we still need support and this is so for slow work or slow work get in order to resolve them there are the dutchman has a clear bill of health with you richard calls and alexander and you call of both recovering from slight knocks however he will have to find a new partner under your child in the meantime alexander case record has been the preferred man in but roll over the last couple of months ferguson the forward hasn't made the trip due to injury so it's likely that roman public will get a rare start while a point will be good enough for the russians slovakia must win to preserve their hopes of qualifying automatically but of a cat doesn't believe that the visitors will look to attack from the first whistle . you mentioned from the also quite quick so we can demonstrate that if they change the way of playing. thing they will start.
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doing will improve meanwhile survive his position could have been so much difference but for a shot for no defeat at holmes armenia last time around that means for the vices side have to beat russia to keep their chances of making it to poland and ukraine alive however young who prizes trade is looking mighty moscow and russian premier li doesn't believe his side are under any extra pressure and the fact that so many of their players have played in russia could work so very vantage. a good thing is that we know the russian players are very world as our manager had a stint in the premier league surely from two thousand and six to two thousand and seven. incentives games of the world so we've got plenty of scouting is done and are only now we just have to measure confidence talked with her actions on the beach over the everything is in russia's favor going into the game as the vikings pulled off a massive shock against the russians last time mts spot russia dominated from start to finish minister off stocks excellence trying to be the only gold the game which
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gave the slovaks a surprise victory for russia or of only managed to keep their central european opponents once in six competitive matches over six years ago today these two countries played an equally important qualifier here in slovakia on medication the emphasis was firmly on the russians to win but they failed to get over the points and we did and bear hopes of qualifying for two thousand and six world cup series on his roles reversed the complicate side have a two point lead at the top of the group and so back you know only victory will do they want to retain their hopes of qualifying automatically for euro two thousand and twelve. slovakia. the moment though that grew to be as wide open a loss for the russians and victory for slovakia arlin's armenia on the night will mean choose these final games are of importance for the automatic qualifying spot and of course the playoff berth of all of those. four sides can yet take either of those two positions. elsewhere
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a number of teams can kneeled on their spots of poland and ukraine next year england are one of them fabio capello's charges away to montenegro this evening the top of a dozen points clear of their immediate opponents and need only a single point to claim their automatic place to the finals wayne rooney confirmed to star despite his father being arrested in connection with an illegal betting ring and ring the week. germany have already qualified after eight straight wins tonight's opponents turkey are themselves involved in a tie tussle with belgium for a crucial second place charges in the driving seat though sitting two points ahead of the belgians in group a with two games to go belgium kazakhstan this. ok let's move to the concept of a hockey league and see eskimo school of feel to move top of the western conference after suffering a three two home defeat to a mirror it was the visitors from better off secured the start of the second period
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. through gallic making the c.s.k. goaltender a mere spectator but this strange effort needed six minutes to get an equaliser yet coped with real using up power play a two level mothers midway through the game dimitri told us softwood put in front for the second time after he scored on a power play that muscovites though managed to take the game into extra time with less than three minutes to go in the third. barba share the additional five minutes not enough to find a winner though in suing shoot going the way of the high flying site. tiger woods again still in the golfing headlines with his latest return and once again the former world number one failed to deliver finishing a run one of the fries dot com open six shots behind the leaders. and in steel apparently bored much better in court on guard willis the men to catch woods in the
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first hole before going on the slide thirty five recording buggies on the second and third hole on a double bogey on the twelfth a birdie in the fifteen doing the current world number fifty one very little good as he finished two over par tiger pace you can six no less than a field of one hundred thirty two goal first half a dozen shots behind not american for some bard putting himself at four under to take a share of the lead after teaching a birdie on the seventeenth hole. woods baseball brethren have much cause to celebrate however the games aristocrats the new york yankees are stood by the detroit tigers in game five of the american league division series yankee stadium normally a tough territory for opposing teams leaving the tigers on for as they started as they meant to continue delmon young making it to nothing in the first inning shortly after his partner john kelly opened the scoring home team weren't going to
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end the season for the fight though trailing by just a run and nine however whose evolved birdie strike out of alex rodriguez allowed the tigers to. begin enjoying three two victory the texas rangers already held their celebrations surlier in the week no wait the tigers on saturday in the next round and. this is what it meant to detroit the visitors locker room in the big apple roaring with the signed victory fifty thousand fans in the bronx had to watch their star late in the lineup come up short of the next crop of tigers baseball players learning about a winning outness fear firsthand the sparkling bubbly used to drench everybody is thankfully this time around alcohol free for the youngsters. at the show on merit is a goal for london twenty twelve after the court of arbitration for sport true art his olympic ban the four hundred meter beijing gold medalist has served
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a twenty one month doping ban but still would not have been able to run the lympics if not for the overturned i.o.c. verdict merits one world championship silver this year four by four hundred meter relay gold so there is a good day for me you know it's been. almost two years you know. i was able to do what i love to do. the ruling came out today. i'll be eligible to be in the weeks next year. i love to i can feel my heart so all i dream about is being able to go back into my title at olympic games. is nothing better then. finally the only man who could yet stop sebastian vettel sprint to the formula one crown this year was fast this in friday's practice at the japanese grand prix mcclaren driver jenson button setting the quickest mark of one minute thirty one point nine zero one seconds ferrari's
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fernando alonso just behind the briton by less than one tenth of a second though while defending champion vettel was third fastest despite having a tire spinning off the track near the end of the session. it's good to have the continuity going forward for the next couple years and i think it's going to help us take the fight to them next season and i hope that's what we're working towards . yeah it's been a good couple of weeks i've been. enjoying racing and it's nice to finally sign a little said line and get a deal in place for the future. all the sports world weather is coming up very very shortly i'll see. shoes that so much if you consider. what is the distance between the arab spring in the arab democracy some people of the arab middle east have demonstrated
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they can breed themselves.
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america's former top commander in afghanistan says they're only half way to reaching their goals despite ten years of bloody war in the country. from wall street to washington and beyond the banking backlash spreads through the u.s. against tax dollars being used to bolster big business. and russian prosecutors prepare to hand out more charges for the murder of journalist on the part of course they were shot dead in moscow exactly five years ago. but resumes on the global markets as a crucial jobs report for september comes and way better than expected the u.s. however the unemployment rate remains of my point one percent the world's largest economy the war on drugs and business.


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