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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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two thousand and one the war in afghanistan began as a counter strike for the nine eleven atrocities musta minded from the country by a sum of enough and retired army general stanley mcchrystal said the u.s. began the occupation with a frightening lee simplistic view and still have no idea how to end the conflict successfully meantime in the war zone american bases is still expanding with an ongoing program of infrastructure building jason model legs visited by ground base for a t. if the united states is drawing its troops from afghanistan why is its largest base getting bigger when u.s. led forces over in the teleport of late two thousand would bug a mere field is little more than a flake in a cracked roadway since then the former soviet base in the plains north of the afghan capital has grown into a small city that still do over twenty five thousand full time personnel fleets of military cargo aircraft and enough equals to cause traffic jams it expansion is now with the way it is by scores of contractors u.s. military engineers are constructing new housing and storage facilities to make room
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for even more million more hardware after sending an extra thirty thousand troops to afghanistan last year president obama started bringing them home this summer but with afghan forces struggling to stand alone it's likely that less will leave and planned bases like this one are going to shrink and times. at least there are plenty of home comforts for soldiers staying on for tough you know long deployments they can shop for everything from flat screen t.v.'s to find jewelry enjoy a cappuccino or grab some take on the new pizza hut franchise and if they're tired of working out of the gym they're free to go to the salon for a hair cut in the side although some officials have tried to limit such amenities calling them a distraction from the war the troops are happy to have them and these are. the. right. model afghan merchants are also glad to have the extra business both inside and outside the wire. without the
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soldiers my business would be nothing we like having them here but not everyone agrees diddly taliban rocket attacks are on the rise and as the base becomes more and more crowded the threat to those living inside multiplies no matter how high its walls become every rock it's a close call when you're this can just get this much equipment person it's all in one tight spot get close it's going to destroy something or someone easy as it may be to forget at times this is still worse than just a month. for. general john allen one of the military's top brass said u.s. troops will still be in the country even after the twenty fourteen deadline that have been announced by nato and the white house rufus insurgent attacks have been increasing in recent months with several high profile assassinations and shootouts in the heart of the capital kabul as we've been reporting to you and civilian casualties in the country are also on the rise to discuss the outcome so far of the ongoing military campaign let's talk now to. universities was the chaplain at north
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carolina so very good having a program tonight thanks for being our to international i mean let me start by saying to you after nine eleven the u.s. had to do something didn't it but i guess ask you what could have been done do you think to avoid so many civilian casualties do you think it could have been done differently. i think a lot of things could have been done differently i think when we conducted this war and years ago ninety nine point nine percent of the global community was behind us we had absolutely a lot of capital to use our diplomacy talk and engage and mobilize a lot of the many caribbean work and create alliances and partnerships i think we pretty much wasted all those unfortunate ts and we didn't we only limited our options to military solutions only relied on our muscles and military might. very little in terms of. different forces around the world to help us to address the
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root cause of violence terror in that part of the world and of course the result is far from being impressive today so looking ahead to the future that's the last ten years let's try and project their sad a bit if we can i mean will the local government that you think been a position any time soon to bring peace and provide afghans with security after indeed when the u.s. troops finally leave. i don't think so every indication shows that the local afghan government neither has the strength and the potential nor me even the vision. to bring a kind of sustainable peace in afghanistan because as i said still a lot of issues have been discussed and the policies have been shaped through the lenses or see the security is many theri aspect of the problem is completely ignored you've been to afghanistan many times i gather can you paint a picture for us it's hard for me sitting here many of our viewers have been there
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to try and read and we hear about it all the time is very difficult to get a real picture of what it's like despite the camera picture what is life like for the average civilian in afghanistan i think there are two words explaining why afghanistan experience i spent ten years of from along this soon afghanistan it is really a horrible and depressing. it is it was a lookin full to witness the bleeding wounds of afghanistan society as a result of one war and destruction after another and it is it is it unfortunately after all these efforts and all this money and all these struggles at the heart of it a little the international community a local afghan government has achieved afghanistan today after ten years of us being there i think in many ways it is worse off not better off. what about this latest research that we're hearing over and over again lately that over ninety percent maybe ninety two percent of afghans have never even heard of nine eleven
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the cause of all this that kicked it all off and their countries evolvement in those attacks on u.s. territory what does it tell us about the way the u.s. is conducting itself and has conducted itself in the country for the past decade. i mean it's quite unfortunate. most afghan people neither have heard nor even have anything to do with what happened in one in nine eleven i wish you could have been more careful and selective in terms of our ability or efforts to catch the bad guys who actually attacked us who actually harm and hurt us on nine eleven and i wish we could have seen certain more different parts of afghan society a potential ally in catching these bad guys and producing terrorists and harming and hurting people while they're on the world. it is it unfortunately it's not only american invasion of afghanistan before the last forty years in the lifetime of one person afghan society has produced a brutal communist regime and a heartless and destructive theocracy and we went through the initial two
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superpowers it's not that this is just the last chapter of. the end misery that afghan society had been going through all along didn't unless you understand these i mean for the last forty years of the destructive legacy of calamities that afghanistan society has been going through i don't think any efforts that we are trying to make to build a nation and he'll heal its wounds will be a fact that ok. universities was one chap and thanks ever so much for giving us your thoughts tonight on the program my pleasure. libyan fighters have launched a final attack on kill gadhafi is home town of sirte reports say the interim government troops have now largely taken the city but they're still meeting pockets of heavy resistance hundreds of vehicles according to the outskirts of the cities pounded with heavy shelling the thousands of civilians have left many more thought to have remained the assault comes after colonel gadhafi left an ordeal of message
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urging libyans to resist the interim leaders the civil war which has claimed thousands of lives was joined by nato under a u.n. mandate to protect civilians i would assume chandan is an activist journalist he says he doesn't believe the western powers will leave the country any time soon. from the part of the global south of africa in particular this has been an absolute disaster that civilians are clearly targeted and i think now china in this last few days china and russia have vetoed the u.n. resolution which is a similar program by nato which they cannot from libya but they want to conduct now in syria i think china and russia have admitted that they were fooled over the resolution one thousand seventy three on on libya and they're not going to be fooled again there's no sign whatsoever that nato is going to leave nato it will intervene even further if the factional amongst the rebels continues to do this that the relationship continues to worsen and it's very clear that for the west and for nato their men on the ground it's people like jabril angela so the battle is
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far from over. present a very busy again stated that russia will not support any u.n. resolution to impose sanctions on syria he said it's up to the syrian people not the u.n. or nato to decide the political course a country should follow to be true very claimed the proposed u.n. resolution on syria which russia and china recently could have opened the door to military action in europe a scenario instead moscow wants the u.n. to take action to push all sides towards dialogue but the vet if says that if president assad fails to carry mostly reforms in the country then the syrian leader will have to go. this is r t it's ten past midnight is coming up now for you the u.k. may be facing its worst economic crisis in history we're reporting that the bank of england's warning comes as the country feels the bite of recession with banks downgraded of the government implementing desperate measures to boost growth. echoes from the occupy wall street protests have reached the american capital
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chanting the movement's message crowds march through downtown washington d.c. the demonstration started as a simple sit in front the new york stock exchange but quickly gained support all over the country more rallies followed in chicago boston san francisco and los angeles. activists say they're fed up with breaking the backs of work while bonuses flow into the pockets of the already wealthy wall street bankers on wednesday please shoot pepper spray a battle to disperse tens of thousands of people walking from manhattan to wall street early we spoke to occupy wall street activist tomorrow in new gave us his experience of being police he also told us that the lack of definite demands of the movement is in fact its strength. i think actually there's an interesting contrast in the police response i've. seen of her friends. over the head with. a. it's intense
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i haven't seen much this. whole. i think. i think it reflects fear there's an incredible strength from not having a career was the right answer this moment is a little bit different i don't really think this one has to come up with its own this occupation we are foundation on which those roots organizations and movements . were just sort of this added witness i think that's a very credible story time and we have enormous potential to really build a movement both create an alternative structure. to carve out the space for that stuff. across the atlantic finances been dealt another blow ratings moody's has downgraded twelve of britain's financial firms and banks it comes off the bank of england chief said the country's economy to its lowest point since the one nine hundred thirty s. did not ever. do five billion pounds into the economy isn't doing any good to the
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country. we already have inflation of around about five percent in the united kingdom which compared to recent years this is hardly putting more money into the economy risks actually increasing that inflation is supposed to be the bank of england's central key task to actually keep inflation under control two and a half percent or less my concern is that quantitative easing throwing another seventy five billion pounds into the economy is actually a distraction from what the u.k. government needs which is a very aggressive and radical growth strategy one that i think they lack at the moment what we've got to get away from in the united kingdom and actually right across the western world more generally is this all we do that every single bank is copper bottomed because if they get into trouble the taxpayer will buy all them out and one of the key things that the u.k. government is struggling with is how do we allow a bank to go through the war to fail without actually describing the wider economy and i think that these these downgrades. actually reflect the fact that we are
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beginning to move away from what was a hopeless and helpless situation in which basically every bank you could if you crash in the time when the government would come to the right so it's a grim warning put in the saying why you would wish to have an almost a toy from your doctor about your state of health i think it is a welcome warning that was a little would speak to me a bit early as director general of the u.k. free market think we can all make a fair it is stated britain's finances right now. i should probably prosecutors the fresh charges against key suspects in the murder of prominent journalist anna politkovskaya she was gunned down five years ago in her apartment block in moscow the investigation suggests that they go to church and native is believed to have masterminded the assassination they called scar investigated corrupt security officials and exposed human rights violations she also help people when their case is in the highest court said russia. but while her man. draw worldwide attention
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though as you have been convicted of the killing. daughter says the investigation is moving forward with valuable tybee have been lost. there have been different periods in the process both busy went in people were arrested almost simultaneously in two thousand and seven and passive when nothing was happening however the events of recent months give us certain optimism for a successful ending successful in terms of finding the mastermind of the murder i can tell you if the investigation was as active five years ago as it is now by this time i would have had more evidence i was well aware what kind of journalism my mother was into she would ok janelle they say if something happens to me documents are here the money is here here are all the numbers to call but we never really took it seriously i was four months pregnant the family was full of hope and my mother promised that after her first grandchild was born she would stop going to chechnya and take up quite a journalistic work. watching our two from moscow just
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a few moments ahead followed by no groups on a cultural trip to the pushkin museum of fine art of the heart of russia's capital . great. to. come to. your.
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subject but the. moscow. hello i won't come to the must go out show on this big program i'm exploring the famous pushkin museum located whites in the heart of the russian capital that opened in one thousand twelve i live here will celebrate his one hundredth anniversary so join the market andreas as we take a look at the something collection of all on off representing centuries of creativity the strength and culture. the kooyong which you see here
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is a reproduction of the interior you want to pass a budget. in florence the spin the blockade has incredible examples of german medieval out. of the fifteenth century highlights. that sculpture the museum was founded by the first if ounce for tires the main building was constructed from eight hundred ninety eight by architect. and recently named off to m. products on the stand that it was late to change in one hundred thirty years in honor of the brush and power it diffuse of the museum and breathtaking just like the thousands of exhibits on display located close to the kremlin and across the road from the christ city cathedral the complex of building this is also known as museum village and beyond mark has turned the whole area to sky metro this was thriving cultural quarter. when bills losing was the first of its kind in russia it was officially open this past the centennial celebration of the polish defeat puts on
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the second himself in attendance through the revolution the soviet times in the break about the u.s.s.r. . times of the last century during world war two for example the greater part of the museum resources to novosibirsk a city chomsky has major events and celebrations plans for the one hundredth anniversary next year the museum can look forward to the next one hundred years. when the museum was founded one of its main objectives was to become an educational institute for local students many of the exhibits on display inside the museum are exact copies of original masterpieces from around the world commissions and created specifically for that post. in this room for example you can see replicas of some of the most famous greek statues a sculpture is between the fourth and first centuries basis. in the final days of
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the greece here you can see various boss religious models and. no copies designed to introduce students and this has to them a stages in the history of the last dozens of team to pass the costs are on display in the room featuring heads or several great philosophers offering a brilliant insight into the artistic creativity thousands of years ago. because of ancient greece is why even presented in the museum in the ruling titled the greek young is one of its highlights it showcases examples of architecture from the fission first centuries b.c. when the arts and culture in new york at the time flourished. with so many tools and exhibits beautiful day to look around the museum but we are interested in sculpture post-impressionist art or gyptian artifacts you'll find wonderful examples here some are copies yes but the museum also holds many originals to.
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the museum has a substantial collection all original vases featuring a greek culture a from the six to fifty centuries b.c. the black and red figure techniques to pick various images created to showcase rituals connected with feasts will fuel ceremonies. i think while a little shabby to push the museum is a considerably more peaceful place to contemplate great art the many of them will heighten hexie big galleries in the west. i really. wanted to spend a. really impressed. so many different artists it's just. a nice music wonderful next door and then. you have. dutch. and just beautiful. other valuable objects from asia greece or display or
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regional items that were found by the jews yes i actually went in the nineteenth century. the amateur of geologist famously helped excavate the city of troy. here in the museum there are over two hundred fifty items the third century b.c. mainly jewelry. the collection of art from ancient egypt in the push museum is the largest of its cards in russia defeats these pieces apart and also objects used by the egyptians in everyday life spending thousands of years but the oldest items come from the fourth millennium b.c. . one of the highlights in this room is the cosmetics bill as it's called daisy from the end of the fifteenth century b.c. made from all every it features a naked girl swimming in the sacred lotus flower for the most splendid examples of egyptian decorative art gods of ancient egypt or is it pictured as animals or
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features of an animal like birds heads for example. view death almost as a cult and here in the museum there are many items connected with us. some of the most interesting paintings in the museum represent the flemish hours of the seventeenth century created many to decorate lavish interiors of palaces and cathedrals the features paintings are religious themes portraits and landscapes large scale paintings by such artists rubens dyke and rembrandt are all featured in the collection. students from all actuality has come to study to museums barry's pieces many programs the lectures for lovers of all ages are also regularly organized as an establishment at the forefront of moscow's art scene where one day you'll see lines of people queued up outside every day so why is the museum so popular the mosque invites and foreigners. have to i'm in love with museums architecture it's like you're looking back to the days of old the place is
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a temple to be oxygen sharing a rest from everyday life from the worries of a big city that music this. my favorite is it gives a great fear an art history depending on your interest you can explore various ages or schools that are. you just speaking russian without. getting in moscow without going to the push especially the impressionist parks the artists are beautiful the paintings are cared for. so that you can see the whole. place which gives the public a chance to see this collection. template exhibitions which include collection is from a good twenty five. currently on display here. what's being demonstrated in. this exhibition off is a unique opportunity to see his paintings. on display at sea of a museum in spain putting together such exhibitions great fishing compassion.
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collections and. look at ways to improve this just experience. the history present and future of the museum meet this week's guest. tell me why is the. tradition. a mixture is a very. yes
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it was dramatic. and. was established just closed. and by the way know what they had to be asked so much it cost him to the exhibition rooms the but it was never planned temporal exhibition i mean it's not just the odd but it is stunning a breathtaking here. and a whole. season one of the most dramatic. and. kill. it thank you very much. fully with regard to the ship building houses stunning assortment of impressionist
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post impressionist and. many experts agree that museums great history she's going to be found in its collection of paintings. the works from display here we saw just to screw over your. expectancy by. when you walk in the museum a second was by me to use it or not despite making it through such beauty is quite well made especially amongst famous pieces that cost millions of dollars to push the museum is definitely one of the world's great cultural institutions in the sim you see in paris london. visit is something. she gets. absolutely breathtaking along combis white more somalis painted in eighteen months you know i youthful. of the time we have on this beach party must see you again at
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the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew of the state push the museum of fine arts for now. cool. montero. just told me. friendly. dynamic. to friends but. the close up team has been to the spitzbergen archipelago. for the world's northernmost docu of lenin presides over
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a ghost. town artie goes to pens a group of village volunteers rebuild a palace from rooms. where technological breakthroughs save human lives. and where people are forced to stay for. the pens or reach much of close up on the party. in india auntie's available in the grand central shirt in mumbai the taj mahal. polish president combine to shoot a famous prison walls mounted beatriz a book close to gone taj mahal hotel. the summer of hotel. hotel. the meridian the lena the judge the hotels church in new delhi who took the most babyhood tones clearing collection ramada plaza de maidens hotel. pagosa medicine shift he was punished for taper cush cuts.
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this is our top stories america's former top commander in afghanistan says they're only half way to reaching their goals and have no idea how the mission successfully the comments come ten years after washington launched its bloody war in the country . nato forces launched the biggest assault yet on. civilians flee in panic saying conditions are desperate for those inside the colonel's last remaining strongholds. and growing out of the wall street protests hit the u.s. capitol as thousands expressed fury over tax dollars being used to bolster big business activists say they're fed up with breaking their backs to work while bonuses flow into the pockets of already wealthy bankers.


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